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  1. Common Sense or Smartness?

    In a high profile business like Forex, it is often smartness that is required as per experts and many traders around the globe, but do you guys believe we forget about common sense and in times where we don’t need to do anything crazy we still go that way just due to lack of common sense. So, I personally feel in a business like Forex, it often is beneficial that we use common sense more instead of trying to be smart all the time. I am fortunate enough to be with OctaFX, as their guidance help me with understanding these things nicely.
  2. bonus is important ?

    Bonus is indeed very crucial because it gives us extra rope to play around and there is really nothing to lose, but seriously, I will be worried to join some of the brokers suggested above, as they really hold no value. I work with OctaFX, as they are licensed by FCA and have mighty deposit bonus up to 50% and is absolutely use able too, so that works fantastically in my favor and I am able to enjoy things with fair level of confidence too.
  3. Alternate to paypal option for payment

    Tanzil, I am sorry but that could be down to you comfort levels, but this is not really the SAFEST way like you might put it. We are safe as long as the broker is reliable and trustworthy regardless of the option used. I would be laughing if you say you feel insecure with payment processors and secure with MasterCard, I mean then that is broker’s fault and they are simply not worthy enough. I work with OctaFX broker, I can use any option I wish (I prefer MB (Skrill) and never have to worry about commission, as there is none!
  4. Trade Safely Without Marginal Call

    Mate, it’s no rocket science that we need experience and correct level of money management, as that is something enough to get us into avoiding losses or the dreadful margin call. I don’t find it hard under OctaFX, as they have magnificent deposit bonus which goes up to 50% and is use able too, so that’s how I am easily able to avoid margin levels or blow outs and keeps me in control with doing things through high level of confidence.
  5. Frankly speaking, it’s unfair comparison, as both are good in their own ways, if we try to compare than we will not get fair results. Forex is the global business and rightly so, as it’s been done throughout the week active 24/5, but Stock is limited to city, so there is really no comparison at all. I feel absolutely pleased doing Forex trading, as it’s a brilliant business been able to start with extremely low amount and yet able to generate serious revenue, so that’s obvious missing part from Stock. I find it even more pleasing under OctaFX, as they are the best with low spreads from 0.1 pips while there is also 50% bonus on deposit that is use able!
  6. the best broker

    I am working with OctaFX and for me, it’s the best broker by all measurements to do with been regulated plus a true ECN and that too an award winning one, so I feel incredibly good with them and able to enjoy doing things. They have every feature and facility in the book that you can imagine from having lowest possible spreads at 0.1 pips to high leverage up to 1.500, zero balance protection, stop out level of just 15% while there is also rebate program where we get 50% back on all trades which is even with losing trades too, so I am able to work it out nicely and that really helps me with performance in major way.
  7. high leverage high risk ?

    It might be the case at times, but not for me at all. I believe high leverage is never risky especially if we manage it correctly. I always enjoy having freedom because that’s the only way I know I can perform well and able to extract good profits. I use 1:500 leverage with OctaFX and I find it seriously good especially during high impact news or while scalping. However, I do feel if not used correctly then it can be very risky, but you got to be brave and more importantly, we need to be good enough or else no point in working in Forex. I am brave, but I am also good enough which is how one is able to perform well and able to achieve greater results.
  8. investment which broker ?

    We got to be very sure that we invest only with broker that we can rely and trust upon, as only then we will be able to gain enough. I am extremely fortunate to work with OctaFX broker, as not only they are the safest investments for me, but also have epic 50% bonus on deposit on offer which is terrific and just what you wish for when it’s about investments. I can work with freedom and aggression and it helps me a lot with the additional capital, but the biggest help comes with no hidden policy, as through which I can be extremely comfortable and relaxed with working and helps me enjoy things big time and it also reflexes on the performance.
  9. Any good Broker ?

    I am working with OctaFX and they are so very special by all means with not just having safety with them been regulated plus a true ECN and that too an award winning one. They are a worldwide recognized company servicing since last 4 years while they have won 17 awards in that period including Best ECN broker, so it’s so good to be part of such highly recognized company. I also enjoy it with their features and facilities with having lowest possible spreads at 0.1 pips to high leverage up to 1.500 while there is also rebate scheme where I get 50% back on all trades that are even with the losing trades too, so I can really enjoy my time with them.
  10. Foex is Risky Business

    Forex is definitely risky, but it’s something you need to accept when you talk about great business. I believe we can gain great money from it if we stay focus and try to work with good strategy and method. I am fortunate enough with OctaFX broker and through their educational guidance; I am able to work myself nicely into things. I never feel much of risk with them due to the quality of features and facilities present from having low spreads at 0.1 pips to high leverage up to 1.500 while there is also magnificent deposit bonus which is up to 50% and is use able too, so I truly enjoy it all and makes me feel comfortable with doing things.
  11. Are you happy in Forex market Business?

    Yeah, I am sort of, as I am getting the financial freedom which I wanted, it’s not sort of been millionaire or even billionaire for that part, but it’s about been able to generate good returns consistently. This is why I feel pretty pleased; it helps with broker of OctaFX standard with me. They are all special by all measurements to do with having epic conditions that I feel absolutely great with working. I love it with their low spreads starting from 0.1 pips while there are over 70 instruments, zero balance protection, swap free account and many such setting that not just makes trading easier, but also makes trading highly comfortable and easy for me to do things in any situation.
  12. what is advantage of forex?

    The greatest advantage of Forex trading is that we can do it anytime and anywhere in the world which makes it so awesome. I love it even more due to OctaFX broker, as they are awesome with been regulated plus a worldwide recognized company servicing in over 170 countries while there are also over 70 instruments to select from, zero balance protection, swap free account while there is ECN account that can be operated with just 5 dollars and have no issues over how I trade as there are no trouble over slippage, re quote or even delay, so that really helps me with performance in great way which makes me feel entirely comfortable and enhances my performance big time.
  13. looking for better spreads

    I am not a scalper, so for me it’s not just about better spreads, but better overall broker that supports all technique whether it’s day trading or long term. I am able to get just that with OctaFX broker, as they are awesome by all means and measurements. They allow me to operate with any technique from scalping to hedging to news trading to hedging; it’s all allowed to do here. I get best of the conditions from having lowest possible spread at 0.1 pips to high leverage up to 1.500 while there is also rebate program where I get 50% back on all trades which are even with the losing one, so all is very much enjoy able for me.
  14. Recommend Fx Broker

    I will definitely put forward OctaFX, as they are simply too good by all reasons and for all measurements. I truly enjoy working with them, as firstly they are 100% safe and secure, it’s then about them having every tool and resource available to work around with. I just love it in every way to trade under them and due to long list of features and facilities; I can really enjoy things. From having ECN account that can be opened with just 5 bucks, I can trade without fear of slippage, re quote or any such thing, it makes me incredibly comfortable and relaxed, so that really makes everything work nicely for me and brings a lot of rewards too.
  15. Yeah, it’s fairly simple thing only, but only people complicate it. We need to be clear on this that luck is not something for controlling, so we should be least worried about it. I believe we should focus on good strategy and method, if we have that then we are likely to do well with luck or without it and that should be the main point for us to look at. I always do that and due to good strategy, I never need to worry about luck at all. I do feel tad lucky due to OctaFX, as they are brilliant by all measurements to do with their low spreads, high leverage, bonuses and best of all is their rebate program where I can get up to 15 dollars per lot size trade even on losing one.