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  1. A little help here

    Hey everybody - hope that all is good - I was wondering - what are your opinions on the forex market? Thanks in advance
  2. Check it out

    Are U good in Forex trading? Trader's Pulse give u a chance to be more then just a trader ,,,,,check this out http://traderspulse.com/en/promotions/traders-wanted.html
  3. TradersPulse

    You should try them - open a demo account and see where it leads you - I love the unitrader platform - you have nothing to lose.
  4. Whats Important

    Licensed and Regulated If the company does not belong to a recognised authority do not trade with them. Unlike some equity brokers, Forex brokers are usually tied to large banks or lending institutions because of the large amounts of capital required (leverage they need to provide). Also, Forex brokers should be registered with the Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) and regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTCT) National Futures Association (NFA) there are many other regulatory or licensed providers in various countries. Bottom line: Make sure your broker is backed by a reliable institution!(see: regulatory bodies) Liquidity Try to find out how big the company is, how long it has been operating, who is the money behind the business and liquidity providers. You will have to research this yourself, some people wish to remain anonymous within the industry, however, the company should be registered legally and disclosure should be provided.
  5. My Top 5! :D

    If you want to trade with Forex, you have to pick a Forex broker first. This is easier said than done because there are thousands of Forex broker out there and it’s not easy to spot the right broker. There are plenty of Forex broker that are serious but also a couple of broker that try to scam you. Obviously you have to avoid this and this is the most important criterion of a good Forex broker. A good Forex broker also offers some good promotions that compensate for trading. For example, a good Forex bonus. A bonus is money that will be credited to your account after your first deposit. So if you make a deposit of $ 100 you can get a $ 100 Cash Back Bonus (at TradersPulse for example). This is a very nice gesture and makes it easier for you to compensate losses or make even more profit. Of course, you should not pick the Forex broker with the highest bonus. This would be too naive. But when it comes to find the right Forex broker for you, you should take the bonus into consideration. I have found a couple that are not scams – hope I helped: As already mention – TradersPulse TradingForex E-Toro Plus500 AvaFx These are the ones I tried/used and placed in accordance of likeness!
  6. pretty cool platform

    This is pretty cool – this new platform – I read a little online from other forex users and I thought to myself – ‘why not and try it’ – its real neat. The icons are very straight forward – easy to use – any newbie can handle it here. I must say that – at a first glance – this sounds – so far – so very good. Oh sorry – im talking about this new sites platform = traderspulse – unitrade platform
  7. A little help please

    Something of an IB program I guess – it states the following : At trader’s pulse we offer you the chance to be more than just a trader. If you have what it takes we can help you move one step further into the trading world and position you as fund manager. – anyone know anything about it? What does it exactly mean? Thank you
  8. They are the best

    If you’re going to get into the foreign exchange market you need to learn from the best and Tradingforex.com is by far the best.
  9. The sky is the limit with Forex trading. There is so much potential to gain, enormous amounts of money. Through Tradingforex.comI received the education that I needed to continue to advance in my knowledge of the Forex trading and because of that now we are able to go on to places that we were never able to go before.
  10. Hi everyone - how are you - wow!!! Its been way to long. Ive been so busy practicing that I totally didnt pay much attention to my forums :)!!!! So heres the deal - trying out a whole bunch of demos and opened live accounts with a whole other lot. It has come to my attention that tradingforex are by far the best!! Best customer support, most realistic spreads, to their word, rewards and so forth!!! I am more than satisfied!!! Thank you!!!
  11. Demo Demo Demo

    I have read in many variuos places that having a demo account is the place to learn trading the best! So I have opened demo accounts in a bunch of places - must say - am learning and getting the rush of it. Also see that there are a bunch of demo contests out there - thats awesome - love the rewards - the incentives to winning the contests. T radingforex has the most realistic one so far - that fx ultimate fight - I forget who it belongs to is really unrealistic - says you have to open a real account first - dont like that - feels like theres a catch. Any suggestions for more? Thank you all!!
  12. The total prize fund amounting to 15,000 USD is distributed among the three winners in the following proportions: First Prize – 10,000 USD Second Prize – 4,000 USD Third Prize – 1000 USD Please note that it is not allowed to put forth more than one contest account. Such contestants will be disqualified. The contest starts at 08:00 AM GMT, February 11th and ends at 20:00 GMT on March 11th. Within the contest the leverage ratio will be set to 1:500 All open positions will be automatically liquidated at the close of the contest. All members will begin with 100.000 demo credit It is required to specify your real Name and Surname plus valid phone number upon any registration. The three contest winners are those contestants with the highest rate of return during the contest. The prize money will be credited on the winners’ trading accounts. After the contest results are announced.
  13. Hi everyone - I have come to notice that amongst other aspects - the company does have a whole bunch of ways that one can deposit / withdraw his / her funds fromt he forex account. Deposits Transfer money without any fees through various methods with TradingForex. Withdrawals Withdraw your funds from you TradingForex account at any time with ease, through various available methods. Wire Transfer Make your deposits/withdraws for your TradingForex account through your local bank, or via telephone banking with Wire Transfer. Visa MasterCard Easy and fast deposits/withdrawals for your TradingForex account through online or telephone banking with Visa Mastercard. Liberty Reserve Fund your TradingForex account through advanced and secure tools using euro or U.S. dollar through Liberty Reserve. Web Money Make safe and fast online payments and transaction to your TradingForex Account with Web Money. Neteller Fund your TradingForex live account safely and securely with various currencies through different methods with Neteller Moneybookers.com Deposit/Withdraw money from your TradingForex account with speed and security using Moneybookers.com Hope it helped :D
  14. A good point - Angela

    A Trader must understand what each order is and does and what part it plays in capturing profit. As a Trader on the FOREX you use three types of orders: a Market Order, a Limit Order, and a Stop Order. The two primary orders you should use for entering and exiting the market are a Limit Order and a Stop Order. Once you have placed your order to enter the market, there are two procedures to that your need to understand. These are: One- Cancels-the-Other (OCO) and Cancel-and-Replace. Properly executing your orders and understanding these procedures play a very big part in your profitability. Remember: all good carpenters carry a toolbox. The sharper his tools and the more skilled he is at using them, the more effective he is. The sharper you are as a trader the more effective and profitable you will become. -Angela
  15. Choosing a Broker Company

    I guess some of the key issues one would look at would be: 1. Is the broker a market-maker, STP or ECN type? 2. Does he allow flexible lots - I mean can you determine the size of your trade according to your risk preference? 3. Is there any restriction on the number of pips away you could place a stop loss? 4. What are the order types the platform offers? 5. What are the instruments offered? 6. Account minimum deposit required 7. Amount of leverage offered 8. Whether scalping and EA's are allowed 9. Whether properly registered with regulatory authorities, and client funds are segregated. 10. Research and charting facilities. 11. Reputation on internet forums. Think this was of help. Thank you for reading Angela