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  3. Atomic-Horizons LTD - atomic-horizons.com

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  6. Now Deposit Ltd - nowdeposit.com

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  8. Super Forex company news

    SuperForex Money SuperForex Money is a payment method developed by SuperForex. It is a really unique offer on the market which will additionally give you a 7% discount on each deposit. How can you get the discount? Simply use SuperForex Money! How does it work? You can purchase money prepaid cards with a face-value of $10, $50, $100, $500 and $1000. However, you can get them at a price 7% cheaper than the actual amount (e.g. cards with a face-value $100 can be purchased for $93). Moreover, this is a great opportunity for you and your clients to avoid paying payment system fees.
  9. Mini Account.

    I have started forex trading with a short amount of capital. Through I had a short amount of capital I invested it in Trade12 broker with their wide range of deposit bonus. They offer very short amount of conditions for that bonus and allow all types of exchanging medium. They cash back withdrawn money in just time and offer a large amount of high leverage and low spread in this swap free account.
  10. GrandCapital.ru - Forex Broker

    Interview with contest winners: "I didn't give up, just kept going and soon became a winner" We publish the interviews with our contest winners every once in a while to introduce the beginners to the rules and show that winning a contest is not a pie in the sky. You only need to arm yourself with patience, be persistent and keep learning. In our new interview roundup we give you the winners of Drag Trade, Rally Trade and Future Trade. Oleg Bondar, Ukraine, the winner of 198th round of Rally Trade, received $500 no-deposit bonus. "I'm 29. Right now Forex is no longer a hobby for me and recently became my main source of income. In mid-2012 I saw a Forex ad on the Internet, registered and got a no-deposit bonus. I played around with it for a week, but then I blew it. Afterwards I decided to start studying thoroughly the market and trading strategies. I was learning on my own. Looked through many books and trading approaches and found what suited me. I expect to trade successfully and attract investments in the future. In my opinion the most important qualities of a good trader are reserve and composure. Even with a correct analysis you can enter a trade in a wrong time and lose money. One of my most successful trades was in the last June when the GBP was falling. It brought me 15000 points of profit. I mostly trade with the major pairs, sometimes with gold or oil. My trading strategy is based on VSA and Price action methods. When I choose a broker I pay attention to their reputation: how many years the broker is on the market, how fast orders are executed and the funds can be withdrawn, how quickly technical support responds. I think Grand Capital hits all the boxes. Rally Trade contest is a great opportunity to gain starting capital for Forex trading. Several times I made it into top ten, but couldn't take the first place as the competitors were really good. But I didn't give up, just kept going and soon became a winner of the round. This round was difficult just like the others, but the trading conditions for my strategy were favorable, so I managed to win. My advice to beginners: find a suitable trading method, create your own strategy and don't let your emotions interfere." Igor Migalatyev, Ukraine, the winner of 54th round of Future Trade, received $1000 no-deposit bonus. "I turned 30 a month ago. I guess I gave myself a decent present when I won. I haven't tried trading on a real account yet and I still don't have a clear strategy. But I understand that the charts have a certain rhythm to them, so that's where I'm starting from. Also, the forecasts and analytics are a big help. The most important qualities in a broker are stability and reliability. Nobody likes losing the invested money. The victory in Future Trade is my biggest one so far. I chose this contest because it had the largest prize. Three top competitors in my round were very strong, so I had to literally snatch my victory in the last day. And I'm happy it worked out." Iravan Bambang, Indonesia, the winner of 376th round of Drag Trade, received real $200. "I work at a service company. My friends introduced me to Forex a couple of years ago and I've been trading properly for about a year. Forex is quite popular in Indonesia right now, beginners can attend educational seminars, we get a lot of such events. I like trading on Forex because of high volatility. Profit or loss — everything depends only on your decisions. When I was only starting trading the most difficult thing was to control my emotions. I think anyone can become a trader. The basics are simple — buy and sell, and the knowledge of technical and fundamental analyses will come. I remember the day when I stumbled upon my first margin call. I was overwhelmed and defeated. But this experience made me wiser and stronger. My favorite instrument for trading is gold. I chose Grand Capital as my broker because of fast order execution and low spreads. As for the contest, I entered it to learn what I was capable of. The first thing to learn about trading is the importance of controlling your emotions. The skills will come afterwards!" Learn the contest rules and sign up for the next round here.
  11. GrandCapital.ru - Forex Broker

    Meet the new completely renovated web platform for Binary Options trading! We continue to improve conditions for Binary Options trading. Recently we've launched an iPhone application for Binary Options trading. We've also kept only the most advantageous and popular type of Binary Options with the Early Closure and higher payouts. Presently, we've taken into account all our clients' feedback and have upgraded the Web Terminal for Binary Options trading. So what's changed? Nearly everything. To make trading more convenient we've created a minimalistic and interactive interface. All that is needed for trading is now displayed on a single screen: live charts, trades, quotes, and trade managing instruments. And more precisely: Open and close trades with a single click. View all the open trades with all the info on the chart: opening time, direction, the current trade progress. The chart is scalable, so you can easily view all the opened and closed trades, as well as quotations history. View the complete trades history. Use trading signals for all the instruments for more precise predictions. How to trade in the new web terminal If you are already registered, just log into the web terminal using your Option account credentials (Demo or Real). If you don't have an Option account yet, log into your Private Office or Register. In the "Accounts" section, open an Option account and deposit any amount starting from $10. To trade Binary Options Choose an asset from the 42 available. Set the investment amount. Choose the expiration time. Determine whether the price will go Up or Down. Advantages to trading Binary Options with Grand Capital Here are the main advantages of our Binary Options: Minimum deposit: $10. 42 assets: currency pairs, indices, oil, gas, heating oil, gold, silver. Payouts up to 86%. Early closure feature. Presumably unsuccessful trades may be closed before expiration time and receive profit. Compensation of losses. Once a month traders can compensate all losses taken during one unsuccessful day of trading. New status system. The higher the level, the more possibilities for higher profit and better conditions. Where to look for the expanded features The new web terminal is more simple and user-friendly for novices and traders who appreciate functionality. If you are a professional and want to use the extended features and hedge risks, trade with MetaTrader 4 platform. Read more about MetaTrader 4 terminal here. More new changes to Binary Options are coming soon. Follow the news! Grand Capital team
  12. Mobile Trading

    The biggest advantage that I have derived out of FXB Trading is the interface it provided. It is totally user friendly and the navigation has been made simple for users. I was able to locate several types of real time information and was able to analyze the trends in the market depending on the global economic occurrences with the help of the website’s economic calendar.
  13. Trading plan for each day.

    When I started trading in the CFD market, I felt that I was lost and that I would always remain a novice. I was totally unfamiliar with the trading aspects in this competitive market. I made several errors and consequently suffered losses. I even considered quitting before I stumbled upon FXB Trading. The documents and the tools this website gave me were like a life saver for me. I am now trading with confidence and assurance.
  14. What does need successful trading?

    FXB Trading has revolutionised the CFD market and has grabbed the attention of traders all over the world. Some traders feel that this website has shaken the CFD market to its very core. This has been made possible with the trading platforms and its speculative tools. It also offers a vast range of informative articles
  15. Manual trading or robot

    All experienced traders need special types of speculative and predictive tools to negotiate the ups and downs and the ins and outs of trades in the CFD market. FXB Trading is the right kind of website to equip traders with tools such as the economic calendar and the daily economic outlook and these contributions allow traders to become successful in the CFD market
  16. Your Broker.

    FXB Trading was recommended to me by a friend of mine and, at first, I could not believe all the amazing things he was telling me about this website. When I joined them, I had to believe every word my friend had said about them. In fact, I found the site to be much more than the picture he had painted. I have used this site for many months now and it has helped me immensely while trading in the CFD market. I have had no issues with he trading platforms that were made available to me
  17. Your Broker.

    Brokers are very important factor for trading and I do believe that a trader's success is somehow related to the broker as well. A broker can provide good condition for a trader to trade more comfortably and earn good amount of money. Among thousands of broker I am currently comfortable to trade with Forex4you broker. They provide 100% funds safety to my capital, error free execution guarantee and moreover daily trading analysis and help to properly.
  18. What does need successful trading?

    Everyone needs to be successful in trading. In fact I think most of the traders who are trading right now with losses they are also have an objective to trade successfully and make money from trading. I am very glad that I can make money from trading and it is not a difficult task for me as it used to be. I am very much optimistic right now with my trading and can see good possibilities as well. All these are possible for the help and guidance I get from my broker Forex4you. They provide me daily analysis and updated educational materials so that I can make good profits without any hassle.
  19. FXTM ForexTime Company News

    FX CIRCUITS LIVE FOREX TRADING CONTEST $400,000 Total Prize Pool Registrasi: 07.08 – 01.09 Kompetisi: 21.08 – 01.09 It’s Time To Take Your Place On The Podium Put your skills to the test as you go head-to-head with traders from all over the world for a chance to win from a $400,000 total prize pool in the FX Circuits Live Trading Contest. Trade through 8 individual circuits throughout this Formula 1 season, get your name on the top of the leaderboards and claim your slice of the grand cash prizes each round. Are you ready? Still not trading with a leading broker? Register New Live Forex Trading Contest: FX CIRCUITS FXTM Online Forex Trading Broker | ForexTime (FXTM) | Facebook: www.facebook.com/ForexTime | Twitter www.twitter.com/ItsForexTime ✓Traders from 156 countries | ✓13 international awards | ✓16 secure payment methods | ✓25 languages supported
  20. Trade and Use Fasapay Fast & Secure Payment Method FXB Trading now offers Fasapay as a payment method to facilitate traders from different parts of the world. Traders can now deposit and withdraw from their trading accounts using this payment method.
  21. Adamant Finance - Daily Analysis

    Technical Outlook August 21, 2017 EURUSD The currency pair continues to fluctuate without any clear tendency. As for the Hourly chart, we see that there is a downside tendency as there is a trend line there and this line still holds the price. If we stick to this scenario, there is a probability of a deeper correction in the nearest future. Anyway, we advise to do nothing today as the situation is unclear. There is the uptrend on the Weekly chart as the price is above the MA55 balance line. The currency pair stopped its growth last week and declined moderately. We think that EUR/USD is likely to develop its correction in the next couple of days. There is no trend on the Hourly chart as the MA-channel is neutral and the price is close to the MA55 balance line. We advise to avoid trading today as the situation is unclear. GBPUSD The currency pair continued to fluctuate in a small range as it did it last week. We think that GBP/USD is likely to develop its correction in the nearest future. There is no tendency at the moment and we advise to do nothing today. There is the uptrend on the Weekly chart as the price is above the MA55 balance line. The currency pair failed to resume its growth last week and we think it is going to develop its downside correction. GBP/USD is likely to develop its downside tendency in the next couple of days. There is no trend on the Hourly chart as the MA-channel is neutral and the price is close to the MA55 balance line. We advise to avoid trading today as the situation is unclear. AUDUSD The currency pair went back towards the MA55 balance line. And there was an opportunity to open long trades from this indicator on Friday according to our recommendations. The price was in the profit area and you could take about 500 pips or protect your trades there. As we wrote on Friday, targets should be small. There is no trend currently and we advise to do nothing today. There is the uptrend on the Weekly chart as the price is above the MA55 balance line. The currency pair went upwards last week according to our expectations. We think that AUD/USD is likely to develop its downside correction in the next couple of days. There is no trend on the Hourly chart as the MA-channel is neutral and the price is close to the MA55 balance line. We advise to avoid trading today as the situation is unclear. USDCHF The currency pair had some significant growth on Friday and there is no tendency at the moment. We think that USD/CHF is likely to develop its upside tendency in the nearest future. We advise to do nothing today as there is no trend. There is the downtrend on the Weekly chart as the price is below the MA55 balance line. The currency pair developed its growth last week, but it was not as significant as we had expected. We think that USD/CHF is likely to develop its downside tendency in the next couple of days. There is no trend on the Hourly chart as the MA-channel is neutral and the price is close to the MA55 balance line. We advise to avoid trading today as the situation is unclear. Gold and Silver Technical Outlook August 21, 2017 GOLD (XAUUSD) Gold offered an opportunity to open long trades from the MA13 according to our recommendations on Friday during the Asian session. The price was in the profit are, allowing to take about 13USD. XAU/USD declined then and we think that the precious metal is likely to change its tendency in the nearest future. We think it is a good idea to do nothing today as the situation is unclear. There is the uptrend on the Weekly chart as the price is above the MA55 balance line. Gold failed to grow last week frustrating our expectations and develop a downside correction. We think that XAU/USD is likely to continue its downside tendency in the next couple of days. There is the uptrend on the Hourly chart as the MA-channel goes upwards and the price is below the MA55 balance line. We advise to avoid trading today as the situation is unclear. SILVER (XAGUSD) Silver reached the MA55 balance line on Friday during the American session and there was an opportunity to open long trades according to our recommendations. The price was in the profit are and you could take 15 pips as profit. It was also enough to protect your trades. There is no tendency at the moment and it is better to do nothing today. There is the downtrend on the Weekly chart as the price is below the MA55 balance line. Silver failed to grow last week frustrating our expectations as the precious metal started its correction. We think that XAG/USD is likely to develop its downside correction in the next couple of days. There is no trend on the Hourly chart as the MA-channel is neutral and the price is close to the MA55 balance line. We advise to avoid trading today as the situation is unclear.
  22. Hotforex.com - Market Analysis and News.

    Date : 21st August 2017. MACRO EVENTS & NEWS OF 21st August 2017. FX News TodayThe Jackson Hole symposium at the end of the week will be the focal point on the calendar, while U.S. politics and geopolitical factors may become sidebars. Friday’s agenda for the annual Kansas City central banker meeting (this year on “Fostering a Dynamic Global Economy”) includes two key speeches, one by Fed Chair Yellen and the other from ECB President Draghi. Despite being temporarily eclipsed by terror events and political machinations, perceptions about central bank policies remain a major force in market direction. United States: the political fallout after the tragedy in Charlottesville and the cabinet reshuffling, instilled doubt in investors who began to price in doubts that President Trump will be able to effect his infrastructure plans and/or tax reforms this year, while the terror events in Barcelona, Spain and Turku, Finland added to anxieties. Worries that Cohn might resign shook stocks mid-week. Of global interest will be whether these moves bring some stability to the White House and an opportunity to move the agenda forward. The U.S. economic calendar is relatively light one this week, starting off (Monday) with the Chicago Fed national activity index, followed (Tuesday) by a ragtag mix of FHFA home prices, Markit flash manufacturing PMI and the Richmond Fed index. The schedule gets more interesting midweek with the release of housing data. New home sales are forecast to dip 1.3% to 602k in July (Wednesday), while EIA energy inventory and MBA mortgage market reports are due too. Initial jobless claims may rebound 6k to 238k (Thursday) for the August-19 week, while Markit services flash PMI is on tap. July durable goods orders are expected to give back -6.0% of June’s 6.4% jump (Friday).Nevertheless, Fed Chair Yellen will speak at Jackson Hole on August 25 at 10 ET. Her topic is “financial stability.” It’s not clear that she’ll offer any surprises on the policy outlook given what we know from the recent minutes, Fedspeak, and data. The FOMC is now widely expected to announce balance sheet unwinding next month. Canada: final inputs to the June GDP forecast are due out early this week. Wholesale shipments (Monday) are expected to fall. Retail sales values (Tuesday) are projected to rise 0.3% m/m in June after the 0.6% expansion in May. Another firm month is expected for seasonally adjusted vehicle sales. But CPI implies a drag on retail sales values from falling prices. Notably, falling gasoline prices should weigh on total and ex-autos retail sales. The exclusion of vehicle sales should leave a tiny 0.1% gain in June sales. Retail sales volumes have expanded in all but one month this year. Combined with the pick-up in total ondata and core CPI during July, the Bank of Canada is on track for another rate hike this year. However this week, there is again nothing on the docket from the Bank of Canada. The next scheduled event is theSeptember 6 policy announcement. Europe: Draghi’s speech at Jackson Hole on Friday will be taking center stage. But in the light of the fresh flare up in risk aversion and ongoing geopolitical tensions, he is unlikely to clarify the future of the ECB’s quantitative easing program just yet. The ECB has confirmed that Draghi will be speaking on the general theme of the conference rather than Eurozone specifics. Data releases this week focus on August confidence numbers, which should support the ECB’s view that the recovery continues to broaden. The German ZEW investor confidence (Tuesday) expected to be particularly impacted by the latest spell of risk aversion in markets and are looking for a decline in the headline August reading to 16.0 from 17.5 in July. The German Ifo Business Climate are out on Friday. On a Eurozone-wide level, the preliminary August Services PMI (Wednesday) is expected steady at 55.4. Eurozone preliminary consumer confidence numbers are also due. Detailed readings for Q2 GDP from Germany and Spain, meanwhile, are not expected to bring major surprises, with German rate likely to show strong domestic demand, driven by consumer and government consumption, as well as investments. UK: The economy has slumped into relative stagnation this year, associated with Brexit concerns. The calendar this week is relatively quiet, highlighted by second estimate Q2 GDP data (Thursday), which is likely to confirm growth at 0.3% q/q , half the Eurozone growth figure for the same quarter. The August industrial trends and distributive sales surveys are also out from the CBI (Tuesday and Thursday, respectively). New Zealand’s calendar has the trade balance (Thursday), expected to shift to a NZ$100 mln deficit in July from the NZ$242 mln surplus in June. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand meets next on September 28. We expect no change to the current 1.75% rate setting through year-end. Japan: the June all-industry index (Monday) should rebound 0.5% m/m versus the prior 0.9% decline. The calendar then goes dark until Friday, when CPI figures are due. July national CPI is seen rising at a 0.5% y/y overall from 0.4 previously, and 0.5% y/y from 0.4% on a core basis. Tokyo August overall CPI is penciled in at a 0.2% y/y rate from 0.1%, while the core reading is expected unchanged at 0.2% y/y. July services PPI (Friday) is forecast accelerating to 0.9% y/y from 0.8% in June. Australia: the week that is devoid of economic data and RBA events. The next report of interest is July building approvals, dueAugust 30. The Reserve Bank of Australia meets on September 5. No change is expected to the current 1.50% policy setting, alongside a statement that remains consistent with no change in rates through the middle of next year. Always trade with strict risk management. Your capital is the single most important aspect of your trading business. Please note that times displayed based on local time zone and are from time of writing this report.Click HERE to access the full HotForex Economic calendar.Want to learn to trade and analyse the markets? Join our webinars and get analysis and trading ideas combined with better understanding on how markets work. Click HERE to register for FREE!Click HERE to READ more Market news. Stuart Cowell Senior Market Analyst HotForex Disclaimer: This material is provided as a general marketing communication for information purposes only and does not constitute an independent investment research. Nothing in this communication contains, or should be considered as containing, an investment advice or an investment recommendation or a solicitation for the purpose of buying or selling of any financial instrument. All information provided is gathered from reputable sources and any information containing an indication of past performance is not a guarantee or reliable indicator of future performance. Users acknowledge that any investment in FX and CFDs products is characterized by a certain degree of uncertainty and that any investment of this nature involves a high level of risk for which the users are solely responsible and liable. We assume no liability for any loss arising from any investment made based on the information provided in this communication. This communication must not be reproduced or further distributed without our prior written permission.
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  24. Manual trading or robot

    Robot trading is very exact, perfectly disciplined and does not make too many mistakes if the robot is programmed properly. Main difference between human forex trader and a robot is brain which robot can never have. You can upgrade and change your brain instantly according to market situation but you can not change robot program. Robot trading also kills our decision making power. I am proudly and successfully trading manual trading with my broker AAFX, although my broker offers me some excellent robots.
  25. CAD/JPY analysis

    Through the Moving average it is assumed that market may move to up trend. So according to my view there will be a big signal to the retail traders. They should take an entry at 86.97 and the upcoming target to them will be at 89.66.
  26. I'm not admin! New project: bet8limited - bet8limited.com Who We Are? We will support here later!
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