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  1. Dear Customers, 24pay.me wishing You all the best during the Easter holidays coming! Please be informed that due to the Easter hoildays the following exchange directions processing time may vary from the standard regulations: - Withdrawal on Visa/MC cards - all transactions made on the period of Friday April, 14th- Monday 17th, April, 2017 will be processed on Tuesday 18th April, 2017. - Operations with wire transfers - April, 14th - 17th are holiday days in our bank, all the transfer operations will be performed on Tuesday 18th April. - Other orders for manual exchange submitted on April, 17th may be processed within several hours delay. - Orders for automated exchange - without delays. Also, Customer Support's Live Chat and Skype will be unavailable on April, 15th-17th.
  2. Good news for those who make business in China. You can exchange Your BTC, LTC, Perfect Money or OKPay directly to UnionPay cards and Alipay accounts. Moreover You don't need to perform any registration, and the exchange process is fully simplified.
  3. This week special offer - Exchange BTC and LTC to most popular payment systems with just 1% fee! Bitcoin=> Perfect Money USD - 1% Bitcoin=> Perfect Money EUR - 1% Bitcoin=> Alipay CNY - 1% Litecoin=> Perfect Money USD - 1% Litecoin=> Perfect Money EUR - 1% Litecoin=> Alipay CNY - 1% Litecoin=> OKPay USD - 1%
  4. Just a small reminder that we have own 4-level Affilate Program, that allows to receive up to 13% of income from attracted users orders! If You're a blogger, website owner or active user of forum and want to receive a pleasured bonus to the primary earnings without breaking a sweat, then our AP is for You! Banners that meet every need are also in set :)
  5. Spring is coming (sorry, Australia :D ) and it's the time for new plans, expectations and actions. Everything is growing up - plants, trees, outdoor temperature and cryptocurrencies stock rates. Bitcoin, for example is being traded at price of ounce of gold and continues to rise. As for us we have accumulated within the winter the big reserves of Bitcoin (up to 100 BTC), Litecoin (>20k LTC) and BTC-e codes. And they are available right now for exchange by the best rates and within the shortest terms of automatic processing!
  6. BTC bet the all-time peak! Where it will move further - up or down? Are you gonna withdraw or buy?
  7. Chinese stocks have stopped Bitcoin and Litecoin withdrawal, but we have not :) We'll exchange any amount of BTC or LTC within reserves and send a transfer through Paypal, MG or Visa/Mastercard USD and EUR!
  8. Payweb Sale Week! Exchange up to 2000 USD worth of PM, BTC, LTC, OKPay, BTC_e or eCoin.eu codes to Payweb with 0% fee!
  9. Best rates and terms for Bitcoin and Litecoin withdrawal on Paypal USD accs, Visa/MC USD and EUR, MG USD money transfer and a brand new BTC=>Wire USD/EUR directions!
  10. Hot No fees for BTC, LTC, BTC-e USD and BTC_e EUR automatic exchange to Perfect Money USD or EUR!
  11. Bought BTC for 700 USD and sold for 1k? - well done! Now it's time to withdraw the profit: BTC-e USD=>PM USD - 0% BTC-e USD=>Visa/MC USD - 4% BTC-e USD=>Paypal USD - 4% BTC-e USD=>MG USD - 5%
  12. There are a few days left in 2016 before we enter the new 2017 year. What have we done for you in 2016: 1. We have configured and run the automatic processing of orders for all directions where it is possible. System processes your order within just 1-2 minutes and you can immediately use your funds in any time of the day or night. Check it out 2. New types of exchange have been launched on the website, including such currencies like the BTC-e EURO, Qiwi, Alipay, CUP. And this is not the end, there will be new directions in 2017. We also added the option of the electronic money withdrawal by means of MoneyGram USD. 3. To improve the security of Your 24pay accounts two-factor login has been configured. After you install the application in your phone and set it up, it will be possible to use a second factor to enter the personal profile on 24pay.me. In this way your account will be fully protected from cracking and your personal data will remain safe. 4. We have performed a hard website optimization work in order to make interface more informative and understandable for the rapid exchange. We've added more tips, simplified requirements for filling fields, reduced the number of required fields for the order placing to a minimum. We are also constantly working to add the most recent and most useful content to meet any user queries regarding payment systems, working with them, their use, etc. We congratulate you with the Winter Holidays coming! Let the New Year bring all you can ever wish. And we will help you move towards your goals, giving the best that we have. Thank you for being with us!
  13. We'll exchange BTC-e USD to PM USD and Bitcoin to Perfect Money USD with 0% fee. You pay for PM transaction costs only!
  14. We are pleased to announce that starting from December, 8th we are making Western Union money transfers again! Minimum transfer amount is 500$, max is 1250$ (accordingly 520 and 1200$ for LTC and BTC wihdrawals). Transfer is sent within 2-3 business hours after order is paid. Western union money transfer is a great option to receive enough cash for Christmas and New Year gifts purchase.
  15. Withdraw your e-currencies on Visa, Mastercard, Paypal or Moneygram now to be cashed up for Xmas and NY gifts purchases!