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  1. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Gather your World Cup team and win Grand Capital Cup! From June 14th to July 15th, 2018, Grand Capital holds a World Cup-themed promotion “Gather Your Team”. We invite traders who are partial to football to set up their own teams and lead them to victory. Earn points based on the players’ performance and win Grand Capital cup and other prizes from our company. Prizes for those who earn the most points: 1st place — cup, hoodie, T-shirt 2nd place — cup, T-shirt and mug 3rd place — cup and T-shirt To participate: A team earns points for each action of the players based on their performance in real games. Learn how the points are awarded here. Results of all teams will be available on the leaderboard within 24 hours after each game. Spend points to claim prizes Any participant may exchange points for prizes following the end of the Cup by sending a request to [email protected] from July 15th to 31st, 2018. In order to claim prizes, you must have a real account with at least $100 of deposit in total. List of prizes: No-deposit bonus of $200, $500, $1000. 50% discount on any trading robots. Grand Capital T-shirts and hoodies. See prizes Gather the best team and win the main prize! Grand Capital
  2. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    “Don’t be afraid of losses, they must be a part of your trading plan” — interview with Drag Trade contest winner The winner of the 421st round of Drag Trade, Denis Nemchinov is a trader with 14 years of experience. He told us how he had learned trading and why the emotions gave way to calculations. Trading experience: 14 years Preferred instruments: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, AUD/USD Trading strategies: intraday scalping Tell us about yourself: your work, hobbies? I’m 35 and I’m a business owner. I love miniature sculpting and sports. How did you become a trader? For how long have you been trading? I’d always been interested in Forex trading, and I started getting into it myself in 2004. I didn’t learn trading properly, I simply read professional books and visited online forums. Now many brokers offer educational courses and webinars where you can get all the necessary knowledge. For those who are already familiar with the basics, the most effective way of learning is the trading itself, immersion into the market. Has your attitude towards trading changed over the time? At first, I viewed trading as a game and approached it with thrill and excitement. Now it’s all figures and charts to me, rational calculation and understanding that knowledge and hard work are behind all this. What are your goals and what trading achievements are you planning to make? I don’t set any specific goals for myself. For me, trading is a mental workout with profit as a pleasant bonus. Tell us about your most successful, most unsuccessful or just memorable trade. My most memorable trade was also my first one. I’ll never forget my feelings when I blew $1000 on my account. After that, I started actively reading professional books and learn the basics of trading. How do you handle anxiety while trading? What helps you control your emotions? I try to think through all the minute details of a trade, where to open a position, where to close, what are some of the possible negative scenarios in my situation. That’s why when a position is open and the levels are set, the trade is set in motion and doesn’t require my attention. I minimize the trading terminal and go about other things and check the result some time later. What’s important for you when choosing a broker? Why Grand Capital? It’s important for a broker to have a decent reputation on the market, convenient trading conditions and good relationship with clients. Grand Capital checks all these boxes. I started trading with this company on the advice of my friends. I liked the favorable conditions and the wide range of services. What do you like about Grand Capital contests? I like that the contests are very different, held quite often and don’t last very long, without dragging on for months. And, of course, good prizes that provide the incentive for further trading with Grand Capital. Tell us about this round, what strategy did you use, what helped you win? To be fair, the victory was a big and pleasant surprise for me. My strategy was aggressive scalping with large volumes and high risks. What’s your word of advice for novice traders? It might sound corny, but you have to learn. Not only the technical aspects and basic concepts but the understanding of the market. Don’t be afraid if losses, they must become a part of your trading plan. Try to get rid of fear and excessive excitement. Emotions create the wrong approach to trading.
  3. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Grand Capital CEO Stanislav Vaneev and UpTrader team at iFX Expo 2018 An international financial exhibition iFX Expo Cyprus 2018 took place from May 22nd to 24th in Limassol, Cyprus. Among its participants was Grand Capital CEO Stanislav Vaneev. Stanislav Vaneev, Grand Capital CEO: “Traditionally, iFX Expo has always been attracting the leading financial companies. Just like a year ago, we participated in the expo together with our long-time partner, a brokerage software provider UpTrader. It’s extremely important for a broker to have a solid tech framework. For 11 years UpTrader has been developing trading software for our clients. Their team is always up to date with the industry’s most recent trends and offers only modern and relevant technology. At iFX Expo 2018 our partners presented their traditional products for brokers and their brand new lineup for ICO: investor’s private office and cryptocurrency exchange White Label.” iFX Expo is an annual event that attracts b2b financial companies. It is considered to be the world’s largest exhibition in the industry. In 2018 it was attended by 170 companies. Grand Capital team
  4. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Grand Capital weekly recap (May 28th–June 1st) The last week of May proved quite successful for traders. The most profitable trade lasted only 38 minutes, while the maximum deposit growth amounted to the record-breaking $117,081.62. Read our weekly recap to learn more about these and other trading results. The most active client Placed 476 trades, including 286 profitable ones and 190 that resulted in a loss. The majority of trades involved USD/CAD, AUD/NZD, EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, GBP/USD, NZD/USD, AUD/USD. Maximum deposit growth For one week on a single trading account was $117,081.62. The most profitable trade of the week Resulted in a profit of $8,400. The trade lasted only 38 minutes. It was opened on the 28th of May at 10:51 AM and closed at 11:28 AM on the same day. The most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders last week: ROUGH RICE — rough rice futures contract. Rice is one of the most cost-demanding grain crops. It is produced all over the world and is second by the production volume among the top three grains, standing between wheat and corn. Minimum price step is 0.5 cent and costs $10; LUMBER — lumber futures contract. The initial margin requirement for one contract is about $1,000. The contract size is standardized and equals 110,000 board-feet. One tick is 0.1 and costs $11.00; FDAX — DAX index futures, traded on EUREX electronic exchange. DAX is Germany’s most important stock index. It is a weighted average by capitalization of the share price values of Germany’s largest joint-stock companies. The tick value is 0,5 points and costs €12,50; # VZ (Verizon Communications) — an American telecommunications company. In 2016 it was the largest telecom company in the US by market capitalization and the second largest in the world (after China Mobile); # MECHEL («Мечел») — a Russian mining and metals company. It comprises producers of coal, iron ore in concentrate, steel, and rolled steel products. The company’s facilities operate in 11 regions of Russia, as well as in Lithuania and Ukraine. Earn more with Grand Capital!
  5. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Changes in trading schedule on June 12th Russia Day is observed on the 12th of June. Please take into consideration the changes in trading schedule due to the holiday. On June 9th, Russian stock CFD trading and cryptocurrency trading will be available. On June 11th, all instruments will be traded as usual. On June 12th, Russian stock CFD trading will be closed. Trading will be resumed on June 13th. Deposit/withdrawal requests are processed in accordance with our company’s regulations. Requests for deposit/withdrawal involving bank cards or wire transfers are processed according to your bank’s business schedule on the holiday. All the company’s services will be working as usual. Please, take this information into account when planning your trading activity. Grand Capital team
  6. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Grand Capital weekly recap (May 21st—25th) We have selected the best trading results of the past week. The most active client Placed 1004 trades, including 707 profitable ones and 297 that resulted in a loss. The majority of trades involved EUR/USD, GBP/USD and EUR/JPY. Maximum deposit growth For one week on a single trading account was $68,973.91. The most profitable trade of the week Resulted in a profit of $26,475. The trade was opened on the 23rd of March at 11:41 AM and closed on the 22nd of May at 10:45 PM. The most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders last week: HEATING OIL — heating oil futures. The contract size is 42 000 gallons (1 imperial gallon is roughly 4.55 liters). The quotation is in US dollars and cents per gallon. Minimum price fluctuation: $0.0001 per gallon; FTSE — a futures contract for the British index FTSE 100. The contract size is calculated according to the formula: £10 multiplied by the current index quote. One tick costs £5. FTSE 100 is a leading index of a British Stock Exchange. It is considered one of the most influential stock exchange indicators in Europe; KC — coffee futures contract. The contract size is 37,500 pounds (around 17 tons). One tick is 0.05 and costs $18.75. Coffee market has a higher liquidity than many other commodity markets because of the high demand for coffee; # AEROFLOT — the largest airline in Russia and one of the world's oldest airlines. It was founded in 1923 and at the time was fully state-owned. After the Soviet Union collapsed, the company became semi-privatized, with 51% of the shares still owned by the government; # EBAY — an American online auction and shopping company. The corporation owns the eponymous website eBay.com and its localized versions in several countries. Earn more with Grand Capital!
  7. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Grand Capital website is now available in Spanish Among clients who trade with Grand Capital, there are many Spanish speaking traders. In order to facilitate their access to the information on our services, we have launched a Spanish language version of our website. All the important information concerning our services will be published there: account types info, a list of available trading instruments, our latest news and much more. Spanish language version of our website is available here: https://es.grandcapital.net/. Grand Capital website already has versions in the following languages: English, Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Indonesian, Arabic, Farsi, Polish, Ukrainian, Armenian, Georgian, Thai, Vietnamese and Malay.
  8. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Grand Capital weekly recap (May 14th–18th) Learn the last week’s best trading results in our traditional recap. The most active client Placed 1089 trades, including 677 profitable ones and 412 that resulted in a loss. The majority of trades involved EUR/USD, USD/CAD and GBP/USD. Maximum deposit growth For one week on a single trading account was $33,793.87. The most profitable trade of the week Resulted in a profit of $10,320. The trade lasted for almost half a year. It was opened on the 22nd of December 2017 at 8:30 AM and closed on the 15th of May 2018 at 3:38 PM. The most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders last week: # SILVER — silver futures contract. The contract volume is 5000 troy ounces (around 155.5 kg). Minimum price step is $0.005 per ounce or $25 per contract. The price on silver strongly depends on the state of the world's economy and the economies of consumer countries, which makes silver futures a very volatile instrument; @CHF — Swiss franc to the United States dollar rate futures. The size of the contract is 125,000 francs. Minimum price fluctuation is $0.0001 per 1 franc or $12.5 per contract; # PG (Procter & Gamble Co) — an American multinational company, one of the world’s leading producers of consumer products. The company is listed 22nd in Fortune 500 and it’s one of the leaders in the US by profit volume and market capitalization; AEX — AEX index futures. It’s one of the Netherlands’ most important stock indices and encompasses 25 of the country’s major companies # AA (Alcoa) — an American metallurgical company, the third largest aluminum producer in the world, after Rio Tinto Alcan and Rusal. In addition to the production of primary aluminum, the company is one of the world's leading producers of aluminum oxide and other products of aluminum and its alloys. Earn more with Grand Capital!
  9. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Grand Capital office opens in South Africa On May 18th, 2018, a new Grand Capital office opened in Klerksdorp, South Africa. The opening was attended by our Head of Analytics Sergey Kozlovsky and our business development manager Goutam Das. This important for the company event was also visited by the partners of Grand Capital from the Kingdom of Lesotho. Over 17 thousand clients trade with Grand Capital in South Africa, and many of those are working with us within our partnership program. Our company holds educational seminars in Southern Africa (RSA, Swaziland, Lesotho) on a regular basis. In March 2018, Grand Capital launched a special option for our clients in South Africa: deposit and withdrawal in the national currency via FNB (First National Bank in South Africa) Read more here. “A new office in South Africa is an eloquent proof of Grand Capital’s successful international expansion that wouldn’t be possible without our impressive team of partners and their managers. You are always welcome in our new office to learn about investment and financial markets trading, while our experienced analysts will be glad to provide educational services” said Goutam Das, our business development manager. Residents of South Africa or other countries of the region can visit our new office to receive information on our services. Our address: Grand Capital SA Division Offices. 77 Siddle Street, Klerksdorp Central, Klerksdorp, 2571. If you have any questions, call our office in South Africa by the following numbers: +27 79 971 4475, +27 71 122 7006, +27 79 959 5000. You can also contact our representatives by e-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
  10. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Grand Capital weekly recap (May 7th–11th) Last week was great for Grand Capital traders. The most successful trade resulted in a profit of $25.088. Read our traditional weekly recap and learn more about this and other trading results of the last week. The most active client Placed 1580 trades, including 899 profitable ones and 681 that resulted in a loss. The majority of trades involved GBP/USD, GBP/AUD and EUR/USD. Maximum deposit growth For one week on a single trading account was $43,351.99. The most profitable trade of the week Resulted in a profit of +$25,088. The trade was opened on the 22nd of March at 6:27 PM and closed on the 7th of May at 4:30 PM. The most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders last week: GOLD — gold futures. Contract volume: 100 troy ounces (around 3.11 kg). Minimum price step: $0.1 per ounce ($10 per contract). The price of gold usually grows during economic crises. Historically, the inflation growth is also usually accompanied by the growth of gold prices; OATS — Oats futures. The size of the futures contract for oats is 5000 bushels. Since bushel is historically a unit of volume, the weight equivalent is different for each type of grain crops (for oats it’s 86 metric tons); # FACEBOOK — the world's largest online social network and the eponymous company that owns it. Facebook is one of the five most visited websites in the world. As of June 2017, the monthly audience of the network is 2 billion users. The company also owns a number of other popular services, such as Instagram and WhatsApp; # KO (The Coca-Cola Company) — an American food company, the world's largest producer and supplier of non-alcoholic beverages. The company’s most famous product is Coca-Cola drink. Included in Fortune 500 list for 2015 (62nd place). Market capitalization: $200.11 billion (2018); # PFE (Pfizer) — an American pharmaceutical corporation, one of the world’s largest companies in the industry. The company is the producer of the blockbuster drug Lipitor, used to lower blood cholesterol. Pfizer shares were included in Dow Jones Industrial Average in 2004. Earn more with Grand Capital!
  11. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Grand Capital will hold a series of trading seminars in Southern Africa in May Grand Capital team is set to travel to South Africa and Swaziland to hold a total of five free seminars on finance management and Forex trading. The speakers: Grand Capital Head of Analytics Department Sergey Kozlovsky, Business Development Manager Goutam Das and finance professionals from Southern Africa Valerie Mahlatsi, Tshepiso Mabite, Esther Moagi, Gugu Nkosi and Nesbert T Shaba, Charls Mokoena. Main topics will include: Keys to profitable investments How to enhance your Forex trading skills How to determine price movements How to control spendings and manage your profits High-profit Forex instruments: Currencies and cryptocurrencies, CFD, shares. How to help your children learn good financial habits and much more. Time and place The entrance to all events is free of charge. How to learn more and register If you want to learn more about the events and register, please call the local numbers: Swaziland (+268) 7947 2767, (+268) 7992 6566, Kroonstad 0731058583, Klerksdorp 0711227006, Pretoria 0711227006 0633686493, Johannesburg 0730944416, 0711227006. We are looking forward to seeing you! Grand Capital team
  12. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Interview with contest winners: “Experience is the best teacher for traders” We think that it is important for traders to learn from their own mistakes and for that reason we asked our contest winners to share their most cringing mistakes. Despite the fails, they didn’t stop trading and have gained more than they’ve lost. Marina Zorina from Russia, the winner of round 2017 of Rally Trade contest with the main prize of $500 no-deposit bonus. Previously also won in Futures Trade Trading experience: 10 years Favorite trading instruments: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and other majors Trading strategy: scalping “I’ve been trading for a long time and my perspective on trading has changed significantly with time. When I just started there was this rush, adrenaline, but now I am more patient and steady going. Trading has become a daily work for me. I start my day with analysis of currency pairs, then I check the time of important news releases and build my trading strategy from there. I only trade major currency pairs as I don’t see the point in spreading your attention over a huge amount of trading instruments. I like Rally Trade contest because of the one-day time limit. It is the right time to test the trading strategy. In this round my main competitor was a trader from Kalinovka, I saw our balances constantly changing. I own my victory to scalping, which I use in my everyday trading.” Alexey Kotlyarov from Belarus, winner of the 416th round of Drag Trade contest with the main prize of real $200 Trading experience: 4 years Favourite trading instruments: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, sometimes GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY Favorite indicators: ZigZag and moving average “I am 25 years old, I work as a window fitter. I learned to trade on my own by trial and error. At first I failed a lot. I consider my biggest mistake the loss of $4000, which I raised from only $500 in one month. Funny enough, losing it took only one hour :( Now I am more cautious. Experience is, indeed, the best teacher. When, sitting by that monitor, you realise that you can’t control your emotions, it is the best to just stand up and give yourself a good 5-10 minute walk. I don’t set extreme goals in trading, as it is more of an extra source of income for my family budget. What’s most important in Drag Trade is to determine which instruments you are going to trade with. You only have one hour and the volatility is extremely important here. That’s why I chose CAD for this round, because of the high volatility. As usual, I used wave analysis. Frankly speaking, I was surprised with my results. When the final results were published, I realized that “too cool for school” is not the line of thinking for this contest. My closest competitor was only a couple of pips behind.” Alexander Markov from Russia, the winner of the 417th round of Drag Trade contest. Received the real $200 Trading experience: 3 years Favorite trading instruments: major currency pairs Trading strategy: intraday “I am 22 and I work as a manager. My friend got me “hooked” with trading. As any novice, I’ve made lots and lots of mistakes. I remember elevating my balance during the whole week and ended up multiplying my deposit by 5 times and on Friday I’ve lost everything because of news. I was honestly grieving. I only trade currencies, It may seem really simple — all you need is to predict whether the price will go up or down. Oh, how much effort it takes to comprehend how it all works... I use intraday strategy and scalping. I can’t wait for too long and set 100-point stop losses. When I choose a broker I pay attention to the spread, execution speed, commissions and, of course, withdrawals. I like Grand Capital contests because they are short. I don’t have time for spending long days in front of a monitor. I pay my respects to my luck for winning this round. Last time I took the second place, I missed just a little. My advice for novices is to look for their strategy or a system. When you find it, don’t give us even if sometimes something goes wrong.” You can read the contest rules and register for the next round here. Trade and win with Grand Capital!
  13. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Grand Capital partnership program is once again proclaimed the best by FxDailyInfo Every year FXDailyinfo holds an online vote to determine the best Forex and Binary Options brokers. FXDailyinfo has been nominating Grand Capital for several consecutive years. This is not the first time Grand Capital efforts are recognized by FxDailyInfo community. We are excited to announce that this year Grand Capital won the "Best Affiliate Program" award with 57% of voters supporting us. It is the third title won by Grand Captial partnership team. Earlier the program was proclaimed the best during MENA Financial Expo-2016 in Dubai and later the same year — by the FxDailyInfo online vote. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of what makes Grand Capital partnership program stand out: High commissions: $15 to $80 per Lot; Direct transactions between clients and partners; Marketing budget; Individual conditions for different regions. Learn more by visiting the partnership section of our website. We thank everyone who supported Grand Capital during the vote. This victory shows us that Grand Capital partners trust the company and are willing to move forward with us. Grand Capital team
  14. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Changes in company services and trading schedule during May holidays Dear clients! Please take into consideration the changes in trading schedule for May holidays. On April 29th, May 1st, 5th, 6th, 9th, Russian stock exchange is closed. Russian stock CFD trading will be unavailable. Due to the celebration of the International Workers’ Day on May 1st, trading futures contracts on the following indices will be unavailable: AEX, FCE, FDAX, FSMI, FESX, FSTX. May 7th is a holiday in the United Kingdom. FTSE 100 index futures trading will be closed. Grand Capital client support will be functioning as usual. Deposit and withdrawal requests will be processed in accordance with the company’s regulations. Deposit and withdrawal requests involving bank cards and wire transfers will be processed in accordance with your bank’s schedule during the holidays. We remind you that liquidity for some instruments may be lower during the holidays. Please, take this information into account when planning your trading activity. Grand Capital team