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  1. Advantages of Forex trading

    Nice to know that you are happy with your broker, but we are here discussing about the advantages of the Forex Trading and not about the brokers. SO it would be good if you share some relevant advantages to do it.
  2. Why Less is More in Forex Trading

    That's good strategy you have got there. In Forex we do need to have some good amount of practice with bits of strategies to become successful in the Forex Trading.
  3. Introduction to Fundamental Analysis...

    That's good to know that you have found a good broker for you. But then also, before any trader get involved with any broker, they should have a proper research before getting involved into any such broker.
  4. The Basics...

    I believe that Forex Trading, not at revolve around the Brokers. It all depends upon our trading skills, you need to enhance it to improvise your trade.
  5. Depending on forex only?!

    The trouble is that there are many brokers available online and most of them have hired the freelancers to do their promotions, in this situation, it becomes very much hectic to choose the good broker from a scamy one.
  6. Manage money.

    Nice to see that you guys have found the one broker who is beneficial for you, I would really like to get along, but I am trying ot learn about trading manually.
  7. how to earn online?

    There are many ways to make some good money online, but for me atleast the best way to do it is the Forex Trading.
  8. I think this is a Forex related Forum, so it would be good if we post some relevant matters in here. Thank You.
  9. The importance of Forex trading strategy

    Well that's quite a nice to know that two freelancers are agreed with each other on the promotion of their brokers.
  10. Do not depend of luck depend on you.

    Yeah, you could never depend on the luck while trading in the Forex Trading, you need to have lots and lots of knowledge and experience and skills.
  11. Depending on forex only?!

    Forex Trading is a very risky and thus we need to have more than one sources of income so that we could survive, when we lose a lot in Forex.
  12. What is Forex?

    Forex Trading is the best way to make some good money online, but it is never going to be an easy task, you need to have a good amount practice, to survive in this risky Market.
  13. What is Forex?

    That's nice to hear it that you are making money with this broker, but I would make it double sure if I were you, as I have heard this name in the scam sections of some forums, good luck ahead
  14. Manage money.

    Yeah, you need to have proper money management and risk management skills to survive in the Forex Trading as it is quite risky.
  15. Is it really a hard task to trade in forex market ?

    There are lots of ways to deal in with the Forex Trading and we need to learn it properly in the Demo Practice before getting into the real world of Forex.