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  1. So bitcoin will down to 5k-7,5k USD?
  2. HotForex - www.Hotforex.com

    I have already downloaded the app long time ago, do I need to download another version or it automatically updates for me?
  3. HotForex - www.Hotforex.com

    I actually think Car competition get more investor than any tournament.
  4. HotForex - www.Hotforex.com

    You can also find many hidden interesting assets to trade.
  5. LMFX - lmfx.com

    Did you guys trade with this broker, please share your experience?
  6. 0 pips spreads broker

    Is there really 0 spreads brokers? Does that mean we have only commissions and the coms could be very high and I think not broker can guarantee 0 spreads excep scam ones.
  7. HotForex - www.Hotforex.com

    Does this broker really provide Bitcoin for trading? I am looking for a broker to trade Bitcoin.

    Slippage occurs with most Market Orders Can someone tell me about this? I am new and I don't really get with slippage issue with Market Orders, why and how? Can we avoid it?