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Alan Benedict

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  1. I highly suggest checking out Trade12. As per the comment above, it is really good from beginners to expert traders alike. I started with them at their minimum of $250 initial deposit plus a 50% deposit bonus. They also have a great research and analysis section on their website that is pretty useful in trading.
  2. I am also trading with Trade12, although I started last December 2016. So far I am pretty satisfied with their service. Reasonable fees, flexible margin, reliable customer service, and fast execution to name a few. I am really quite impressed by their impeccable client satisfaction. They prioritize their clients' needs. I sometimes find bad reviews but I haven't experienced any especially about withdrawal as I have withdrawn my profits several times already. Overall a good broker.
  3. I definitely recommend Trade12 broker. They offer flexible margins, tight spreads, and high leverage of 1:400. They also have interactive charts and up to date market reports that are very useful in forex trading.
  4. The best broker for me is one that is reliable, always available for the client, convenient, and accessible. For me, Trade12 fits all of the features aforementioned. They are reliable and always available for the client because of their fast executing ECN brokers and the customer reps that are easy to reach. Their website is also very convenient because they offer trade on forex, stocks, and even commodities. I don't have to look for another broker if I want more. They also have a research feature through market updates and different charts. Their platform, MetaTrader 4 is also very accessible on both smartphones and desktops. I really don't need to look for more because Trade12 provides all that I need.
  5. Most brokers offer bonuses to entice new traders. As for me, I got 50% initial deposit bonus when I made an account with Trade12. Thinking about it, it played a huge role in my first trades. It enabled me to purchase more lots, thus resulting to the possibility of bigger profits. I heard you can also get 100% bonus with them but I haven't tried it yet. Imagine doubling your money, that is really a big game changer!
  6. For 6 months I have been trading with Trade12. If you are a beginner, it is also recommended for you because they have a beginner account for as low as $250. With that amount you can already try their services while receiving a 50% bonus at the same time. Afterwards you can also try their expert and VIP accounts if you prefer trading with a huge volume. Their other accounts are also guided by ECN brokers which are one of the most reliable brokers in forex. I suggest you check them out if you are still looking for a new broker. They also have a lot of online trading reviews available for you to know more about them.
  7. Trade12 is my tried and tested broker. I started with them last December 2016. I found out about them when I was looking for a good ECN broker provider. Althought opening an ECN account requires a larger initial deposit, it is very worth it since I was offered the best spreads and prices. The execution is also very fast. Not to mention the convenience of being able to trade outside the usual trading hours. Trade12 is really the best for me, having tried 3 other brokers before I stumbled upon this one.
  8. Many of the industry's leading forex brokers ensures the client's safety of funds. Some examples are Trade12, eToro, FXCM, MXTrade and ActivTrades. Just make sure to do an extensive research first before investing your hard-earned cash to any broker.