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  1. Meeting our IBs from Kelantan, Penang, and Perak! SuperForex never ceases to develop new services and beneficial conditions for both clients and partners. Because we have the most sophisticated and attractive Partnership Program on the market, we can boast a great network of Introducing Brokers all around the world. Looking at Malaysia specifically, we have established partnerships with representatives from Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Perak, Sabah and Sarawak; we recently acquired a new IB from Kelantan as well. Partners like these are crucial for our work as they are able to provide advice, organize training seminars, and perform certain services on behalf of customers from the region. That is why we are happy with our constantly expanding group of partners in Asia, one of our strongest regions. It is our plan to continue arranging meetings between IBs and our CEO in order to provide full support for our partners. These meetings give our partners a chance to meet with us personally, find answers to all of their questions and learn how to utilize our help in online and offline promotion. We recently also met with our IB in Perak. We have a special offer for clients in that region: if you make a deposit over $100, you will get a free T-shirt from our Introducing Broker in Perak. Thank you for partnering up with us! We promise to be with our partners every step of the way and provide constant support. You can learn more about our Partnership Program here https://superforex.com/partnership-program
  2. NZD/JPY: fundamental review and forecast Since the beginning of the year, the rates of the NZD/JPY continued in the frames of the rapid downtrend, however, the situation began to change and the current trend is under threat to change. On the chart has traced the new upward trend. It is too early to speak about the final change, but probability remains high. Both support line and resistance line have been removed. Though if the resistance line shifted in the downward direction, the support line has been reversed up. So, Why the trend has begun to change its direction? In the beginning of the month, the Japanese yen came under the pressure because of geopolitical tensions on the Korean Peninsula. The conflict at any moment could go to the active zone and Japan could be involved in this conflict. So, the yen has lost positions against most currencies. Amid the geopolitical risks for Japan, the new Zealand dollar has been supported by positive data about retail volume which rose in the 1st quarter of 2017 in 1.5% against the forecast of 0.9%. It was the sharpest increase in retail trade since the second quarter of 2016. In addition, the number of tourists in April, continues to grow, increasing by 20% year on year. Strengthening of the NZD also contributes by the rising commodity prices, including oil. Nevertheless, the Japanese yen managed to take the initiative again due to yesterday's data about the Japanese economy. Japan's GDP for the first quarter of 2017 increased by 0.5%, coinciding with the forecasts of investors, and in year on year increasing was 2.2%, against forecasted 1.7%. In addition, second month in a row, orders for machinery have increased, although investors expected more than actual + 1.4% growth. At the moment, the value of NZD consolidated in the range of 76.7 - 77.1 JPY. This levels are good entry points to the market. At the moment, the most optimal can be the deals to BUY, considering that today the market is expecting for the data about the milk price index. It will be published today and can support the NZD in the short term perspective. MACD, RSI oscillators confirm this and also signal a good moment for opening the deals to BUY. As for the medium-term trading, next week we'll get the data about the trade balance and export volumes - both from Japan and New Zealand. So, both currencies can get support and go up in price.
  3. SuperForex has reached 100 000 clients! Thank you for being part of the SuperForex trading family! Without you all of our hard work would be pointless because customers are the center of any successful business. We have had quite a good run so far and we thought you might want to hear about it. With our ever-expanding fan base, we recently hit an important milestone and now officially have over 100 000 customers. Our 100 000th customer, Mr. Ariwanto gave us a brief interview about his experience with us. He shared that he got into Forex trading about five years ago because he saw its vast potential for profit. Mr. Ariwanto’s favorite trading instrument is the EUR/USD pair. His best advice for other traders is that they should not be too greedy and aim for stable, consistent profits instead of sporadic, big ones. If he ever makes a million dollars from trading with SuperForex, he wishes to start a foundation for helping orphaned children. For being our lucky number 100 000, we have awarded Mr. Ariwanto with an account for management in our company. This account comes preloaded with a substantial deposit and our winner is free to trade from it as he sees fit; all profit is withdrawable. Our client will also get a subscription to our new Forex Copy service which would permit him to copy the trades of our most successful users. Here is Mr. Ariwanto meeting with Mr. Yoga, our official representative in Indonesia, to claim his reward.
  4. EUR/SGD: review and forecast Strengthening of the Euro, which began since the 1st round of elections in France, continues now. Political risks for the EU has been decreased and future of the EU does not cause serious doubts among investors anymore. Good economic indicators in the Eurozone, allow the Euro to grow, against most of currencies including the SGD. So we can see that on the chart of the EUR/SGD was formed by the rapid upward trend which may continue in the future. The value of the Euro reached the price 1.5455 SGD which is the highest level for the last 12 months.This week, the Euro also strengthened significantly against the USD, reaching the highest for the 6 months level. Obtained data on GDP matched with expectations of investors, as well as recently received data about the consumer price index, so they continue to invest in Euro. At the same time, the Singapore dollar is losing value and can't find an incentive to strengthen. Received today data about Domestic Exports of Non Oil (NODX) in Singapore decreased to - 0.7 % yoy while investors were expecting for 12.4% growth considering that last month NODX volumes increased up to 16.5% yoy It should be noted that fall of exports, has been fixed for the first time in 6 months, so the market took it negatively. New upward trend will probably continue, but in the near future we can expect for price correction. Oscillators MACD, Stochastics, RSI, unanimously indicate a good moment to open the short deals against the trend. Though upon medium-term trading it is better to open the deals on the trend. Read more analytics at https://superforex.com/analytics
  5. Forex Distance Educational course! To help you become better acquainted with Forex trading SuperForex has prepared a special Distance Education Course for you. Over the span of these lectures you would be able to learn key concepts about Forex trading such as pricing and reading quotations, the elements of technical analysis, pattern recognition and interpretation, reading different types of charts, and many more trading essentials. You would be provided with visual and quantitative examples to enhance your learning process. Each lecture also contains a set of sample questions to test your knowledge after completing the reading. The Distance Education Course is entirely free of charge for SuperForex customers! Now it's available on Indonesian Bahasa! Read more at https://education.superforex.com
  6. SuperForex Trading Advantages: Trading instruments - we offer more than 300 currency pairs, 34 contracts of difference (CFDs), futures, and indices. We use MetaTrader 4 - an award-winning platform that is the most popular choice among professional traders. Opening an account is easy: minimum deposits start from just $1! Leverage up to 1:1000 for your multiple increased profit. SuperForex also provides customers with analytics - news, trends, quotes, analyses and other types of information that can aid in trading. Fixed spreads on all accounts. Free access to Pattern Graphix - a plugin that will provide expert guidance in your trading, making it easier than ever. For more details visit https://superforex.com/
  7. AUD/CAD: review and forecast The rates of the AUD/CAD continues in the frames of the upward trend. The canadian dollar remains under the pressure of low oil prices. Volatility for this currency pair remains very high. So, in early may, disappointing statistics about economy of Australia and China, have led to significant falling of the AUD value. During 1 day it has been lost 2 CAD cents. It was influence of the data about the trade balance of Australia. Investors expected the growth of the surplus to 3.4 billion while it was just 3.1 billion; also disappointed the value of the business activity index in the services sector in China. By the end of next week, the volatility in the market can be decreased. The market don't expect any important data until next Friday. Then, the market will receive information about retail sales and consumer prices in Canada, for April. A day earlier, also expect information on employment in Australia in April. It should also be noted that this month will be the summit of the OPEC and volatility will be gradually increasing together with the oil prices. So it can strengthen the CAD because it is expected that on the upcoming summit countries-exporters will extend the agreement about Reduction of the oil extraction. Therefore, oil prices will rise for some time, but countries which didn't join the agreement, mainly the US, unlikely will let oil to rise significantly in price for a long period because if prices increase the USA increasing the volume of oil production, adversely affecting the market. Oscillators are neutral at the moment, but considering perspectives of oil prices growth in the near future, and consequently the strengthening of the Canadian dollar, the optimal solution now is to open the deals to SELL upon medium term trading. Upon the short-term trading, it is also possible to open the deals on the trend. Read more analytic reviews at https://superforex.com/analytics
  8. Seminar for traders in Selangor! You are cordially invited to attend a free event organized by our Introducing Broker in Selangor, Mr. Dan Imran. The event will take place on Saturday, May 13 from 09:30 until 17:00 at the following address: Sky Nova Ventures Training Centre No 13, Jln PPAJ 2/7, Pusat Perdagangan Alam Jaya, Bandar Puncak Alam, Selangor The event will be led by analyst and certified Forex trainer Dan Imran. He is the founder of Sky Nova Ventures, a company that he would like to develop as a training hub for traders. Imran has been active on the Forex market since 2007. He can relate from personal experience to how difficult it might be for beginners to find the right approach to trading. Learning from his own mistakes and gradually expanding his methods of analysis, Imran experimented with new techniques and tested them in his trading. Through trial and error he was finally able to devise a strategy for success - and now he is willing to share it with you! Join us for this seminar and learn the ins and outs of Forex trading. Here is the program for the seminar: 9:30 am - 10.00 am - Registration 10.00 am - 12.30 pm - Module 1 (by Ali) 12.30 pm - 2.00 pm - Lunch break/prayer 2.00 pm - 3.00 pm - Module 1 continued (by Ali) 3.00 pm - 4.30 pm - Module 2 (by Dan Imran) 4.30 pm - 5.00 pm - Closing ceremony Module 1 will cover basic introductory topics such as: 1. What is forex? 2. Forex Platform 3. Forex Order Type 4. Risk Management 5. Forex Psychology Module 2 covers more advanced issues: 1. Analysis using Support & Resistance 2. Analysis using QM level 3. Analysis of buy and sell zones This seminar is absolutely free of charge. All you need to do is reserve a spot and come to gain invaluable knowledge of the Forex market, as well as a free SuperForex t-shirt. You can reserve a place by getting in touch with Mr. Imran: Email: [email protected] Whatsapp/Phone: +6016-6344660 Telegram: @DanImran Come and join us for a productive day and finally discover the perfect trading strategy to bring you success!
  9. NZD/USD: fundamental review and forecast Situation for the NZD has not changed yet. the rates continue to be in the frames of the downward trend, though it lost its intensity. The dollar continues to strengthen against the NZD, although we can not say that the New Zealand economy is in a bad state. Despite the rising inflation, the country's economy gradually develops and demonstrates growth. However, it does not allow the New Zealand currency to hold against the strong U.S. dollar. Last week, the dollar strengthened amid the positive statistics about unemployment and the results of the FED meeting, which decided to leave interest rate unchanged, but considering sure growth of the US economy, reducing in unemployment, they plan to do it in June if nothing changes. Therefore, the probability of a rate hike is rated as very high. At the moment, the rates of the NZD/USD stabilized in the range of 0.688 - 0,694 USD. We can also say that these levels are also good entry points to the market. Until the next day, volatility will be low because investors are waiting for the meeting of the Federal Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) and their decision to change the rate. Now it's 1.75%. Investors don't expect for the rate changes just because the RBNZ in March, said that they don't not plan to change the rate until the 2019. Though continued weakening of the NZD can make them to change their decision because the rate increase would strengthen the NZD. Oscillators are neutral for the moment and in this situation, the best solution is to open the deals on the trend. We can say that also, considering that there're no any real reasons for the trend change and strengthening of the NZD in the near future. Therefore, the deals to SELL can be the most effective now, upon the short and medium-term trading. Read more at https://superforex.com/analytics
  10. USD/SEK – review and short term forecast. USD/SEK becomes one of the most underrated currency pairs on the market, considering very high volatility and predictability. It helps to see how the results of the Presidential elections in France affected the rates. Of course, the main reason for the strengthening of the Swedish Krona, which strengthened against the dollar, was the strengthening of the Euro. Question of the victory of E. Makron is a question of the EU future. Sweden is highly depending on the EU. That's why it happened but the giant price hike from 9.02, to 8.7 SEK surpassed all expectations from the predictable outcome of these elections. Traders who are focused on currency pairs related with Euro - EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, EUR/GBP and others, missed a great opportunity to earn on USD/SEK. At the moment, the rates consolidated at the level of 8.83 - 8.84 SEK for $ 1. The market is waiting for the unemployment report in the United States. Also, in the evening, we expect the speech of the FED Chairperson Yellen and FOMC members. It can affect the rates and strengthen the dollar. But recently received information about Swedish economy, in particular, increase of the volume of industrial production in 3.8% year on year, the increase in orders for the industry, achieving one of the highest levels over the past 10 years, will not allow the Swedish krona to lose a lot in price. Though the main event is the 2nd round of the French elections, where the victory of E. Makron is obvious for investors. It definitely will lead to further strengthening of the EUR and SEK. At the moment the rates of the USD/SEK are in the frames of the flat trend but high volatility, which can be seen on the chart since the beginning of this year, makes this trend special: the rates are in a very wide range from 9.07 - up to 8.76 SEK. The most clear the trend can be seen only on the hourly and daily chart. Points of entry can be considered on the levels 8.817 and 8.855. Oscillator MACD is neutral while the Stochastic is showing a signal to open the short deals, which is absolutely right decision upon medium-term trade, considering possible impact of the upcoming elections in France, on the rates of USD/SEK. Upon short-term trading, you can open the deals to BUY, though volatility won't be high today. read more reviews at https://superforex.com/analytics
  11. SuperForex IB Training Seminar in Jakarta SuperForex recently organized a special training event for our Introducing Broker partners in Jakarta. The main goal of these SuperForex seminars for Introducing Brokers is to show how easy trading on the Forex market can be with the proper training, as well as how to attract new customers and get more profit from their trades. The SuperForex training seminars are designed to be helpful to Introducing Brokers from all levels of proficiency - not only experienced ones, but also beginners. At this particular event we met a lot of Forex newcomers who were also able to gain useful insights. The main topics covered during the seminar dealt with different strategies for building a successful business by using our Local Deposit Facility and marketing approaches that utilize our wide range of promo materials. In addition, the participants in our seminars asked a lot about our SuperForex Money offer and the company support available for offline marketing promotions. The CEO of SuperForex was present to shed light on all of these questions; he also gave a motivational talk on How to Be a Successful IB with SuperForex. We would like to express our thanks to all participants. We would be glad to see you again on our next events in Indonesia and Malaysia. Subscribe to our social media channels and keep up with the latest news! Please do not hesitate to contact our Partnership Department if you have any questions about organizing a similar event in your region.
  12. OIL (CL/WTI): middle term review and forecast Oil prices continue weakening but the rates are still in the frames of upward trend which began over a year ago. However, the trend is near the completion, and now on the daily chart, you can see signs of the flat trend formation, as the prices from November 2016, keep in the range of 47 - $ 54 per barrel. Support and resistance lines hadn't been broken for all the time. Uncreasing of the drilling rigs in the United States, 15 consecutive week, continue to adversely affect the price of oil. The price of oil reached a minimum level, which for 6 months has been achieved only 2 times. On the market we can see uncertain situation: on the one hand, OPEC countries are going to continue the agreement “On the reduction of oil production”, and investors believe that it will be done at the next meeting, may 25. On the other hand, the USA abolishes all these efforts with their growth of oil production. Increasing of oil demand will unlikely resolve the issue with the overabundance of oil on the market. Amid this, long-term forecasts of some analysts, in particular experts from Citigroup (NYCE:C) about further increasing the price of oil to $ 65 in the second half of the year, does not seem probable cause oil prices are constantly under the pressure from a number of factors. This week it was the recovery of oil production in Libya, the recession of business activity in China and mentioned before, constant increasing in drilling rigs in the United States. Factors that could unambiguously support the price of oil are not enough, but the situation may change at the end of the month on the results of the OPEC meeting. At this moment, the entry point to the market we can call the levels of 47.4 and 48.2. The most optimal for the moment we can determine the deals to BUY which can be effective to get the profit on the price correction. MACD, RSI, oscillators partially confirm this. It is most likely that after reaching a new minimum level, the price will move up. Soon investors will focus on the next OPEC meeting, and news from countries-participants of the Agreement “On the reduction of oil production”. It can slightly enhance the price of black gold in the short term.
  13. SuperForex Trading Seminar in Selangor On April 22, 2017 SuperForex held a special workshop dedicated to helping our traders from Selangor learn more about how to be successful on the Forex market. This workshop was put together by Mr. Dan Imran, a Forex analyst and official SuperForex representative for the region. Imran is also known as the founder of Sky Nova Ventures, a project that provides training and education for Forex traders and partners in Indonesia. The event was structured around a diverse field of ideas designed to improve the Forex knowledge of traders and lead them toward developing successful strategies for making a profit with SuperForex. This type of gathering, which SuperForex is very interested in conducting regularly, is open to both professional and inexperienced traders alike. In our Selangor gathering there was something useful for everyone. At the event we discussed the most popular trading tools and strategies. We also talked about how to use and benefit from the Local Depositor and SuperForex Money services we offer. Vladimir Syrov, CEO of SuperForex, took part in the event by answering all questions that our customers had in mind. Furthermore, he led a discussion on How to Be a Successful Trader with SuperForex. Thank you to everyone who joined us for the event, we hope you learned a lot of useful tips! Important: Our next such gathering will be held between 9:30 am and 5 pm on May 13 (Saturday) in the Sky Nova Training Center, Bandar Puncak Alam, Selangor. Sign up here: Email: [email protected] Whatsapp/Phone: +6016-6344660 Telegram: @DanImran Want to organize a similar event in your region? Please contact our Partnership Department with any questions and suggestions. Here is our little photo report:
  14. SuperForex Mobile Applications SuperForex recognizes that in order to be truly successful, sometimes you need to make close calls and think on your feet when you trade. In order to do this, you need to be able to find Forex-related information quickly and make lightning-fast trading decisions. What better way to achieve this than having a set of reliable tools for mobile trading? Now we offer a set of free mobile apps prepared exclusively for SuperForex customers that will allow you to take care of everything from your smartphone or tablet. You can download it via this link https://superforex.com/forex-mobile-app
  15. CAD/JPY: fundamental review and forecast While the Euro has strengthened sharply against the Japanese yen, showing a giant price hike from 116.8 JPY up to 121 JPY based on results of the 1st round of elections in France, while the yen is losing positions against most currencies because it is under the pressure, mainly due to the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula, the canadian dollar failed to take the initiative and the rates CAD/JPY continues in the frames of downward trend. Though it's strengthened a bit yesterday. At the moment, the Canadian dollar is under the pressure of many factors, firstly because of the falling in oil prices. The price for black gold fell again, and fell below the psychological point in $ 50. Forecasts here aren't good for the CAD because the United States continues to increase oil production, and President D. Trump supporting it and trying to make conditions for energy companies easier for developing oil extraction on the continental territory in the U.S. and on the shelf. Also, the canadian dollar decreasing in value because D. Trump continues to demand revision of trade relations with its neighbors and contradictions between Canada and the United States becomes more and more serious. This week is full of important events, and the market will get a lot of macroeconomic statistics, which will affect the rates of CAD/JPY. Today, the market awaits important information about the volume of retail sales in Canada, conference of the President of the United States. Also, tomorrow we'll get the Report of the Bank of Japan about perspectives for Japanese economy, and on Friday we expect data about Canada's GDP, consumer price indices and volume of production in Japan. Therefore, this week, volatility may increase. Probably we can expect for further strengthening of JPY in the frames of current downtrend. The oscillators Stochastics and MACD unanimously indicate the good moment to open the deals to SELL, after the price correction, which occurred yesterday. Read more reviews at https://superforex.com/analytics