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  1. Have you tried to implement your trading system with Hotforex? What are your results?
  2. I do trade on weekends but use bitcoin for that? It is even more volatile than currencies while fresh market without much professionals make trading there not so complicated and quite predictable.
  3. I don't like to take much risk on my positions, that's why my max lot size with Hotforex is 0.05 lot while I keep SL just little higher than previous day resistance level or lower than support. These are my simple rules that allow me to keep my deposit safe and trades running.
  4. What about withdrawal speed on Hotforex card? Is it processed faster than on other payment options?
  5. I avoid trading futures because liquidity is worse than on currency CFD products, plus they are more expensive what imposes restriction on different scalping strategies. Better to use trading platform with raw spreads like Hotforex zero spread account where you basically don't care about your transaction costs because they are very small.
  6. Can you recommend me any good resources to learn forex trading. I use Hotforex webinars and some ebooks on basic trading strategies but want something advanced..
  7. Which broker can you recommend to a newbie guys? I'm still grasping the basics of this business so need more information on whom I can trust there.
  8. What subjects do you like to discuss most in webinars? Trading conditions, psychology, economics or trading theory?
  9. Does Hotforex offer any advanced strategies to learn on their webinars? Or its a newbie level?
  10. I know they have office in Indonesia and Cyprus (not sure if they have office there yet) as I personally visited both of them and was very pleased how they treat clients in real. Coffee friendly staff, I liked that much really.
  11. Well one is happy in trading when he manages to bite a chunk of profits but on the flip side he pays with his health, time and way of life he have to sacrifice
  12. Do you personally participate to Hotforex webinars? What would be your best picks from their lessons?
  13. Can anybody provide feedback about Hotforex? Does this broker have all necessary regulations and treat clients fair? How good is their execution guys?
  14. Have you tried to trade with Hotforex? How good are them in handling news trades?
  15. Well it all depends on the leverage you take. My leverage at Hotforex is 1:100 and I don't consider it risky at all.