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  1. Choosing a right broker has become very tough to the traders. Because most of the brokers found are to scam. Due to scam many traders are being cheated and losing their capital for no reason. Trade12 is free from scam and provides all genial facilities to the traders like high leverage like 1:400, the lowest spread, fast execution, high security of funding, no restrictions for pending orders etc.
  2. Actually risk comes from leverage. Leverage involves borrowing a certain amount of the money needed to invest in something. In the case of forex, that money is usually borrowed from a broker. Forex trading does offer high leverage in the sense that for an initial margin requirement, a trader can build up - and control - a huge amount of money. With Trade12 I have the flexible highest leverage like 1:400 through which I can easily broaden my profit level.
  3. Actually Forex is not risky but risk depends on your account type and trading lot. Like standard account is all time risky for the traders. I am using mini accounts with Trade12 broker which is free from swap. I am happy with this because I have the lowest spread and high leverage like 1:400from the broker. Their trading facilities is so high which help me in increasing my profit level.
  4. In finance an exchange rate two currencies is the rate t which one currency will be exchanged for another. It is also regarded as the value of one country’s currency in relation to another currency. In Forex market currencies are in a pair. To trade with those currencies we need to have the best platform which I have with Trade12 broker is fully free from all technical errors and enshrined with all technical tools.
  5. Forex is a globally decentralized currency trading business where currencies are exchanged at their current price. Here daily amount of transaction is more than $1.5 trillion dollars. According to the survey it is considered as the largest financial market in the world. Through the market is decentralized so brokers are the first media of Forex. That’s why I have all trading friendly facilities with Trade12 where I have been trading for a long time without facing any problem.
  6. An account which is funded by fake capital is called demo account. Demo is known as a big opportunity to any trader because through the account a trader can develop his skill level. We also can use demo accounts due to several purposes. Among them one is to select a right broker. Before selecting broker I have opened demo accounts of several brokers and among them the demo of Trade12 seem perfect to me.
  7. How much fluently I can scalp on market that depends on the broker’s facility. A scalper needs to have some extra ordinary facilities like fast execution, no set up fees, fluent platform free from all technical errors, high leverage, low spread and overall a better support from broker. After checking every thing I have selected Trade12 broker. As a scalper I am lucky with this broker.
  8. Forex is the largest decentralized money market where currencies are traded. Largest banks and companies are the real traders of Forex and the indirect controller. Here broker serves almost trading facilities to the traders. So broker is known as the middleman of the market. Every trader seeks for a high liquid and secure broker. I am trading with a secure broker namely Trade12 from which I have the high security of funding.
  9. Forex is the largest economic business in the world where different currencies are traded at their current price. Here risk level depends on account size and leverage. If a trader take a high lot to trade then Forex is really hard to them. But several traders maintain such ways to minimize their risk level. All the friendly facilities of Trade12 always help me in minimizing risk level.
  10. Though Forex has no central place to control over it so brokers are the first media of the market. Firms that allow traders with their platform to trade in terms of investment is called broker. Broker is the media which serves essential facilities to the traders. So each and every FX trader should trade with a reputed broker. But it has become so tough to find out a reputed broker because maximum of the brokers found are to scam. Due to scam most of the traders are becoming the victims of losing money for no reason. Through checking the regulation and high liquidity I have selected Trade12 broker.
  11. In my career I never suggest something to someone which I have never used. In my long career I have changed several broker due to several causes. Broker choosing has become very tough task to do which renders special trading facilities to the traders to run their trading as Forex is a decentralized money market. There are thousands of brokers in retail market place but maximum of them have low regulation and involved with scam. To avoid scam we should go for a reputed broker which includes high security. With Trade12 I have high security, high technology for trading, the lowest spread and overall the best support.
  12. There are thousands of brokers in the retail market place. Among them most of the brokers found are to scam. That’s why to avoid scam I have selected a regulated broker called Trade12. From the broker I have high regulation, high technology and high security. Because the broker uses several reputed bank accounts to provide security of funding to the traders. Besides this I have high leverage and the lowest spread.
  13. In my trading career about broker my best selection was Trade12 because I have almost all trading facilities with the broker. I have high leverage like more than 1:400, flexible margin, high liquidity of source, quick cash back, initial deposit bonus, high security and no set up fees with the broker. As a part time trader I get the highest feedback from them because of their lowest cost facility.
  14. Foreign Exchange risk is a financial risk that exists when a financial transaction is denominated in a currency other than that of the base currency of the company. Forex trading-like any form of trading-is not without risk. Some may even suggest that trading in the Forex actually caries above-average risk. The one rule you must hold above all else is to trade only using your risk capital. But for the lowest spread and lowest transaction cost of Trade12 I get the much profit from Forex.
  15. Yes Forex is not gambling. Gambling is a process followed by traders to earn more within a very short time. It is not a proper trading system. In this system traders transfer their capital in new account and trade with big lot to make a huge profit. But I avoid trading like this but most of the time it carries high loss to the traders. With Trade12 I have the lowest transaction cost that’s why I am happy with my earning. Their security is high.