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  1. EURJPY Technical Outlook & no more Bears in the Market Our recent report about EURJPY on March 14, we recommend you selling the pair around 122.50 when it was trading nearly to the downside trend line and we saw the pair has declined more than 300 pips and achieved our targets so today we’ll have a look the same pair again because it maybe change the future trend. The pair is trading now at 120.10 which is strong support area because it has a trend line which has started on October 21, and it has too a correction percentage 61.8% Fibonacci from the rising wave which started from 118.20 to 122.85 so, we predict to move up a little in this tight area, but the pair is still trading below the SMA50 which is resistance moving level, the MACD is still in sell signal but the Stochastic indicator made accumulation movement and gave us a buy signal which is considered an early signal for us. The Next Few Days From this analysis, we can close our sell positions with +320 pips and take a buy order after the pair touched the rising trend line and keep our first target at 120.80 and the second one at the downside trend line at 122.15 that in case the pair still trading above 119.30 This week the market doesn’t have hot news from the EU or Japan so the market will be in poor volatility in the next trading days. Read more reviews at https://superforex.com/analytics
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  4. Technical analysis of the currency pair EUR/USD on 23.03.2017. The daily chart General analysis At the end of last week currency pair EUR/USD has broken through the resistance level at 1.07800. Over the last month, this level was a significant barrier of the price growth. Meanwhile the resistance 1.07800was an upper bound of the price channel 1.07800-1.05500. After breaking through the level the price has fixed above the level and now it shows so called "back testing". According to the rules of technical analysis the possible price movement due to the penetration of the resistance line is measured by channel height. So we can see the dollar at 1.08500 in the near future. Stochastic indicator shows us a clear Buy but the signal line is already included in the overbought zone. Next few days We recommend to open long positions on EUR/USD after the start of the upward movement from support at 1.07800. The point of entry must be sought at hour and half hour timeframes. You can open a buy position after formation of "doji" near the support or other reversal figures. We recommend to set up S / L order at 1.07500.
  5. NZD/JPY: short market review and forecast After the brief flat trend, the rates of the NZD/USD has returned to the downward trend. The Japanese yen continues to strengthen, while the New Zealand dollar is losing positions against all currencies. In particular, JPY has got support thanks the published data about the increased volume of exports, which in February rose by 11.3%, while the import grew only by 1.2%. Trade balance, adjusted for seasonal fluctuations, was 0,68. These indicators exceeded the forecasts and show good potential for the Japanese economy. For the NZD we haven't received any data which could impact the rates and change the situation for NZD. Last week, data about GDP only disappointed investors more because the growth was only 0.4%, against expected growth 0.7%. But today we expect important data from the RNBZ and their decision about the interest rate. It is expected that interest rate won't be changed and left at 1.75%. Also, on Friday will be information about the volume of exports and imports in New Zealand. Investors are positive in these indicators, in particular, expect a positive trade balance for the first time since June 2016. Considering the forecasts for the NZD, it is possible to assume that in the evening we expect a price correction as a minimum. The New Zealand dollar will stop falling, and the quotes will go to the resistance line. Oscillators MACD and Stochastics unanimously confirm that now the best moment to open the deals to BUY, upon short-term trading. Learn more at https://superforex.com/analytics
  6. GBP/CAD Technical Outlook after the CPI A few minutes ago the CPI figures were released and came out 2.3% higher than expected at 2.1%, as well as higher than the previous data. As a result from the news from the UK the GBP has risen against all currencies. The pair we’ll be talking about today is GBP/CAD which rose by more than 80 pips after the news and is still rising at this moment. The Currency pair is trading now around 1.6600 which is a key resistance area for several reasons. It’s a psychological level and is around 61.8% Fibonacci from the down wave from 1.7116 to 1.5735 - it is expected to decline from it and resume the down wave again. We have a supply zone at 1.6619 which is center for the bears and sellers; we can sell from there when the following conditions are completed. The Stochastic indicator has reached the distribution area above 80 level and we are waiting for the 2 lines to cross above this level. The RSI is ahead to 90 level to make the distribution from there too. The Next Few Days Based on the analysis above, the pair is in a key resistance and supply area but we can’t sell the pair here. Instead, we have to wait for a bearish candle like a pin bar candle or an engulfing candle at a lower time frame chart like the H4 chart and sell the pair, keeping our first target at 1.6490 and the second one at 1.6400 at the SMA, which is a support level. We have to be careful about upcoming hot news like the core retail sales today and CPI on Friday from Canada, as well as Carney's (BOE Governor) speech today.
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  8. Daily analysis for the currency pair EUR/GBP on 16.03.2017. General analysis Currency pair EUR / GBP continues to trade with an upward trend but the price was broken through resistance level 0.8700 and successfully fixed above this level. Then the price has formed a reverse testing of the level 0.8700, which itself acts as confirmation for further bullish movement on the EUR / GBP pair. The moving average (14) also confirms the presence of an uptrend. Furthermore yesterday the price pushed up from this moving average, thereby giving us one more signal that the bullish direction of the movement still overcomes the bearish. However, the chart of the Stochastic indicator shows a decrease, but at the moment both signal lines of the indicator are in the neutral zone so we cannot bet this signal to much. We recommend to open long positions for the EUR / GBP currency pair with target profit-taking points at 0.8830 and 0.8850.
  9. AUD/CAD: fundamental review and forecast The rates of the AUD/CAD continue in the frames of uptrend which has been formed in the beginning of the year. The canadian dollar is under the pressure of the record low oil prices this year. The price of oil fell for the week from 54 to 48 dollars per barrel for CL/WTI, contrary the forecasts for further stabilization of the market amid reduction of oil production. OPEC continues to say that the countries who joined the Agreement on the reduction of oil abide it in 90%. However, this somehow allows Saudi Arabia to increase oil production. Signals about increasing of oil production coming to the market regularly, and investors react it. In any case, the USA not even going to reduce oil extraction: the number of drilling rigs increases, and hence the volume of oil production will only be increasing. In such conditions, whatever OPEC do, they will not be able to stabilize oil prices. Positive employment data in Canada, in particular, the increasing of the number of jobs at 15300 against the forecasted 2500, the level of unemployment at 6.6%, against forecasted 6.8%, couldn't change the situation for CAD. The rapid decline in oil prices was too rapid for the canadian currency. The Australian dollar feels against the canadian more confident. The market reacted positively to the RBA's decision to leave interest rates unchanged. Yesterday, AUD was further supported by encouraging new statistics on the economy of China, where the volume of investment in basic capital was 8.9%, which is a very high and shows investor's confidence in China's economy, despite the negative aspects, such as data on the trade deficit of China for the first time in 3 years, and decreasing in exports. On the AUD/CAD chart, we can't see the signs for trend reversal. Oscillator MACD is neutral. Stochastics expects a price correction, and offers to open a short deals against the trend. Such deals may be effective upon short-term trading. In addition, the price correction is expected on the oil market, which can support CAD. But upon the medium-term trading it is better in this situation to open the deals to BUY.
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  13. Technical analysis of the currency pair GBP/USD on 09/03/2017. The daily chart General analysis Over the past month the currency pair GBP/USD had been sideways movement in the frame of long-term downward movement. Right now, here is probability of formation the market turning point and the continuation of the downward movement. At the moment, the price is trading in the range of 1.2130 - 1.2760 Of course, it would be safer for us to trade after a confirmation about the rebound from the significant level of support at 1.2130. But, unfortunately, not everything goes the way how we want to. The beginning of the continuation of the downward movement most likely already began and we should have time to "jump into the departing train". Current situation on the daily chart During the last two trading weeks currency pair GBP/USD has been showing a high volatility and decreased by 410 points. Price reached the local level of support at 1.2130 and right now is located close to it. A predictions of the course of events in a next few days Long positions on GBP/USD is not relevant at the moment and it is probably going to 1.2000. Considering presence of medium-term downtrend we recommend open short after a penetration of support level at a 1.2770 with target points on profit-taking at 1.2050 и 1.2000.
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  15. Daily analysis for the currency pair EUR/GBP on 07.03.2017. General analysis During the last 8 trading days, the EUR / GBP currency pair shows a clear growth absolutely without any correction. The growth value was about 280 points. At the moment, the price have closely approached to the resistance at around 0.8700 and the best solution is to take the current profit on long positions. The further upwards movement is quite possible but you should receive a confirmation of the breakdown of the resistance level of 0.8700 before continuing to play long. Over the past six months, the price has repeatedly demonstrated a retreat from this level and we can confidently expect a certain reaction in the movement of the price as it approach to this level again. The most likely we will see a retreat from this mark as it also coincides a with the Fibonacci correction level of 61.8 percent of the last downward movement. When receiving a confirmation of the release or level breakdown, we should play in the same direction. The target profit-fixing points for EUR / GBP on a way down is 0.8550 and 0.8470.