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  2. It’s amazing to have broker that we can rely upon and trade without any fear at all. This is where Fullerton Markets are the future with providing excellent serviced and are licensed by FMA along with segregated account. The conditions too are top notch with tight spreads from 0.3 pips, currency pairs, commodities, indices and other options available to trade on while there is 24/5 support available that helps us up with working smoothly and makes it all very much comfortable for me.
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  5. Anybody tried to tweak strategies with Hotforex? Is their platform is flexible enough to fit changes in your trading system?
  6. Scalping features low trading lifespan what means this trading style is less vulnerable to uncertainty scales up with time. Scalping is more predictable and tries to explore price patterns that lead to certain outcome. Its essential to use low-spread broker like Hotforex if you want to save up on spread costs as grabbing profit little by little means you need to offset it with rising number of trades.
  7. Forex is not exactly as tough as some people say it to be, but it’s certainly not walk in the park, it’s all about working through plans and believing in yourself. I do just that, but what helps me most is broker like Fullerton Markets since they are special category been a true STP having spreads from 0.3 pips, lightning fast execution with no issues over slippage or re quote and there is Copy Trading facility where we can watch up experts and follow them. It’s ideal way to generate solid revenue without much trouble whatsoever.
  8. what does LMFX stand for?
  9. I am not MT4 expert so I recommend you to try Babypips or Mql5.com forums, there are many experts that could help you.
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  12. Earning at Evergreenadz Bonus points are what turn into ads for you to earn by viewing. You'll start with bonus points to help you get started. Then you'll be able to earn bonus points in three ways: 1. By viewing bonus point ads you will earn bonus points 2. If you purchase bulk advertising then bonus points are awarded to you as a BONUS As a BONUS every 1.00 spent in bulk advertising awards 2300 bonus points! 3. You can play games to increase your bonus points How Do Bonus Points Turn into Ads? Each bonus point is worth .0005 in ads. Points are turned into ads as fast as possible to keep pace with advertisers placing ads. Why how many bonus points you have is important. HIGHER VALUE ADS ARE GIVEN TO THOSE THAT HAVE MORE BONUS POINTS. Higher value ads are given to the highest tiers with the highest tier getting the most. There are ten tiers to determine the value of ads you will receive: Tier 10 100,000,000+ Bonus Points Tier 9 11,500,000 to 100,000,000 Bonus Points Tier 8 2,300,000 to 11,500,000 Bonus Points Tier 7 1,150,000 to 2,300,000 Bonus Points Tier 6 460,000 to 1,150,000 Bonus Points Tier 5 230,000 to 460,000 Bonus Points Tier 4 92,000 to 230,000 Bonus Points Tier 3 23,000 to 92,000 Bonus Points Tier 2 11,500 to 23,000 Bonus Points Tier 1 Zero to 11,500 Bonus Points Affiliate Program: Why Invite Your Friends to Evergreenadz? This is awesome, every ad that your referral clicks on you get 5% of its ad value! Even more awesome is every advertising purchase(deposits only) your referral makes you get 10% in commissions! Minimum cashout is $2 Accept Payeer, Payza, STP, Perfect money, Bitcoin, OkPay Daily Ads View Ads Worth Dollars Quick Payment Bonus Games New site like Paidverts! evergreenadz.com uses legal EvolutionScript license EVERGREENADZ - Welcome to Evergreenadz
  13. Our Deposit : 05.22.17 16:01 Sent Payment: 20.00 USD to account U14640885 from U1107741. Batch: 176833300. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to DAILY RESERVE LIMITED, User InfernusZp, 5.5 Daily For 30 Days.
  14. The fact that is often ignored by most traders is choosing a very good broker. Your choice of broker can determine your success as a trader, so it is very necessary to ensure that you select a broker that will best help your trading efforts to achieve success in forex trading.
  15. The way to succeed in forex trading is almost always to acquire quality forex trading skills through learning, and good experience through practice over an appreciable period of time. This naturally empoers the trader with the competence to earn profits from the forex market with relative ease.
  16. Forex trading seems like something that most people would find easy, except, in this particular industry, there is a high rate of failure among new traders. Even traders that are aware of that tend to start out with the attitude of it happened to them, but it won’t happen to me. But as a successful forex trader whose trading with most trusted business partner TryMakets suggest you to not to take this lightly.
  17. There is no denying the fact that forex trading is a risky business, particularly when the trader does not possess adequate forex trading skills and experience that is required for profitable trading. However it is not much different from any other serious business where expertise is very important to its success.
  18. I got payment: + 0.75 $ Date: 22.05.2017 08:53:39 ID: 356379418 Details: P48041358 › P2307868 Amount: 0.75 $ Comment: Withdraw to ihyips from WorldCorp Trading LLP
  19. RoboForex Wallet - Your Funds Are Safeguarded Dear Clients and Partners! We are glad to inform you that RoboForex has launched the new multi-currency RoboForex Wallet. Features of RoboForex Wallet • Risk management - your funds are protected against risks from open trading positions. • Profit accumulation - you can withdraw your profit from all of your trading accounts to your Wallet. • Fast transfers - the Wallet allows you to deposit money to your trading account at any time and any place, RAMM and Stocks accounts included. • Convinience - withdrawals from the Wallet are instant; no fee is charged for withdrawing funds. • Safety - all the Wallet funds are kept on segregated accounts in major European and British banks. For more information about this service please visit our "RoboForex Wallet " page. If you have already opened a Members Area in our company, to register the Wallet you only need to send a request on "Wallet Registration" page. Sincerely, RoboForex
  20. I got payment: The amount of 0.36 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U7765562->U1355114. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Withdraw to ihyips from Aurum Bank.. Date: 07:40 22.05.17. Batch: 176780605.
  21. I got payment: The amount of 0.36 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U7765562->U1355114. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Withdraw to ihyips from Aurum Bank.. Date: 07:40 22.05.17. Batch: 176780605.
  22. The Bitcoin Advantages over the Traditional Investment The traditional investors have always loomed and approached the digital currencies like the Bitcoin with an additional precaution due to their highly volatile market worth and value. On the other hand, the devastating and great performance of the Bitcoin as an investment and a currency has catch the attention and attracted the likes of a traditional investors over the past few months and counting. The Bitcoin as an investment means provides investors with the three significant advantages and compensation over the traditional investments, the liquidity, the high market demand and the minimalistic trading. The Liquidity – Bitcoin is a regarded as one of the most liquid assets and resources in the financial market today for the reason of the global establishment and founding of the Bitcoin exchanges, trading platforms and the brokers. The investors or the holders of the Bitcoin can easily and quickly trade the Bitcoin for cash or for other assets like gold and other cryptocurrencies right away and instantly; with low fees and charges unlikely the shares of a company or the publicly traded funds and assets that requires the operations of a third party institution like the stock exchange to process and settle the orders and investments. Regions like the Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina that are known and popular for its very strict and rigid financial rules and regulations that disallow and misallocates the trading of the foreign currencies and assets also have their fair share of the Bitcoin exchanges and trading platforms in which enable the holders of the Bitcoin to transfer and move their wealth outside their country and also bypassing the country’s government. The high range of liquidity of the Bitcoin creates and establishes a viable ecosystem for the investors to trade in and especially and significantly those that are looking for a short-span of term of profit. The digital currency is also a practical and a best way for a long-term investment for the reason of its particularly high market demand and trend. The High Market Demand – The traditional investors reasonably and quite question the trend and demand and also the value and worth behind the Bitcoin. The investors that have only limited knowledge in technology, struggles and have a hard time to understand and fully get the economics behind the Bitcoin and how its market value and worth is being determined. In due course like any other asset in the market today, the worth and value of the Bitcoin Id directly dependent on its demand trend. Unless, the demand for the Bitcoin completely evaporates and vanished, the worth and value of the Bitcoin will continue to increase. The Founder of the Marc Warne, Bittylicious further explains the details in, “The Bitcoin will be used and utilized more in the upcoming and approaching future because it is the first time that something not fully controlled and manifested by any entity like a government or a bank that has been used over the internet. It has been around for over seven years now without any single fundamental issues and cases.” The high market demand and trend of the Bitcoin guarantees and pledges the Bitcoin investors a bright and vivid long-term future, at very moment the Bitcoin in theory is deflationary currency. The worth and value of the Bitcoin will keep and continue to ascend until its available and accessible supply hits the top and maximizes. The Minimalistic Trading – The stock trading or any activities in the public stock market require and acquires the investors to hold a license or a certificate that certain and proves their identification and the trading history. To trade a share of a company, an investor has to go all the way through a broker who then creates and establishes an order in the market. The settlement of an order or an investment could take days in duration of time, even weeks or months and it depends in the paper works. The stock exchanges also demands the submission of various personal information and details and also financial accounts such as the bank statements, the billing statements and lastly the personal identification or identity in which that makes it highly and extremely hard for the unlicensed to put an investment at that certain area. The Bitcoin trading, conversely more of a minimalistic form if an investment, weight against the stock trading. The investors just simply purchases or sells the Bitcoin from the exchanges and keep and store them in their wallets. While some exchanges may ask personal details and information just for the KYC rules and regulations the other local exchanges can carry out orders anonymously. Above all, the Bitcoin provides and showcases significant advantages and return over the traditional investments in several ways and means, financially and economically. The traditional investors can trade the digital currency with a higher efficiency and low cost of charges and making the Bitcoin a viable short or even long span term of investment. More: www.ecoin.eu What is eCoin.eu? eCoin.eu is a trading platform/system for crypto-currency such like: Bitcoin and Litecoin with many advanced features including buy, sell and exchange. eCoin.eu also offers a 24/7 hour online exchange that provides the instant and automated matching of orders between its registered members. eCoin.eu provides an easy, secure, and affordable exchange for you to buy and sell Crypto-Currencies.
  23. I'm not admin! New project: Education Solution Limited - edusol.club Who We Are? We will support here later!
  24. Meeting our IBs from Kelantan, Penang, and Perak! SuperForex never ceases to develop new services and beneficial conditions for both clients and partners. Because we have the most sophisticated and attractive Partnership Program on the market, we can boast a great network of Introducing Brokers all around the world. Looking at Malaysia specifically, we have established partnerships with representatives from Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Perak, Sabah and Sarawak; we recently acquired a new IB from Kelantan as well. Partners like these are crucial for our work as they are able to provide advice, organize training seminars, and perform certain services on behalf of customers from the region. That is why we are happy with our constantly expanding group of partners in Asia, one of our strongest regions. It is our plan to continue arranging meetings between IBs and our CEO in order to provide full support for our partners. These meetings give our partners a chance to meet with us personally, find answers to all of their questions and learn how to utilize our help in online and offline promotion. We recently also met with our IB in Perak. We have a special offer for clients in that region: if you make a deposit over $100, you will get a free T-shirt from our Introducing Broker in Perak. Thank you for partnering up with us! We promise to be with our partners every step of the way and provide constant support. You can learn more about our Partnership Program here https://superforex.com/partnership-program
  25. I got payments: The amount of 12.15 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U13062063->U1355114. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal to ihyips from withdraweasy.com.. Date: 08:17 20.05.17. Batch: 176611308. The amount of 25.11 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U13062063->U1355114. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal to ihyips from withdraweasy.com.. Date: 07:17 22.05.17. Batch: 176778757. deposits: The amount of 25 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U1355114->U12491070. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to User ihyips.. Date: 19:15 20.05.17. Batch: 176660807. The amount of 25 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U1355114->U12491070. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to User ihyips.. Date: 07:17 22.05.17. Batch: 176778765.
  26. Right now forex is the leading online trading system in the world. It has gone far ahead of stock exchange at the moment. This is very profitable and challenging business. People from all over the world trades in this system. And that’s the reason of its popularity. For trading in this business you do not need a lot of investment or office to sit and operate. You can easily trade here from home or where you want to do it. One pc or laptop with internet connection is enough to do this business. Becoming profitable is not so simple. You have to learn and analyze the market well. Broker support also needed for this. I am with AAFX. This broker offers me minimum spread and bonus on losses.
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