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Bevan Congdon

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  1. The forex market is the biggest and most fluid of the money related markets. Day by day action regularly surpasses $4 trillion USD a day, with over $1.5 trillion of that directed as spot trading. Forex spot trades comprise of an agreement to trade a given measure of a currency combine subordinate with a market-producer, at the promoted purchase/offer price (the spot rate). It is the presence of instability inside the forex market that empowers trader's to exploit swapping scale vacillations for theoretical purposes. I do binary options at lxmarkets.
  2. Yes you can do forex trading but learning is necessary for being a successful a trader. You need to study and research a lot if you want to be a profitable trader. You need to learn technical aspect and psychological aspect trading. Then start with demo account to learn how the market works. At present I am a binary options trader. I like lxmarkets broker's trading platform for my trading
  3. I trade binary options at lxmarkets. It is my broker. It is a regulated, trustworthy and authorized options broker. I feel safe with my cash with the broker. I can in a flash deposit into my record. Furthermore, withdrawal from record is additionally simple. In couple of minutes you can withdraw your cash. It has numerous options variants with appealing payout rate. It additionally has astounding client bolster accessible for 24/5.
  4. There was a time when I was ended up losing money in trading. But now things has changed a lot. Every day many traders end up forex losing their money. The main reason to loss money is most of them treat it as mean to get rich quick. They do not put emphasis on learning. At present I trade binary options. If you are also interested in options trading open an account with lxmarkets
  5. There is always a fear of losing money in any business in this world. Trading is also a business and there are risk associated with the money you invest in trading. I am always trying to protect my money so that I can make money with my capital. But with proper guideline anyone can earn a good amount of money in trading and if risk is managed then everyone can be profitable. I trade options with lxmarkets.com and so far they are the best option trading broker I have ever traded with. I now don't have any fear of losing money because I earn money everday.
  6. Saving your money in trading is the biggest challenge for a trader. If you can protect your capital you can be successful trader. If you lose all your money in trading then you will not be able to trade without depositing again, so protecting the capital while trading it is very important thing to do for a trader. I am an option trader and I risk 2% per trader so that I can get 50 chances to save my account from blowing up and to make profit. With proper guideline and help you can save your money as well as make money. I trade with lxmarkets.com and with their good guideline I am successful trader now.
  7. Forex is really great business and very profitable as well but you need to understand and know how to trade well. I traded spot forex for last 5 years but I was not successful then I switched to option forex and now I am really making good amount of profit every month. With the help and guidance of my broker I am quite profitable now and without any help from external sources I am making money. I trade with lxmarkets.com and they are the best option trading broker I have traded with.
  8. Money management is very important for a trader and I must say every trader who wants to succeed in trading must go through good money management rules. Discipline is what we need to trade for a long term success. There are many option trader who's stake per trade is so high that if they lose more than 3 trades they lose their total account capital. I trade options with lxmarkets.com and with their guideline of proper money management has taught me many lessons. I am always following their guidelines for trading style.
  9. Demo account is very important for a trader who is new to trading. I don't suggest putting real money in line while learning to trade cause that can cause you lose your hard earned money while you were just understanding the facts about trading. I love to trade and I trade options. I learned with the demo account of lxmarkets.com and they have been providing me the best service till now as I am currently a real trader with real money in the account.
  10. That's great thing you have provided there. I really appreciate the contents of babypips. For me to gain proper knowledge and better experience you need to have more knowledge or more things to learn. Which I learned from my broker lxmarkets.com. They are the best material provider for learning well about the market.
  11. To get proper guideline I don't follow others, but I follow the guidelines which I get from my trusted broker. Yes, I trust my brokers guideline because it has provided me a good amount of profit every month since I joined with them. I am currently trading options with lxmarkets.com and they are the best in class broker I have ever traded with. Simply awesome.
  12. Trading bonus and deposit bonus is an additional benefit a few brokers offers. Its is really amazing to see such bonus providing brokers locking up the money after you make profit with the bonus. I have been with the brokers and scammed many times. I am currently trading options and found the best option trading broker lxmarkets.com. They are so far the best broker I have been trading with.
  13. Being afraid to trade is one of the setback for a trader. If a trader is afraid to trade he cannot trade well. A good trade will not be traded by him if he is afraid to take a trade. But if the fear can be controller with greater returns like I get in lxmarkets.com a trader can remove his fears well. I really suggest lxmarkets.com as one of the best options broker to trade with.
  14. Learning is the most key thing to do in this business. If you cannot understand or learn about the market you cannot be successful in this market. Learning is always the key but with less learning you can earn money and that in option trading. I like to trade options and the trading style does really suits me well. I trade with lxmarkets.com and I must say they have the best class services in the industry. I have traded with a lot of options broker but did not find any broker who provides so many learning materials for the traders to succeed. They are very selfless broker who always tries to get the best for the client. I suggest every options trader to atleast try this broker for once. You will not be disappointed.