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  1. This pair has been in very much down trend in recent weeks, but there was good pickup before the market closed last week. It can be the sign of the trend shifting, but we need to make sure we have right money management in order to gain.
  2. This pair has been gaining very well since last 3-4 weeks, it is likely that we will see the trend continuing on same field, but there might be some sort of reversal which means it is good chance if we want to sell it, but need to be done with right level of money management.
  3. This pair has been steadily gaining high, it has somewhat hit roadblock with some dip in last day of the week, but overall things have turned out well. However, the expectations are to have switch in direction and it could be good time to have sell for it.
  4. This pair has been gaining well over the past couple of weeks with touching near 1.30 levels first time since Brexit fiasco, but has again dropped somewhat, it is unlikely that we will see the 1.30 level cross over so quickly, so might be good opportunity for getting into short.
  5. This pair has been in very much mixed trend, as there have been no major gains. It is likely that with high expectations over June Rate Hike, it will make the pair dip, but with many political scenes happening, there is not much to be said with certainty.
  6. Selection of broker is something that is very important because if we are not secure with our investment then we will not be able to perform up to the mark. I am very fortunate in this regard, as I am with FreshForex who are servicing since last 12/13 years and have excellent reputation. The facilities present here are top notch whether you talk about trade able deposit bonus or my favorite 2017 USD No Deposit Bonus, it’s all sensational by every mean!
  7. Grisha, I am not using the rebate program, as I have 101% Trade Able Bonus activated, but I think this offer is still valid, so you can try it! Or just check it with their customer service.
  8. I won’t even dare to invest with such company or else it will be a massive losing cause. TryMarkets are not even properly regulated so let alone anything else. If we are not careful with investment then we will have massive difficulty managing things!
  9. I believe we need to be very wise with where we put our investment, as it is something that can make huge difference. I made mistake investing under broke like Instaforex and IronFX, but I have learned from that error and it has helped me with performance.
  10. The greatest thing about Forex is that we can do it according to our own schedule and our own liking. This is not how one can work on with other businesses or work. For me, it’s double positive with FreshForex having every feature and facility you can desire from tight spreads at 0 pips, fast execution, and deposit bonus up to 101% that is tradable and then there is also market analysis. It all works terrifically well!
  11. It is not just about tips, but there is a lot to look at when it comes to any broker. If we want to be successful then we need to have proper education and experience to work it out. I do it all smoothly through FreshForex to do with the luxurious setting from zero spreads, high leverage and then there is also 101% Trade Able Deposit Bonus and even 2017 USD No Deposit Bonus available as well!
  12. I am trading with FreshForex, it’s a regulated company but more than that, it’s highly reputed one as well, it is really the biggest thing for me. But above all, it’s also having every facility and feature one can desire, it’s from zero spreads, quick execution, deposit bonus up to 101%, No Deposit Bonuses, Market Analysis and all such things, it’s truly stunning!
  13. Spread is important, but spread alone is not any big deal. We need to make sure we go with broker that we can rely and trust upon, as only then we will be able to gain and succeed. I am with the best in FreshForex, as they are highly rated and have excellent luxuries. This count for zero spreads, over 120 instruments, mega rebate and all such themes, it’s fabulous!
  14. Of course, one requires the right kind of training. I trade with FreshForex and they provide the in-house training regarding market analytics, news update & views. They are presently offering a very big $2017 no-deposit bonus. I mean who would like to miss this offer to trade in a regulated ECN with near zero spreads with no-re-quotes? It is a risk free offer to explore the broker and even to earn in real-time.
  15. Yeah having a Mini account helps a newbie and those who have lower trading capital. They can trade in real-time and can observe how the market functions. Later with experience & time they can scale it up further. Of course trading with a good broker is absolutely necessary if you really want to survive long and to make regular profits. Some years ago I lost around $200 with IronFx as they became a scammer.