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  1. of course, there is no level as long as you can attend it its open for all hf clients i guess, and there is always an option to view past webinars
  2. i do think its possible, but dont quote me on this but i think i have read it somewhere, i guess now a days its not really impossible since most these high tech techniques are oftenly used with open source coding.
  3. i have no idea really, not so techy to be honest.. hmmm try more technical forums I think there are (can pinpoint them) forums that are more into EAs there should be some answers there.. best of luck
  4. but isnt this your broker http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/9187/www.trade-24.com pretty sketchy mate.
  5. The video was really really nice. well done. a very good step up by hotforex and michael is a great player in his prime
  6. average spreads on eurusd is around 1.6 pips it varies though, depending on market condition but usually its sticks there. this is for premium accounts.
  7. thast a contest im more than willing to join, a good change i mean has nothing to do with trading and peeps, fairplay.. good luck.
  8. thast a contest im more than willing to join, a good change i mean has nothing to do with trading and peeps, fairplay.. good luck.
  9. well any of them would be actually good, most i would say is recyclable knowledge, meaning things that we will continue to use in the future. small stuff we tend to forget and mostly be reminded off :)
  10. the strategies do vary, it depends really, you can check the list of topics, some are advanced others basic
  11. trymarkets? sounds like another new broker?
  12. it really depends i mean, what are your trading focusing at, if you think the certain topic would boost your actual trading strategy/approach they by all means thats the lesson for you, and there is always the option to catch the missed ones in the past webinar section.
  13. in geeneral i say anything that can help us traders are good, some learn from live some from videos some through reading, so its different from one trader to another, it might work for other and it might not. but mostly its easier visually so thats why webinars are popular.
  14. business or a job dosnt matter, its the ethics you pour into it for it to succeed... thats what matters. and i think thats what we need to focus on, even though i trade hotforex for years, but im stil holding on to a deskjob, and it works fine..
  15. imagine this, I have been trading with hotforex for close to 6 years now, and im STILL LEARNING, its a never ending proces, there is no quota, you keep on learning with this divers market..