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  1. I mostly use worldcore debit card Worldcore account allows to get paid through bank wire, load any Visa/MasterCard credit or debit card, make online payments, make withdrawals to the Worldcore prepaid debit card and pay bills or buy any goods. That’s an absolute advantage that Worldcore cards daily ATM withdrawal limit is 4,000 Euros and monthly limit is 120,000 Euros. international payment services
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  4. A trader must not start trading without any knowledge and skills and he should learn the basics of Forex before start real trading. Fo learning purpose a new trader can start trading with demo account and can test his different strategies and can make a plan according to his strategy. http://123forexbrokers.com/
  5. scalping is not always the best idea for trading, but if you want to go with that you must get a good broker who has an EA which is very satisfying in scalping, will check and if i get one i will be happy to share. http://123binarybrokers.com/
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  11. Forex trading does not require much hard work during trading. A trader needs to do all the hard work in learning forex and in practicing to get experience. If he works hard to learn as much as he can then he will get a benefit of it tomorrow when he will be trading in live account and profits will come easily.Do you agree? online wire transfer service
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  15. Good, but I use Worldcore credit card for all my online transactions and withdrawals. It is a good and reliable credit card and i have no problem to use it online.