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  1. It is not illegal to open an offshore bank account. Some governments want you to report it to them, so if you do this you will not be holding an illegal offshore bank account. If your government is especially agressive it is a particularly good idea to keep compliant with the laws at all times, if you do not want to get into trouble with your government. So it is best to disclose your offshore banking relationships to your government on the forms they provide so you can sleep at night and for your own personal safety etc.. Kind regards, James for Freedom Offshore dot com
  2. Offshore limited liability companies also called offshore llcs are the best offshore companies for U.S. people because they can be given the same tax treatment as U.S. LLCs but with added asset protection especially when the offshore LLC has an offshore bank account or two opened up in its name. The disregarded entity status of the offshore LLC should be researched by you on the internet by googling in: "Freedom Offshore IBC vs. offshore limited liability company" Great for holding domain names and being involved with offshore income companies like Ad Wallet and Jubi Max / Jubi Rev. My best to you, Freedom Offshore dot com
  3. I will keep an eye on this forex brokerage and add it to my list after an undetermined period of observance . Thanks for bringing this to the attention of the members here.