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  1. AUD/USD went shooting down at 0.75 before making the turn, it currently looks more stable with covering fair levels on last day of the week, but there is still a lot happening and it might be right time to give a go for short, it can be seriously beneficial for us.
  2. EUR/JPY picked up massively during last couple of day of the week, it has reach towards 121 levels and is likely to play around the same zone, so there are a lot of things to wait and watch around. It will be extremely important to pick up the right moment in order to gain.
  3. USD/JPY remained steady with the trend hinting towards bullish mark; it is likely remain on same font as we go ahead. So, it can be good chance to enter into buy in the week to come with NFP also playing a major role into it.
  4. GBP/USD dropped sharply during the week as the pair went towards 1.2150 marks but pulled up towards 1.23 level before closing to do with the positive speeches from major players on Fed table. It is good time for Sell.
  5. EUR/USD this week was bearish in first 4 days, but the last day saw major turn around and the pair jumped nearly 150 pips on the back of Euro finally coming in terms and is very much likely to continue on stable note ahead as well!
  6. Unfortunately, I was out since last 1 week; therefore, I missed out on this Webinar! I feel extremely sad as I really love participating on such webinars! So, is there any recording for it or anything such so people who missed out can perhaps look?
  7. After a lot of struggle and battle in past, I have managed to get into top company like FreshForex, as they do everything in extra-ordinary way from allowing us to get 1 USD For Signing up to 101% Trade Able Deposit Bonus to many such luxuries, it all makes them so good.
  8. I like it but in past, I have faced many issues using freebies especially with brokers like Instaforex, Forexmart and such, as they give us free bonus but only to break our heart with either taking it back or not allowing us to withdraw profits.
  9. Unfortunately yes, I say unfortunately because it was the worst win for me. This is all thanks to Instaforex who are masters of playing with people’s heart and their Anti-Fraud department which decided that I didn’t deserve to win the prize due to reason they don’t consider telling me!
  10. To be fair, I just love having bonus especially with being a scalper myself. I feel absolutely great in every way with FreshForex through their zero spreads, smooth execution and also gigantic offers like 48% Annum, Mega Rebate to get up to 20 dollars or the master piece with 101% Trade Able Deposit Bonus!
  11. It wasn’t tough, as I went simply for brokers that have fair amount of reputation and that’s why I operated with FreshForex, as they are amongst the top companies in the industry servicing since last 12/13 years. Every feature is present here from deposit bonus up to 101% to Mega Rebate and much more, it’s all truly stunning and makes it work beautifully!
  12. Bonus means a lot especially for me, as I have been able to work with extra room and freedom for it, but it is also thanks to FreshForex since their overall service has made the bonus so good. They have extremely simple and straight forward policy which makes it all so much interesting with the bonus been absolutely use able and gives real boost to me!
  13. Although this sounds and looks pretty simple enough, but believe me things are extremely tougher than how they look! This is where we have to be extremely wise with how we deal up with things. I have never found it easy, but I have still left it simple with following the trend and having good money management, it’s backed well by FreshForex, as they have stunning conditions from zero spreads to gigantic deposit bonus which is as high as 101% and is in every word TRADE ABLE!
  14. Bonus is profitable only when it comes from legitimate and reliable broker like FreshForex. I have been joined under them for last 6 years and works with ease and confidence. I love their features especially the eye-shattering Deposit Bonus up to 101%, it’s incredible with allowing us to USE it as well!
  15. I am really not sure why anyone is going to join up with ForexMart, as the execution rate with them is slower than tortoise. I worked with them through their free bonus and it was totally forgettable experience for me with massive slippage and re quote being constant feature! I will not even suggest it to my enemies!