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  1. My advice for newbies will be that we need to plan out well. If our plans are right then we will do really well. I trade with FreshForex, who gives me great benefit with their 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus and have no restrictions at all.
  2. beginners traders love scalpling

    Scalping is a sort of technique that can easily be termed as gambling if we are not having proper way for it. So, it is absolutely must that we have proper way for scalping instead of blindly darting. I do it all pretty carefully and due to FreshForex, I have found it a lot easier. They have zero spreads, fast execution and even Mega Rebate program that help getting up to 20 USD per lot size trade!
  3. Which Broker we need ?

    The simplest logic for quality broker is regulation and their credibility in the market which makes it all very important. I am joined with FreshForex and the kind of service they provide and the resources given to traders, it’s highly admirable and makes one feel absolutely awesome in every way!
  4. Risk in Forex

    Risk management is extremely crucial because it is one way for us to succeed and without this on the right side, it is almost impossible to succeed. I do it rather perfectly with FreshForex, as they have brilliant 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus, it’s amazing and comes with no restrictions at all. I really get solid help through this in my risk management deal.
  5. Best Forex Broekr

    Best Broker is one that we can rely and trust upon. It also starts from regulation and reputation which is where my broker FreshForex is the BEST with having zero spreads, over 120 instruments, fast execution and then there is even 101% tradable deposit bonus too, so it really helps me working. They even got outstanding $200 No Deposit Bonus offer, it really makes them so special.
  6. The Fear of lossing Money

    Fear is always there and it is impossible to completely remove it. We just need to make sure we work it out in proper way and it will allow us to grow well. I believe we need to select things very carefully and join up with companies that we can trust. The biggest fear is when there is broker like Instaforex, who scam us badly and causes all problems.
  7. Past of forex.

    It is must to be aware of everything in business like Forex, as it is next to impossible to succeed without that. I too had horrible past with brokers like Instaforex, Alpari and such, but I learned and have come out from such dark past!
  8. Get paid for Article

    This was something that was never thought before but FreshForex has made sure that we have every option at our disposal to use. And, that’s why this $20 for writing an article is available here. We can get $20 bonus for an article, so try it now!
  9. Want to get extra profits?

    No one hates the EXTRA thing and thanks to FreshForex, it’s now possible to get EXTRA with Megarebate 2.0 promotion. With this, it is possible for us to get up to 20 USD per lot size trade which is just unbelievable and really makes life easier for all involved! So try it today and make working easy.
  10. Commission problem? No more!

    Having to pay commission has always been very frustrating, but now thanks to FreshForex, it’s no longer an issue. With them there are no commissions on deposit which makes our work a lot easier and we can trade confidently without any other worry in our head!
  11. PushUp Bonus $200 – FREE!

    Starting was always difficult but it has become a lot easier now which is only thanks to FreshForex with offering $200 No Deposit Bonus, it’s sensational and makes it all so easy to work with especially for beginners. So, this is what allows us to begin in ideal way!
  12. There are many bonuses offered to us by various companies, but most of them are good for nothing and hardly usable. But, now thanks to FreshForex, it is possible for us to work with one such bonus that’s not only usable but also free of restrictions. So try it today!
  13. FreshForex.com - Best promotion for traders!

    It’s really nice to have risk free schemes like no deposit bonus, as it is something that really helps one to start and even for existing customers like me can play it nicely without fear of losing.
  14. Yes, I did felt like giving up when I was troubled and scammed by Instaforex, but I went through that phase and now, I don’t feel like quitting instead I enjoy things!
  15. 100% transparent Bonus from LQDFX

    If bonuses were the only requirement then you can pick this broker, but unfortunately this is not the major requirement, so that’s why we need to pick quality broker that we can trust. And, I am sorry LQDFX is not the ANSWER. It’s not reliable at all if you read reviews on internet.