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  1. The kind of forex training.

    I prefer to have practical practice, then to invest time in theoretical practice. You need to have lots and lots of practice to become successful in Forex Trading.
  2. Is Forex trading Risky?

    Agreed! It is very much risky, and but if we learn it properly and get control over the emotions and develop some skills like risk management and money management, then this risk will turn into the rewards.
  3. What does need successful trading?

    Forex needs lots of knowledge and skills that could help us to achieve success in it, like Risk Management, Money Management and lots more. Thus you need to understand that if you wanna achieve success in Forex, you cannot avoid learning.
  4. Manual trading or robot

    There are many brokers in Forex and it is not at all necessary that if the one broker is beneficial for a trader, will be beneficial for each and every one of them, so it is better that we could just learn how to trade manually than to rely on such brokers.
  5. Gains and losses.

    Yes, We need to consider the Loss as the stepping stone towards success. You need to understand that if you really wanna survive in Forex, you need to focus on profits and learn from the losses incurred.
  6. Forex trade is risky or easy?

    That's good to know, but I prefer trading manually, though the bots may help you sometimes, but it also grabs the control from our hands and I don't like that.
  7. Forex trade is risky or easy?

    Risk is going to be any business you be in, and here the risks means the reward. Thus we need to take risks if we wanna achieve success,
  8. Gains and losses.

    Yeah there are many things in Forex that are needed to be considered if you wanna become successful in Forex Trading.
  9. Forex trade is risky or easy?

    Risky for those, who are not having proper knowledge and experience and skills and vice versa. It is not a thing that you could presume to do it within a month or two, you need to have proper practice in order to become successful in it.
  10. Are you afraid of losing in forex?

    We should never afraid of losing, instead we should take it as a stepping stone towards success, as you cannot become successful, without making errors.
  11. Introduction To Online Forex Trading

    OF course and apart from that we also have Forex Schools like babypips and FPA. You can gain proper knowledge there before getting involved into the real trading.
  12. Are you afraid of losing in forex?

    There are lots of brokers, online, you need to have proper research and select the one which is beneficial for you after much research.
  13. Are you afraid of losing in forex?

    Risk is in each and every type of business, and in Forex Market, it is a bit more, but we don't need to be panic, instead we need to focus on our trades and improve it.
  14. Forex trade is risky or easy?

    Risk is everywhere and in Forex it is a bit more, thus we don't need to be panic with it, we need to calm our mind and manage the risks, in such a way that we could make the most of it.
  15. how to earn online?

    There are many ways to earn through online, but the best way atleast for me. It is the main source of my income and though it is too much risky, it is too much rewarding too.