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  1. Forex Bonus

    Everyday there is a new name in forex industry and people are buying the same old trick and don't learn by their mistakes. I always advice rookies to test their feet with reputable brokers like Hotforex or Tickmill if you don't want somebody to hit you from the back when fighting with the market.
  2. High leverage

    Trade12 lost their license, the risk of your money getting trapped into a scam is too high. Better move to healthier and safer trading environment, for example on Tickmill or Hotforex
  3. Hotforex.com

    Does Hotforex reveal the name of winner? Will we see his happy face looking out the limousine :) ?
  4. What is leverage?

    My leverage at Hotforex Premium account is 1:200 but I actively use lot size to control my risk, as well as stop loss.
  5. Hotforex.com

    How long will this contest last? Should I do in certain date or I can do this anytime during the contest?
  6. Forex Traders lose out.

    I wonder why you had issues with your previous broker? They are all very similar in trading conditions, withdrawals, trading and funding policy. I've been trading with Hotforex for 4 years its my first broker and I don't even think to look for something else (I mean trading platform)
  7. 0 pips spreads broker

    Zero spread account from Hotforex should fit the bill. Spreads on most pairs are around zero (raw spreads) while main broker charges is competitive commission (around 8$ per lot for EURUSD)
  8. Hotforex.com

    Ok I got it. Found it in my MT4 platform, you just need to click "show all" in the list of instruments and it will display BTC and other pairs as well.
  9. Hotforex.com

    How I can join your bitcoin webinar. Do I need to open special BTC account or instruments have been added in all regular accounts?
  10. Leverage and its risk factor.

    I agree with you that leverage is important thing that you need to pay attention when setting up your trading platform. But I prefer to keep my default leverage in Hotforex intact and focus on lot size instead.
  11. Hotforex.com

    How can I start to trade bitcoin with you? Should I open special account for that?
  12. Forex trade is risky or easy?

    Its easy to lose but extremely hard to be consistently profitable at least 1-2% monthly. Stability is the hardest thing I'm trying to achieve with my Hotforex platform.
  13. Hotforex.com

    I'd be happy to join a webinar dedicated to bitcoin or ethereum trading as they opened access to bitcoin trading.
  14. 0 pips spreads broker

    Spreads sometimes make the game especially if you use scalping EA or scalp manually. I offer find it very profitable to use Hotforex zero spread account for scalping advisers because spreads are more stable so I can control my trading better.
  15. Hotforex.com

    What is the entry level of webinars attenders? Is it ok for complete newbies to participate?