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    Read the Review of eCoin.eu written by BestChange.com: eCoin.eu – a cryptoruccency exchange service with instant payouts Read the full review, article here: https://www.bestchange.com/wiki/article-ecoin.html
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    The Bitcoin Advantages over the Traditional Investment The traditional investors have always loomed and approached the digital currencies like the Bitcoin with an additional precaution due to their highly volatile market worth and value. On the other hand, the devastating and great performance of the Bitcoin as an investment and a currency has catch the attention and attracted the likes of a traditional investors over the past few months and counting. The Bitcoin as an investment means provides investors with the three significant advantages and compensation over the traditional investments, the liquidity, the high market demand and the minimalistic trading. The Liquidity – Bitcoin is a regarded as one of the most liquid assets and resources in the financial market today for the reason of the global establishment and founding of the Bitcoin exchanges, trading platforms and the brokers. The investors or the holders of the Bitcoin can easily and quickly trade the Bitcoin for cash or for other assets like gold and other cryptocurrencies right away and instantly; with low fees and charges unlikely the shares of a company or the publicly traded funds and assets that requires the operations of a third party institution like the stock exchange to process and settle the orders and investments. Regions like the Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina that are known and popular for its very strict and rigid financial rules and regulations that disallow and misallocates the trading of the foreign currencies and assets also have their fair share of the Bitcoin exchanges and trading platforms in which enable the holders of the Bitcoin to transfer and move their wealth outside their country and also bypassing the country’s government. The high range of liquidity of the Bitcoin creates and establishes a viable ecosystem for the investors to trade in and especially and significantly those that are looking for a short-span of term of profit. The digital currency is also a practical and a best way for a long-term investment for the reason of its particularly high market demand and trend. The High Market Demand – The traditional investors reasonably and quite question the trend and demand and also the value and worth behind the Bitcoin. The investors that have only limited knowledge in technology, struggles and have a hard time to understand and fully get the economics behind the Bitcoin and how its market value and worth is being determined. In due course like any other asset in the market today, the worth and value of the Bitcoin Id directly dependent on its demand trend. Unless, the demand for the Bitcoin completely evaporates and vanished, the worth and value of the Bitcoin will continue to increase. The Founder of the Marc Warne, Bittylicious further explains the details in, “The Bitcoin will be used and utilized more in the upcoming and approaching future because it is the first time that something not fully controlled and manifested by any entity like a government or a bank that has been used over the internet. It has been around for over seven years now without any single fundamental issues and cases.” The high market demand and trend of the Bitcoin guarantees and pledges the Bitcoin investors a bright and vivid long-term future, at very moment the Bitcoin in theory is deflationary currency. The worth and value of the Bitcoin will keep and continue to ascend until its available and accessible supply hits the top and maximizes. The Minimalistic Trading – The stock trading or any activities in the public stock market require and acquires the investors to hold a license or a certificate that certain and proves their identification and the trading history. To trade a share of a company, an investor has to go all the way through a broker who then creates and establishes an order in the market. The settlement of an order or an investment could take days in duration of time, even weeks or months and it depends in the paper works. The stock exchanges also demands the submission of various personal information and details and also financial accounts such as the bank statements, the billing statements and lastly the personal identification or identity in which that makes it highly and extremely hard for the unlicensed to put an investment at that certain area. The Bitcoin trading, conversely more of a minimalistic form if an investment, weight against the stock trading. The investors just simply purchases or sells the Bitcoin from the exchanges and keep and store them in their wallets. While some exchanges may ask personal details and information just for the KYC rules and regulations the other local exchanges can carry out orders anonymously. Above all, the Bitcoin provides and showcases significant advantages and return over the traditional investments in several ways and means, financially and economically. The traditional investors can trade the digital currency with a higher efficiency and low cost of charges and making the Bitcoin a viable short or even long span term of investment. More: www.ecoin.eu What is eCoin.eu? eCoin.eu is a trading platform/system for crypto-currency such like: Bitcoin and Litecoin with many advanced features including buy, sell and exchange. eCoin.eu also offers a 24/7 hour online exchange that provides the instant and automated matching of orders between its registered members. eCoin.eu provides an easy, secure, and affordable exchange for you to buy and sell Crypto-Currencies.
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    Within 5 Years Period of Time the Banks Will Adopt the Digital Currencies! It was not only more than three years ago that the founding and firming the icons of the entire world like the Wall Street Journal and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) were in every manner ignoring the Bitcoin and the world of the digital currency. And it is crystal clear that this certain innovations and the financial advancements such as the Bitcoin’s Blockchain technology that cannot be ignored and set aside anybody else no more. Read the full article here: https://www.ecoin.eu/en/news/article/352 www.ecoin.eu
  4. eCoin.eu

    Charles Lee: Litecoin To Reach $14 The Litecoin creator Charles Lee deems that the price of the digital currency could achieve the rate of $14 at the time of SegWit’s activation on the network. It was 2nd of April, Saturday, the F2Pool has mined Segregated Witness or the SegWit blocks for both of the Bitcoin and the Litecoin. Then Charles Lee has tweeted that he perceives that there is 72.34% of chance of another pool signaling for the SegWit in the next seven days. He equates the estimated prices of Litecoin to the level of the signaling the network has gathered thus far of 20% which equivalents with $4 USD; 60% that equals with $9 USD; and 100% that corresponds with $14 USD. There are indications that the network will activate SegWit as soon as possible. Then it establishes the excitement and thrill even in the Bitcoin camp as well; and for some users to join the Litecoin train. This angle, as well as the understanding that its activation of the SegWit is an experiment for the Bitcoin makes some enthusiasts that probably would like to throw their weight behind it. They are quite hopeful that the Litecoin will show the Bitcoin community that the SegWit can be good for the Bitcoin although the Litecoin price is likely to fall if and after the SegWit is activated for the Bitcoin. This is due to the facts of a successful implementation will likely amplify the chances of a successful Bitcoin SegWit execution significantly. And in the meantime, the Litecoin price will likely continue to gradually rise until the activation leading through to when the SegWit will go live. The Litecoin’s capability to coalesce both of the Bitcoin and the Lightning Network for the transactions is a most important feature that could possibly distinguish that it will become more valuable than the top alternative currencies for the reason that it can unlock new possibilities that the industry has not seen yet. And the prospect that the SegWit activation on Litecoin may bring in new users to the fold is also another factor that will affect this particular scenario. The progress is coming after the time when Charles Lee has written a letter to the Chinese Litecoin miners and the pool operators aimed on convincing them that regards on why the SegWit is good for the network. He fully made it clear to them that the Litecoin is not currently running into a block size problem; and it also has four times of capacity of the Bitcoin; but is bent on activating the SegWit because it has a fix for the transaction flexibility that fully enables the addition of the new technologies such as the Lightning Network and also the signatures or the confidential transactions. His recommendations that the Litecoin can really outshine if they can get the SegWit on the Litecoin as the Bitcoin keeps upon stalling due to the block size scaling deadlock could appeal to a section of the Chinese investors. And he is very much certain that the market is waiting for the Litecoin to get SegWit and the price will also react positively if the SegWit is activated. And seeing all of these other Altcoins pumps is beyond doubt disheartening. Read more: https://www.ecoin.eu/en/news/article/585/Charles_Lee%3A_Litecoin_To_Reach_%2414/ www.ecoin.eu
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    Based On Google Trends The Bitcoin User Base Are Doubling Every 12 Months! A commentator, Willy Woo has forecast that the Bitcoin user numbers and investments are set to double every 12 months. Citing data from the Google, the rapidly increasing controversial Woo calculates that the Bitcoin doubles its users every 371 days. As Willy Woo written on his Woobull blog that what we have here is a steady exponential growth baseline with the periodic peaks. And these peaks are inline with the price bubbles where more users start checking the price of their precious coins. And taking the readings from the baseline outcomes within an order of magnitude growth of every 3.375 years or being expressed in terms of time to double the user base of approximately in the duration of 12 months. …Plus anticipate the capital injections into the BTC to be similar for the years ahead. In the terms of the adoption, Willy Woo has to look forward to a classic S-shaped curve as a trend for the Bitcoin, and similar for the other innovative technologies such as the radio, computers and the internet. As he stated that if he were to deduce the Bitcoin’s adoption curve will be a symmetric S-curve, and we will reach 50% adoption in coming 9 more years, on the other hand, to complete the last half of the S will take 17 more years and 26 years from today! Willy Woo is setting himself as an increasingly popular source of analysis in the Bitcoin world attracting both praise and criticism for his post on the social media. Read more: https://www.ecoin.eu/en/news/article/581/based-on-google-trends-the-bitcoin-user-base-are-doubling-every-12-months/ www.ecoin.eu
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    Great News!!! At the moment: - Payeer USD Withdrawal Fee 0%!!! - AdvCash EUR Witdrawal Fee 0.5% - AdvCash USD Withdrawal Fee 0.5% - Perfect Money EUR Withdrawal Fee 1% - Perfect Money USD Withdrawal Fee 1% More: http://www.ecoin.eu/en/info/fees?type=fiat www.ecoin.eu
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    Must Know Right Before Investing In Altcoins… Charles Lee,the creator of the Litecoin, has said that most of the Altcoins have no innovation, instead of it they have feeble developers, deceitful marketing or even terrible incentives. And comingfrom in a series of tweets which targets at giving and reaching out his thoughts regarding the cryptocurrencies and how he assesses on upon or not to invest money into any single of Altcoins. As he mentioned that in order to stick out right from the crowd of the Altcoins, there are tons of coins that do a bunch of shady things similarly in making premises that are just even BS; plus there are several of the coins which are only solutions looking right for a problem or even just do not showcase enough innovation at all. As of these days, there are gatheredalmost 700 alternative currencies, as based with the CoinMaerketCap.com, only a few of themare being widely used. And the fact that there is a point of view that nearly and almost every single of them were being established and yet also created to fail right in the very first place. And Max Kordek, the CEO of the Lisk, has even said that the biggest oversight of the several creators is to get right to the very bottom of every single thing at once and also trying to execute dozens or even massive different features causing to neglect that even the project with a great vision have also some dilemmas. And a failure rate right for the regular startup is garnering a percentage of 90 in which is probably a way to big than the Blockchain industry in the very first place. And it takes a long period of time to be able to establish the foundation for a good product, and then the design of a great UX right for hundreds of thousands of the users as to be expected. And there are several causes for which Altcoin market is considered as dangerous and highly competitive, hitherto, beneficial in a way. And also accumulating numerous of new features and tools makes a coin even more triumphant right in the room for the vast profits but at the very exact and same time, there is a similar quantity of risks at stake. And with the year still fresh andlooking somewhat promising, Charles Lee clarifies a quite number of the features that he seeks outfor his assessments. In which includes the innovations, a competent developer, honest marketing and also fair incentives. He also mentbring a lot of innovation and also at the same time as well was trying a lot of greater things just to be able enough to push their innovation. Charles Lee has even said that without a strong team, there is a small chance that a certain coin will be able to pull it out and succeedin a long term. And when I saw some teams which are spending their resources on their marketing over the tech, I know that they are settling their priorities in the wrong place; he also emphasizes in his tweets that the strong teams he has viewed pertain with the Ethereum, Monero and the Decred. And the fact that he keeps away right from the premines, the instamines or even the ICOs as they are rewarding the developers excessively and he also considers that there are several white papers which arefilled with the technical terms that probably make no sense at all but just confuse the readers. And without mentioning the Litecoin, he evaluates the Bitcoin, the Monero, and the Decred as the highest coins and citing that the Decred has spent a year span on doing their codes to be enhanced its consensus and also the governance system as well, and Monero which did not have a GUI wallet. And the Ethereum is close; he also said that the decision right into hardfork and turn back right on the “uncensorable transaction” dreadfully hurts. And the fact that he states that if you have something great in you, just work hard and success is right ahead of you. And if you do not, try to lure in with the people in their fancy marketing. Read more: https://www.ecoin.eu/en/news/article/528/ www.ecoin.eu
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    eCoin.eu / ARBITRAGE Cryptocurrency Stock Exchange eCoin.eu provides you a tool for interbourse trade -Arbitrage. With the help of this tool, any person and professional, and the novice can easily earn money every day due to a difference in Cryptocurrency price in various stock exchanges. How does it work? On the page of Arbitrage(https://www.ecoin.eu/ru/arbitrage/index) you see a list of Stock Exchanges, with the help of check boxes you can enable or disable the display of the exchanges. As you can see in the chart, the difference in rates between the Stock Exchanges is significant. And you can buy a Bitcoin in one Stock Exchange at a low rate, and immediately sell Bitcoin to another Stock Exchange at a higher rate. Arbitrage Tool (https://www.ecoin.eu/ru/arbitrage/index) will help you calculate your profit with each Bitcoins. Note: When calculating the profit, the Commission is not considered, as at the Stock Exchanges there are different methods of entering resources and different %. But for example at the eCoin.eu Stock Exchange, you can replenish your account by eCoin Vouchers as 0%, and thereby minimize their losses on Arbitrage. Take a look: https://www.ecoin.eu/en/arbitrage/index/ www.ecoin.eu What is eCoin.eu? eCoin.eu is a trading platform/system for crypto-currency such like: Bitcoin and Litecoin with many advanced features including buy, sell and exchange. eCoin.eu also offers a 24/7 hour online exchange that provides the instant and automated matching of orders between its registered members. eCoin.eu provides an easy, secure, and affordable exchange for you to buy and sell Crypto-Currencies.
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