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Prepaid Card Solution from Unichange.me is right for you!

You can transfer Perfect Money, EgoPay or FasaPay to ePayments with Unichange.me fast and easy.

Experience the best service with us - rapid completion of transactions and low rates to sell Perfect Money, EgoPay and FasaPay to ePayments!

Place orders here https://unichange.me/order
Get more information about ePayments Prepaid cards here http://unichange.me/debit_cards

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Hello dear forum members!

Just want to remind you that purchasing Perfect Money, EgoPay or C-Gold with international wire transfer, Western Union or MoneyGram is easy and cheap with us!
Rates are one of the lowest on the market! If you do not believe us, check here https://unichange.me/order

Do you need to refill your VoIP account - buy Skype, CashU or Ukash vouchers with us!
You can also attain other vouchers - Facebook Credits, iTunes gift card, Amazon Gift cards, Playstation and XBox Gamecards.
Buy vouchers in 1 business day (usually 3-5 business hours) here http://unichange.me/vouchers

Kind regards,
Unichange.me team

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About Bitcoins, BTC-e, possibilities

Bitcoin reigns on the Web. Bitcoin is new and rising trend on e-currency market. Its popularity is on the the highest point and it seems that nothing will change this position for now. Love it or hate it Bitcoin is here to stay. you can find plenty of services which deal with Bitcoins, starting with online Bitcoin wallets and ending with clothing shops where you can pay with Bits. One of these highly popular spheres is is Bitcoin exchange.

BTC-e.com is one of the leading Bitcoin exchanges at the moment. It gained even more in popularity after MtGox shut-down. Now main players on Bitcoin exchange market are BTC-e, Huobi and Bitstamp. Among the other exchanges BTC-e stands out with its low price to buy Bitcoins, big number of option to buy and sell cryptocurrency and possibility to trade other cryptos as well. Lets have a closer look on all option which are available on BTC-e.

Btc-e.com is a great place to buy and sell your cryptocurrency. If you are active user you can also make money here on exchange rate difference. Except the leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC), you can trade Terracoin (TRC), Peercoin (PPC), Feathercoin (FTC), Primecoin (XPM) as well. Personal funds can be stored in US Dollars (USD), Russian Rubles (RUR), and Euros (EUR). Another feature of BTC-e is their BTC-e codes. You can generate different BTC-e codes which can be used to buy any cryptocurrency you wish on BTC-e.com.

BTC-e has the next options to buy funds: SEPA transfer, Perfect Money, OkPay, Payeer. Money wIthdrawal is possible for the same directions (SEPA, Perfect Money, Okpay, Payeer) and BTC-e codes. Top-up and withdrawal orders via BTC-e are processed within 72 hours.

For those who are looking for faster service, Unichange.me has a lot to offer. We provide big number of buy, sell or exchange operations using BTC-e USD codes.
If you wish to buy BTC-e USD codes you can use:

  • international wire transfer/SEPA transfer,
  • local bank transfer (Poland and Czech Republic),
  • Western Union or MoneyGram USD/EUR.

For customers who wish to sell BTC-e USD codes we offer:
  • wire transfer/SEPA transfer,
  • Western Union USD,
  • MoneyGram EUR,
  • credit/debit card
  • ePayments prepaid card.

And if you need to exchange BTC-e funds to other e-currencies or vice versa you can use Perfect Money, EgoPay, FasaPay, PayPal (sell only), Paxum (sell only), Payweb (sell only), C-gold (sell only).

Order for most of exchange directions are completed within 1 business day or even 1 business hour. This is much faster than on BTC-e itself. Besides we try to keep exchange rates lower than on btc-e.com.

Our service is open for everyone wishing to exchange BTC-e USD codes. Our Support team is always ready to answer all your questions concerning the way you can place orders on our service, generate or redeem BTC-e USD codes, etc. We have special offers for bulk buyers and wholesellers. So do not hesitate to contact us to open new possibilities to use Bitcoins!

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Unichange.me has launched Partner Program. The main advantages of our Partner Program are the following:

1. It is very simple. You only need to register an account on unichange.me, place your Referral Link and get bonuses from transactions on your Referrals.

2. We provide all advertising materials. As soon as personal account is registered and activated, you get access to your Personal Profile, where you can find your Referral link and Banners of different sizes and dedicated to different themes. Near the banner you will find the code to insert it on your website. All for the sake of your convenience.

3. We have the highest Bonus rate among other exchange services. We have 3 levels in our Partner Program - Junior (8%), Senior (10%) and Expert (12%). You can get to the next level when required cumulative transaction amount of your referrals reaches the next required border.
Junior - 8% - $0 - $499;
Senior - 10% - $500 - $4999;
Expert - 12% - over $ 5000.

Bonus rate of our Partner Program is very attractive and you can reach the next level with only $ 500 of total transaction amount of your Referrals.

4. Average amount of 1 transaction on Unichange.me is $60, so Partners (having even Junior level) can earn at least $4.8 on each transaction.
Unichange.me also has wholesale clients, whose average commission is $500 per 1 transaction. If you attract wholesalers via your Referral link you will be able to earn up to $50 per 1 transaction of your Referral!

5. For those Partners who wish to withdraw their Bonuses we offer wide variety of withdrawal methods: Perfect Money, EgoPay, ePayments, BTC-e USD codes, Paxum, FasaPay, PayPal, C-Gold, Pecunix, Western Union/MoneyGram and wire transfer.

6. For most of exchange directions payouts start with $1!

You can find more details of our Partner Program here http://unichange.me/partner_program
We welcome you to become our Partners and earn on your Referrals!

The best bonus rates, simplicity of use, wide variety of withdrawal methods make our Partner Program unique on the market!

Should you have any questions you are welcome to contact us. Our Support team is always ready to help you!

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1) Trusted service inside the TOP 10 exchangers of Perfect Money and Egopay, Wholesaler of BTC-E USD codes.
2) Unichange.me's account verification takes 1 business day.
3) Exchange Perfect Money, Egopay, BTC-E, Fasapay and get CASH in a few minutes http://www.unichange.me/debit_cards
4) Get PROFIT with Unichange http://unichange.me/partner_program

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Perfect Money, EgoPay, BTC-e USD withdrawal to Visa/MasterCard is available!

It is still possible to sell your Perfect Money, EgoPay or BTC-e USD to Visa/MasterCard via our merchant.

Orders are processed within 1 business day and funds arrive to the card in 3-5 business days!

Sell up to 2500 USD per 1 order to Visa/ MasterCard on unichange.me!

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The best deal on unichange.me!

We offer great possibility to buy BTC-e USD codes with bank transfer!

What we offer?

Fee You send You get

btc-e.com 1% (min 20 USD) 10 000 USD 9 900 USD

unichange.me 0% (min 5 USD) 10 000 USD 9 975 USD

Fee You send You get

btc-e.com 1% (min 20 USD) 20 000 USD 19 800 USD

unichange.me +0.5% 20 000 USD 20 100 USD

You are welcome to place orders on our service https://unichange.me/order/wire_transfer_usd_btc_e_usd

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Dear customers,

Due to constant growth of interest of our customers to fast withdrawal of Perfect Money, EgoPay, BTC-e and FasaPay to ePayments prepaid cards, unichange.me team added new direction - withdrawal to ePayments prepaid card EUR!

Now you get possibility to withdraw to both USD and EUR prepaid cards using unichange.me in just 1 business hour.

Thank you for using our serivce, stay with us and enjoy being our customer!
Unichange.me team

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Dear customers!

Unichange.me team is happy to inform you that we opened officially verified OkPay business account and new directions were added:

  • International Bank transfer to OkPay
  • Local Bank transfer (GBP, Poland, Czech Republic) to OkPay
  • Western Union/MoneyGram to Okpay
  • BTC- USD to OkPay
  • EgoPay to OkPay
  • FasaPay to OkPay
  • OkPay to International Bank tranfer
  • OkPay to Western Union/MoneyGram
  • OkPay to credit/debit card
  • OkPay to ePayments
  • OkPay to EgoPay
  • OkPay to BTC-e USD
  • OkPay to FasaPay
  • OkPay to Paxum
  • OkPay to PayPal

Order for the most part of exchange directions are completed within 1 business hour!

Unichange.me - providing perfect exchange.

Best regards,
Unichange.me team

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Dear customers!

In connection with high interest of our customers in Bitcoins, Unichange.me team added BITCOIN to the list of e-currencies we are working with.

Now this is possible to sell or exchange Bitcoin on unichange.me. We opened the following new exchange directions:

  • Bitcoin to Perfect Money
  • Bitcoin to EgoPay
  • Bitcoin to BTC-e USD
  • Bitcoin to ePayments USD
  • Bitcoin to ePayments EUR
  • Bitcoin to OkPay
  • Bitcoin to FasaPay
  • Bitcoin to bank transfer
  • Bitcoin to Western Union/MoneyGram
  • Bitcoin to credit/debit card USD/EUR
  • Bitcoin to Paxum
  • Bitcoin to PayPal

For the order you should send Bitcoins to the Bitcoin address given to you on the third step of placing an order.
Right after your transaction gets 6 confirmations and amount is reflected in our account, BTC will be sold automatically and amount of the order will be updated. It may take up to 1-2 hours.

After your Bitcoin is sold your order will be completed.

It takes 1 business hour (usually 10-20 min) for order processing for most exchange directions.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Support team. We will ge glad to answer all your questions.

Best regards,

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Meet our new Partner - JustForex!

JustForex is a fast-growing Forex broker that provides the opportunity to enter the foreign exchange market and earn money by trading on it.

In the nearest time new directions to top up JustForex account via unichange.me will be introduced!

You will get unique opportunity to fund JustForex account with Bitcoins and other e-currencies and use them to trade!

At the moment JustForex offers wide range of top-up options, such as
Perfect Money
Qiwi Wallet
DixiPay, and many others.

Register an account on JustForex now and get up to 25% from deposit!*
*Offer is time limited.

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Dear customers,

Just wanted to let you know that never was it so affordable to buy Perfect Money, EgoPay or BTC-e USD with Western Union USD/ EUR or MoneyGram USD/EUR!

VERY ATTRACTIVE FEE for the hottest directions:

Western USD/EUR to Perfect Money
Western USD/EUR to EgoPay
Western USD/EUR to BTC-e USD

MoneyGram USD/EUR to Perfect Money
MoneyGram USD/EUR to EgoPay
MoneyGram USD/EUR to BTC-e USD

Find us to place an order here http://unichange.me
Orders are completed in 1 business day.
Unichange.me - providing perfect exchange.

Best regards,
Unichange.me team

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Possibility to fund EgoPay account via Western Union or MoneyGram hasn't been more attractive before:

- get your EgoPay account funded fast - usually 3-5 business hours;
- use only convenient payment option - no bank account is required;
- pay only 0.5% for speed and convenience!

Buy now EgoPay with Western Union or MoneyGram on http://unichange.me !

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Unichange.me team is glad to introduce our new promotional banners for Partner Program!
Find vivid banners to attact more referrals and earn being our Partner.

Our banners are dedicated to various subjects - General, BTC-e, Bitcoin/Litecoin, FasaPay - so they can fit for any of your goals!

All registered used can find promo materials in the section Partner's Program inside Unichange Profile.

Get more information about terms of our easy-to-use and profitable Partner's Program here.

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Dear customers,

From now on it is possible to send up to 5000 USD or 4000 EUR via Western Union to buy Perfect Money, EgoPay, OkPay, BTC-e USD, Bitcoin, Litecoin, FasaPay or Paxum!

Save your money:
Fees to buy e-currency using Western Union are still the lowest on the market!

Save your time:
It takes 1 business day (usually 3-5 business hours) to complete orders with Western Union, instead of waiting 2-4 business days for bank transfer to arrive!

Best regards,
Unichange.me team

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Send money transfer to buy e-currency and get special gift from unichange.me!

Every verified customer can place orders to buy Perfect Money, EgoPay, OkPay, BTC-e USD, Bitcoin, Litecoin, FasaPay, Paxum with Western Union for amount $4000 or more and get digital voucher or 10 USD to your e-currency account from us as our special way to say "Thank you!"

We offer the following vouchers to receive as gift:

PlayStation 10 USD
iTunes 10 USD
Facebook 15 USD
Skype 5 USD
Visa Virtual credit card 10 USD
CashU 10 USD
Amazon 10 USD


you can get 10USD to your wallet on Perfect Money, EgoPay, OkPay, FasaPay, BTC-e USD, Paxum.

Promotion is active till August 22.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact members of our Support team!

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The best offer on the martker!

Bank transfer EUR to Perfect Money -> 0%
Bank transfer EUR to EgoPay ->0%
Bank transfer EUR to OkPay -> 0%

Place orders here https://unichange.me/order

Convenient and fast way to top up e-currency accounts on unichange.me.
Bank transfer takes 1-3 business days to arrive. It is possible to buy up to €50000 per 1 order.

Unichange.me - your reliable exchange partner.

Edited by unichangeme

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To make purchase of Perfect Money and BTC-e USD codes more available for customers, fees for the most popular exchange directions were reduced!



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Limited-time offer from Unichange.me to sell e-currency to MoneyGram EUR with low rates!

Perfect Money USD to MoneyGram EUR -> 3.9%
Perfect Money EUR to MoneyGram EUR -> 3.9%
Bitcoin to MoneyGram EUR -> 3.9%
Litecoin to MoneyGram EUR -> 3.9%
BTC-e code to MoneyGram EUR -> 3.9%
OkPay to MoneyGram EUR -> 3.9%

Only registration is required to be able to place an order!
Register now on unichange.me to get the best rates for fast withdrawal to MoneyGram EUR!

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New exchange directions to top up and withdraw from JustForex account were added on unichange.me.

It is now possible to top up JustForex account via:
- Locan bank transfer CZK
- Local bank transfer PLN
- Perfect Money
- Litecoin
- FasaPay USD
- FasaPay IDR

Meet new options to withdraw JustForex balance via unichange.me:
- Perfect Money
- BTC-e
- FasaPay USD
- FasaPay IDR
- Litecoin
- PayPal
- Payza

Currently forex traders have even more possibilities for comfortable work!

You are welcome to place an order here
Unichange.me - your reliable partner.

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