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  1. The forex market is active at all times through out the week though most brokers shut down their servers during the week ends. The busiest forex market hours are usually during the London and New Your forex market sessions. However there are sometimes exceptions, and this may be due to fundamental factors.
  2. The surest way to lose your money quickly in the forex market is trading live forex account without adequate forex trading skills and experience. This accounts for the reason why many traders apparently lose during forex trading. You can rise above the crowd by learning and practicing using demo account until you can earn consistent profits, before trading live account.
  3. Being professional in forex trading involves applying discipline to your trading and being methodical. This rules out the possibility of trading under the influence of emotion. Such attitude will contribute to your survival and progress in the forex market.
  4. Most successful forex traders are very disciplined and this is no coincidence. Any trader that desires success in forex trading has to make conscious efforts to cultivate the virtue of discipline, and it can hardly be attained without this.
  5. Demo trading always provides an opportunity to learn. A weekly demo contest such as MoneyFall by Forexmart , provides an excellent opportunity for traders to practice in a competitive setting without any risk and win real cash paid into real live trading account.
  6. Sometimes, a trader can make profits during forex trading out of sheer luck, but this this cannot be sustained for long. The way to trade profitably on a consistent basis is to master the ability to earn profits under varying forex market conditions.
  7. Increasing our profits in forex trading requires good forex trading skills and the application of these skills during trading. When you choose a reliable and honest broker, there will be no need to worry about being cheated by your broker.
  8. Free real money from demo contest implies that the trader stands to be rewarded while practicing in a safe environment where real money cannot be lost, as well as learning while competing with other traders. ForexMart offers weekly demo contest called MoneyFall, where free real money can be won to both new and old clients .
  9. Swing trading requires the ability of the trader to determine medium to long term price direction in the forex market. This makes it difficult for in experienced beginners who do not yet possess the ability to perform long term price analysis. It is best for skilled and experienced traders.
  10. The reasons why most traders lose during forex trading can be traced to lack of adequate forex trading skills. Learning forex and ensuring that you can earn consistent profits on demo account before trading live account will surely help.
  11. The more trick a trader knows the better. Knowing most tricks will enable a trader to rise to most challenges that could arise in the forex market in the course of forex trading, and have a very high probability of making profitable trades.
  12. Forex trading can be a very profitable venture, but you need to have the requisite skills and experience in order to be able to trade profitably and earn consistent profits from the forex market. This requires learning and practice as well as determination.
  13. Deposit bonus is quite welcome as long as the conditions attached to it will not cripple the trader. I even prefers No Deposit Bonus because it is just about the best bonus that a trader can wish for. Forexmart offers No Deposit Bonus of up to $300 to its new clients.
  14. There are many good techniques that can be employed by a trader to enter the forex market, and some of them belongs among the best of them. However, a trader needs to practice a technique thoroughly on demo account to ensure that it works well for the trader's trading style, before using it on live forex account.
  15. Paypal is not a convenient means of payment in most countries due to the terms and conditions imposed by paypal administrators on users from most countries. So, this could be the reason why most brokers do not bother to include Paypal as a means of deposit and withdrawal from forex trading accounts.