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Here is my Guide on How to easily earn money in [Swagbucks]!!  
First of all my Proof   (Note that i am not really active and still made enough money passively to cash out 35 € in Paypal / Amazon GC.      
In My Opinion the best resource to gain income (since clixsense went kinda slow for me and stopped using paypal)!   
Payout Method: Paypal, Gift Cards  
Minimum Payout: £5  
Available In: US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland,EU   

Must be completed by clicking through each item under the "TO DO LIST"
1.Daily Poll- 1 SB, Just a random Poll taking you 5 seconds
2.Daily Crave- 1 SB, Wait for it to check off, then click whether you like it or not (not working in every country)
3.Daily Search - potential search reward ranging from 4 SB to about 50 SB, Search to check this off the Daily List.
4.Daily Watch- 1-3SB vary, depends on which playlist you watch but you can make a lot over here just watching videos on the side
5.Daily Discover- SB vary, depends on which discover offer/surveys you complete. (Suggest trying ones that are posted)
6.Daily Answer- 1 SB minimum, attempt a survey or complete one.
7.Deal of the Day- SB and offer change daily.

2. Gold Surveys:

The Main Reason I use Swagbucks is because i use the Gold Surveys.
These pay from 50 Swagbucks up to 200 SB (which is 2 $ for a single survey) and you can easily do about 3-4 of these per day.
You sometimes get sorted out but it ain´t as bad as in clixsense or pages like this!

3. Games:

You can make 10 Cent every day in a few minutes by playing Games on the page (just take swagrun, lose and repeat to cash)

4. Mobile Apps:

Mobile Apps:
Swagbucks tv

You can make 10 SB per App per Day making 60 SB per Day or around 1800 SB per Month with minimal effort!

5. Passive Income

One of the Best Parts:

Passive Swagbucks:

1.If you reach the Daily goal (which can normally be reached solely through the apps) you will get bonus SB and it will count towards your “Winning Streaks.”  
2.The Second goal or “Total Goal” gives you more bonus SB, but does not have to be reached in order to count toward your “Winning Streaks.”  
3.Winning Streaks:  
Meet Daily Goal 7 days in a row.............. 25 SB Bonus  
Meet Daily Goal 14 days in a row............ 100 SB bonus  
Meet Daily Goal 21 days in a row............ 200 SB bonus  
Meet Daily Goal every day in the month... 300 SB Bonus  
4.Passive Earning Calculations for Goal One for a month (m):  
Reaching Goal One of the Daily Goal......... 90 SB/m  
Meeting Goal One every day for month..... 300 SB/m  
Referral SB............................................. ??? SB/m  
Complete passive amount....................... 390 SB/m  

4.5Passive Earning Calculations for Total Goal for a month (m):  
Reaching Total Goal of Daily Goal............. ~482 SB/m  
Meeting Total Goal every day for m.......... 300 SB/m  
Referral SB............................................. ???? SB/m  
Complete passive amount....................... =782 SB/m  
5.Notes about Passive earnings:
SB from Daily Goal and Winning Streaks are paid out on the 5th of every month, referral SB's are paid out as they're earned.  
Daily Goal rewards increase over time the more you complete it and the more SB you earn per day.  

6. Referals:

One of the best things of Swagbucks is the Ref System:
You get paid 10% of ALL earnings from people refered by you.
You basically get a free, passive income if you manage to get refs through this page easier than on any other page that i stumbled upon!    

7. Swag Codes / Specials:

Swag Codes- usually around 2-4 SB which are posted on their social media sites.  
Codes are posted automatically on /r/swagbucks.  

Swagbucks also almost everytime has a system called Swago , in which you have to do certain tasks to fill a virtal Board, which you can ultimately exchange for Swagbucks again!  
As you see there are ultimate ways to earn through Swagbucks , so just start today!!

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      SPARTA is a new cryptocurrency that uses blockchain technology and was created by a team with 3 years of cryptocurrency experience and 6 years’ experience managing large projects. The team has united behind the idea of creating a new society of free and happy people.
      The name SPARTA is derived from the words: “SPArk” + “Target”. SPARTA is a new spark in the cryptocurrency world. We seek to represent progress, development and forward movement. Our spark is “targeted” at creating new financial relations that are decentralized, honest, and fair.
      SPARTA cryptocurrency is also named after the eponymous state in ancient Greece. Sparta exemplified the ideal state described by the philosopher Plato. We want to make SPARTA cryptocurrency as simple and clear as possible. Like the ancient Spartan city-state, SPARTA is striving to be ideal, but in the world of cryptocurrencies.
      Our slogan: “Simple. Fast. Reliable”
      “SPA” is the abbreviation for SPARTA tokens.
      Features and Characteristics:
      The fee is as low as possible and changes depending on the amount of time that has elapsed since the launch. It was introduced solely for the purpose of protecting against spam transactions. Forging and proof-of-stake. The operation of the network can be supported by ordinary computers. Worthwhile reward for forging. A miner who creates a block is rewarded with the sum of all the transaction fees in the block. If certain conditions are satisfied, a miner also receives a guaranteed reward in the form of newly created SPA tokens. The reward per block changes every 500,000 blocks. The initial reward is 8,000 SPA for each block. To protect against malicious users, tokens affect the ability to create blocks only one day after they have been credited (1,440 blocks). Protection against 51 % attacks, nothing-at-stake attacks, and other malicious actions. Transactions are deemed safe after 10 confirmations (10 minutes). Blocks are generated once per minute. There are 888 transactions in 1 block. The network capacity is as follows: 14.7 transactions per second; 888 transactions per minute; 53,280 transactions per hour; and 1,278,720 transactions per day. The total number of tokens will be 8,888,888,888 (~ 9 bln). Of these, 10% or 888,888,888 (~ 900 mln) are part of the premine. All coins will be issued for circulation on stock exchanges, and the proceeds will go toward growing the cryptocurrency. The issue will not end before 2025. A mnemonic seed (mnemonic phrase), a set of several unrelated words, is used to generate the address. In the SPARTA network, addresses start with “SPA”. For example, SPA1APoGEhZF6spoqniQn8rBVAz2WgNoaUuw Apella (APL) is the smallest fractional unit of the cryptocurrency, equal to one 100 millionth (0.00000001). Forging:
      Create a wallet: https://wallet.sparta.top/
      Download the forging application: https://sparta.top/sparta-1.0.0.jar
      SPARTA uses the proof-of-stake concept, which means that account balances are used for forging instead of computing power (as is the case with mining based on proof-of-work). SPA tokens (coins) are used instead of processors and video cards.
      To start forging:
      Create a SPARTA wallet and deposit SPA tokens in your account. A minimum of 888 tokens is required to start forging. Run the special application on your computer. After the application is started, it automatically begins supporting the SPARTA network. When a block is created successfully, you receive a reward. The chances for creating a new block are distributed among all network participants based on a special formula depending on the balance amount at their addresses. The more SPA tokens in the account, the more chances to create a block.
      The reward for creating a block depends on the number of coins in the user account:
      If a miner has between 888 and 999,999 SPA (inclusive) in the account, he or she receives only with the sum of transaction fees. If the miner has SPA 1,000,000 or more in the account, he or she receives with the sum of transaction fees and newly created SPA tokens. Thus, miners in the first category support the network, but miners in the second category also help the cryptocurrency grow by investing at the initial stage. Accordingly, these miners get more profit.
      To avoid centralization, all miners with balances of 1,000,000 SPA or more have the same changes of creating a new block. That is, if one miner has SPA 1,000,000 and another has SPA 25,000,000, their chances of creating a block are the same.
      Miners who have more than SPA 1,000,000 are recommended to divide their coins and forge on different servers and in different locations — countries, cities, etc. Doing this is much more useful for the SPARTA network. The SPARTA network automatically tracks and punishes unscrupulous miners using several computers with balances over 1,000,000 SPA in a single location to enrich themselves rather than develop the network.
      A new block is created every minute. So a miner gets a chance to create new SPA tokens every 60 seconds. The reward for a block changes depending on the total number of the blocks created (i.e. based on the elapsed time).
      Check out our website on https://sparta.top/about-sparta.html for more details on the reward for a block.
      Our goal is to launch a new stage in the evolution of cryptocurrencies. SPARTA will let cryptocurrency technology more easily and quickly become part of our lives in order to create new financial relations that are decentralized, honest, and fair. This is the future we see!
      With its clear advantages, SPARTA technology will bring cryptocurrencies to a whole new level. All of its benefits, convenience, and simplicity make it easy for everyone to use digital money. People can use SPARTA to gain independence from banks and easily make money from home.
      In time, people will recognize the advantages of SPARTA cryptocurrency over conventional money and will begin to use it widely. As a result, financial relations in society will change radically and become honest and fair. Accordingly, the whole world will become honest and fair. This is the ultimate goal we are pursuing!
      Road map:
      Listing on exchanges and p2p platforms. Listing on cryptocurrency monitoring websites (coinmarketcap.com) Forging calculator. Desktop wallet: - MacOS,
      - Linux,
      - Windows,
      - Chrome OS.
      Localization of the website, wallet, and blockchain explorer into 11 languages. Creation of a compiled node for all operating systems: - Windows,
      - MacOS,
      - Linux,
      - Chrome OS.
      Real-time network graphs and statistics. Wallet for mobile devices: - Android,
      - iOS,
      - Windows,
      - Blackberry.
      Creation of our own hardware wallet or support for existing hardware wallets. nLocktime transactions. They can be used and confirmed by the network only after a certain period of time. This is very convenient for decentralized exchanges. Multiple signatures are an additional protection against scammers who try to steal wallet data to perform a transaction. A network participant can specify several other network trusted participants. When a transaction is created from the participant’s address, his or her proxies will receive a request to confirm or reject the transaction. In other words, transactions will not be approved without their permission. You decide whether your wallet requires multiple signatures. Ability to use several addresses (hd-wallet) for one wallet. BIP-31/BIP-44. Dynamic block resizing to support network scalability without a hard fork. Ability to dynamically change the block generation frequency, so that network scaling, if necessary, will not require a hard fork. Ability to dynamically change the number of transactions in 1 block, so that network scaling, if necessary, will not need a hard fork. Local exchanges/offices to exchange cryptocurrency, job positions for promoting cryptocurrency through seminars and presentations. Creation and operation of crypto-ATMs. Development of a mini-computer with an automatic update system to serve as a home node. Our own cryptographic wallets that can be used to withdraw and deposit fiat money through crypto-ATMs all over the world. Support for VISA/MasterCard cards. The card balance will be displayed in SPA. But if the account holder wants to withdraw cash, funds will be converted automatically to fiat currencies at the current exchange rate. Such cards will be especially helpful in low-income countries with unstable national currencies, whose residents lack bank accounts. Advertising platforms that award an SPA for guessing the CAPTCHA or performing some other action, similar to Bitcoin faucets, which give out a few Satoshi for comparable actions. Popularization and introduction of cryptocurrency not only on exchanges, but also in other areas. Software for “paper” wallets. Atomic cross-platform transactions (swaps) between cryptocurrencies. Additional network to safely synchronize and update wallet settings. Ranking among the top 100 cryptocurrencies. Preparation of other promotional materials, including 2 videos on cryptocurrency: a promo and technical details. Creation of a .onion site and a node for the TOR browser. Smart contracts and smart assets. Crowdfunding for systems using SPA. ICO platform using SPA. Blockchain-based platform for decentralized peer-to-peer lending. Resources, source code, and useful materials:
      Official website: https://sparta.top/ Web wallet: https://wallet.sparta.top/ Forging application: https://sparta.top/sparta-1.0.0.jar Blockchain explorer: https://blockchain.sparta.top/ API for connecting to exchanges: http://api.sparta.top/index.html Official Telegram channel: https://t.me/SPARTAcore Official Twitter page: https://twitter.com/SPARTA_core Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Sparta-Simple-Fast-Reliable-144359956205380 Open source code: https://github.com/spartacore/sparta/releases/tag/v1.0.0 Whitepaper: https://sparta.top/SPARTA_Whitepaper.pdf Marketing kit: https://sparta.top/SPARTA_MK.pdf Presentation: https://sparta.top/SPARTA_presentation.pdf Brand book: https://sparta.top/SPARTA_Brandbook.pdf FAQ: https://sparta.top/SPARTA_FAQ.pdf Branded products: https://sparta.top/SPARTA_branded.pdf Summary:
      SPARTA and blockchain have infinite potential. With its clear advantages, SPARTA technology will take cryptocurrency to a whole new level. As a result, financial relations in society will change radically and become honest and fair. Join us now!
    • By Leandre Valdez

      Round A
      For 24 Hours
      Round B
      For 24 Hours
      Round C
      For 18 Hours
      Round D
      For 18 Hours
      Round E
      After 24 Hours
      Round F
      After 24 Hours

    • By Leandre Valdez
      HoursPro is a latest generation investment program registered by UK company house.
      There are no critical way to deposit or withdraw money. Multiple payment processors are best for business.
      Normally this is a High-Yield Investment Program (HYIP), but is is full free from any risk.
      Special feature:-
          Monitoring by 15+ trusted HYIP lister
          Three main plans & with 2 sub plans
          Protected by strong security system
          Maintaining by honest experts
          Eight types of payment method
          Instant withdraw system
          27/7 support system
      Payment method:-
          Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
              1.6% - 1.7% HOURLY FOR 65 HOUR’S
               Min: $5 - max: $500
               1.6% Hourly for 65 Hour’s = 104%
               Min: $501 - max: $3000
               1.7% Hourly for 65 Hour’s = 110.5%
               Payment type: Instant
               Principle: Include
               Total return - 104 - 110.5%
              2.3% - 3%HOURLY FOR 48 HOUR’S
               Min: $1000 - max: $3000
               110.4% Hourly for 48 Hour’s = 110.4%
               Min: $3001 - max: $10000
               3% Hourly for 48 Hour’s = 144%
               Payment type: Instant
               Principle: Include
               Total return - 110.4% - 144%
              12% - 16%HOURLY FOR 20 HOUR’S
               Min: $5000 - max: $8000
               12% Hourly for 20 Hour’s = 240%
               Min: $8001 - max: $20000
               16% Hourly for 20 Hour’s = 320%
               Payment type: Instant
               Principle: Include
               Total return - 240% - 320%
      Create account here:-   https://hourspro.com/?ref=8049

    • By falkeep
      I'm not an admin of this project.

      A few days ago found this project. already withdrew my investment. Great new thing. Looks like a part of wellknown bitcoin market - Bitstamp.

      Some info from the "about us" page bellow:

      Every year cryptocurrency industry is growing. There are big enough amounts, that is accumulating make it easy to enrich everyone. However, what is the chance that it is your bet, like most others, will bring the desired profit? The risk is high, but do not you want to have a steady income, which can provide a thorough knowledge of the market? In market research, you can spend years and unfortunately your income will be limited to those funds that will be under your control. Is everything so hard? We can help you get the desired revenue now! We are actively engaged in trading cryptocurrency at Bitstamp Market.

      How will you get your profits?

      Imagine that you are trading in the market cryptocurrency yourself. With limited balance to trade, you cannot make really big deals. You probably have not enough knowledge... that’s why your profit in this case will always be in doubt. But we offer you a better option! In order to have a really significant income, you need a powerful experience and a fairly large initial capital. We invite you to invest in our fund and have a stable passive income.

      You can start to invest your funds for short periods, extracting maximum profit compared to what you would get by trading cryptocurrency on your own. Do not hesitate! Make a stable financial future with Bitraise!
      Our partners

      Our affiliate program is a great way to earn money by referring customers. You can use your website, blog, e-mail or even your signature on forums, submit a special link or banner to your friends, family and colleagues and involve referrals.

      Join and start invest: http://bitraise.net

      If you need any help contact me via pm.

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