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  1. LMFX - lmfx.com discussion

    Please share the link to their demo contest.
  2. Hotforex.com

    VIP contest is annual and it's a worthy contest, but the winner get at least 1000% profit.
  3. Hotforex.com

    Don't make it more complicated, it's only an asset and you can trade as other pairs.
  4. LMFX - lmfx.com discussion

    I remembered somewhere LMFX is LET's MAKE FOREX :D Not sure, I think I gotta contact CS for clear.
  5. Hotforex.com

    Anyone here using MQL5?
  6. LMFX - lmfx.com discussion

    what does LMFX stand for?
  7. Hotforex.com

    I am not MT4 expert so I recommend you to try Babypips or Mql5.com forums, there are many experts that could help you.
  8. Recommend Fx Broker

    LMFX could be a good choice for anyone want various account options with good spreads.
  9. HBC Broker

    Is this a broker of HSBC :D The name also logo are really hinted
  10. Hotforex.com

    Seems sport is where most investor gather, last hotforex rep is a F1 racer, now is a football player. Anyway, Football is much popular and I am a fan of German team.
  11. Hotforex.com

    Sounds you watched closely the event, do you also trade USD pairs?
  12. Hotforex.com

    Anyone watched last NFP webinar? Any new and how's economics impacts?
  13. recommend at any Broker|?

    Here is some good broker names I recommend for new traders https://goo.gl/yU8yfX
  14. Hotforex.com

    Anyone know the list of hotforex office locations? I meant all branches and offices. I know hotforex is available in many countries but no way to find their offices to visit.
  15. LMFX - lmfx.com discussion

    But PAMM is really not consistent, the PAMM Manager could have a good performance for a long time but then suddenly switching to poor performance, you should keep watching closely and decide right after seeing the fall.