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Dani Kogel

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  1. Hi guys, I wanted to say hi to this thread and give my 2 cents, too. I have been writing an article for Colibritrader, which contains an in-depth analysis on EURUSD for over 20 years. The analysis starts in 1994 and covers candlesticks, patterns, indicators and how they have played out in time. I believe, this is the most thorough analysis ever written, so if you guys do trade the EURUSD, you can visit and get the analysis for free on: http://www.colibritrader.com/detailed-historical-analysis-eurusd/ I hope you don't find this spammy, but I am sure you will appreciate the hard work and the analysis. Cheers, Colibri
  2. The Foreign Exchange market (or just FX market) is the largest market in the world, with nearly $5 trillion worth of volume each day. There is no end of day in FOREX. The market operates 24 hours each day but closes only over weekends and a few holidays. Learning trading Forex is essential for every new trader. Yyou will learn a lot about the market but also how to build a successful mindset that will help you for the rest of your life. This site will help you on this purpose, https://chetreidfx.wordpress.com/. Content , videos and courses of the site are always evolving and improving. Not only does they offer basic forex courses, but the insights on trader psychology are fantastic.
  3. Hi: I am a newbie and am trying to research which broker is best to deal with. I have read that you generally recommend CTOption ( https://ctoption.com/ ). The thing is that their payout is higher than any other broker. Did any of you try this broker? The platform looks quite ok and the delay on demo is fine too. I searched online for reviews but didn't find anything negative. Can anyone help.
  4. I like what I see with CTOption. looks like a breath of fresh air to help do away with the SCAM brokers that are running riot, giving Binary Options a bad name. We need good brokers that pay and don't STEAL customer funds and make no bones about it I said STEAL... I want the scam brokers gone!
  5. IF you want to have a free induction and Demo account it is better to trade with any company, but you have to pull the right strings;) I had a free demo with few brokers. But I had no assistance on how to make money on it.. which is useless.. However, once I found the CTOption (https://ctoption.com/) broker who gave me the FREE DEMO, shown me the results. then I invested, happy now.
  6. Of course Copy Trading is Risky, only if you fail to choose a reliable one. There are many copy trading sites out there, but only few provides the real signals with high accuracy. I have been trading with Consistent Forex Trading site. you know why they are not a scam? because they know their ability. and that's why they don't provide signals on lots of pairs, but GBP/JPY pairs only. and so their signals come with high accuracy.
  7. Make bitcoin by placing ads for freeCPS Traders is a Network where the members are called traders by doing CPS for the company and get rewards in bitcoins.Services: Bitcoin Trading, Banner Advertising, Shopping...Spending 3 minutes a day doing the CPS task for the system, you can make bitcoins for free and without SPONSORING.- Great Forced Matrix 2x21- Many types of commission- Still Pre-launching with huge bonus points- BETTER THAN ZEEKREWARDS- Earn bitcoin daily and monthly!Register free today:Anyone interested, register as a free member than contact me for details.Regards,=> http://cpstraders.com/?u=beauty
  8. I've been trading CToption for a month. I have done a bonus turnover. Withdraw the money and profit. No withdrawals problems, support is great, outstanding or maybe my account manager is so good ;-).
  9. with the Help of the CPS Traders, I got into making bitcoins from last month. I wouldn't say that I make 5 or 10 btc a month, but which is obvious that I can enough to pay my monthly debts just by doing some small survey kinda job with them. It's obviously better than zeekrewards, and they offer many types of commission. http://cpstraders.com/?u=beauty
  10. Binary Robot - Limited Time Offer Get 24hr Free Access ! Claim Your Copy Now The Best Binary Option Robot: • 100% Automated Binary Options Trading Software • 68% Average Winning Rate • Very easy to use: No prior knowledge required • Compatible Mac, Windows, Mobile & Tablet • First 20 trades no Risk
  11. Social Trading One Month Free Trial - Follow The Top 10 professional traders, automatically, anytime, anywhere. The Binary Replicator Social Trading System CTOption’s innovative Binary Replicator© provides you with the most advanced social trading technology available today. It allows you to follow the professional traders, easily and safely. Choose who you want to follow and sit back to watch the profits pile up for only $500. Start Trading On BitCoin - # Most advanced trading platform # Up to 91% profit # No fees # 24/7 chat support # 24hr withdrawal CTOPTION - Binary Options Made Easy - https://ctoption.com/
  12. I have bee using CToption for about 4 months. They have always been very keen on client service, answering questions that I have very quickly. I used their social trading for few weeks, however, now trading following my own strategy.
  13. I personally concede that I am an amateur trader, and I love how CTOption site was presented. They have a user-friendly platform that almost everybody can understand. It was very easy to register and deposit to establish my account. There are also plenty of freebies and signals that I can enjoy because it made readily available for you by the assigned account manager. That being said means that you can deal with them without a hassle.
  14. Been using CTOption for hedging purposes, they have higher payouts on some assets than other brokers (85% comparing to 75-80% with other BO brokers). Made around 8 withdrawals from them, no issues so far.
  15. I have been trading binary options for 2 years almost and meanwhile I have tried out different online brokers for searching the best one. and Finally I found that CToption fulfills all the requirements that I need to trade with Safe and Ease. I have never traded with non-regulated broker before (I started trading career as Forex trader) but this is the first time I started with CTOption which is not regulated yet. Fortunately, they didn't me disappointing. Among their numerous features, I mostly like that they have professional manner and right plan to start their business with an unique and new trading platform powered by PandaTS. and when I checked it out, I found the platform way friendly and flexible.