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  1. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Grand Capital weekly recap (February 12th–16th) Learn about the previous trading week of the clients of Grand Capital. The top results are in our traditional recap. The most active client Placed 1843 trades, including 983 profitable ones and 860 that resulted in a loss. The majority of trades involved AUD/JPY, AUD/CAD, AUD/CHF. Maximum deposit growth In one trading week on a single account was $36,067.00. The most profitable trade of the week Resulted in a profit of +$13,183.46. The trade was opened on the 7th of February at 5:15 PM and closed on the 14tg of February at 5:34 PM. The most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders: NATURAL GAS — natural gas futures. The contract size is 10,000 million BTU. BTU (British thermal unit) is a unit of heat used in the United States. Today natural gas is widely used as a feedstock in the chemical industry. It is also used for heating of residential buildings and as a fuel for cars and power plants; PALLADIUM — palladium futures contract. The contract size is standard and equals 100 troy ounces (around 3.11 kg). One tick is 0.05 and costs $5; CORN — Corn futures contract. One corn futures contract volume is 5000 bushels or 127 metric tons. Minimum price fluctuation is 0.25 and costs $12.5; # LUKOIL («Лукойл») — a Russian oil company. Lukoil's main areas of activity include the operations of prospecting, extraction and processing of oil and natural gas, sales of oil and oil products. According to Expert, a Russian business magazine, it's the second company in Russia after Gazprom by revenue as of 2014; # MTS — a Russian telecommunications company. The company provides mobile network services, landline, broadband internet, mobile TV, cable and satellite TV. Trade volume — 431.2 billion RUB (2015). Earn more with Grand Capital!
  2. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Interview with contest winners: “It all happened in the last few minutes” Here are the interviews with two winners of Drag Trade and one winner of Rally Trade. All winners admitted to winning the contests literally in the last few minutes by a small margin. Read the interviews and decide for yourself, whether it’s luck or skill. If you want to compete with other traders for a prize, choose your contest and sign-up for the next round. Aleksandr Filimonov, the winner of 399th round of Drag Trade, received real $200 “I’m 58 and I’m an engineer. I like to build things, but trading is my main hobby for about 10 years. I learned about Forex from an ad. I had my difficulties, just like everyone else in the beginning. The difficulties of psychological nature: I wanted to get everything right away and I lost a lot of money because of that. I’m yet to achieve the art of calm and steady trading. I mostly trade with major currency pairs and gold. Recently I’ve been favoring GBP/USD. I use levels, Elliott Wave, Japanese candlesticks, Fibonacci retracement. I make decisions based on several indicators. I chose Grand Capital because of a solid reputation, a wide range of account types and instruments, easy deposit/withdrawal of funds. I like the fact that the company’s contests are regular and interesting. I beat my competitors at Drag Trade by less than 1%. The beginners should search for a strategy that suits their character, also don’t take big risks. Always have something to trade with for tomorrow. Svetlana Pulatova, Azerbaijan, the winner of 210th round of Rally Trade, received $500 no-deposit bonus “I used to teach English, now I’m 58. I learned trading on my own, after a recommendation from my friends. I mostly trade currencies, and I prefer Sniper strategy and scalping. I pay attention to spread and commission when choosing a broker. I like Grand Capital’s contests, they are a great opportunity to practice trading. I decided to participate in Rally Trade to win an initial capital. Although I won only by a small margin, I did it thanks to the correct choice of a currency pair and low volatility on the market. All beginners should try themselves in contests. If you can win, you’re ready to trade on real accounts.” Yuri Ogoltsov, Russia, the winner of 401st round of Drag Trade, received real $200 “I’m 55. I dedicate all my free time to Forex trading. I learned about it accidentally four years ago. I learned from my own mistakes. A good trader must be disciplined and true to their dream. And of course, you should analyze your successes and failures. When you start trading, a desire for easy and fast income gets in the way. But with experience, you’re beginning to appreciate calm trading and start to get planned profit. I tried many different instruments and finally chose the most liquid ones: EUR/USD and GBP/USD. My strategy is the European session and intraday trading. I also use support and resistance levels. I love competition in general and often participate in contests. In this round, it all happened in the last few minutes. There’s a certain edge to Drag Trade, it’s a one-hour contest and since you risk more, you have to quickly make unorthodox decisions.”
  3. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Grand Capital to hold five trading seminars in Indonesia From February 17th through March 1st, Grand Capital’s partner Eko Hermawanto will hold educational trading seminars in five cities of Java island. The seminar is aimed at beginners in trading. Eko Hermawanto is a professional trader and manager with more than 10 years of experience. He and his team will teach the basics of financial markets trading and funds management. All the seminars are free to attend. Schedule: February 17th–20th — Yogyakarta; February 20th–23rd — Magelang; February 23rd–25th — Wonogiri; February 25th–27th — Madiun; February 27th– March 1st — Ngawi. In order to learn more about the event and register, contact Eko Hermawanto by phone (+62 878-3677-7236) or WhatsApp. Grand Capital team
  4. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Grand Capital weekly recap (February 5th–9th) We wish you a profitable trading week and present the best results of the previous one. The most active client Placed 721 trades, including 425 profitable ones and 296 that resulted in a loss. The majority of trades involved EUR/AUD, GBP/CAD, EUR/NZD, AUD/CAD. Maximum deposit growth In one trading week on a single account was $34,674.54. The most profitable trade of the week Resulted in a profit of +$23,995. The trade was opened on the 7th of February at 9:54 AM and closed on the 9th of February at 8:54 AM. The most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders: COCOA — cocoa futures contract. Cocoa futures contract volume is standard and equals 10 tons. One tick is $10. Thousands of suppliers, industrial customers and investors around the world follow closely the quotes of this commodity asset. The largest producer of cocoa is Côte d'Ivoire FGBM — a futures contract for German medium-term bonds EUROBOBL, traded on Eurex exchange market. Contract volume is 100,000 EUR. Contract price quotation is a percent of the nominal value of the contract. 1 tick equals 0.01 points (percent) and costs €10; CRUDE OIL LIGHT SWEET — Light sweet crude oil futures. The contract size is 1000 barrels (42,000 gallons). Minimum price fluctuation is $0.01 for a barrel or $10 for a contract. Products of crude oil: gasoline, heating oil, diesel fuel. The price of crude oil may also be influenced by gasoline and heating oil prices; @CAD — a futures contract for the Canadian dollar to the US dollar rate. The quotations are opposite of Forex quotations. The contract size is 100,000 CAD, minimum price fluctuation is 0.0001 per 1 CAD or $10 per contract. Initial margin for an opening of one contract is $700; # LENTA («Лента») — a Russian hypermarket chain, the largest one in Russia by sales space and the 5th among the largest retail companies in the country (by revenue as of 2015). Lenta manages 190 hypermarkets in 77 cities in Russia and 50 supermarkets in Moscow. Turnover: 306.35 billion RUB (2016). Earn more with Grand Capital!
  5. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Interview with contest winners: “My deposit got four times bigger in five minutes” Our new interview round-up features the winners of our all four contests. The winners will share their experience from the winning rounds, and we will tell about the advantages of each contest. Micro Trade is the only contest on real accounts, the winner gets 300% of equity difference. Drag Trade is the shortest contest, participants have only one hour to prove themselves. The main prize in Drag Trade is withdrawable $200. Rally Trade lasts one day and the winner gets a $500 no-deposit bonus. You can trade futures contracts in Future Trade and receive a $1000 no-deposit bonus. Natalya Nedvoryagina, Moldova, the winner of the 83rd round of Micro Trade. “I’m a radio engineering technician, I'm 65 years old. My hobbies are theater, books, music. I also think of trading as a hobby, though I’ve been familiar with it for a long time, since 2010. I prefer trading with EUR/JPY. I don’t always stick to one particular strategy, I base my trading on day charts. The newcomers shouldn’t be afraid of losing and should carefully analyze the charts. In Micro Trade the trading is on real accounts, so there’s not as much competition as in other contests. One of the most memorable trades is the one that led to my victory. At first, I thought that another contestant would win, but eventually, he went below zero and I got ahead of everyone else.” Sergei Novikov, Russia, the winner of the 59th round of Future Trade. “I’m 36 and trading is still more of a hobby for me. I like that profits are not limited by anything there. I like the contests, like the way it’s organized. During this competition, I managed to close my most successful trade. I chose Grand Capital for reliability, the company’s contests don’t need any improvements, there are organized perfectly. My advice for the beginners? I have a lot to learn myself yet, so I don’t think it’s my place to give advice.” Marina Arykova, Russia, the winner of the 209th round of Rally Trade. “I’ve been interested in financial markets since I was 16. It was interesting to figure out what the currency rates depend on. Now I’m 29, I’m a real estate agent. Trading is not the main source of income for me. However, now I try to give more time to trading: the victory gave me confidence. I like trading with various currency pairs and stock. My most memorable trade was with Amazon shares. I started participating in trading contests about 5 years ago. It’s very convenient that Grand Capital contests are regular and come in different formats. Newcomers have the opportunity to learn without financial risks, while experienced traders can test themselves. I didn’t think I’d win in Rally Trade: I started the contest with losses, but I managed to win in the end. It’s a lesson for all traders: never give up and move forward!” Andrei Smerdov, Russia, the winner of the 398th round of Drag Trade. “I’m 46 and I work in forestry. Numismatics and biology are my hobbies. I’ve been interested in financial markets since 2008. Sure, I had my share of unsuccessful trades. But my most successful one allowed me to increase my deposit by four times. My favorite instruments are GBP/USD and gold. I always pay attention to what contests are offered by a broker. I’ve been participating in Drag Trade for about two years now. Several times I made it into the top-10, but never took the first place. In this round, I correctly predicted the decline of GBP/USD and won. It’s a pity that the winners can’t participate twice in Grand Capital contests. The contests provide great opportunity to master your strategy, get adrenaline and fight for the prize. The beginners should take part regularly.” Read the contest rules and sign-up for the next round here.
  6. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Grand Capital weekly recap (January 29th – February 2nd) Here are the last trading week’s results. The most active client Placed 968 trades, including 636 profitable ones and 332 that resulted in a loss. The majority of trades involved AUD/JPY, USD/CAD, USD/CAD. Maximum deposit growth In one trading week on a single account was $47 040. The most profitable trade of the week Resulted in a profit of +$19 368,18. The trade was opened on the 14th of December at 2:24 PM and closed on the 31st of January at 9:52 AM. The most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders: GOLD — gold futures. Contract volume: 100 troy ounces (around 3.11 kg). Minimum price step: $0.10 per ounce ($10 per contract). The price of gold usually grows during economic crises. Historically, the inflation growth is also usually accompanied by the growth of gold price; COTTON — cotton futures. The contract size is 50,000 pounds (around 22.68 metric tons). One tick is 0.01 and costs $18.75; WHEAT — wheat futures contract. The size of a wheat futures contract is 5,000 bushels. Since bushel is a volume measurement unit, different kinds of grain have different weight equivalents. For wheat it's 136.00775 metric tons; # MEGAFON («Мегафон») — a Russian telecom company, mobile phone operator, landline, broadband Internet and cable TV provider. As of 2016, the company's revenue is $4.72 billion; # YANDEX ("Яндекс") is a Russian multinational company that owns an eponymous search engine, multiple online resources and services in several countries. Yandex is the world's 4th largest search engine by the number of processed search requests (over 6.3 billion per month as of early 2014). Turnover: $1.25 billion as of 2016. Earn more with Grand Capital!
  7. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Grand Capital to host a Business Expo in Klerksdorp, SA On the 24th of February Grand Capital, together with our partners from Wealth for Life, are going to host a seminar in Klerksdorp, the largest city in North West Province in South Africa. The event is titled “Truth vs. Myth About Forex” and will be dedicated to Forex trading, investment, cryptocurrency, CFD and Binary Options trading, technical&fundamental market analysis as well as several other topics which will be interesting to both beginners and experienced investors. This seminar will become the latest installment in a series of educational events that Grand Capital have been holding in South Africa, among other countries and regions. Financial proficiency is one of the most vital skills in the modern world, and our speakers are ready to provide many useful insights for those traders who want to learn and to broaden their knowledge. Introducing our host and speakers: The seminar’s host is Valerie Mahlatsi, she is the CEO of Wealth of life, and the fund manager of the year at Grand Capital (2017). Valerie will teach you to efficiently manage your finances and transform your investments through Forex and cryptocurrency trading. Goutam Das is the leading business development manager at Grand Capital. Goutam is a visionary trader and investor with an encyclopedic knowledge of various trading platforms. Sergey Kozlovsky (Russia) is a financial analyst at Grand Capital and a co-founder of Serenity Financial, the first secure blockchain-based escrow platform for trading. Sergey is a seasoned financial expert who will introduce to all the freshest economic trends and tendencies, will teach you how to hold your finger on the pulse of the market and profit from it. The event will also feature two guest speakers, Tsitso Koneshe, an experienced economist from Lesotho and Nesbert “Trump” Shaba a successful entrepreneur and a full-time trader from Rustenburg. The event will be held at C/O Barend and Margaretta Prinsloo street, Pienaarsdorp, Klerksdorp, 2570, South Africa on Saturday, February 24th, starting at 11 AM (local time). In order to register, book your place at the event location or receive more info on the event and contact the seminar hosts directly by phone: Lerato: 0730455559 Thandi: 0786515796 If you have any questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact us! Grand Capital team
  8. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Interview with contest winners: "I started earning when I saw that trading is actual work" In this interview round-up read about three Drag Trade winners and one Rally Trade winner. Our winners came to financial markets by different ways. Boris Levinsky stumbled upon trading when looking for a way to earn on the web after he retired. On the other hand, Gunawan Lili deliberately studied hard to enter the world of trading. Now they all achieved great heights in trading and are ready to provide advice for beginners. Anatoly Galbi, Russia, the winner of 395th round of Drag Trade “My professional area is construction, but I’ve been trading for more than 5 years, I started because I wanted some financial independence. It was hard to learn the terminology. The problems started getting fewer with practice, although I tried to handle bigger volumes in the beginning and sometimes got margin calls. Now my favorite trades are with GBP/JPY because they are highly volatile. Scalping is one of my favorite strategies. I like trading because it’s mysterious, it’s like a puzzle that I want to solve. I’ve been participating in Grand Capital contests for quite a while, but it’s my first victory. Now I want to win Rally Trade. Beginners should learn and practice more. Grand Capital contests are quite useful for that.” Boris Levinsky, Russia, the winner of 396th round of Drag Trade “I’m already retired and this year I turned 60. I got into trading several years ago when I started looking for an extra income online. At first, I took trading as a game and faced difficulties. But then I saw that trading is an actual work. I always look for patterns, deeply analyze, I don’t rush into things head first. My most successful trade was the one that got me the victory in Drag Trade. The most important thing for traders is to believe in themselves. You have to develop your own trading strategies, constantly improve them and don’t listen to armchair advisers. You can listen to reasonable advice, but always make your own decisions.” Svetlana Pletnyova, Russia, the winner of 208th round of Rally Trade “I managed to win in Rally Trade because I closed my trades in time. I beat my opponents by a very small margin. I’d won in Drag Trade before. But Rally Trade has a bigger prize, so it’s pleasanter to win. I think that if trading is not working out very well since morning, don’t continue, today’s not going to bring anything. My favorite instruments are USD/ZAR and GBP/JPY for contests and GBP/USD for real trading. I want to thank Grand Capital for a chance to test myself in trading without making any deposits.” Gunawan Lili, Indonesia, the winner of 397th round of Drag Trade “I work in a local college: I’m in charge of the classes schedule and the archive. When I started trading on Forex I realized right away that it’s for me. My first encounter with financial markets was three years ago. My initial capital was small. A trader has to control their emotions and understand the tendencies of the market in order to succeed. As of today, I made my biggest profit at the time of Brexit. I’m not always able to make decisions momentarily and sometimes I miss the right moment. Fortunately, I never had any significant losses. A broker has to be reliable and guarantee security, it’s important for me. Grand Capital is on the market since 2006 and it tells a lot.” Learn the contest rules and sign up for the next round here.
  9. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Grand Capital launches IB contest “Big team” Grand Capital will hold a new contest for partners “Big team”, which will take place between the 1st and the 28th of February 2018. All new and existing web-partners of Grand Capital will be able to join and compete to become one of the 6 winners and receive additional 5% to 20% to their partner commission for a period of 3 months. To participate in the contest, email your full name and account number at p.shupta at grandcapital dot net. Only verified partners can participate in the contest. The contest will be held from the 1st until the 28th of February 2018. The complete contest rules are available here. Grand Capital team
  10. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Buy Serenity tokens via Grand Capital Grand Capital has recently started the collaboration with Serenity, an escrow platform on blockchain for secure trading. In December we launched the free tokens promotion and many of our clients have already become the project’s investors. Now another feature is available for those who want to invest in Serenity: buying tokens via Grand Capital accounts. To buy Serenity tokens via Grand Capital: Register on Grand Capital website (if you are not done so yet); Open a Standard account; Make a deposit; Go to your Private Office and select Serenity in Withdrawal section ; Enter your Ethereum wallet number (MEW) and specify the sum of your deposit; If you don’t have MEW, register on Serenity website, and follow the further instructions to create a wallet; After you submit a withdrawal request, tokens will be transferred to your MEW wallet within 3-4 working days. Register on Serenity website to stay informed. About Serenity Serenity ICO will last from January 25th to March 7th. The nominal value of a token — 0.0001 Eth. Minimum purchase — 100 tokens. Only during the first week of ICO from January 25th to 31st tokens can be bought with a 40% discount. After that until the end of the ICO tokens will be available for purchase with a smaller discount. After the ICO tokens will be freely traded on exchanges. Currently, Serenity tokens are already on Yobit exchange. Have any questions? Contact our client support by email at [email protected] or via LiveChat on our website. Grand Capital team
  11. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Deposit and withdrawal in Ethereum is now available at Grand Capital Good news for cryptocurrency investors: starting from January 16th Grand Capital clients can deposit and withdraw funds in Ethereum. No commission is charged for deposits in Ethereum. Withdrawal commission is 1%. The minimum amount of deposit is not limited, the minimum amount of withdrawal is $10. Funds can be transferred from you personal Ethereum wallet. Deposit requests are created in Ethereum. Deposit and withdrawal in Ethereum is available for the following accounts: ECN Crypto, Standard, Options, Micro and Swap Free. We remind you that Grand Capital offers cryptocurrency trading on ECN Crypto account. Withdrawal of funds takes 1 to 3 days. To deposit/withdraw in Ethereum: Go to your Private Office; Select Ethereum in Deposit/Withdrawal section; Select an account for deposit; Enter your Ethereum wallet number; Enter the desired sum; Follow the instructions. Grand Capital team
  12. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Grand Capital weekly recap (January 8th–12th) Read about the highest achievements of our traders from the last trading week. The most active client Placed 684 trades, including 469 profitable ones and 215 that resulted in a loss. The majority of trades involved EUR/JPY, EUR/USD and USD/CHF. Maximum deposit growth In one trading week on a single account was $21 863,77. The most profitable trade of the week Resulted in a profit of +$13 800,00. The trade was opened on the 27th of December at 12:47 PM and closed on the 9th of January at 23:46 PM. The most interesting trading instruments chosen by traders: OATS — Oats futures. The size of the futures contract for oats is 5000 bushels. Since bushel is historically a unit of volume, the weight equivalent is different for each type of grain crops (or oats it’s 86 metric tons); SB — Sugar futures. The contract volume is standardized and equals 112 000 lbs. (50.8 tons). 1 tick equals 0.01 and costs $11.20. The price for sugar has a tendency to grow from September to December. The growth of the alcohol production worldwide furthers the long-term price growth; # SBER (“Sberbank”) — a Russian banking and financial services company, the largest multinational universal bank in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe. It’s regulated by the Central Bank of Russia, that owns 52% of Sberbank’s shares. As of 2016, Sberbank’s net income is 541.9 billion RUB; # DIS (The Walt Disney Company) — one of the world’s major financial conglomerates in the entertainment industry. The company was founded in 1923 by Disney brothers as a small animation studio. Now it is one of the largest Hollywood studios, which owns 11 amusement parks and two water parks, as well as several television and radio broadcasting networks. Included in the Dow Jones industrial index. As of March 2017, Disney's market capitalization is 177 billion USD; # KO (The Coca-Cola Company) — an American food company, the world's largest producer and supplier of beverage concentrates, syrups and soft drinks. The company’s most famous product is Coca-Cola drink. Included in Fortune 500 list for 2015 (62nd place). Market capitalization: 178.21 billion USD (2017). Earn more with Grand Capital!
  13. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    To the Moon promotion is extended until February 15th In the middle of December, we started a promotion, the participants of which received free tokens from Serenity, a secure platform for currency, cryptocurrency and CFD trading. The promotion was a great success among our clients and it’s hardly surprising since cryptocurrency trading volumes are growing at an exceptional rate. Among the 18 cryptocurrency pairs available for trading, the most popular pair was BTC/USD. Learn more in our web terminal. Now we extend the promotion until February 15th by popular demand. Trade cryptocurrency and currency until February 15th and receive free SERENITY tokens. How to start Register on Grand Capital website Open a Standard or an ECN Prime account Deposit at least $500 How to participate Place at least three trades (involving cryptocurrency) on your ECN Prime account, or at least five trades (involving any instruments except stock CFD) on your Standard account Share a screenshot of any trade on your Vkontakte page, Facebook page or Twitter with these hashtags: #ToTheMoon, #ICOSerenity, #GrandCapital_BestECN Contact Grand Capital tech support ([email protected]) to provide a link to your post, your account ID and your Ethereum wallet number You will receive a SERENITY token to your Ethereum wallet within 5 working days Terms of the promotion Total turnover of your trades on ECN Prime must be at least $10 000, or at least three lots on a Standard account One SERENITY token is awarded for every three trades involving cryptocurrency on an ECN Prime account or for every five trades on a Standard account Learn more about the promotion rules here. Grand Capital team
  14. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Interview with contest winners: the best way to prove that you’re among the most successful 5% is to win a contest In our new interview round-up read about the winners of Drag Trade, Future Trade and Rally Trade. This time the winners are quite an international bunch: we have traders from Tunisia, Indonesia and Ukraine. However, all of them spoke about the competitive spirit and reminded us that knowledge is power. Albouchi Ahmed, Tunisia, the winner of 393rd round of Drag Trade, received real $200. “I’ve been trading for about three years. I’d been meaning to find a means of extra income for a long time and at some point, I realized that Forex trading is the best shot for me. At first, I didn’t really understand how things worked there. But gradually I figured it all out. My most successful trades involved GBP/USD and EUR/USD pairs. As for the strategies, I usually use support and resistance levels and scalping. Grand Capital offers fast order execution and favorable spreads. I entered the contest to prove myself and challenge other traders. My advice to beginners is to be patient when placing trades. Impatience often leads to losses.” Saputro Sumaryo Adi, Indonesia, the winner of 58th round of Future Trade, received a no-deposit bonus of $1000. “I am a businessman, my job is to distribute the goods of basic necessity. Financial markets are quite popular in Indonesia, but at the same time, they seem quite frightening to many. This is mainly due to the lack of experience among the beginners, who are usually too ambitious and impatient. It’s no wonder they bear losses. Financial market trading is something unique that connects material and immaterial. Material is our capital immaterial is our psychological condition. The market changes very quickly so traders have to learn control. I rely on technical analysis in trading. Over the years I have tried various indicators and now I use Bollinger Bands, MA and MACD. I prefer volatile currency pairs, like GBP/USD or EUR/JPY. Future Tade contest attracted me with a really decent prize sum. I would give several pieces of advice to the beginners in trading. First, remember the risk. Even if the first results are great, it won’t always be this way. Second, don’t stop learning and practice the analysis of price movement. Knowledge is power. Third, think rationally. If your goal is to earn $100 a day, distribute this sum across several positions.” Vitaliy Garbuz, Ukraine, the winner of 207th round of Rally Trade, received a no-deposit bonus of $500. “I’m 37. I work in sales and have been into trading for about 10 years. The most common mistake of beginners is trying to enter all trades at once. Trading is a world with its own rules and laws. But everything here is about a person. You can see human emotions behind Japanese candlesticks and bars: greed, fear and other feelings. I base my trading strategy on the levels and news, but the most important thing is how a price is behaving near the levels. My favorite instruments are currency pairs with GBP. According to a common myth among traders, only 5% can succeed in the industry. The best way to prove that you’re among these 5% is to win a contest. This round has left me with the most vivid impressions. What’s it like to reach the first position with 20 minutes left, become the second again 5 minutes later and snatch the victory in the last several minutes? It was exciting.” P.S. Read the contest rules and sign up for the next round here.
  15. Grand Capital - www.GrandCapital.ru

    Vote for Grand Capital at FXDailyinfo Every year FXDailyinfo chooses the best Forex brokers across several categories. The voting for the top of 2017 has already begun. Grand Capital is competing in three categories this year: “Best Partnership Program”, “Best Forex Broker in Asia” and “Best Binary Options Broker”. Vote here until the 30th of April 2018. Last year Grand Capital won “Best Trading Platform” nomination based on the voting results at FXDailyinfo. Grand Capital team