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  1. AU has been running mostly downside in last few weeks, but has started the climb and we have seen last few days getting over 100/150 pips to the table. With the way momentum is running, it’s likely that we will see the pair continue on similar lines.
  2. EJ was on the high with Euro running powerfully and gaining nearly 350+ pips, but now it has slowed down somewhat, but otherwise, it is still looking for running very high. It is good time to buy if there is any dip between these levels.
  3. UJ was relatively slow but steady on higher side; It’s highly likely that we are going to continue on running with similar pattern. As there are no major moves ahead today which will make it continue to run neutral but it will change as we go ahead in the week.
  4. GU has really gone high with Dollar on very thin plot, it’s likely to continue. With 1.30 level crossed, it will be interesting if it can sustain that way. So, it is a good time to buy or sell with tight stops because whatever side it runs, it will be for fairly long period.
  5. EU has been gaining great levels as the pair is running towards 1.15 mark, it is likely that we will see movement continue on the day, but we have to be sharp and alert because there might be a turnaround in stores, so need to watch for it.
  6. EU has been gaining great levels as the pair is running towards 1.15 mark, it is likely that we will see movement continue on the day, but we have to be sharp and alert because there might be a turnaround in stores, so need to watch for it.
  7. My Recommendation will be just one and that’s FreshForex broker who are highly supportive and trustworthy especially to do with zero spreads, fast execution, mega rebate and then even 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus, it’s outstanding to operate here. One can even join up with stuff like MetaTrader Coupons, it’s just fascinating.
  8. Never have I seen a broker such active and so caring for traders. Just lock down things for 1 month as per visiting this site and comeback again, it’s certain there will be new feature or addition; it’s what makes this broker so special! Truly blessed working here.
  9. I believe regulation is very crucial and is what makes fair amount of difference with how the broker treats you. If we operate with regulated broker then we will always get great support, but with wrong broker we will always face a lot of issues. I have once worked with non-regulated company in Nova FX and suffered, so never work with broker which is not regulated.
  10. Yeah, I am happy to be part of Forex because this is a sort of business where we can gain greatly if we work with proper strategy. However, it’s possible that this happiness might not remain if we join up with wrong companies like Alpari UK, Etoro and ForexMart who are pure scammers and never let us work well.
  11. The way is simple and that’s to analysis and trade through proper way with tight money management, if we manage it through then we will certainly be able to get it working fine. I like it ever so much more through broker like FreshForex who is forever helping with solid conditions whether with 0 pips spreads, high leverage up to 1:500 or even if with their No Commission on Deposit scheme, it’s just too good.
  12. It is vital to learn well because that is the way forward towards achieving better results. I find it quite fascinating with broker like FreshForex who got 7-step educational setup plus many other guides that helps trader to get into things smoothly. I also feel good with their zero spreads, fast execution, 48% Annum scheme and many other such benefits, it’s absolutely amazing and helps us big time.
  13. I think it’s not possible to work without facing losses or even margin calls, it’s all part of the game and we have to be good at handling it. I am absolutely ready with it and thanks to FreshForex, it’s easier to work it out with their massive Mega Rebate scheme where one is able to get up to 20 dollars per lot size trade, it’s all superb.
  14. When you have less amount of investment then having bonus can be great boost. I am trading with FreshForex with whom, I can do quite well with their 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus, it’s just awesome and helps up with working in every way. I feel extremely good with it and is something through which I can perform ever so nicely. I also feel good with their zero spreads, fast execution and then there is even market analysis available for free, it’s all awesome.
  15. Forex is risky but also highly profitable; it’s just about managing the risk. I do it very nicely with broker like FreshForex who allow us to operate with comfort through various benefits whether to do with 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus or through their latest scheme of Deposit Without Commission!