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  1. Forex Trade For Future Business

    Forex trading is a business of the future, if we keep practicing, learning and discipline, forex is a business that is promising. Start a forex business is not require large capital investment, we able start with a mini account where the minimum deposit is very affordable as minimum deposit for mini accounts in galleass that only $ 10.
  2. Please share with us your mistakes

    I love trading with small capital and take advantage of the deposit bonus, my mistake was not to consider that not all deposit bonuses can be used for drawdown such as 50% deposit bonus from galleass, eventually deposit bonus account just brings me to the margin call.
  3. Of course, learn to basics of forex is very important, because forex is a very risky business, if we do not master basic properly we will not be able to manage the risks. That's why, we have to utilize a lot of resources to add to our knowledge of forex, practicing with a demo account, before finally practicing with a real account. Should begin trading with a real account with only a small capital, such as in galleass mini account with a minimum deposit is only $ 10.

    Money management is necessary to be able to minimize risk and generate profits from our forex trading. I put my account into a stop out insurance as one way to reduce the risk of foreign exchange on my funds.
  5. Do not be fooled

    Yes, I agree with you. For the newbie who does not have enough experience and knowledge, if you want to trade a real you should use small capital, such as a mini account in galleass with minimal deposit only $ 10. In this way, the money in the risk of it not too big, due to lack of knowledge and experience make forex a lot more risky than in the presence of sufficient knowledge and experience.
  6. Keep you are trading simple

    Using one or two simple strategies that we understand and master it properly, much better than using a lot of strategy / indicator that we do not understand. I only use the support and resistant to trade with my trading account in galleass, although my capital is not big but I was able to generate profits with this simple system.
  7. Galleass.com

    Get more money from galleass.com, just open an affiliate with galleass, attract consumen and get the affiliate commission up to 60% from the spread. You don't have to be expert in forex to get more money, just with simple step you will get what you want from forex.
  8. Galleass.com

    Galleass guarantee your refund if your account had a margin call, you can include your account into a stop out insurance to obtain this guarantee. You can get this unique promotion up to January 28, 2014.
  9. what should a new trader do first ?

    A newbie should learn forex and practice the basics of the forex using demo account first, before using real money to be traded, although only $ 10 in mini account galleass, it is not advisable to do when not have enough knowledge and experience, using a demo account is a best step which very appropriate to start trading forex.
  10. Forex is not limited to be done by males alone, armed with patience owned by woman, plus the knowledge and tenacity to practice, women are very likely to have the results of the forex is even greater than that achieved by male traders. Besides, if she was a housewife, she can start forex with very minimal capital, such as opening a mini account in galleass which only need to deposit $ 10.
  11. Can you depend on forex only ?

    Before we are able to generate a consistent profit and profit percentage is greater than loss, it seems we can not rely only on the forex. Forex is suit as the side jobs, because in addition to the time the flexible, for forex capital also does not necessarily have to be big. Opening a mini account in galleass, I only need to deposit $ 10 to be able to start trading forex and gain profit from my trading.
  12. Stop looking for the perfect strategy to generate profit in forex because there is no perfect strategy, forex market movements can not be analyzed accurately. Better to use a strategy that we understand it right, because if we use a strategy that we truly understand, we will be able to adjust our strategies with the existing market movements. In this way, although trading with small capital, when the time comes we will be able to increase trading capital that we have.
  13. Benefits of Forex Forums

    I get a lot of information about forex from forex forum, including information about the broker that I use now, galleass.com. From friends in the forum I always get feedback to further develop my trading skills.
  14. Emotional control is often overlooked by traders, meanwhile these factors brings significant aspect in trading conditions, with no emotional control our trading often lead to losses. Until now I am still trying to always be able to control my emotions, and because of my ability to control my emotions when trading is still lacking, I utilize stop out insurance to provide additional protection on my trading account in galleass.
  15. When I was able to generate a consistent profit, which accumulated monthly is more than enough to cover the needs of my life. But to be able to reach there I'm sure is not as easy and as fast as one might imagine, but I'm sure I could, that's why I enjoy the process of how to get there, although now that I generate profit has not been great, but I'm sure I can do better later. I started with just a small capital forex in a mini account, I tried to get my trading capital increase of my own trading results.