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  1. UIA - www.uia.net.au

    Do you know about UIA? UIA is the world's leading mobile money company. UIA empowers human life by enabling the world's five billion connected mobile phones with the ability to make money and conduct secure electronic financial transactions through one system, one time and one world currency™. UIA owns the world's largest mobile money network consisting of 560,000 agents across 204 countries in 4500 cities worldwide, delivering financial services such as money transfers, money requests and loans. http://www.uia.net.au/uia/
  2. E-Gold - E-Gold.com

    The Egold balance on the accounts is capped to gold and with increasing gold price our balance will increasing. The main problem with Egold is that nobody will accept, exchange or let your invest Egold balance because Egold is having no value. Egold members access their account, but if they have forgotten their password they need to proof it by document what will be sent to their residental adress.
  3. Payza - Payza.com

    Alertpay can bring your money back if you have deposit and lost money into scam programs. They will book the money up from the account of the admin and will credit the money back to your Alertpay account. This is the reason why it is possible to have negative balance with Alertpay.
  4. PayPal - Paypal.com

    Paypal is recommendable exchange because they can bring your money back when you have been scammed or someone have booked up money from your Paypal account unauthorized, I have get scammed by an exchanger and after submitting and escalating a claim they have decided in my favour and refunded the money to me.
  5. Do something good every day!

    I really like your idea to support children, people and animals what are needing help.
  6. I am having one question about the Pension Plan. Do we need to fill out, sign in and sent back an agreement to be egible to get this money sum paid to our bank account?
  7. LiteForex.com

    Lite forex is a good forex brokers for beginners, intermediates and professionals in forex market. They are offering live support per chat to talk to one of their representatives or per contact form.
  8. Investing

    Gold is a very secure and stable investment. It would be the best for you to buy Gold direct in form of buillions and coins or depositing into a managed Gold investment fund. This kind of funds are allowing you security and good results also if the gold course will fall because the fonds managers will check and can act fastly. The deposit limit to Gold investment funds is lower than buying real gold.
  9. Why Start Currency Forex Market Trading?

    Is it right that forex is a good place to earn money. But you should be careful with earning much money in short time because if you get to greedy in forex you will pass chances or loose your deposits.
  10. Lot and lot size...

    This is also depending from the knowledge and experience of the trader. New trader will choose micro lot accounts because they can start with 1 $ and 1:100 leverage. Experienced traders will choose standard lot accounts with higher deposits and lots. But forex professionals will choose big lots because they would like to deposit high amounts and choose the right leverage to generate high pips.
  11. Yes it is possible because this is kind of promotions for new traders to open a account with them. You can open a real trading standard lot account and use this money to create as much profit as you can. You will be able to keep and withdraw your profit you create from this free 100 $, but not your free 100 $.
  12. It is right that everybody can win with forex. But you can loose a lot of money with forex. This means that it is not the luck and your will to win what is deciding if you will earn with forex and how successful you will be with this market. Another important indicators are learn and practical training, good planning, risk management, earning and target setting.
  13. Need help for Gold and Silver Investment.

    Gold and Silver are a good choice for investment because there value is stable and will increase over years. I suggest you to start Gold and silver coins or bullions. Better start with a Gold and buy a five gram gold bullion when the gold price is very low. See how much you will only earn over some month when the gold price is increasing again and reach new records. If this have been happened, you can sell your 5 gramm gold buillion and can buy a 10 gram gold buillion.
  14. Buy or sell...

    You need to be clever in forex market this means to check the current prices and changes of prices. You will see get the best values and see the best results if you buy when the market have just opened and if you sell some minutes before the market is going to close.
  15. New to forex

    I have earned 5.000 $ but for letting trading someone my money. I personally have only lost a few dollars by trying to learn and trade a real trading Marketiva account. I still need to learn a lot and stay interested and encouraged in forex market.