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  1. Leverage helps a trader to maintain risk management. Leverage is a loan provided by broker. Through leverage a trader can exceed his initial capital. If a trader wants to trade with leverage he needs to open a margin account with any broker. He might have 50:1, 100:1, 200:1 leverage on these accounts. But high leverage is always helpful to any trader. By considering this Trade12 is offering high leverage like more than 1:400.
  2. I have been trading with an ECN broker called Trade12. I am impressed with their high technology and high environmental facility. Their security is so high because they use several reputed bank accounts to provide security to their client’s fund. They also offer high leverage like 1:400 with the lowest spread. I can use in their broker both long time and short time strategy successfully. They having a high reputation.
  3. Forex is the largest economic business where everyday more than $4 trillion dollars are traded. So in this sense Forex is risky business. So we should not take it as lightly. If we take it like this then it will be harmful for us and loss will be our companion. I am a trader of Trade12 and provides me the lowest transaction cost and lowest spread as well as high leverage.
  4. Among several types of trading style scalping is one of them. Scalping indicates to short time trading which takes a very short time to make profit. Maximum of the traders have another professions besides Forex. They need to check out both one. So they are known as the par time trader. As a part time trader they cannot invest full of their time on trading. That’s why it is so much popular trading system. As a scalper I selected Trade12 broker for me.
  5. Forex is the largest economic business in the world. Traders mostly manage risk management as it is considered as the principle of Forex trading. The way through which a trader minimizes his risk level we consider it as a risk management policy. From this sight Forex can be called as the complex and risky business in the world. All the friendly facilities of Trade12 broker are really helpful to me to manage risk level.
  6. To be a good Forex trader a trader should be known of all international news to have a concept over the world’s currency. Because it has a great impact on Forex market. In this sense Forex is complicated and risky. To be a good trader one should be a good analyzer. Forex was really tough to me but after getting myself included with Trade12 broker I forget it that Forex is tough because of their genial facilities.
  7. Leverage is a loan provided by brokers. Big leverage is always considered as the facility of any trader. A trader can trade with a high amount loan if he has the ability from his broker. Through leverage a trader can exceeds his initial capital. That’s why it is a big facility. Leverage comes from risk. Trade12 is providing the flexible high leverage like more than 1:400.
  8. A reputed broker can change one’s trading life. We should trade with a reputed broker. Even every FX trader wants to get security of his fund. Without a reputed broker no one can provide this facility. Those brokers which have no regulation suffer from many technical errors like reqoutes, dealing desk and slippage which makes one’s trading life monotonous. To get rid of all this problems a trader should have great choice regarding broker. As Trade12 is a reputed broker it made my trading life easy.
  9. How much important regulation of a broker is that I cannot verbalize. A broker’s regulation depends on it’s security level. I am trading with Trade12 broker offers me the best security level. They use several reputed bank accounts to provide security to their client’s fund. It has a high reputation. It is very popular broker in retail market position and registered. That’s why I have selected this broker because I have a big fund to be secured.
  10. The difference between ask and bid price is called spread. It represents brokerage service costs and replaces transaction fees. Spread is traditionally donated in pips- a percentage in point, meaning fourth decimal place in currency quotation. Every market has spread and so does Forex. It is likely to a commission. Lowest spread is preferable to every trader. Trade12 offers the lowest spread in their currency pairs including metals and they take the lowest transaction fees.
  11. As broker works as a middleman and we run our transactions through it so it should be regulated. If they broker is regulated then we will have the high security of our capital. Though I have a big amount of investment I am in need of the best security. It’s been a long time I am with Trade12 broker. Here I get the best security level because they use several reputed bank accounts to provide security to their client’s fund.
  12. Leverage comes from risk and it is a loan provided by broker. Leverage has been considered as the most important topic of Forex trading which we can never neglect. A big amount of leverage is always expected by traders. It is mostly considered as the most crucial topic through which a trader can surpass his or her initial capital. Trade12 acknowledged this fact and offers the adamant high leverage more than 1:400.
  13. Leverage is considered as the most valuable facility we want to get from our broker. It is a facility of getting much loan. Through leverage we can exceeds our initial capital. Leverage is a loan we get from our broker. I have the highest leverage facility with Trade12 broker. This provides the flexible high leverage like more than 1:400. It always helps me to get higher return from Forex market.
  14. Being a trader of Forex I can feel that Forex is the best job to all traders who having much knowledge regarding Forex. Not much time is needed to trade with Forex market. No education background is not needed to trade Forex. Anyone can involve with the market and can be able to develop their condition. One can start trading with short investment and can get the biggest amount which can be higher than job. I have the lowest transaction cost from Trade12 and it is the best trading broker for part time trader.
  15. Half of our success depends on proper strategy. Because Forex is a strategy based market. The strategy should be accurate and for this we have to analyze our strategies. Strategy should be proved to get a good feedback from Forex. I am now using a moving average strategy successfully with Trade12. This broker is the turning point of my Forex career. This is so much supportive, helpful and active in their service.