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The Digital Coin Crew

A Social Platform dedicated to the Crypto Space

  1. digitalcoincrew
    The Digital Coin Crew is a Social platform dedicated to the crypto space. Features include but are not limited to,
    1. Stay upto date with the latest coin prices
      • We use the CCXT library to connect to over 50 Exchanges so you can keep an eye on thigns
    2. A complete Social Platform, Here you can create groups and events, upload rich media, chat with friends or Crew members you name it, you can even upload your podcasts or audio files
    3. Keep track of your coins, this is still in heavy developement but you can add the coins you own and specify at what price your got them at so that you can keep and eye on them and see if you are in profitable when logged in
    And much much more we would love to know what you think of it ;-)
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