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  1. It is very important that we focus on working out right strategy, as that is something that is going to make huge difference. I am grateful to BinaryOptionSet since they have helped me tremendously to figure out right strategy and method, it’s one shop for all stuff with allowing us to find out about top Binary Brokers and providing complete reviews and then there is also guides regarding how to trade and working out proper strategies, it’s truly spectacular for all involved.
  2. This is a rare broker that got something new in every 15 days. I always wanted comfort while trading which is why I joined here, but apart from getting that, I have got these luxuries that I can’t even count! Too GOOD!
  3. Every point you made is spot on. I have gone exactly with keeping these 4 points upfront when selecting. I be more honest then I never actually looked for that much but now I realized that I am working with broker that have this all. I am working about Alpari. They are regulated by 3 top international institutes, it’s absolutely transparent structure they have with no hidden cost/policies and been in the market for 17 years on top, so not much else you will like to have there and even then they have excellent section http://alpari.com/en/analytics/technical_analysis/autochartist/, it’s just topping on the cake for me!
  4. If we do copy blindly then that’s something you will consider risky but if you go with sensible approach and be at right place at the right time then everything is meant to work. I always select wisely and that’s from here http://alpari.com/en/investor/pamm/ratings/, I believe it’s very useful and if we are good at selection then we could gain superb returns, but we definitely need to have experience in order to figure out the right one suitable for us.
  5. To be fair, I believe recommendation is quite a heavy word to be used because then you got to be responsible enough or else better not to recommend anything at all! I will recommend Alpari since apart from best broker; they are the best guide as well. The biggest benefit of working with them is the features from zero spread to high leverage up to 1:1000 plus much more, it’s all truly spectacular and brings out great rewards. I love their feature like http://alpari.com/en/analytics/technical_analysis/autochartist/, it’s excellent and helps so much.
  6. I don’t prefer using too many indicators because then it start making things complicated and that too unnecessarily, so that’s why we need to be extremely careful with not using too many indicators and even if we use few, it should be after trying it out on demo account and only then apply to real account. I prefer to use http://alpari.com/en/trading/trading_signals/, it’s better than signals and pretty straight forward too with excellent results for me, at least.
  7. No, high leverage is not risk but lack of knowledge is. I love using high leverage because it really helps me with trading and I just love it during news time because I am well aware that I can make some serious money from it. I always like to keep myself updated with the happening around to be able to spot right opportunity and thanks to http://alpari.com/en/analytics/fxwirepro/, it’s ever easy and with addition of high leverage, low spread, bonuses, it’s a complete package to success!
  8. We all are forever ready to do hard work right? We still unable to crack the deal with Mr. Success right? So, it is due to ability or not determined enough? No, it’s simply because hard work is not enough (alone), but you need to be Smart as well! Be smart today with your decisions and select EliteSignal service, it’s not your above 95% promising service, but it’s very genuine and straight forward with promises that connect with reality. We are able to get up to 75-80% accuracy with all major trading instruments present here. Whether we love doing Forex trading or Binary Option, it’s possible to receive signal for both with perfect structure having Entry/Exit/TP and even SL, it’s all available here but benefit is not going to be stopped here because once you are into this league of greatness than you will just continue to cherish every moment continuing it through receiving daily analysis, free E-book, trading course as well present and not to forget about FREE TRIAL as well! Elite Signal is not just a gateway to success, but it’s a lifeline for struggling traders!
  9. There are many brokers in the world of Binary Option, but majority have taken us (clients) for granted and that’s why we hardly find any broker that truly cares but everything is changed! Omega Option brings type of service which is not just friendly, but it’s highly supportive as well for all sorts of traders. Omega Option is a revolutionary broker and an eye opener for those who disrespect us (clients) and never allow us to work with comfort. With Omega Option not only we can work with ease and comfort, but we can work with complete freedom having over 200 instruments to select from with all types of options present that includes High/Low, Range, Hyper and even One Touch Option is available as well, but the list of benefits are not stopping here because we can even get up to 150% Bonus on deposit, so it’s the real treasure for future!
  10. In a way broker is not all that important, but actually it’s very important. It’s difficult for newbies to actually understand the importance because of not having much experience and what a good/bad broker give/take from us. Anyway, I believe we can compromise of anything, but safety which is why I only prefer Manhattan Global Markets, it’s not the mouth-watering type broker since there aren’t too many attractive offers like bonuses or such, but what they have is safety and reality which is what a real trader needs and I am no different.
  11. I have done all style of trading with www.alpari.com, as they are suited for everything whether it’s scalping, long term, news trading, hedging or whatever you like. The simple reason is, they have low spreads, high leverages, bonuses, cash back and many such features, so this is sort of stuff which obviously suits all style while the best part is, they are highly reliable and trustworthy with been in the industry for 17 YEARS! It’s just fascinating to see a company last so long when we regularly see broker shutting within few months! The most surprising and amazing part here is, they are still on top and rated amongst top 3 broker in the industry even after 17 Years, it’s just phenomenal!
  12. I wanted to trade with the best because I want to become the best and that’s why I have chosen www.alpari.com, it’s awesome with been regulated plus a true ECN and have epic set of conditions starting from sharp spread from 0 pips while have instant execution of all trades, cashback, bonuses, free analysis/signals and much more, it’s all available here and big reason why they are so like able and amongst one of the go to companies in the world today.
  13. Yeah, I completely believe that we need to do comparison, it’s really how we will be able to find the best broker, if we are not comparing well then we might not get the best, so that’s why comparing is so important and must be done. I have done a lot of comparing and only then I have found out about OctaFX, it’s a top notch broker with having epic set of conditions, it’s especially to do with their low spreads from 0.1 pips to high leverage up to 1.500 plus there is also epic 50% bonus on deposit scheme, it’s all great and something that really makes trading easy, so that’s why I like to work with them so much and always brings great rewards for me in every way.
  14. Unfortunately all these brokers listed have no big reputation, so working with them is just time waste and we will only get in trouble. I won’t even go far in listing 5 brokers, I believe one good broker is enough to be relaxed with working and that’s why I go with OctaFX only, it’s a marvelous company to work with having beautiful conditions especially to do with lowest possible spread from 0.1 pips to high leverage up to 1.500 plus they have awesome 50% bonus on deposit which is use able too, so that’s why I can perform so much better and it keeps me in with making good profits regularly without too much trouble at all, so that’s why they are so much loved.
  15. Joy, it’s true that scalpers prefer having low spreads but at the same time, it doesn’t mean we should select broker blindly, it’s absolutely vital that we seek for reputation at first stake and then everything else, it means nothing to have broker that’s not reliable or trustworthy since then any condition will be pointless. I go with OctaFX broker where they have epic set of conditions especially to do with tiny spreads from 0.1 pips to high leverage up to 1.500 while there is also huge rebate scheme where we get 50% back on all trading orders, so that’s even better and helps quite a lot with trading and always makes me comfortable with doing everything, so that’s why I prefer such high quality broker.