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  1. When you are in the Forex market, you should get some basic education about the market structure. There are hundreds of websites on the internet providing materials to you for fundamental and basic knowledge. There is even Forex master with years of experience. Most of them have their own websites to host an online education if the interested traders could not get the education physically due to distance. You should not ignore the role of these institutes in Forex learning. Most of the time, if you do not have proper education, you end up at the bottom of your trade. Here, in this article, we will emphasis on the education of Forex. As long as you are getting a right and proper education, you should not worry about if it is virtual or not. If you look at the professional trader then you will see that every single one of them is trading in their online trading account after gaining the perfect knowledge in the financial market. Why you need Forex education Most of the newbie traders think that, when they are saying Forex education, they have to register for an online course of a Forex master. It is wrong. You do not need to go anywhere, not even on your computer. The fundamental knowledge of Forex hasn’t changed very much since its beginning. You can also buy a book and learn the basic terms and know their meanings in the Forex. But we encourage you to practice with a master, to see how far you are from the learning of true meaning of Forex. You can also learn forex trading for free by exploring Saxo academy developed by the professional broker Saxo. Even the professional traders’ access that section every single day to learn more even they are trading in their online trading account. It will prepare you for the real world: You cannot learn how to ride a bicycle no matter how many books you have read about it. The moment you ride on the cycle is the moment you actually starting to learn it. Forex is like riding a bicycle. You have to step your foot outside to know the path of your journey and its destination. Don’t think the market will move the way as it was supposed to move, as it is written or told by some expert. Exceptions are always here. Learning education and practicing your knowledge will prepare you for the real Forex world where you need to make money to materialize your knowledge into profit. You get the true feeling of forex trading after you execute the first orders in your online trading account in the market. Solid trading system: There are many different ways of trading the financial instrument in the world. However, if you look at the professional trader then you see that most of them are trading with their own developed trading strategy in the market. But in order to develop your own trading strategy in the market, you need to have a clear understanding of the forex market. It’s true that developing your trading strategy at the initial stage will be a little bit difficult for you but if you have strong patience in the financial sector then you can easily develop a solid trading strategy. Conclusion: Forex trading can be seen as driving a cruiser. You do not know how much depth the water has when you are looking at it. When you ride on that cruise, you experience a new world. The real world is much different from the imaginary world. Take a realistic education to prepare yourself for Forex trading with the professionals.
  2. The financial market that can be regarded as the largest financial market is the foreign exchange market or the forex market or the FX market. People from all over the world can take part in the forex trading and gain huge amount of profits. In order to trade in the forex market, you will need a forex broker and a forex trading account. And if you are trying to find a forex broker, chances are that you belong to any of the two categories: you either are an experienced forex trader who is not happy with his or her current broker and looking for a better one, or you are a newbie in the forex market. Whatever category you may fall into, you need to consider a few things before zeroing on one broker. They are, as discussed below: 1. Regulation Regulation is the most important thing that you need to consider while selecting a broker. Always choose a broker who is regulated by an authority that people have actually heard of, for example, UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). If a forex broker is a license holder, this will make sure that they meet the highest of standards along with very specific capital requirements at all times. They will handle deposits as needed by legislation. Also, they will act according to all the accepted codes of conduct. 2. Transparency Always hire a forex broker easymarkets who is transparent about all the procedures being followed as well as discloses clear metrics about their operations. Also, they don’t hide anything from you. You may find a number of brokers who frequently publish not only their trading volumes but also their execution statistics and other details which may be of use to you. This becomes more important if you want to have an idea about a broker’s operations before opening an account with them. 3. Beware of hidden costs There is actually no hidden cost in the forex market. There are just costs that you may discover later. Generally, these costs are associated with the quality of trade execution that is offered, as well as with the execution model of a broker. May be you already know that you will be charged by a broker either for the spread or a commission. Before registering with a particular broker, it is necessary that you know some things such as other transaction costs, withdrawal and deposit fees, and also swap rates if your plan is to hold positions open overnight. 4. Know the details It is important that you know the details about the trading conditions of different brokers. This may take a while. Still, you should compare the web-based, downloadable as well as mobile platforms that are offered and see what the instruments are that are available for trading. Also, know whether you can trade micro or mini lots or not; ask if scalping, hedging, algos or anything else that you have in mind are permitted. So keep these things in mind and you will definitely get a good broker and earn a lot of money in the forex market.
  3. The foreign exchange market or the forex market is the largest market in the world in terms of regular turnover and its volatility. This market is the largest liquid market and the most popular one. The popularity of the foreign exchange market is chiefly because of the liquidity and the volatility of the market. More and more people want to trade in this market so that they can earn some more money. This market is open for 24 hours a day and 5 days in a week. They are even open on the weekends. This is really advantageous for those who want to trade on a part time basis. Some points about the foreign exchange market are discussed here in this article by easy markets. 1. The foreign exchange trading is mainly executed to assist international trade and forex investment. It can be said that this is the primary purpose of the forex. This enables the business to convert one currency into another one. 2. The forex market is an over the counter market. So the market is huge, and it is the largest market in the world. The daily turnover of the market is more than 4 trillion dollar. As it is an over the counter market, anyone can trade in this market from anywhere in the world. 3. This market is the most liquid trading market because of the huge trading volume of the market. Because of it’s highly liquidity, more and more people are trading in this market in order to earn some more money. 4. Since the market is an over the counter market, it does not require a central exchange or a clearing house. In order to trade, the forex brokers and traders call each other and they have the ability to negotiate directly with one another. In order to do so they use online trading platforms. 5. The interbank and the central banks are the biggest users of the forex market, as they have branches all over the world and make loans in various currencies. Most forex trade is executed between the banks and the companies or the institutional investors and the banks. Hence, in most transactions, the banks play the role of intermediaries. 6. There is no waiting for the opening bell in the foreign exchange market. It is a process that is continuously happening 24 hours a day and 5 days in a week. All the major banks that continue forex trading have branches across the world in New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and so many major cities. In order to pay for goods and services, many companies seek for foreign exchange. This process is known as direct investment. This market is also used by institutional investors for indirect investment. By buying stocks and shares, they invest in companies all over the world.
  4. The forex market is one of the most popular financial markets in the world. A trader can earn a huge amount of money by investing in different currencies and other fortunes. Moreover, the forex market is influenced by the economic fluctuations around the world. So a trader must have knowledge about the procedures of trading and the conditions of the real market. Here arises the need of a good broker forex trading. The number of forex brokers is increasing day by day, and one should be careful while choosing the right broker. Some of the key considerations one must look into before choosing a forex broker are discussed below: Safety and reliability: There are regulatory bodies in different countries and in different financial centres of the world; that are responsible for screening different brokerage firms so as to check their reliability. In the U.S., a reputed broker would be a member of the National Future Association (NFA) and will be registered with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). A trader must open his account with a brokerage firm that is duly regulated, keeping the safety of deposits and integrity of the broker in mind. Deposits and withdrawal: The account withdrawal and funding policies are different for different brokers. A trader must be able to withdraw his earnings with ease. In case a trader wants to terminate his account for any reason, the broker must assist in the process. Similarly, the broker must ensure that the deposition of funds is done smoothly. Leverage and margin: Margin requirement and leverage ratios are among the most important features one must consider while choosing a forex broker. Higher leverage increases the potential for profit if the trader is in a winning position, while the trader has to bear heavy losses if the opposite happens. So a little bit of caution is required for using leverage. A low leverage is better for the trader who is a beginner. Therefore, it is good for a trader to choose a broker who gives low leverage with high customisability. Commissions and spreads: Spreads are equally important for brokers, whether experienced or novice. A broker earns money either through commissions or through spreads. Some brokers receive commissions by charging a percentage of the spread, while some do not charge any commission. Instead, they make money through wider spreads. So it is advisable to choose the broker who offers competitive spreads in the market. Initial deposit: The initial deposit of a forex account can be very low. Many traders in the initial stage of their career in forex trading prefer to risk very small amounts. So those traders would prefer a broker who offers account with a low initial deposit. Trading platform: All the activities in forex trading are conducted through trading software. It is very essential for safe trading. So it will be better for a trader if he ensures that the platform or any software to be used for forex trading is advanced, easy to use and uncomplicated. Customer service: A broker should be able to provide support at any time of trading hours.
  5. adamsmiths welcome on Collective Investments Forum. Nice to have you here with us.