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  1. is New-wf.com Scam?"

    My friend made mistake of joining such company and due to that, he ended up losing his hard earned money! But, thanks to winchargeback and their credible support, he not only got the money back but taught that broker a lesson! They have such a professional system that you feel so good right from the moment you contact them. They have simple procedure that you don’t need any expertise to win your money back. The success rate of their 82% (as of now) is hard to believe! With 91% times recovering full amount!
  2. How to Choose the Right Forex Broker: Top 4 Tips

    Let me be fair, it is not going to make difference to them what you say! But, it will make a difference if you fight and show them that you are not taking this laying down! I was scammed FM binary couple of months ago, I could have cried over it, but instead I decided to fight and look, I not just got the money back but the company is CLOSED! They understood, it’s not one refund, but many to come. We need to fight off such binary option trading scam, it is our duty!
  3. Achieving success is not the easiest thing in this might trading business, but it’s easy to get it especially if we are starting up. I too found it tough, but thanks to Options12, it all got easier with their might educational setup that include Webinars, it covers all stuff from basic things to advance strategies, it’s all free, so I just love it and has helped me big time with enhancing my IQ levels in terms of trading and has made success into reality for me!
  4. Trade Safely Without Marginal Call

    You just need to have education and experience; it’s something that is what will save you from facing this dreadful call which is known as margin call. I am quite fortunate enough to work with OctaFX broker where I get serious help and support which comes through long list of features and facilities including stop out level of just 15%, so that really helps me with controlling things and then there is also their 50% bonus on deposit, it just further adds up to my play and allows me to perform very nicely without any fear whatsoever. But, I will repeat this again that the biggest thing to avoid facing margin call and all that is education, if we have that then we will be able to work it out.
  5. Forex strategies

    It’s not just about having good strategy, it’s also about how to follow it well, if we follow any strategy correctly then only we will be able to work it out nicely, but if we are not good at execution of the strategy well then we will only struggle no matter how good or great strategy we have. Every strategy is good only if it’s applied accurately or else it’s nothing. I feel pleasure to work it all out easily and due to OctaFX broker’s support, I don’t have to worry about anything one bit and that keeps me entirely relaxed and at ease with doing everything and allows me to perform at best of my ability without much trouble.
  6. Need help for Gold and Silver Investment.

    In all honest way, I don’t think it is really wise to make investment on Gold or Silver especially if we are having lower investment, as the risk bar is simply too high and it’s not easy to handle. I do it all superbly with OctaFX broker and through their fascinating list of features and facilities which not just helps in trading but keeps me at ease. I like their wide range of setup from having 70 instruments to select from to Islamic Account; I can really operate nicely here and bring home serious returns. I don’t prefer commodities instead I prefer currency pairs and look spread and other things make it easier for me to work out smoothly and benefits in big way.
  7. Share your trading strategy

    Scalping is definitely not a strategy that can be used easily, it requires a lot of experience and only then we will be able to work it out better, but if we start using scalping strategy without experience then we will only struggle and find it harder to manage, so we need to be pin point right to get things working. I trade under OctaFX and with them, I am able to do it all smoothly and with confidence, it’s easier with their long list of features and facilities from having low spreads at 0.1 pips, quick execution of all trading orders plus daily market updates, it’s all ever easy and helps me big time and I am able to work out any strategy.
  8. what you think about scalping brokerage ?

    I really have no respect for brokers that force traders into any particular technique, as I strongly believe that traders need to be given right to go with what they feel comfortable. This is where I find OctaFX so special, as not only they allow us to use with any technique from scalping to hedging to news trading to EA, but also encourages us to do what we like the most. From having ECN account that can be started with just 5 dollars to 50% bonus on deposit which is use able plus much more, it’s all truly epic and helps with working smoothly which enables me to perform at best of my ability and brings home plenty of rewards.
  9. small investment is safe ?

    It’s not about big or small investment for safety, it’s about our talent and ability, if we have talent then we can easily work it out all brightly, but if we lack in ability then we will face difficulties. I never worry what size my capital is since my only concern is my education and experience department. I do it all beautifully and easily under OctaFX, as they are truly special and have all the top offering that not only makes trading easy to do, but also like able. This is all through their ECN account where I don’t have to worry about paying overnight charges while there is also cTrader platform that is useful with trading smoothly due to no issues over slippage.
  10. high leverage lead to higher loss???

    People with low leverage lose too, so this is just non-sense. I believe leverage is not what makes you win or lose, it’s our ability that does that. So, if we have the ability we will be able to work it out fairly easily, but if we lack on that ability then that is where we are meant to be struggling. I use highest available leverage here with OctaFX, its 1.500, so that’s fairly high but I never lose because of it. I believe this is something that gains me better grounds and I am able to work with ease, but if we worry about leverage so much then it’s likely to affect our performance in big way no matter what.
  11. How to Choose the Right Forex Broker: Top 4 Tips

    It’s definitely not easy to select up right broker, but it’s all very much do able if we do hard work, so we just need to make sure we do the hard yard and that should be enough to bring us heavy returns. I trade with OctaFX broker and nothing gets more right than them, as they are just awesome in every sense of word. I can work ever so smoothly with them, as they have excellent policy to work around that enables me to do trading through any technique I desire. I also enjoy other features present like rebate where I get handsome figure back while there is also zero balance protection and a lot more on these lines, it’s fairly awesome!
  12. How To Create Wealth From Short Term Forex Trading

    It’s all about been good enough and trading with proper strategy, if we are doing that then money is just too easy to come, but if we run after money then we will only suffer. So, it’s vital that we focus on good method and strategy in order to get it working. I always work through good strategy and my covering part is OctaFX broker through their sensational 50% bonus on deposit, it’s simply epic. I like it ever so much because of been use able and keeps me entirely comfortable and relaxed with working while there are no restrictions on what techniques I use, as it’s all allowed to be used here for us, so that helps in trading with comfort and able to gain profits.
  13. You could be okay with slight mishap here or there, but there are simply too many binary option trading scam happening to ignore. The level that some brokers are willing to drop to betray us is astonishing, to say the least. This is why we must not take it laying instead we must be full on ready to take the battle beyond the mind and with Winchargeback Company; it’s finally possible for newbies like me. The level of experience these things have connected with epic plans and structure, its spot on way to gain refunds from scamming companies!
  14. How EXACTLY are the brokers compensated?

    Unfortunately, there aren’t too many brokers who are willing to compensate regardless of anything they do. This is where we need to be strong minded. It’s not easy world where you can walk over and expert to get justice, it’s something that got to be earned. Initially, I found it too hard to imagine how to fight for something like that, but with addition for experts like WInchargeback into the fight, it all worked beautifully. So, if you are also trying out getting justice than click here!
  15. Which broker has the lowest spread?

    I trade with OctaFX broker and I believe they have the lowest possible spread starting from 0.1 pips for all major pairs. The biggest advantage working with them is that we can trust them even blind folded. If we are with broker that we can trust and rely upon then we can easily execute our strategy better and it enhances the performance. I operate through their ECN account which can be done with as low as 5 dollars while have ever 70 instruments to select from and there are no issues over slippage, re quote or any such deals, so it all makes trading ever easy for me to work out and makes me entirely relaxed and comfortable with doing things.