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Unichange.me - Bitcoin, Wire, BTC-e, eCoin.eu, LiteCoin, PM, OkPay, FasaPay, Western, MG, AliPay, PayPal

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Unichange.me service is proud to provide our clients with comfortable ways to trade on cryptocurrency market, as well as on the market of Foreign Exchange.

Unichange.me together with our partner JustForex offers the best option for all traders!

Fees to top up JustForex account are as low as possible:

BTC-e USD to JF account 0%
Bitcoin to JF account 0%
Litecoin to JF account 0%

Bank transfer USD to JF account 0.5%
bank transfer EUR to JF account 0.5%
bank transfer CZK to JF account 0.5%
bank transfer PLN to JF account 0.5%
Western USD/EUR to JF account 1%
MoneyGram USD/EUR to JF account 1%
Perfect Money to JF account 0.5%
OkPay to JF account 1%
FasaPay to JF account 1%

You are welcome to place orders here https://unichange.me?ppc14

By choosing Unichange all traders get 3 top advantages:

1. Unlimited amount to top up trading account.

2. Possibility to choose different options to top up and to withdraw from JF account (e.g. you top up JF account with Bitcoins and withdraw the amount to your debit card)

3. Reliable and stable e-currency exchange service with long experience of work!

Edited by unichangeme

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Attention to all forum members!

You just can't stand this offer

Bank transfer USD/EUR to Perfect Money USD - 0%
Bank transfer USD/EUR to Perfect Money EUR - 0%
Local bank GBP to Perfect Money USD - 0%
Local bank PLN to Perfect Money USD - 0%
Local bank CZK to Perfect Money USD - 0%

Three key advanteges that you get with unichange.me:

1. We always have large reserves to meet any your needs

2. With us you can use option which is more convenient for you - SEPA, international bank transfer USD or local bank transfer.

3. We offer the best rates on the market and bulk buyers can get additional bonuses from our service!

You are welcome to place orders here https://unichange.me?ppc14

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Limited time offer!

At the moment you can buy Perfect Money with Western Union for 1% on unichange.me.

Low fee and fast time of order processing make this exchange direction perfect for clients who wish to buy up to 5000 USD per 1 order.

Place order Western USD to Perfect Money USD with 1% fee here https://unichange.me/order/western_usd_perfect_money_usd?ppc14

To be able to place the order you need to have verified Unichange account.

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Unichange.me is glad to introduce Prepaid Debit Card recommended by Unichange.me

Branded plastic Unichange debit card is your key to fast e-currency withdrawal all over the world, convenient shopping (POS-transactions are free) and easy transactions between Unichange.me card holders.

It is extremely convenient for traders on BTC-e platform! All your earned Bitcoins are converted in cash almost instantly!

Sell Perfect Money, EgoPay, BTC-e codes, Bitcoin, Litecoin, OkPay, FasaPay to the Unichange.me card and get the order completed in only 1 business hour!

Advantages of Unichange debit card

- Unichange card is expremely affordable

- No obligatory verification

- Multi-currency card

- High limits

- Fast and affordable delivery

- Easy withdrawal all over the globe

- VIP status

Get more information about the card here https://unichange.me/debit_cards?ppc14

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Great news!

We launched Unichange USD/EUR virtual debit cards!

Unichange Virtual debit cards is your perfect way for easy, fast and secure online payments and transactions.

Fund your Unichange.me Virtual debit cardwith such e-currency money as Perfect Money, BTC-e codes, Bitcoin, OkPay, FasaPay and get your order done in less than 1 business hour!

More details about brand new Unichange.me virtual debit cards you can receive here https://unichange.me/news/id/502

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For quite a long time options trading remains one of the most popular ways to make money in the Forex market. We decided to cover the issue for those who have just started to wonder how to make money on options.

In new Unichange.me article you will find the answers to the following questions: What is an option? How to trade options? What you have to know before you start options trading?

Stay with Unichange.me and open new opportunities.

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In time of crisis and economic instability in many countries ordinary people are trying to learn more about currency devaluation.

Often information on the subject is full of unknown economic terms which makes it inaccessible.

In new Unichange.me article we explain in simple words what is currency devaluation, its reasons and consequences.

Check more information here https://unichange.me/currency_devaluation

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BTC-e USD codes are now redeemed automatically on unichange.me!

If you wish to sell BTC-e USD code to Western Union, Visa/MasterCard, your Unichange debit card or exchange BTC-e USD code to any other e-currency you won't have to wait anymore! BTC-e USD code is redeemed automatically and the order is processed within set time frames for this type of exchange.

We offer the best directions to withdraw BTC-e USD codes:

BTC-e USD to Western Union5.9%

BTC-e USD to Visa/MasterCard USD3.5%

BTC-e USD to Unichange card USD4.5%

BTC-e USD to Paypal4.9%

BTC-e USD to Perfect Money USD2.5%

Sell your BTC-e USD code to Perfect Money, PayPal or Unichange.me debit card and get your order done in 1 business hour. It takes 1 business day to complete an order for the direction «BTC-e USD code to Western Union». Funds for BTC-e USD code selling will appear on your personal credit/debit card in just 3-5 business days.

To receive more information, please, contact Unichange.me Support team directly.

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Dear forum users!

Unichange.me team is happy to announce that bonus rates for our valued partners were increased and now you can earn more!

We value your trust and choice and therefore we wish to make it possible for you to earn more with us!


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Fast withdrawals of Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin, BTC-e USD, OkPay, FasaPay to Any Malaysia local bank account MYR are now available on Unichange.me!

It takes only 1 business day to proceed your order and to send you the local bank transfer.

Local transfer MYR usually takes 1-2 business days to arrive to your bank account.

Please be informed that verification is required for these exchange directions.

You are welcome to check more information here.

Should you have any questions or need more information, please, do not hesitate to contact our Support team.

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Profitable Bitcoin Exchange


Dear forum members,

Unichange.me offers you a unique combination for perfect exchange:

High USD/CNY and USD/IDR exchange rates + Low service fees = Best exchange rate

Most profitable exchange directions now are:

Bitcoin to China Unionpay CNY

Bitcoin to Alipay CNY

Bitcoin to Fasapay IDR


We wish to remind you that there are many automatic exchange directions:

Bitcoin to Fasapay USD

Bitcoin to Okpay USD

Bitcoin to Perfect Money USD


Fees to withdraw Bitcoin to Unichange Card are also reduced down to 0.9%!

Bitcoin to Unichange Card USD

Bitcoin to Unichange Card EUR

Please be informed that our service fees are already included in exchange rate which you see on the Order page.

We follow current market situation and will be happy to provide you with the best possible fees.

If you have any question or need assistance, you are welcome to contact our Support team.

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Unichange.me invites you to participate in our Affiliate program!

Our Affiliate program is based on revenue share. This means that you can get up to 20% from your referrals. Here are the answers for the most popular questions about Unichange Affiliate Program.

How to become referral?

You just need to register an account here and your referral link will be inside your personal unichange.me account.

Moreover, with link you also get wide range of promo materials right away.

1) Can I get special formats of promo materials for my website (blog)?

Yes. Please contact our Support team, if you need any specific size, format, etc.

2) How can I withdraw my earnings?

You can withdraw your Affiliate Bonus to any payment system supported by Unichange (BTC-e codes, Perfect Money, FasaPay, Okpay, Paypal) without any withdrawal fees. The minimum amount to withdraw is 1 USD.

3) Can I earn more than 20% with Unichange Affiliate Program?

Yes. Please contact our Support to find out more information on this question.

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact our Support team.

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Dear forum members,


Thank you for trusting your transactions to our service. Owing to your trust we are highly motivated to provide our customers even better services and rates. Just now Unichange.me would like to let you know about some of them.


We are glad to inform the cardholders, who are interested in the withdrawal of the Bitcoin to Unichange.me card, that the сurrent rate is: 1 BTC = 2444.71745 CARDUSD 

The holders of EUR card can focus on such rate: 1 BTC = 2126.90418 CARDEUR

The processing time of such withdrawal is 1 business hour for both USD/EUR cards.

The rates can change so planing your withdrawals please see more accurate rates via:

Bitcoin to Unichange card USD

Bitcoin to Unichange card EUR


The adherents of the bank withdrawal may be offered such rates of Bitcoin withdrawal via wire transfer:


Rate is: 1 BTC = 2434.84944 WIREUSD for WIREUSD and for WIREEUR 1 BTC = 2122.59 WIREEUR. It takes 1 business day to complete the order (send SEPA or wire transfer USD). SEPA transfer usually takes 1-3 business days to arrive to your bank account. Processing the wire transfer usually takes 2-4 business days to the point of funds withdrawal to your bank account.


Please make notice that the rates can change, and you can check for more detailed information about USD bank transfer here.

To know something above mentioned information about EUR bank transfer feel free to look at the following page.


We look forward to a successful working relationship in the future.


Our team is open to cooperation, so if you have any questions, please contact the Support team.


Best wishes, Unichange.me






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Dear visitors of forum!

We are writing to you regarding informing you about the all manner of exchange directions to PayPal USD/EUR. Consider that for all directions, mentioned below withdrawals could be performed both to USD or EUR accounts.

Our current fees for most popular exchange directions are: 

Bitcoin to Paypal USD/ to PayPal EUR – 3% and 1,9% for $/€ accordingly.

BTC-e USD code to Paypal USD/ to PayPal EUR – 2,9 % and 1,9 % for $/€ accordingly.

Litecoin to Paypal USD/ to PayPal EUR – 3% and 1,9 for $/€ respectively.

Perfect Money USD to PayPal USD and Perfect Money EUR to PP EUR – 3,9% for USD and 4,5% for EUR

In addition to the exchange directions, mentioned above, we offer possibility to exchange: eCoin.eu USD to PayPal $/€, Okpay USD to PP $/€, Fasapay.com USD/IDR to PayPal $/€ and Justforex USD to PP $/€ .  

It takes 1 business day to complete exchange order to Paypal. After you receive funds to your Paypal account, you can withdraw them to any card linked to your Paypal account as well.

Our company would be pleased to perform your transactions on the highest level.

Best regards, Unichange.me team

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Dear forum members!

You will be pleased to learn that Unichange.me has replenished reserves for Bitcoin USD/EUR cards which allows fast transactions for bigger sums. We are offering you to check out the most popular withdrawal directions on Unichange Debit card.

Bitcoin to Unichange USD card

Bitcoin to Unichange EUR card

Litecoin to Unichange USD card

Litecoin to Unichange EUR card

BTC-e USD to Unichange USD card

BTC-e USD to Unichange EUR card


For the following directions service fee is — 0,9% (with min fee 3USD/3EUR). Processing time is 1 business hour.

We want to remind you about the ease of getting a card as for the first card you will need only to verify your phone number, the verification of personality is not obligatory.

The application for virtual Bitcoin card is processed within one working day (with instant delivery).

Do not forget to contact our Support team if you have any questions regarding fees, processing time or transaction limits. For your own convenience please read the information on site before placing an order.

Moreover, we have set fees to zero on the current directions:

Bitcoin to Perfect Money USD – 0%

Litecoin to Perfect Money USD – 0%

BTC-e to Perfect Money USD – 0%

Transactions for the aforesaid directions are conducted in automatic mode.

Available reserves in all directions can be viewed on our site.

Best regards,

Unichange.me team








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Dear forum members!

Considering past events on Bitcoin market, we prepared an article, answering the most popular questions. Who is shaking the waters of cryptocurrency ocean, what is phantom menace able to change Bitcoin currency rate, and will fork be hard enough to eat bitcoin with giblets? This and many more topical questions you will find in the article.

We are interested not only in satisfying you as client of our service, but we want you to share your opinion on the topic. Let’s communicate – will Bitcoin hit some outstanding price or the value of it will just explode like a bubble? Comment it on our Facebook page, and be a trigger starting out a lively discussion.

The next news can not fail to please you – we are offering the maximum reduction of commissions for cards withdrawal.

The offer speaks for itself and doesn’t even need promotion – now fee is only 0,5%(minimum fee 3USD/3EUR).

The directions, the fee for which was reduced, are the following:

Bitcoin to Unichange USD/EUR card

BTC-e to Unichange USD card/EUR card

Litecoin to Unichange USD card/EUR card

And of course, Unichange virtual cards have the same withdrawal conditions for the duration of a special offer.

In addition to that, Unichange.me has replenished reserves for Bitcoin USD/EUR cards which allows fast transactions for bigger sums.

Hurry up – the offer is limited in time. But the possibilities, which the withdrawn money will bring to life, have no limits.

Submit your application here and now

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Dear forum guests! We are delighted to remind you of available directions for fast automatic exchange.

Via our service you can exchange Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perfect Money, OkPay, FasaPay, BTC-e in automatic mode.

Speed of almost all automatic directions is instant, with a single amendment that Bitcoin and Litecoin needs 3 confirmations. After your transaction gets 3 confirmations, your chosen exchange direction will be sold automatically and amount of the order will be updated. It may take up to 1-2 hours.

Moreover, now you can exchange such directions with 0% fee:

Bitcoin to Perfect Money USD

Litecoin to Perfect Money USD

BTC-e to Perfect Money USD

The available amount for automatic exchange of Bitcoin and BTC-e is 20000 PM USD. Automatic exchange of Litecoin to Perfect Money could be conducted up to 15000 PM USD.

If the amount is higher than available for the automatic mode, then the application will be transferred to manual mode and completed within 1 hour of working time.

If you need any additional assistance, please contact our Support team.

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      Fast Bitcoin Debit Cards from Unichange.me
      1. Do you know what is Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perfect Money, OkPay, FasaPay, BTC-e USD codes?
      2. Are you interested in fast and secure crypto and e-currency withdrawals?
      3. Do you need convenient debit card?
      If you answer YES for at list one of this questions, than probably you should read further information.

      Unichange.me team is happy to inform all forum members that currently:
      - ID verification isn't required for the first card order;
      - it is possible to order up to 4 Unichange cards - plastic and virtual cards in USD and EUR currencies;
      - Virtual cards are free and issued instantly;
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