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  1. Demo trading

    It is also important that a demo account is almost 100% similar to the live trading account. Trade12 uses MT4 platform and it is all the same as their real accounts. The difference I could point out here are order queues and slippage, although it helps if you could trade with an ECN broker like Trade12 because that eliminates the queues and slippage.
  2. Forex Bonus

    It's great that brokers offer bonuses since that could be of massive help for the traders especially those who have limited capital capacity. But make sure that you check the rules with the broker. Remember that nothing is really free nowadays, so there's always a catch. Make it clear with the broker and don't be afraid to ask questions especially if you want to avail their bonus
  3. High leverage

    I've been trading with them for so long already and so far I haven't experienced any serious problems. Withdrawal is ok although sometimes it takes too long especially during volatile days, but nevertheless I get my money. I think it's too late to turn back now. As long as I am able to make money with Trade12 I'll keep my account with them.
  4. High leverage

    It's great that forex brokers offer very high leverage. That opens a window to far greater opportunities in trading, especially for those who know how to play with the market. My broker, Trade12 offers 1:400 leverage. However, throughout my life as a trader, I haven't tried going for the maximum. My risk level is only up to 1:50. I was also advised by my broker to consider the risk of going for higher leverage because as that could result to a greater profit, you could easily blow off your whole account as well. Just be cautious when using high leverage
  5. Broker in forex

    If you are looking for a good forex broker, I could definitely recommend Trade12. I have tried and tested for more than 6 months already and I have little to no problems with them. They are easy to work with, great service, and their client support is superb. No need to wait for weeks just to process a request because they treat all clients with top priority. They have numerous trading instruments to choose from and very secure funding methods. I suggest anyone looking for a broker to check them out.
  6. Your Broker?

    My current broker is Trade12. I have tried others before but I was completely sold by their ecn account. As a frequent trader, a broker who could offer me tighter spreads and faster order execution would be the best one for me. That is why I immediately transferred to this broker after trying different brokers in search for a good one
  7. Best Broker For Scalping

    The best broker for scalpers is definitely ECN brokers. Luckily, Trade12 offer the service of ECN brokers. They are perfect for scalpers due to their tighter spreads, faster order execution, and even trading outside the usual times. As a scalper, it is very important to have a broker that offers tighter spreads as the only way I make money is through small price movements, which mean little profits. I don't have to waste a lot of my profits by paying my broker, instead, I could concentrate on making good trades as I know I am in the good hands of a reputable broker.
  8. bonus is important ?

    Bonus, if not important, is still very helpful. When I was a beginner, I managed to avoid the need of taking leverage by using the deposit bonus that my broker, Trade12, gave me. I was able to avail a 50% deposit bonus which greatly increased my potential profits. Although restricted to follow a few rules, it was still very helpful because I was able to discipline myself to make profits out of it instead of simply waste the bonus given to me.
  9. How do you find a broker of your choice?

    I found the broker of my choice through research. I was looking for an ECN broker to maximize my profits as a frequent trader. I found one in Trade12. They offer tighter spreads so I didn't have to sacrifice most of my profits paying for a normal broker. I can definitely say they are the best broker for me as they perfectly met my necessities.
  10. suggest a new Broker

    For beginners to experts alike, I recommend you check out Trade12. For beginners, they offer an account for as low as $250 minimum deposit with a corresponding deposit bonus. For experts and scalpers, they offer the service of ECN brokers which is best because of their tighter spreads and faster order execution.
  11. Any good Broker ?

    I suggest everyone to try Trade12. They are an international brokerage firm that is perfect for beginners, experts, and even scalpers alike. They offer the service of ECN brokers whilst offering a beginner account of as low as $250 minimum deposit. Even with that amount, you get to have an exceptional customer service that could assist you in starting your trading career.
  12. What facilites your Broker have ?

    As an ECN broker, Trade12 is known for their tight spreads, fast order execution, and the choice to trade even after the usual trading hours. Aside from this, I also like their customer service and easy to use platform which is MT4. They offer almost all trading services from forex, stocks, commodities, metals, etc. All of these can even be availed for as low as $250.
  13. the best broker

    The best broker is the broker which fits your lifestyle perfectly. As a frequent trader, I found my best broker through Trade12 because I really liked how they offer their service. The tight spreads and order execution of an ECN broker is what a trader like me is looking for. Not to mention the exceptional customer service that is always ready to assist me on all my queries.
  14. Which broker you have ?

    My current broker is Trade12. It is an ECN broker provider known for tighter spreads and faster order execution. As for my experience with them, what I liked the most is their customer service, which definitely is exceptional. I recommend them to anyone looking to become scalpers and frequent traders :)
  15. why you have chosen your broekr ?

    I have chosen my broker, Trade12, because it is the only broker I found that suits my needs. As a day trader, I was looking for a broker with tight spreads so I can maximize what little profits I make without needing too much leverage. I also wanted a broker who could execute fast orders throughout the day and if possible even at the not usual trading times. All of which were met by Trade12.