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  1. It’s hard to believe thinking of certain people, but then I guess it is not so hard to know why there are over 90-95% failures around the world, it’s due to such mindset. It is almost embarrassing to consider this good broker let alone PERFECT. Anyhow, I believe you live in different world where there is blindness towards freebies even if it comes with Market marker. I work with FP Markets, its special by all means with regulated by ASIC and has excellent conditions with low cost, fast execution and excellent analysis service, and it’s all pretty cool!
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  3. To make a human entirely happy even if he is Bill Gates, it is hard job. But, I do feel happy with my track, as I am gaining enough income and also learning alongside, so just working in the way I want. My biggest satisfaction comes with FP Markets, as they are ideal partner in my success writing. They are licensed by ASIC and holds complete control over the market with over million clients. The facilities are excellent having over 1k instruments to pick from with tight cost, flexible leverage, and quick execution and then there is also 100% support with customer service being active forever! They set the benchmark for others to follow!
  4. The answer is very much within our hands, as if we go with broker that’s regulated and have reputation than we will not be worried much at all. I don’t trust broker, I just trust right institutes because that’s where safety is going to come from if anything goes wrong. I am with FP Markets and they are licensed by ASIC, so they are bound according to the regulation and that’s why I feel safe. In other way, they are even established having over million clients base while is operating since last 11/12 years!
  5. This is fairly easy thing to say, but it’s only possible when we have enough education and experience. I am fairly lucky to be with FP Markets, as they have excellent educational guidance which teaches us about the importance of skills and ability rather than luck. They even have regularly Webinars happening like yesterday there was Fibonacci Webinar which I attended and it was just awesome, so with them I know that with ability, I can achieve ANYTHING! I am grateful to such mighty company for offering such luxuries.
  6. Let’s not even go for 4 steps, I like to cut it down to couple of points. Just seek for regulated and reputed company, it’s fairly simple. I am with FP Markets and they fit in nearly all steps, but more to do with mine two required ones. As they are 100% Australian operated company licensed by ASIC and have everything you demand or require. From common educational section to video tutorial, Live Webinars and many such setting, it’s truly what makes them amongst the legendary companies out there!
  7. For starters, it’s going to be risky, but then why think about Forex like that. Is there anything in life we done easy to start with? I would be finding it hard to say anything that was easy that I did first time. So, if we have already learned throughout our life that life is not easy then we should also think same way for business. It’s not even just with Forex (business), but it’s also to do with job or anything we do that starting is tough, but if we stuck in that it gets easier and manageable. I too had my share of worries and troubles, but not giving up made things easier and currently, I operate with FP Markets and make over 2-3k per month in a cat walk. I find it extremely easy through the luxuries setting and stuff like low spreads.
  8. I am sorry to disturb you in the dream, but reality is not holding any freebies for us. No quality broker needs to offer bonuses, if the broker is good enough then they don’t need to offer it at all. I believe a good broker doesn’t waste money on such offering instead they work on enhancing their service, but market makers are one that’s well known for offering freebies and sensible person needs to avoid such companies. I am with FP Markets and for me, its one master piece broker out there. From been licensed by ASIC to offering stunning service including low spreads, high leverage, quick execution and even blockbuster platform like IRESS Trader, it just makes trading as exciting and easy as they get!
  9. Forex is a challenging business without any doubts, but the important part is that we need to make sure we do it through proper way and method, it’s only then we will be able to work it out. I trade with MXTrade and there, it’s all present with their epic educational setup that one can learn really well from. They have it all from Market analysis to trading strategies to Signal and a lot more, it’s all there which makes trading ever better!
  10. The biggest positive in Forex is that there is no limit on the earning potential, so in a way we can be earning unlimited amount, it is the reason why I prefer to work here, but of course we are required to make investment, as it is not possible to work in this business without making investments, so that is why we must make sure that if we are investing then we should be doing it with the right broker and that company is OctaFX, it is truly awesome with been regulated while they are also true ECN broker, so that makes it even more pleasing to work with them, as it always lead to high level of profits for me.
  11. Yeah I definitely agree with you mate, it is very crucial that we use stop loss with high leverage because if we don’t do that, it is likely that we are going to blow up our account, but if we use good stop loss then high leverage could be highly beneficial to use and could lead into some serious profits. I am using high leverage of 1.500 with OctaFX broker, as this is a sort of leverage that allows me freedom to work smoothly while another massive advantage is not having to make huge investment which becomes necessary without high leverage, so that is why it is so crucial for me to have high leverage with them and makes me comfortable.
  12. I think it is all down to reading policy correctly, as with scam brokers we will rarely find them allowing us to use it and even if they do, it will be through many restrictions while their overall reputation is also something that will clear the picture. I have used many bonuses like that which are useless and never helps. Finally now I have got OctaFX broker where I get 50% bonus on deposit, it is not just show piece, but completely use able and that is what makes it so bright and shinning for me in terms of making life easier. Also, I don’t have to worry about policy, as that never changes from what it is before taking bonus.
  13. I always like to have my own way of doing things and I hate interference, so that’s why i prefer to work with my own self, but I do take advice from senior traders or read news, but otherwise I don’t like these sort of stuff at all. I work with OctaFX broker where they got amazing daily market news and analysis service available, so I start my day from that note only and then follow my own plans. I also get another advantage in shape of the rebate program where I get 50% back on all trading orders, it counts the losing trades too, so that is why I am so happy with it and that makes me feel great and allows me to be successful.
  14. This is also one reason which will show us the difference between ordinary trader and good one, as time pass traders will seek luck to fall in their favor in order to get things working well, but when it comes to experts, we will witness them been careless about luck, as they believe in their own ability. I am also in same mode, as I don’t worry over luck since I believe if I am good enough then things will work for me and I just need to be patient. I work with OctaFX broker and this is only luck I can talk about, as having great broker like them is nothing short of luck especially with brilliant bonuses up to 50% for deposit.
  15. In early phase like first 2-3 years, it is going to be risky and difficult due to less knowledge and experience, but as we gain experience and knowledge, it is something that will automatically bring better results and the difficult will decrease, but this is all for one who is patient enough and at the same time is passionate, it is these combo that we will find making things easier, but if we wish for miracle or short cuts then we be better ready to face chin music. I like the steady way where I am confident that things will work out especially with OctaFX broker and their lovely conditions with low spreads starting from 0.1 pips, high leverages up to 1.500 plus much more.