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  1. Depending on forex only?!

    Even if it is a risky business, many successful traders live luxury life of their dreams just by earning money from forex trading.
  2. Trading with EA requires monitoring because they are usually coded to follow the technical analysis so those who really wishes to go fully automated should read the EA manual before implementing them to live accounts.
  3. What psychology has to do with Forex trading

    In fact we all need a proper trade management plan and better stick to it if we wishes to become more good at trading forex.
  4. Right Broker.

    Actually these brokers are in fact the trading partners providing all the relevant stuff for initiating trades in markets however broker selection is becoming really harder these days. I however suggest a few decent brokers like hotforex, xm, oanda, octa, lmfx etc which can be considered while choosing a right broker.
  5. LMFX - lmfx.com

    Is it the learn and earn demo contest where the winner also receive around 1000 uSD. I guess that is a good option for those who wish to learn and earn at the same time however i think that the competition might be tough too.
  6. LMFX - lmfx.com

    Yes the demo is free to test without depositing any amount with the broker and i guess it is very easy way to test any broker processes easily.
  7. Forex Brokers.

    In short, broker is the one who facilitates us with all the required technologies to initiate trades in forex market.
  8. Forex is not gambling.

    At least i wont relate trading with gambling because we have to follow certain rules, doing analysis and making good conclusions based on such experience to earn money however if we make mistakes we will looses money in forex for sure. SO i think it isn't any gambling but a pure professional business which does not spare any mistakes.
  9. Get $2000 by Make Money Robot , can be?

    Is this software works with MT4 as the broker which i am trading with is on MT4.
  10. do you like Bonus offer ?>

    Bonuses can be good if you knew how to use them otherwise they can be tricky too on the other side and might be harder to reach at the required threshold to initiate withdrawals.
  11. knowledge is important or Broker ?

    In my opinion both have their own value and importance, without broker we can not initiate trade in forex market and without any knowledge it will be hard to make money by forex trading business.
  12. while choosing a broker

    It could be a good initiative if the traders should do some research before choosing any broker, it is my opinion as well as a request to all the new traders who are desprately looking for broker recommendations.
  13. Is Forex trading Risky?

    Risky yet rewarding too in my opinion, we can take risks in order to get good returns on our investments.
  14. Forex Brokers.

    Forex brokers are the one who supply us with the technology required to initiate trading, so better to choose the right broker or else we have a lot many examples in the past where many brokers turned into scam. Some reputed brokers to shortlist from are hotforex, fxprimaus, octa, lmfx etc.
  15. Can you be rich overnight by doing forex?

    I think we better stay away from all those silly promises which offers invites of getting being rich right over the night just after purchasing anything from them.