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  1. Deposit in Rupees via local Indian Exchanger Grand Capital keeps expanding deposit/withdrawal options to provide its clients with the most comfortable trading conditions. Today we are excited to announce another addition to our local payment options that are aimed at making trading conditions of our clients in India even more convenient. To deposit/Withdraw funds: Choose Indian Exchanger in Deposit/Withdrawal section of your Private Office. Fill in the required fields and click "Continue" Follow the instructions on the screen. The funds will be deposited within 1 working day. Withdrawal requests are carried out within 3 working days. In case you have any questions, you can always contact Grand Captial representative in India by calling +9 18108816772. To learn about other convenient payment options offered at Grand Capital, visit Deposit/Withdrawal page. Claim up to +200% bonus Don't forget that only before the 31st of August you can add up to +200% to every deposit you make. Click here to learn more! Grand Capital team
  2. Traders in Nigeria can now deposit and withdraw in NGN through Nigerian Exchanger Grand Capital keeps expanding into the African region. Today we would like to share two of our most recent developments in Nigeria - now local traders can deposit and withdraw funds in Nigerian Naira through the local Nigerian Exchanger and visit the new Grand Capital office in Abuja. To make a deposit via Nigerian Exchanger Choose Nigerian Exchanger option in Deposit section of your Private Office. Fill in the required fields and click "Continue". Follow the instructions on the screen. The funds will be deposited within one working day. Withdrawal requests are carried out within 3 working days. View other convenient deposit/withdrawal options at Deposit/Withdrawal section of Grand Capital website. Also, traders from Abuja, the capital of Nigeria can now visit a local Grand Capital office, which is located at House 3, road 45, 4th Avenue, Nigeria, Abuja (Off First Avenue, Behind Corner shop. Landmark: Crush Cafe). It is the second Grand Capital office in Nigeria — the first company's office in Lagos opened its doors in January 2017. The office provides consultations on choosing and opening trading accounts, Forex, CFD and Binary Options trading courses, LAMM investments, current promotions and bonuses. You can contact the office by phone: +2347032146830, +2349055007619 or WhatsApp: +2347032146830. Trade with Grand Capital!
  3. Grand Capital opens new office in Johannesburg, South Africa We are glad to announce that Grand Capital opened an office in Johannesburg. It is the third Grand Capital office in South Africa: two offices are already operating in Emalehleni and Polokwane. The address of the new office: Johannesburg Station Nelson, West Tower, 2nd floor, Nelson Mandela Square, Maude St, Sandown, Johannesburg, 2196. You can contact Grand Capital representative in South Africa by phone: +27615434073, +27768740487 or WhatsApp: +27768740487. The office provides assistance and consultations on all the products and services of Grand Capital: choosing and opening a trading account; Forex, CFD and Binary Options trading courses; assistance with deposit/withdrawal transactions; LAMM investments; Company's bonuses and promotions. Welcome to the new office of Grand Capital!
  4. Interview with contest winners: “I regularly participate in contests to earn my deposit” Our new interview roundup features two Rally Trade winners and one Drag Trade winner. This time the winners spoke a lot about risk management. Read the advice from our winners and learn how to control your risks and trade more rationally. Also, we remind you about the prizes that our winners receive: Rally Trade’s main prize is no-deposit $500 bonus with withdrawable profit. Drag trade’s main prize is the real $200. Oleksandr Komissarov, Ukraine, the winner of 195th round of Rally Trade “I’m an electrical engineer and my salary is not impressive. That’s why eight years ago I started looking for an extra income and came across the currency market. At my work, I had a computer with Internet access and lots of free time. I used to finish with my work duties, which is mostly the equipment maintenance, quite fast. The trading profession attracted me because you can trade literally anywhere, even in a boat on a fishing trip. I learned everything myself, I read a lot of books and articles. Having trained on a demo account and increased my deposit up to 100%, I deemed myself an expert and put all my free funds into one trade and lost everything in two months. I regularly participate in contests to earn my deposit, because the pension isn’t enough. My opinion is that in trading it’s important not to take too much risk and not use more than 5% of deposit. Undue risks often got me into trouble, to be honest.” Harianto, Indonesia, the winner of 371st round of Drag Trade “I’m a courier driver, I deliver packages for different companies. I’ve been trading for the last couple of years already. It all began when I saw a trading terminal, saw how the trades are placed and decided to try it myself. I learned bit by bit, looked for fresh information on the web. And I still keep on learning, actually. I can say that trading is becoming more and more popular in my country. The most euphoric feeling that you can get from trading is when you receive a stable income. When you earn money not accidentally, not suddenly, but consistently, time after time. My strategy is about always following the trend. My favorite instruments are currency pairs. I value transparency and low spreads in brokers. I think Grand Capital is a reliable broker, as it’s been on the market for 10 years. I liked how the competition in Drag Trade lasted only an hour. Such fast contests are hard to come by. My advice to beginners is to learn and always remember about risk management.” Serhiy Ivanov, Ukraine, the winner of 196th round of Rally Trade “I became a trader in 2008. Today trading is an additional source of income for me, but I’m thinking about making it my main occupation. I think that time is the best teacher. Books, forums, and webinars are fine, but practice and experience are the real thing. A good trader needs forbearance and a deep understanding of the market. I have several friends with whom I constantly talk about Forex and investments, share with them newly acquired knowledge, achievements and defeats. It helps. I placed my most successful trade several years ago with GBP/USD pair. In one hour I earned 7.5 thousand dollars. I mostly trade currency. I tried many strategies but decided to settle with a few indicators and my gut feeling. When I choose a broker, the first thing I look at is how long the company has been on the market and the quality of order execution, technical support, deposit/withdrawal and a forum. Grand Capital has it all, that’s why I chose them. Participating in contests is a habit for me already, and my journey as a trader actually began when I won a contest. I like that Grand Capital contests are fast and dynamic. I don’t think anything should be changed. Rally Trade attracted me with its stop out level, for several rounds I couldn’t find the sweet spot. I think that such contests are useful for beginners. If you are still learning the ropes, trade only 30% of deposit until you gain more experience. And the most important of all is to tame your greed.” Learn the rules of the contests and sign up for the next round here.
  5. Grand Capital weekly recap (10th - 14th of July) Every week we pick the most active client, the client with the maximum deposit growth and the client who placed the most profitable trade. Follow our traditional news section! The most active client Placed 1409 trades, including 776 profitable ones and 633 that resulted in a loss. The majority of trades involved AUD/JPY and GBP/CAD pairs. Maximum deposit growth In one week on a single trading account was $18 194,45. The most profitable trade of the week Resulted in a profit of +$7400,00. The trade was opened on the 8th of July at 11:29 and closed on the 12th of July at 12:47. The most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders: LUMBER — Lumber futures contract. The initial margin required to open one contract is around $1000. The contract size is standard and equals 110,000 Bd. Ft. One pip is 0,1 and costs $11,00; PLATINUM — Platinum futures contract. The contract volume is 50 troy ounces (1,56 kg). Minimum price step is $0,10 per ounce and $5 per contract; # NIKE is an American company, a world-famous manufacturer of sportswear and footwear. According to analysts, Nike owns almost 95% of the US basketball market. The brand is estimated at $ 10.7 billion and is the most valuable trademark in the sports industry. Since September 2013 it is included in the industrial index of Dow Jones; # JNJ (Johnson & Johnson) is an American company that leads a group of more than 250 subsidiaries around the world that manufacture medicines, sanitation products, and medical equipment. It is a part of the Dow Jones Global Titans 50 index; # YANDEX ("Yandex") is a Russian multinational company and a search engine. "Yandex" takes the 4th place among the world search engines in terms of the number of processed search requests. As of December 11, 2016, according to the Alexa.com popularity rating, Yandex.ru took the 27th place in the world and the first place in Russia. Earn more with Grand Capital!
  6. Learn how to boost your savings at a free Grand Capital class in Johannesburg on 22nd of July This year Grand Capital has held 20 educational events in South Africa, that were attended by nearly 1000 aspiring traders and investors. We are extremely glad to see our effort being in demand among the local traders. On the 22nd of July, Grand Capital is hosting yet another educational event dedicated to financial planning and development that will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our speakers, professional traders and analysts, will speak about the most effective investment strategies and most popular ways to increase one's savings. During the class, a successful financial analyst and the founder of Titan Forex Academy Innocent Thembokuhle and a business development manager at Grand Capital Goutam Das, will discuss the following topics: Investment strategies; Forex trading fundamentals; LAMM investment system; Technical and fundamental analysis; How to build your investment portfolio; Trading secrets for beginners. The event will take place on the 22nd of July at 11 AM (local time), at Noordwyk Ext 20, 14th Rd, Randjespark, Midrand, 1685, Midrand Protea Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa. To learn more about the event and register, visit this page. In case you have any questions you can always contact our local office in South Africa by phone +27768740487 or e-mail [email protected] Grand Capital team
  7. Interview with Rally Trade winner. “I won thanks to my knowledge and accurate predictions". The winner of the 194th round of Rally Trade and recipient of no deposit $500 bonus Andrey Krotov belongs to an unusual kind of traders. He doesn’t trade on real accounts. For him, trading is an experiment ground, he studies analysis, strategies and learns to code. Andrey, tells us about yourself a little, about your education and work. I studied accounting and economic analysis of financial and business operations. Now I work in supervision, but I plan to retire in a couple of years. I hope to switch to a teaching job and give lectures on economics in a university. Why did you decide to start trading? I learned about trading accidentally on the Internet. I consider it a very interesting and at the same time rather a hard work, which demands not only market knowledge, but also knowledge of many other fields of economics, further mathematics, probability theory and mathematical statistics. Really talented, well-read and smart people become good traders. But I don’t trade on the real market myself, I only read, study different strategies, technical and fundamental analyses and participate in contests. How did you go about learning a new profession? Unfortunately, I can’t engage in education on a regular basis, since I don’t have virtually any free time because of work. Actually, I learn on my own, read books, look into various strategies on websites, analyze advisors’ work and constantly learn programming languages. What resources can you recommend for getting new trading ideas? You can find a lot of useful information on Investing, Grand Capital website, IAFT, Traders Forum. I also recommend a book on candlestick charts by V.I. Safin, The Wyckoff Method by Jack K. Hutson and Supply & Demand lectures by Sam Seiden. Where do you see trading in your future? Do you consider trading on a real account? I’m going go continue studying market theories, strategies, and analysis. If an opportunity presents itself, I will most likely teach market theory. And then I can consider real trading. What trading instruments do you study? Which trading strategies are of interest to you? All the instruments are interesting to study, but GBP/USD and EUR/USD stand out for me especially. In fact, I don’t have any strategies yet, I just study market economy, stock, and currency markets. But I think that based on Martin and fibo a sold strategy can be developed and EAs can be created. What should traders pay attention to when choosing a broker? Why have you chosen Grand Capital? I chose your company because you have so much useful stuff on your website: trading ideas, a lot of info on the market and exciting contests. And you have decent spreads. Why have you decided to take part specifically in Rally Trade? This contest doesn’t take too much time. When I saw that even on Thursday evening, the main contest day, the contestants only make 20-30% of their total profit, I knew immediately that it was my contest, though I didn’t begin trading that day. What helped you to win the contest? It turned out I had more experience and knowledge than my opponents. And probably I was lucky. In fact, all of my predictions proved correct, except for an unforeseen USD/ZAR movement that was unfavorable for me. Can you provide a piece of advice for beginners? Learn, then learn again. You’ll have enough time to trade on a real account. Don’t ask too much of the market or else it will take much from you. However funny it may be, sometimes with our insatiable appetite we can set the gigantic market and those who are on our side against ourselves. Also, the financial interest in markets is a good reason for learning to code. It’s very important today. P.S. The main prize in Rally Trade is no deposit bonus $500. If you want to try your skills in a competition with other traders, read the rules and sign up for the next round.
  8. Grand Capital and AMTS Solutions present ECN Prime, a new generation ECN account Dear clients! Starting from July 11th, Grand Capital takes ECN trading accounts to a whole new level. Grand Capital has partnered with AMTS Solutions, a provider of innovative technology for brokers. This partnership revolutionized the process of order execution on Grand Capital ECN accounts. Stanislav Vaneev, Grand Capital CEO: “We have always been aspiring to provide high-quality services to our clients, that’s why we collaborate with a number of top tech developers. As our company is rapidly expanding into new markets and, as a result, the number of orders and the client base are rising, we, together with AMTS Solutions and its CEO, Dmitry Rannev, entirely reshaped ECN account technology, so it can now process virtually any amount of requests without loss in quality or speed. It means that out clients’ orders will be executed with the utmost speed and precision in accordance with the current market prices and not depending on any external circumstances.” Advantages of ECN-Prime: Stable high-quality execution; Execution in accordance with the current market prices; Infinite possibilities of adding liquidity providers, the best provider available is chosen for each trade; AMTS technology protects traders from many risks; Depth of Market (DOM) makes trading even more transparent; Placing orders within the spread; Implementation of high-frequency strategies; 38 trading instruments; Deposits from $1 000. Note that all ECN accounts that were created before the 11th of July will continue to operate with the old technology. In order to switch to the new technology, you have to open a new account. How to open ECN Prime account: Register or log in to your Private Office; In Open an Account tab open ECN Prime; Deposit at least $1 000. ECN Prime makes it possible to engage in a truly professional trading. Grand Capital and AMTS Solutions will meet the needs even of the most demanding of traders. Within the next month, new features will be added: Depth of Market (DOM), trading settings. Info: AMTS ECN is a hi-tech multi-module infinitely scalable system that is based on high-speed data exchange protocol and it’s resilient to high-frequency architecture requests. The system was created by the developers with more than 10 years of experience in financial market technology. AMTS ECN is certified by the Financial Commission (FinaCom PLC) and is used by companies regulated by FCA, ASIC, EFSA and CySEC. If you have any questions, contact us via OnlineChat or e-mail: [email protected] Yours truly, Grand Capital team
  9. Grand Capital weekly recap (3rd - 7th of July) Meet the best trading results of the past week in our traditional news section. The most active client Placed 1093 trades, including 661 profitable ones and 432 that resulted in a loss. The majority of trades involved EUR/AUD, EUR/USD, and AUD/USD pairs. Maximum deposit growth In one trading week on a single account was $47 220,00. The most profitable trade of the week Resulted in a profit of +$47 220,00. The trade was opened on the 18th of May at 22:52 and closed on the 3rd of July at 18:16. The list of the most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders: @CAD — Canadian dollar futures. The contract size is 100 000 Canadian Dollars. Minimum price change (1 pip) is 0,0001$ per 1 CAD or $10 per contract; @O — Oats futures. The contract size of the oats futures is 5000 bushels. As bushels measure volume, the weight differs for each grain type. For Oats it is 86 metric tons; # CAT (Caterpillar Inc.) — American Corporation, one of the largest corporations that produce special machinery. It produces earth-moving equipment, construction equipment, diesel engines, power plants (operating on natural and associated gases). The company operates more than 480 branches located in 50 countries on five continents; # MAGNIT («Магнит») — Russian retailer and a food chain. As of December 31, 2016, the company's network included 14,059 outlets. In 2016 the company's revenue amounted to 1.07 trillion rubles; # CSCO (Cisco) — American transnational company. Develops and sells network equipment for large organizations and telecommunications enterprises. One of the world's largest companies in the field of high technology. In the US, Cisco has traditionally been listed as one of Fortune's top 100 companies for employees. Earn more with Grand Capital!
  10. Grand Capital weekly recap (26 - 30th of June) Read how clients of Grand Capital finished the last week of June. The most active client Placed 1989 trades, including 1409 пprofitable ones and 580 that resulted in a loss. The majority of trades involved EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/AUD pairs. Maximum deposit growth In one trading week on a single account was $47 157. The most profitable trade of the week Resulted in a profit of +$12 000. The trade was opened on the 21st of June at 11:44 and closed on the 30th of June at 12:02. List of the most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders: @RU7 — Rough rice futures contract. Traded on CBOT (Chicago mercantail exchange). Rice is one of the most cost-demanding grain crops. It is produced all over the world and is second by the production volume among the top three grains, standing between wheat and corn; @FCQ7 — deliverable futures contract for 50 000 pounds of cattle. Minimum price step is $12,50. Cuttle futures are traded from 1971 and their prices changed from 25 to $1,25 per pound; # IBM (International Business Machines) — one of the largest producers and suppliers of software and hardware, as well as IT and consulting services. Trading volume: $80,8 bln (2016); # MAGNIT («Магнит») — a Russian retail company and a food store chain. As of December 31, 2016, the company's network included 14,059 stores. The company's revenue for 2016 was 1.07 trillion rubles; # VZ (Verizon Communications) — an American telecommunications company. In 2016 it was the largest telecommunications company in the US by market capitalization and the second largest in the world (after China Mobile). Earn more with Grand Capital!
  11. On the 1st of July Grand Capital held a trading seminar in Vietnam, hosting a trading robots giveaway We continue to hold educational events in Vietnam. On the 1st of July, Grand Capital held its second trading seminar in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. The event was attended by traders with various levels of training, as well as those who are interested in Forex affiliate opportunities. Our special guest David Do, an experienced trader and a professional analyst introduced the attendees to the basics of trading on financial markets, trading systems, and LAMM copy trading service. A lot of attention was paid to Forex partnership programs, including Grand Capital partnership program, which won the Best Affiliate Program award at MENA FFXPO 2016. The highlight of the event was the trading robots giveaway. Ten lucky traders were presented with Drone trading robots, which offer up to 40% profitability. We hope to see you at our future events!
  12. "Ethereum May Outrun Bitcoin as Early as this Year" CEO of Grand Capital Stanislav Vaneev gave an interview to Finance Magnates So far the main topic of 2017 is the cryptocurrency hype. Rates of Bitcoin and Ethereum have surged several times and the newbie miners started to buy video cards used to mine cryptocurrencies. CEO of Grand Capital Stanislav Vaneev gave an interview to Finance Magnates on the "hot" topic, shared his thoughts on why cryptocurrencies became so popular and estimated their potential. Bitcoin has been rising since the moment it was created. In the 9-year history of its existence, it has gone up from $0,003 per 1000 BTC to $2700 per 1 BTC. And here comes the question: what are the grounds for such strong dynamics? Is there a limit to its growth? Will it bounce back at some point? Let’s begin with the fact that Bitcoin initially was created as an alternative to the regulated currencies and it quite naturally found its use in certain niches. For example, let’s look at the big and wealthy China, the country of huge amounts of money, developing businesses and, at the same time, strong government control over financial transactions. How is the shadow economy supposed to survive? How to avoid paying taxes? In China, cryptocurrencies are successfully used for this kind of purposes. As a matter of fact, we develop Bitcoin integration solutions for Chinese Forex brokers. Now there are around 3 000 brokers in China that provide Forex and Binary Options trading services. Nevertheless, Forex is not completely legal in China and for that reason, many brokers may take an interest in Bitcoin transactions. As per the Bitcoin rate surge, there is an opinion that Bitcoin develops following the pyramid pattern, which means that it will continue rising as long as it is convenient for everyone, but sooner or later it will start bouncing back, as the currency is not backed by anything. As a result, the investors will turn to other cryptocurrencies, for example, Ethereum. Ethereum is also gaining popularity. Will it be able to catch up with Bitcoin? Judging by the dynamics, it can happen in the near future. Ethereum is 7 years younger than Bitcoin — it only appeared in 2015, but for the past several months it has jumped to the second place among other cryptocurrencies in terms of trading volumes. To a large extent, it has to do with the fact that the Ethereum has considered and corrected the main drawbacks Bitcoin is criticized for. For instance, Ethereum offers shorter transaction times. Read the complete interview at Finance Magnates.
  13. Deposits in Pakistan Rupees are now available at Grand Capital We are excited to announce that Grand Capital has launched the long-awaited addition to its deposit/withdrawal methods. Now traders from Pakistan can deposit and withdraw funds from their Grand Captial accounts via bank cards in the local currency. To deposit/withdraw funds: Choose MoneyChanger Pakistan in the "Deposit/Withdrawal" section of your Private account. Fill in the required fields and press "Continue". Follow the instructions on the screen. The funds will be deposited within 1 working day. Withdrawal requests are processed within 3 working days. Other convenient payment options can be found at the Deposit/Withdrawal page. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Grand Capital local representative in Pakistan by email [email protected] or call: +92483250530, +923496221127 / +923113300169/ Add up to +200% to your deposit! Only until the 31st of August deposit any amount starting from $100 and enlarge your deposit by up to +200%. Come to the Grand Capital trading seminar in Pakistan We remind you that on the 2nd of July a free trading seminar for traders and IBs will take place in Multan, Pakistan. The following main topics of the event include investment solutions, market analysis, winning trading strategies, and many more. The seminar will start at 9:00 AM at One Hotel, 9A lalazar Colony, Old Bahwalpur Road . To learn more about the seminar and sign up, follow this link.
  14. 4th of July trading schedule Dear clients! Due to the celebration of the Independence Day in the United States, the following categories of instruments will be unavailable for trading on the 4th of July: American stocks CFD Futures contracts that are traded on American exchanges (CFD Currencies, CFD Energies, CFD Metals, CFD Softs, CFD Grains, CFD for American indices). Note: low volatility and possible spread widening are expected for currency pairs. All the company’s services will be working as usual. On Wednesday, July 5th, trading will be resumed in the normal course. Please consider these changes while planning your trading activity. Grand Capital team
  15. Grand Capital weekly recap (19th - 23rd of June) Follow the best and compare your results to others'! The most active client Placed 1330 trades, including 678 profitable ones and 652 that resulted in a loss. The majority of trades involved AUD/CAD, AUD/CHF. Maximum deposit growth In one week on a single trading account was $45 155. The most profitable trade of the week Resulted in a profit of +$5486,93. The trade was open on the 19th of June at 18:06 and closed on the 20th of June at 15:10. The most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders: SOYBEANS —Soybean futures. One of the oldest, most popular and respectable futures contract. Contract volume is 5000 bushels. As bushels count the volume, the weight of each grain type will differ. For soybean it is — 136.0775 metric tons; CORN — Corn futures contract. One corn futures contract volume is 5000 bushels or 127 metric tons. Quotes are in $US cents per 1 bushel; # MECHEL («Мечел») — The Russian mining and metallurgical company. It produces coal, iron ore concentrate, steel, and rolled products. The company owns manufacturing enterprises in 11 regions of Russia, as well as in Lithuania and Ukraine; # TWITTER (Twitter) — Global microblogging service. Audience: 1.3 billion registered and 319 million active users. Turnover: $ 2.2 billion for 2015; # MCD (McDonald’s Corporation) — American corporation, until 2010 it was the world's largest chain of fast food restaurants, working on a franchise system. Included in the list of Fortune Global 500 in 2016 (420th place). Turnover: $ 35.39 billion for 2016. Earn more with Grand Capital!