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  1. The No.1 Bitcoin Mixer!

    When we talk about Bitcoin, it is considered to be anonymous and absolutely secure. But if that was the case then how hackers target any particular person? It’s because it is not as anonymous as people consider or it seems to be. That’s where Bitcoin mixers (blenders) were introduced. And in all this the name Bitcoinmix stands out, it is arguably the BEST Bitcoin mixer and can be trusted completely. Their service enables users to mix the coins at random with other similar parts of other people before reaching its final destination, so we obviously receive new coins making things anonymous. So with the ever increasing hacking stories, it’s time to secure yourself! Try it now!
  2. There is no question that most people still think about how they missed out on opportunity called Bitcoin, but you can’t change the past. You can certainly change the future by right present decisions. Now is the time that we come forward to join an ICO that is absolutely about traders and investors and can be the sunrise of your life! CoinFi, with their breath taking concept, it is going to change the rules of the game and make every trader and investor the Boss!
  3. With so many ICOs upcoming it, I believe making right choice is the toughest thing! But with Santacoin, it all could be straight forward selection. With them not amongst the HOTTES ICO giving us option like mining, staking and direct purchase, it is meant to change the rules of the game. And, just 2 days to go before the launch, it is the BEST time to get in before regrets are left!
  4. I am sorry mate, but things just don’t work like that. We got to be very serious on how we go about handling things, as believing in this is just time waste and non-rewarding. So, that’s why we need to be absolutely on the pin with working. I feel great with Sphere, as it is the HOTTEST ICOs right now with massive scope. As one could gain up to 70% bonus purchasing right now, it is a life changing opportunity for all!
  5. How many of us think about refugees? Instead most of us have hatred for them. That is where Exsulcoinneeds to be saluted. As they have completely based their system around them. And it is the FIRST ICO that is based upon building a blockchain technology platform for refugee-led projects. This platform is accessed through ExsulCoin, a cryptocurrency which allows the holder to nominate, vote for, and fund these projects. Users of the platform can also earn ExsulCoin by completing needed tasks, such as delivering drinking water or supplying a medical clinic. In this way they are developing an ecosystem that empowers refugees through financial inclusion, and massively scaling the efficacy of current relief efforts. And the BEST way they have explained is through this video of own of their projects https://youtu.be/aGzLYwNuGEE
  6. Paxchange is not a new thing. I believe most people already have idea about it. As they have been running their service since last 5 years, where they have allowed people to buy Bitcoin fast and securely. As they are peer to peer Bitcoins exchange and helped people in over 10 countries to exchange Crypto currencies into their local currencies. And, now they have entered into a much bigger pool to help the people with their ideas in smartest way! With Paxchange, it will help people unlock the future with creating smart futures contracts for yet to be released ICO tokens, so it helps them to launch their business successfully. Paxchange token holders gets potion of transaction fees of the exchange enforced by a smart contract. With less than 20 hours to go for the launch, it is the ideal opportunity to become part of something spectacular, something larger than life type! Be a part of this deal that promises to change your future for good! They have really made everything very crystal clear; it can easily be understood by this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zN3W7zAswOY https://paxchange.io/
  7. What a crypto-currency is

    I think by now, it is crystal clear for everyone as what exactly Crypto currency is but what are good options in this is still not clear for many. As we all talk about Bitcoin/Ethereum and such, but there are some amazing options that needs to be looked at very seriously. I have done just that and it’s the reason for me with picking Epiq Nights, as it is wonderful option that is set to change the face of this industry! They come from Herbal Supplement providing background, where they currently sit pretty at top with no major competition at all! Now, they are aiming to be the revolutionary ICO in the industry, I am pretty pleased to join under them!
  8. INVIA World - Paradise for Mining

    Before I start, I must say is that I have seen NOTHING like INVIA World before! The simplest reason for this is that they allow us the opportunity to be part of this giant Crypto field and able to do mining! Currently, I have their “PRO PLUS MINER” package and it is just EPIC! Their whole concept is amazing as it’s based on unique software that allows them to scan the entire crypto mining market for the most profitable coins, and then they adjust their equipment to it. After the plant has mined various Altcoins or Bitcoin, they flow into the INVIA World Kryptowallet and are switched to Ethereum or Bitcoin for us (customers), and this concept is known as actively managed cryptomining. So, this is just what I always wanted! That too without having to go through any complicated process for altcoinmining or bitcoinmining, so really Invia is the way forward for miners! BUT, that is not all, as you can have a chance to win a NEW iPhone X by joining it from here and purchase any package of your choice! Good luck to all!
  9. How did you got into bitcoin ?

    I got into it via trading, as I like doing it. I believe that it can be life changer, but just got to be good in working out. I have investment not just on Bitcoin but other options. Right now my entire aim is to get full use of this rising star in Caviar, it is a breathtaking project and a sure shot blockbuster, so certainly the option to go for! Just 24/25 days away from presale! I have already added it on my wanted list!
  10. By now, I don’t think too many people are unaware of Harvest Master Coin; it is amongst the BEST option in this Crypto industry! With being decentralized network of Masternode holder’s without superfluous control and intermediaries, which ensures lightning fast and secure transaction, multiple wallets, encrypted messaging and stealth address for complete anonymity, low number of confirmations, low fees and very low number of total coin supply for faster increase of value. Also, it is a rare coin that has over 80% Pure PoS block reward phase which is optimum for investments, and has stable building block of long term committed investors who guarantee the coin continuity. The more important reason why they are called the GAME CHANGER, is that unlike other cryptocurrencies utilizing Masternodes they don’t distribute the reward block equally but rather uses an unique Proof of Stake (PoS) to split the rewards block between the mining and Masternode distribution mechanisms, and that ensures the benefits are shared fairly, with also ensuring that the number of users conducting the PoS doesn’t decrease! My favorite part is that currently, there is 50% discount, so just life changing thing and WHO will not want to join them?
  11. Make bitcoin by placing ads for free

    There are far better ways that we can make money through instead of this. One of the BETTER options right now BitConnect, it is highly powerful and got massive potential with for one to gain through. Right now, it’s around $200 mark and is sure to hit triple digits in next 4-5 months, it is sort of investment that AT WORST is going to give us 100% returns! I will not miss it, will you?
  12. When we talk about Crypto industry, there are many pros and cons. But some obvious issues are transaction taking huge time (for confirmation), fees increasing day by day, and the volatility. So, with that many not so favorable things we always want something better. And finally, our wish has been granted by Paypex! It is the solution for us with so many pros that were previously cons for us. Paypex is based on blockchain technology & digital wallet; it allows shop owners, eCommerce businesses or individuals to sign up in very simple way. With options off remit fund, pay shopping bills or shopping online from eCommerce websites with the instant transaction and absolutely zero fees! While the Paypex tokens will be available to be bought, sale or traded from exchanges on 2nd November 2017! Now is the time to have something that will be too precious in time to come or else, it will only be regrets that will be left!
  13. Method to convert your 10$ into 100$ repetable

    Our time is as crucial as money and until we don’t respect it our self, I don’t think others will respect it either. So, it is absolutely must that we put our time into something worthy. And, that’s why I am focusing on upcoming ICOs especially Upfiring, as they are in top 5 most awaited ICOs for 2017, it is at such low price that there are sure shot profits if one enters now!
  14. How did you got into bitcoin ?

    You just need to understand the whole concept; it will obviously make everything else a lot easier to understand. But the industry is not just about Bitcoin, it is to do with a lot of other stuff, so we need to look at those parts. I love investing on upcoming ICOs, as they seem very solid bet and with Sphere, it is just awesome. They are one of the most liked upcoming ICOs right now with huge potential, so you could gain so much getting into it.
  15. Top Ten Ways to Earn free bitcoins

    There are many ways to earn Crypto currencies, but got to pick one that’s serious and can be used like long term option instead of just temporary. I have recently come across this ICO called Upfiring, it is amazing with concept that will allow us to earn in very straight forward way and that’s via by sharing and seeding files (incentivized and decentralized file-sharing). So, really the time to join this revolutionary project and make a difference!