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  1. I have traded with several stock trading brokers and if I have to compare, I would say Exchangeturk is one of the best ones on my list. I never sign up with new binary brokers, always have been trading with established brokers. I tried their Auto Trading features and that is why I’m still with them. I have been trading with Exchangeturk for almost 8 months and I have never seen any technical error or delay on withdrawals. Although I am neither a pro trader, nor I have experience of years of Stock or Forex trading, but they made it possible for me trade the binary market with Ease and grab the profits. So I would recommend Exchangeturk to any new traders. They have no hidden fees, no commissions and Payouts are high as usual.
  2. I was already a good technical trader with a good fundamental base, but was more often than not on the wrong side of trades that got the better of me. My numbers were good without being great and I would always offset my good work with a bad trade as I thought my trade idea was right. After learning Forex Trend Tools's Trend drawdown strategy I now have a better understanding of why the market moves the way it does. I am now on my way to being a better trader than I was before and am taking myself out of the 90% that fail at trading... Have a look at the strategy and let me know if that suits for you too, http://www.forextrendtools.com/ Thanks in advance :)
  3. I used to trade Forex market often back in 2011 but never tried out Binary options. So now, I was looking for a safe Broker in which I can put my investments since want to make a secure career. After searching all over internet, I come to know that only a handful of brokers are really safe to trade with and one of my friends who trades from US suggested me CorporateOption. I have been trading with CorporateOption broker for now 7 month now and holding their Executive account having a funds of $6000. Although they offer Binary Replicator and Signals feature, I didn't use them because I trade myself following my own strategy. Since I trade following the money management so strongly, and Fundamental analysis is the best way for me to execute trades, I didn't face any kind of technical error while executing trades or delays while withdrawing my profits. Binary Trading is not my full time professional, but I enjoy trading when I am free and this broker fulfills my all needs. So, If you are looking for a Safe broker you will find no one better than CorporateOption. www.corporateoption.com
  4. IMMFx Broker has the best and exciting services in comparison with other forex brokers. They offer a wide range of bonuses, forex contests and draws. The forex trading will never get boring with IMMFx, you can be sure of it. Besides that, spread is low, you can trade with no swap and withdrawal is simple and fast. I can monitor my trades anytime and anywhere.
  5. I am trading with CToption from last few months and I found it trustworthy and authentic. They offer me huge payouts and friendly trading experience. I would say they are one of the leading binary option brokers of the world.
  6. I can tell you that CTOption has one of the fastest platform I have ever encountered and I really admire their support. I don't think the admin really has good relationship with the broker but I can tell from my experience they are one of the best and they provide you with software yes!. and if you are good at picking the right time to open a trade and become familiar with their software it can really help you with most of your trading.
  7. I've been with a few Options brokers and the ONLY one I've been able to withdraw money from is CToption. Withdrawal will always take a while, but you’ll definitely get your money. Moreover, they accept traders from USA and their payment method is regulated which is a major advantage.
  8. CTOption's trading platform is very well designed since I find absolutely everything on it so handy that you may never doubt yourself as a new trader. You can easily detect the summary of every position you made, and there are also time variation for your trades so you may choose the timing or the expiration of your trade.
  9. Always wanted an independent and immediate extra income ? Dreaming of making big money for vacations, loan returns and shopping? NOW YOU CAN If you wish to learn how to quickly earn big on your investments, CTOption invites you to join the Binary Options trading world, in which you can make over 80% profits in minutes !. Our experts will escort you and show you how to profit in shortest time. NOTICE: No trading experience Is required and you do not need to download any software. CTOptions Makes trading Easy for You. https://ctoption.com/
  10. There is a saying that 'Pro traders do not use Bonuses'. Because bonus creates some extra 'rules' to withdraw your profits. However, if you're a beginner trader, bonus can be very lucrative for you. So, it has both pros and cons. There are still few good broker that do not make 'tricky rules' for beginners on bonus , you just need to find the perfect one for you from here, http://www.toponlinefxbrokers.com/bonus/. And, Bonus is obviously good when you have low budget for investment :)
  11. I really like this brokerage. Despite some negativity on some review sites, I have deposited, withdrawn, made many trades, pulled profits, gotten help, spoken to some of the management, and everything has been really good. Really only good things to say !!!
  12. I think you are looking for a good company which is very trusted for your desired demands. CToption is very good as binary options broker. why chose CToption? because ''Your potential profit is calculated by the platform before you make your trade. Your return depends only on whether you make a correct forecast as to which direction the price moves and your investment amount.
  13. I joined recently CToption, so far i like the flow of their execution, and the services provided is good, i am a skeptic person, but so far i have not encounter anything out of the norm, I will check back here after I make my first withdrawal.
  14. The first broker I tried is CToption. Experienced some lag when trading 60 second binaries. Successful withdrawal of $280 no fees and 4 business days for the transaction to be complete. Don't know if it will be as fast if there are profits involved. Best platform for beginners. The demo account is completely free.
  15. I have held an account with CTOption for quite some time (around 9 months), from a total noobie to financial market, I’m now confident to say that I KNOW how to trade the market. I make consistently $600 every month from them, it’s not big but consider that I have small account and I’m happy with it. I used their Social trading 'Binary Replicator' that brings easy profits for me. I would totally recommend CTOption for rookie. Cheer guys!