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  1. Hotforex.com

    How can I start to trade bitcoin with you? Should I open special account for that?
  2. Forex trade is risky or easy?

    Its easy to lose but extremely hard to be consistently profitable at least 1-2% monthly. Stability is the hardest thing I'm trying to achieve with my Hotforex platform.
  3. Hotforex.com

    I'd be happy to join a webinar dedicated to bitcoin or ethereum trading as they opened access to bitcoin trading.
  4. 0 pips spreads broker

    Spreads sometimes make the game especially if you use scalping EA or scalp manually. I offer find it very profitable to use Hotforex zero spread account for scalping advisers because spreads are more stable so I can control my trading better.
  5. Hotforex.com

    What is the entry level of webinars attenders? Is it ok for complete newbies to participate?
  6. Recommend Fx Broker

    It depends on your needs as broker quality may vary greatly - from a market maker to A-book broker that doesn't see you as an enemy. I prefer to trade with pure-a-book broker Hotforex as they use STP model what means they transfer orders directly to LP, so its better for them if you trade more and generate commission.
  7. Hotforex.com

    can I use MQL 5 signals with Hotforex? Anybody knows?
  8. Existing theory.

    That's wonderful that you share information with us? How about sharing your broker experience? Have you tried to trade with Hotforex?
  9. Hotforex.com

    Are you talking about signal copy service? I prefer from fxstat they cooperate with Hotforex, so signal copying goes more smoothly imo
  10. Tweak strategies.

    Anybody tried to tweak strategies with Hotforex? Is their platform is flexible enough to fit changes in your trading system?
  11. What is the advantages as scalpers trader

    Scalping features low trading lifespan what means this trading style is less vulnerable to uncertainty scales up with time. Scalping is more predictable and tries to explore price patterns that lead to certain outcome. Its essential to use low-spread broker like Hotforex if you want to save up on spread costs as grabbing profit little by little means you need to offset it with rising number of trades.
  12. Hotforex.com

    I have question regarding adding news feed in MT4 platform. What are the services that provide live news feed and where can I find the guidance for their setup?
  13. Trading with leverage.

    I strongly recommend to steer clear from taking high-leveraged positions because you greatly reduce your chances of survival in the long run, especially if you are under-capitalized trader. I use 1:50 with Hotforex (min. leverage) and never break this rule.
  14. Is your broker regulated.

    My broker Hotforex has multiple regulations across the world, some of them are considered top-tier regulation with highest supervisory and financial standards..
  15. Your broker acts.

    Despite many warnings that the broker should be regulated by some trusted watchdogs I prefer to bank on traders feedback and operation history, which in my view serves as a better proof of broker credibility. That's why I set my choice on Hotforex 3 years ago and haven't had a single day I rebuked myself for that decision.