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  1. HotForex - www.Hotforex.com

    I think there is additional level of security and strict requirement to signal providers as no third party is involved in the service. Just my two cents.
  2. Bitcoin new record above $19000

    Waiting for Bitcoin to break it old records. It will certainly exceed its past values, just fears need to go away before Wall Street and all other world will believe in it.
  3. Forex Trading

    I have tested a great deal of free and paid trading strategies and come to conclusion that if you forget about risks associated with your strategy calculating profit is useless. Because in every strategy you have to estimate R/R ratio and expected volatility of returns rather than potential profit. This is the principle I stick to trading on my Tickmill and Hotforex accounts.
  4. Demo Trading Account

    Yeah trading demo account may be boring but you need to spend enough time learning functionality and trading basics. Then you can start with low deposit on live account.
  5. Bitcoin continued its slide and after correction heads towards $4K, then I want to open big long position with Hotforex
  6. Is Forex scam?

    Hotforex has completely transformed the CFD market with their account types and competitions while drawing the attention of traders all over the world. This has been made possible with the trading platforms, its speculative tools, and a huge range of informative articles.
  7. The demo account.

    Demo account is vital for new traders. But you have to require a regular broker whose demo price is especially organized with live market. I started my trading with Hotforex in their demo platform which works exceptionally well and synchronized to the live market prices. By then I moved myself to their live account.
  8. Is Forex scam?

    I prefer to use trading services from trusted broker Hotforex it allows to run profitable strategies and there is no conflict of interest with it because it runs purely STP model
  9. HotForex - www.Hotforex.com

    yeah maybe not on email but directly to trading platform? I think Hotforex has this option.
  10. Winning and losing.

    I don't like this broker because of their aggressive marketing, prefer to trade with Hotforex which enjoys solid and undisputed reputation and doesn't need to attract clients in ridiculous ways
  11. Forex volatility

    Yes you are right variance is a direct measure of risk and diversification is a best way to diminish them to 0. But it essentially means your profit with also shrink to zero that's why I take some risk using leverage on my Hotforex platform.
  12. Looking for Better spreads broker ?

    Yes but in my view better to trade with regulated and trusted brokers like Hotforex rather than choosing new names in the industry, because they have to earn reputation first.
  13. Forex Trading Contests

    I would like to know if anybody tried to play in Hotforex demo trading race? Tell me about your experience please
  14. Imporatance of leverage

    I use 1:100 leverage on my Hotforex trading platform and recommend traders to not exceed this value because it can be dangerous
  15. HotForex - www.Hotforex.com

    How can I subscribe to your analysis via newsletter? Is it possible to set up through personal area?