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  1. Super Forex company news

    Partnership program We invite you to register in the SuperForex Affiliate Program and start receiving income from the involved traders. The purpose of this program is the joint and mutually beneficial promotion of our brand. We offer the following conditions: - Up to 75% commission - one of the highest commission levels on the market! - Reliability of tracking of partner engagements - 6-level referral program - High conversion - about 30% of site visitors are registered and about 15% of them start trading. - A convenient partner office that allows you to track clicks and trade with partner links in real time - Availability of a partnership program manager Read more: https://superforex.com/partnership-program
  2. Super Forex company news

    Holy apple winners Dear friends! The contest "Holy Apples" is over and we are happy to congratulate the winners! We thank all the participants and ask those who were unlucky this time to not be discouraged, because you never know where your luck is waiting for you. Valuable prizes are already being prepared for sending to the winners' addresses. Those wishing to win are invited to take part in our new competitions and promotions. Continue to trade, maybe it will be your turn soon to become a winner! Thank you for choosing SuperForex! https://youtu.be/eT1kFSYTIFU
  3. Super Forex company news

    USD / JPY Technical analysis The pair was lost impulse. Fed decision on interest rates was published yesterday, as expected, the rate was raised by 25 basis points to 2%. During the publication, we observed a sharp jump in the dollar on the chart. More information see here
  4. Super Forex company news

    USD/SEK: review and forecast Investors are waiting for increase of the FED rate. The deals to BUY seems most effective at the moment The rates continue in the frames of the upward trend. Despite the fact that on the chart we can see signs of the trend reversal in the near future, it is unlikely to happen in the near future amid reducing geopolitical tensions and increasing demand for risky assets. More information see here
  5. Super Forex company news

    Social Responsibility in Malang Employees of the company held a charity event to help children with disabilities and orphans living in Malang, Indonesia. Employees presented gifts and other things to children. This mission was especially pleasant and exciting for us and for the children. This day is an occasion for adults to think about disadvantaged and orphaned children, to provide them with all possible help and support, and to send them a warm message, because the most precious thing in our life is the happy and joyful faces of children. You can find more information about our events here: https://superforex.com/social-responsibility
  6. Super Forex company news

    Сharity event in Kuala Lumpur Superforex held a charity event in Kuala Lumpur on June 9. Such charity events have become traditional for our company. Already for two years our company has been providing its feasible assistance in collecting the necessary things for people who find themselves in difficult life circumstances. Such events are a good tradition and give all people the opportunity to help those who need it. According to the participants in our charity event, it was a very important and memorable day. You can find more information about our events here: https://superforex.com/social-responsibility
  7. Super Forex company news

    2018 G7 Summit The United States will have no friend during this year's meeting, it seems. Today marks the opening of a two-day G7 summit in La Malbaie, Canada. The summit will be attended by representatives of the G7: PM Justin Trudeau (Canada), President Emmanuel Macron (France), Chancellor Angela Merkel (Germany), newly-elected PM Giuseppe Conte (Italy), PM Shinzo Abe (Japan), PM Theresa May (UK), President Trump (US), and the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker together with the President of the European Council Donald Tusk (European Union). More information see here
  8. Super Forex company news

    Trading Instruments Forex trading is very diverse, and of course, during the trading process, traders use all kinds of Forex market instruments. In addition to currency pairs, we also offer other trading tools that are able to bring a guaranteed income to the market player. It should be noted that trading with the help of some tools will be even less risky than using the same currency pairs. Forecasting trades where various Forex trading tools are used is also much easier. At your disposal are more than 400 tools, which include: Currency pairs Metals Futures Shares Indices, and more. Read more: https://superforex.com/trading-instruments
  9. Super Forex company news

    The Trade War is Starting The US has decided to slam the EU, Mexico, and Canada with tariffs, alongside China. The White House proved to be deaf once again as they refused to heed warnings from foreign politicians and international organizations like the WTO, who all have talked about how a global trade war would be terrible for the economy. More information see here
  10. Super Forex company news

    Pattern Graphix Using Pattern Graphix will help you determine not only the best moments for entry and exit from positions, but also where to put stop-loss and take-profit orders. This EA helps you to save your money and even multiply your profit. Choosing the most common methods of trading can save time, money, and effort. With the help of clear customization of common and simple niche methods, customers can develop an effective trading plan using our Pattern Graphix, with recommendations that appear regularly and can be easily tracked even by traders with little previous experience. Read more: https://superforex.com/pattern-graphix
  11. Super Forex company news

    EUR/AUD Technical Analysis The EUR is under pressure due to new political instability. However, the deals to BUY still seem the most effective after investors have already considered the new political risks. For the last two months the trend has changed to a downward one. Political instability and the associated risks for the Eurozone are returning to the EU. More information see here
  12. Super Forex company news

    SuperForex Charity As part of our Social Responsibility program, we at SuperForex continue to support various charities around the world, and are constantly on the lookout for new causes that can benefit from our help. It is crucial for a leading company like SuperForex to give back to the world and share its profits with the less fortunate. In our desire to help out those in need, we recently conducted a small charity event in Johan Setia, Klang. SuperForex CEO Vladimir Syrov, together with our local partners purchased important supplies that included food, household items, and sanitary products, and delivered them to a poor family from Johan Setia. Full Report - https://superforex.com/social-responsibility
  13. Super Forex company news

    US – North Korea Summit Canceled More uncertainty is seen across the markets amid this news. When North Korea decided to cancel a meeting with the South last minute, speculations arose that Kim Jong Un might be changing his mind regarding peace and openness. The DPRK government then criticized the United States for flaunting their own military prowess during a joint exercise in South Korea and put peace talks with their southern counterparts and with the United States in doubt. More information see here
  14. Super Forex company news

    Internal Transfer We are happy to announce that we are launching a new functionality to make your trading operations even smoother and easier: Internal Transfers. Thanks to this new tool our clients will now be able to transfer funds directly between their accounts. That is, if you own multiple SuperForex accounts and you have made a deposit to only one of them, you can now take some of that money and send it to a different account you own. You can find the Internal Transfer functionality in the Client’s Cabinet on the left-hand side menu, under the section Financial Operations. We hope this would significantly improve your trading experience with SuperForex. Good luck! Make a Transfer - https://my.superforex.com/login-client
  15. Super Forex company news

    Trump Displeased The head of the White House announced that he did not have high hopes for the upcoming June 12 meeting in Singapore with Kim Jong-un. He also said that he did not want to spend too much time with his opponent, amid the uncertainty of talks between South and North Korea. More information see here