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  1. From all trading tips I think most important is to trade in a demo account for all kinds of traders in particularly the newcomers. In my trading career after passing a long time I still depend on demo trading; first of all I use all my trading strategies in my demo account to see the performance how it works. This trading approach always helps me to lead a comfortable trading life with certainly.
  2. In Fx trading, learning is not easy despite of having too many sources including pips school, learning sometimes boning and usually new traders get tempts to start trading without enough knowledge and become fascinated with the way of trading live which may cause laziness and trapped by wishful thinking get rich quickly scheme
  3. Forex Result

    In the present world, Forex trading business is a standard way of money making, but it’s not easy! Here more than 90% traders are struggling for making regular money from this financial market! But it’s true, good skilled Forex traders are enjoying this trading profession a lot, because they easily can identify the difference between safe and risky entry points of market!
  4. The Best Time to Trade Forex...

    Really Forex is too much tough for the traders who are in particularly newbie. So, obviously a new trader should work hard to achieve the market easily. they should make a best strategy for themselves . they should spend most of their time in analyzing Forex market because it will increase their knowledge of analysis. They also should practice much on demo account to make their trading easy. Then they should choose a right and reputed broker for them .
  5. Looking for Better spreads broker ?

    There are many important financial tool in Fx trading that we the traders check when choosing a broker, from all trading elements I think leverage is mainly considered as an important financial tool which an investor should consider when choosing a broker. It always contains more risk, so before using ay kinds of leverage it is more appropriate to acquire proper risk management policy.
  6. High leverage

    Actually , in Fx trading leverage are being choose according to the amount you are having which is your capital , moreover leverage is not a must so one can also trade normally without it. Using a stable leverage will also maximize ones profit and also maximize loss at same time, different brokers has their own leverage.
  7. Beginners Emotions

    There is nobody who can predict the real faction of this market with certainly. So this is very risk trading place where 90% traders are loser. We the traders first of all have to make sure the best trading environment for acquiring proper trading knowledge. And besides good trading knowledge it is more important to ensure a reliable support from a credible trading broker, because the trading broker can affects the result of our trading with certainly.
  8. have you used MTI Markets ?

    The trading broker can play a vital role in Forex trading. That’s why choosing a right broker is really important task from all. but right now it is too much to difficult to make sure a reliable broker , because there are almost thousands online broker are available in this retail market and most of them are found to be cams. So, when choosing a broker we the traders have to be in cool mind.
  9. How to make money in Forex

    I have seen according to my trading experience mostly traders depend on demo trading for acquiring proper basic information about trading; I think it would be better if we newcomers take Babypips school for acquiring real fundamental experience instead of demo account. This trading place always makes sure all basic information with essential terms and conditions.
  10. Which broker do you trust to invest your money ?

    Maximum newcomers like to depend on scalping strategy that brings profit within a short time , if you want to get more profit by this short time trading approach first of all you have to make sure the lowest trading spreads , otherwise it is not possible at all to make profit with consistency at all by using this trading strategy in spite of good trading knowledge.
  11. Forex Trade For Future Business

    If you can make sure good trading knowledge by learning, keep great patience with survive real money and risk mangling plan powerful trading strategies real trading analysis I think to enter the Forex will be successful with certainly. otherwise you can be loser
  12. Leverage and spreads

    in Fx trading from all trading elements leverage is an important financial tool which an investor should consider when choosing a broker. practically leverage allows an investor to grow his market exposure to a level that exceeds the initial investments.
  13. Beginners Emotions

    Beginners always trade with emotions which are mainly considered as a foremost enemy in Forex trading. and they never like to use SL as well TP. These immature bad trading habits always fall them a great trouble. And they always use high leverage without any trading plan. They have to remove these trading habits otherwise they will become loser with certainly.
  14. Is Forex a challenging business?

    According to me, the trading can be easier if you have proper trading plan , real money managing approach , knowing the ability how to manage risk , real time of using Stop Loss , proper trading analysis and much more. Otherwise not.
  15. Use our Money to Trade

    A number of novice traders start their live trading too earlier before completing their task in demo! That’s the main reason of 90% faultier statistic in Forex! I see, which traders are making right now handsome money in their live account, they all of used their demo account more than one year! So, if you want to enjoy their live trading, spend enough time in your demo!