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  1. well any of them would be actually good, most i would say is recyclable knowledge, meaning things that we will continue to use in the future. small stuff we tend to forget and mostly be reminded off :)
  2. the strategies do vary, it depends really, you can check the list of topics, some are advanced others basic
  3. trymarkets? sounds like another new broker?
  4. it really depends i mean, what are your trading focusing at, if you think the certain topic would boost your actual trading strategy/approach they by all means thats the lesson for you, and there is always the option to catch the missed ones in the past webinar section.
  5. in geeneral i say anything that can help us traders are good, some learn from live some from videos some through reading, so its different from one trader to another, it might work for other and it might not. but mostly its easier visually so thats why webinars are popular.
  6. business or a job dosnt matter, its the ethics you pour into it for it to succeed... thats what matters. and i think thats what we need to focus on, even though i trade hotforex for years, but im stil holding on to a deskjob, and it works fine..
  7. imagine this, I have been trading with hotforex for close to 6 years now, and im STILL LEARNING, its a never ending proces, there is no quota, you keep on learning with this divers market..
  8. happy? yeah when i make money, haha furious with silly mistakes, its a mixed emotion this business.. seriously but really addictive.
  9. did u guys notice the increase in number of webinars, thats good actually.. and im planning to join a couple hopefully live this time.
  10. anyone tried it yet? any updates on how it works? thanks in advance
  11. is this like a new concept for pamm? nice..
  12. I guess from any, the final say should be when the deposit is in your account :) I see someone planing to go for the holiday draw and best of luck
  13. yeah rebates i guess shouldnt be affected what so ever.
  14. i have not trade any rebates yet, but just to be safe, ask the IB or support about it.
  15. i would say forex is very risky, just like the thanks giving when US market was closed yet every one expected the dollar to break below the 1.048 mark and it went the other way. haha i did catch some big loses there on my hotforex account.. but all is good and all is part of forex trading