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  1. I better say stay away from those who offers silly promising invites of becoming rich right after investing with them.
  2. I would agree with this statement as i have noticed many brokers that are facilitating everyone by providing quality webinars and other stuff which are absolutely free of any cost.
  3. I see many emphasizing over trading a demo account before going to live trades, so this is must to observe the trading rules and give time to demo trading as it could be the biggest asset of any successful trader.
  4. I didn't get your post please enlighten me more..! thanks
  5. Demo account and demo contests are really helpful in my opinion, i still trade demo account on lmfx broker to test any strategy before implementing it to live accounts.
  6. Binary option trading can be good to hedge against the forex trades but currently i am only stick with forex trading.
  7. Forex Cycle --->> Managing stop losses > take profits > leverages & spreads > profits > withdrawals and so on..
  8. Obviously, those who are making good returns on their investment through trading forex will be more than happier and so that the case with me.. I am also happy as i am making good out of it!
  9. I think it depends on how we treat forex but on the whole i guess it is a pure business of calculations and analysis. Moreover this professional market requires us to avoid mistakes, otherwise we will loose obviously.
  10. Yes exactly it teaches a lot every day and the learning in forex may never be stopped otherwise such traders will become obsolete..
  11. Ok, then isn't it that good to stick with those PAMM managers as long as they are providing good results and then switch to another PAMM manager who has good performance.
  12. I better recommend making a little research while choosing any credible broker to start trading. There are a lot of brokers in the forex trading market but we better choose reputed and regulated broker.
  13. I am currently using MT4 and haven't tried MT5 platform as yet or maybe i will try it once Mt4 become obsolete in future, till then better to be with MT4..
  14. Mostly all of the brokers allows trading during news and that is the best time when a scalper can hedge the market applying scalping techniques. However, new traders should avoid scalping as the market is much riskier and unpredictable during news release session and chances are that they can get their accounts emptied during such time.
  15. Forex trading is obviously risky however we better focus on acquiring the appropriate skills necessary to foresee the associated risks in forex and learning the ways how to manage those risks.