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  1. Of course, one requires the right kind of training. I trade with FreshForex and they provide the in-house training regarding market analytics, news update & views. They are presently offering a very big $2017 no-deposit bonus. I mean who would like to miss this offer to trade in a regulated ECN with near zero spreads with no-re-quotes? It is a risk free offer to explore the broker and even to earn in real-time.
  2. Yeah having a Mini account helps a newbie and those who have lower trading capital. They can trade in real-time and can observe how the market functions. Later with experience & time they can scale it up further. Of course trading with a good broker is absolutely necessary if you really want to survive long and to make regular profits. Some years ago I lost around $200 with IronFx as they became a scammer.
  3. Of course every broker would be different with what they offer! So it would be foolish to expect the same level of services from every broker. The choice of broker is very important as your profits & success depends on it. As a newbie I did not knew this simple concept and lost much money & time. I still remember the money I lost with NovaFx when they scammed and vanished leaving no trace at all!
  4. Broker selection is very much important as your entire trading aspect depends on it. So stick with a good broker like FreshForex with which I trade, then your time & money is well spent. The trading and other supporting conditions are excellent and they help to increase profitability. There are many useable bonuses which add to further flexibility of trading. If you like to write then you can earn $30 per article under “Bonus for an Article”
  5. Forex trading is essentially speculating on the price, exploiting the difference between the bids & ask rate to earn profits! There would be losses too naturally. I am trading with FreshForex which has the ideal conditions for trading like high leverage of 1:500, no minimum deposit, multiple financial markets/assets, educational training, good customer support & fast withdrawals. The 48% Interest per annum is a risk & tension free way to earn passive income!
  6. Yeah a broker just acts like a middleman connecting traders with the financial markets. They might charge a small fee via spread/commission to do that. My broker FreshForex has the lowest of the spreads along with high speed execution. The 101% Tradable Bonus instantly doubles the capital every time you deposit and is margin regulated which means over time you have a very big capital to trade. Along with all the excellent supporting conditions one can only focus on making good trading
  7. Of course, there are big rewards and big risks in forex trading. Generally most people lose money obviously. A good approach & broker would surely help though! I am with FreshForex broker which is regulated ECN broker providing services across forex, stocks and Binary Options. The trading conditions & supporting conditions are excellent, so that one can only focus on trading. The MegaRebate 2.0 Bonus provided rebates up to $20 for each trade which is good side income and increases the overall profitability!
  8. Not a good week for Aussie as it lost around 0.44% despite USD on the mat even though conditions were not supportive to AUD either with commodity prices being low and RBA not helping matters which saw this pair drop a bit. But overall there was not much change even though traders might be looking ahead which is going to become USD based as there is nothing much coming out of Australia next week!
  9. A week of recovery of this pair which saw it gain around 0.4 as against the loss of nearly 2.2% the week to week before. So this is some sort of victory as this pair was caught in the cross fire of JPY strength resulting from global uncertainty, bond & stock markets and other factors. So despite these and holding against such factors making a gain is a remarkable thing. Coming week is expected to be more volatile.
  10. It was the best week for Cable in recent times which gained nearly 2.30%. The record shorts were squeezed when the UK announced snap poll for a general election which though initially sent the pair down but later recovered massively in the “hope” that there might be better Brexit negotiation and even cancellation of it! Looking further, there might be some consolidation at the current price where the price might resume upwardly or go down from here!
  11. It was another week of gain for this pair adding a healthy 1.07%. There were some economic releases from either side of Eurozone & USA but there were other factors at play that were quite dominant. Effects of Euro and USD of other pairs also had an effect on this. Looking forward we have French Elections for first Round this Sunday and it might affect Euro on Monday, more so if the market perceives it to be quite different
  12. It is really nice to see this, as I have many friends living in Brazil, so it should be awesome for them. This is one reason I feel so good with this broker, as there is really just about something for everyone and makes you feel pleased to be work of them.
  13. AUD/USD went shooting down at 0.75 before making the turn, it currently looks more stable with covering fair levels on last day of the week, but there is still a lot happening and it might be right time to give a go for short, it can be seriously beneficial for us.
  14. EUR/JPY picked up massively during last couple of day of the week, it has reach towards 121 levels and is likely to play around the same zone, so there are a lot of things to wait and watch around. It will be extremely important to pick up the right moment in order to gain.
  15. USD/JPY remained steady with the trend hinting towards bullish mark; it is likely remain on same font as we go ahead. So, it can be good chance to enter into buy in the week to come with NFP also playing a major role into it.