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  1. Sounds you watched closely the event, do you also trade USD pairs?
  2. Anyone watched last NFP webinar? Any new and how's economics impacts?
  3. Here is some good broker names I recommend for new traders https://goo.gl/yU8yfX
  4. Anyone know the list of hotforex office locations? I meant all branches and offices. I know hotforex is available in many countries but no way to find their offices to visit.
  5. But PAMM is really not consistent, the PAMM Manager could have a good performance for a long time but then suddenly switching to poor performance, you should keep watching closely and decide right after seeing the fall.
  6. yes, indeed. You should join live analysis to learn, it's very helpful.
  7. You should pick webinar that you can be immersed in as live analysis or market. I think basic theories webinars are for only new traders.
  8. What time did you need the Support's help?
  9. It's interactable webinar but you should join the live analysis webinar.
  10. Nice car but not really interesting.
  11. Yes, I have contacted CS about this.
  12. I thought all binary options brokers are scam now. No regulation and brokers act as a gambling banker.
  13. PAMM is not available on LMFX. You can check here: https://www.lmfx.com/en/pamm/lmfx-pamm.html
  14. The PAMM is still not released, I am looking forward it.
  15. Hopefully this link can help you: https://www.earnforex.com/scalping-forex-brokers/