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  1. When we talk about what type of broker is required, it is common that Australian brokers are amongst the top on the list to work with. The reason is absolutely crystal clear; it is because Australia is a country where everything is done is very strict and legitimate way! So, if any broker operates from there, it is highly likely to be good and got to have strong financial setup, as otherwise, it is not possible to become an Australian company. So just imagine how it is to be with the LEADING Australian Broker in the industry, which is FP Markets. Having over 12 years of experience servicing globally, they have won 35+ Awards with been licensed by ASIC to ensure further safety. The condition itself is worth in gold with having transparent structure removing any sort of manipulation, over 10,000 instruments to pick from, it is easily the largest range anywhere found, which is just remarkable. Furthermore, it's having zero spread, 1:500 leverage, high-quality trading platform and 24/5 active support, it’s not just a broker, and it’s much beyond it!
  2. what you think about regulated brokerage ?

    I feel upset that people talk about regulation only, as it’s not just about regulation but also reputation and how long that particular broker is servicing from. I am with FreshForex, who are regulated but more importantly, they have brilliant setup from zero spreads to 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus and many other benefits too, so I really feel thrilled working with them!
  3. Spread is important ?

    I think you need to be very wise with brokers, as it’s very common to see brokers charging low spreads and in hidden way they charge huge commission, so got to be very sure with doing things. It is important to have broker that have good facilities not just make up. I am with FP Markets; it’s good in every possible way. They are awesome with having ultra-tight spreads from 0 pips, over 1000 instruments, lightning fast execution and much more, it’s all very cool.
  4. Active money.

    It is extremely vital to make investment in right place since it could make huge difference. If we have our investment setup correctly then we could gain big time and everything can be worked out smoothly. I only like Forex trading which is a legitimate business. I work under FP Markets and through their support and help; it’s hardly difficult to operate for me. They are regulated by ASIC, therefore, they are one of the best and most secured companies out there and conditions too are top notch with ultra-tight spread, high leverage, smooth trading platform and 24/5 support is present to further makes life easier!
  5. Which broker is best to deal with?

    I operate under FP Markets and I don’t think there can be a better company than them. They are masters at work like with regulation by ASIC and also have excellent market standing servicing in over 200 countries while the features are top notch. They have ultra-tight spreads, lightning fast execution, largest range of instruments up to 1000+ and they have outstanding market analysis, insights, trading tips and educational guidance too. We even get our payments fast without added commission and the support service is forever present which makes them the BEST!
  6. Forex and Brokers relation

    That’s correct, it is important to have knowledge because that’s what will do the job 80%. It is also important to have right broker but it is not something that will turn bad trader into good, it still is a lot upon us to get the work done. It is fair to say that good broker means that we will get slight boost but nothing beyond that. I am with FP Markets who are the leading company worldwide servicing since over 200 countries and are an Australian based company operating since 2005.
  7. Ways of learning.

    Education is certainly the way forward anywhere, but it is far from easy to learn, it’s the reason why we have to be dedicated and passionate, as that is only way we will move forward. I believe there are many ways one could learn, but the best and most likeable one for me is Webinars! I am with FP Markets who got incredibly prestigious setting having whole section dedicated to education. However, this is just one thing but other options including E-Book, Video Tutorial and best part is Webinars! I have learned so much through this and is what makes me feel truly out of this world!
  8. importance of trading strategy

    Using a good strategy is absolutely critical to our chances; if we want to be successful then we got to be using solid strategy, as only then we will be able to gain consistently. It is impossible without supportive broker. This is why I love it so much with FP Markets, as they are sort of leader of the pack here. It is obvious too with them being licensed by ASIC and having excellent reputation winning 35+ awards in last 12 years. It is so much likable with their Raw Account having tight spreads, fast execution, and high leverage up to 1:500 and then there are over 1k instruments to pick from!
  9. I like the simplicity of my broker

    I am sorry but this is irrelevant. You can’t think about simplicity or smartness when you talk about broker, as first point is the safety part; it is the most important aspect that is required to be covered. I work with FP Markets which is awesome with been regulated by ASIC and are an Australian based company servicing in over 200 countries while quality of their service is top notch along with transparent policy. They even have 24/5 active support available through every way including Call Back option.
  10. The Fear of lossing Money

    I strongly believe that we need to be fearless because in a business like Forex, it is impossible for anyone to succeed if we are not confident. I am really fearless in how I approach things. It is all thanks to FP Markets given they are regulated by ASIC and offers low cost, dedication account managers, fast execution, flexible leverage plus there is whole graph for analyzing which is done by experts and is provided day to day basis which really helps up in working for us.
  11. How do you find a broker of your choice?

    My choice is no magical shop but just a genuine broker and I got it with FP Markets. They are rock star for me, as they are licensed by ASIC which got massive client protection policy. At the same time, they are a true ECN and an Australian based company, so that is really cherry on the cake for me. They are the number one Australian broker servicing since last 12 years and highly rated in the world as well having 4.5/5 rating on FPA, it truly leads the way as per right broker is concern.
  12. What is your ambition?

    I just believe sticking to my goal and making profit to work with high level of dedication and having knowledge is the most important aspect. I go with FP Markets where they really give fuel to my ambition through epic features and luxuries. As they have got ultra-tight spreads from 0 pips to over 1000 instruments including currency pairs, commodities, indices and even shares, it’s all spectacular setting here. I also feel thrilled with their prestigious market analysis, insights and day to day reports. They in true words help me to help with going with my ambitions.
  13. I like the simplicity of my broker

    If you think Binary Options trading then you are not thinking at all. It is a declared way of scamming people and I am sorry, I am not sure how would anyone want to waste money here. It’s not just my personal view but any level-headed guy will have same answer and if not then let me know for it. I only prefer Forex trading and that with genuine companies like FP Markets, it’s regulated under ASIC and is amongst the leading companies of Australia. They are servicing since last 11/12 years and have over million client base. The features and facilities are no less and that makes them the complete package.
  14. what you think about perfect broker ?

    It’s hard to believe thinking of certain people, but then I guess it is not so hard to know why there are over 90-95% failures around the world, it’s due to such mindset. It is almost embarrassing to consider this good broker let alone PERFECT. Anyhow, I believe you live in different world where there is blindness towards freebies even if it comes with Market marker. I work with FP Markets, its special by all means with regulated by ASIC and has excellent conditions with low cost, fast execution and excellent analysis service, and it’s all pretty cool!
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