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Payments Center

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Transfer IO points into cash here. Follow the rules to post the request.

Request Payment Rules

This section is for requesting a cashout of your points only!

- Payouts will be completed within 5 Days of request!

- Min payout per member per day is 300 points.

- Maximum payout per member per day is 1000 points

- Each point for regular members is worth .01$ (1 cent)

- All payouts will be verified by CIF Staff before being paid! Once yours has been verified it will be moved to the verified forum.

- Payments are to either Liberty Reserve or Alertpay. Please make sure to update your Profile with your alertPay and Liberty Reserve accounts details.Check this tutorial to find out how

- Do not post your account information with your payout request, only indicate which you prefer: AlertPay or Liberty Reserve. Is better to have both accounts filled as if we are short on funds on one payment processor you will get paid on the other one.

- If you do not speak english well and your posts are of a very low quality then you wont be paid for your activity. We are an english speaking forum and we are paying for high quality posts.

- So if you english is not good barely understandable by others and you choose to post then you do so at your own risk and you run the risk of not being paid if your posts are not of decent quality.


  1. $$$ I've been Paid $$$

    After you receive a payment from us post it here so everyone wil find out our members are making good money for being an active contributor.

  2. Verified Requests

    After being reviewed by CIF staff all approved payment requests will held here waiting to be processed by our payroll staff.

  3. Completed Payments

    If your payment is completed your request is posted here. After you receive your payment post it in Payment Proofs forum please


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