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  1. Hotforex.com

    yup especially the live analysis, its realy done well.
  2. LMFX - lmfx.com discussion

    of course that actually a good start and its not bad at all.
  3. Hotforex.com

    I hope its not only for live, it wold be good to practice it first on demo and get a fine understanding of it, but do let us know if you get to the bottom of it. thanks
  4. LMFX - lmfx.com discussion

    https://www.lmfx.com/en/contests/demo-contest.html here is the link of the contest, there is a list of past participants with crazy results and the name of the winner.. good luck
  5. Hotforex.com

    yah they usually do and provide pictures, and you can always follow the contest on they contest page.. i mean the top traders.
  6. Hotforex.com

    https://www.hotforex.com/hf/en/contest/vip.html here are the details you are looking for, and its ok to contact support.
  7. LMFX - lmfx.com discussion

    do keep us updated if you try demo, and best of luck really, incase you go live with anybroker keep is small and test them cheers.
  8. Hotforex.com

    haha great do let us know how the trade goes, and best of luck. :)
  9. LMFX - lmfx.com discussion

    yeah pretty much straight forward, mode of payment i use is skrill fast and easy, platform stable fast execution, spreads are a plus, lower than most, i trade a premium account and its doing fine. support on the other hand are pretty much active and responsive.
  10. Hotforex.com

    thanks for the update, i guess these new pairs are available for everyone except EU traders?
  11. Hotforex.com

    thats im looking forward too, honestly this btc is taking the market by storm, its simply crazy
  12. LMFX - lmfx.com discussion

    if im not mistaken LM stands for LIVE MARKETS and FX is forex.
  13. Hotforex.com

    of course, there is no level as long as you can attend it its open for all hf clients i guess, and there is always an option to view past webinars
  14. Hotforex.com

    i do think its possible, but dont quote me on this but i think i have read it somewhere, i guess now a days its not really impossible since most these high tech techniques are oftenly used with open source coding.
  15. Hotforex.com

    i have no idea really, not so techy to be honest.. hmmm try more technical forums I think there are (can pinpoint them) forums that are more into EAs there should be some answers there.. best of luck