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  1. difficult to trade in here without a strategy

    Forex is not easy business. It is necessary to learn Forex trading first. Otherwise we can lose all money very easily. We can not get profit with out experience of trading. We should do hard work to understand Forex trading. Because success in Forex is very difficult. Forex trading becomes easy after getting good experience. We can get experience before real trading from demo account trading after doing a long practice of virtual trading. My broker AAFX made my forex trading simple and easy. They offer a standard MetaTrader 4 for their traders, which comes in desktop and mobile versions. Also they provides several methods of deposit and withdraw: Wire transfer, credit/debit cards, and different e-wallets, like PerfectMoney and Skrill.

    AAFX broker goal is to protect the privacy the personal information and financial information with maximum care, so you should not be worry. Customers will be warned by the trading platform, at 25% margin level. They also have partnership with Trading Central, one of the best industry leading signal provider, so you can receive also signals from them in the trading platform. In addition that you can receive welcome 25% deposit bonus, you can receive more promotions and bonuses after more deposits. They offer top notch trading conditions. Forex, Cryptocurrencies, CFDs, Ultra Low commissions, Islamic Accounts supported, Negative Balance Protection. Fully integrated with ZuluTrade, the largest Social Trading Network, State-of-the-art proprietary trading platforms & mobile apps, Friendly & Multifunctional User Area.
  3. FreshForex - Trouble free trading.

    Forex trading is where you need good amount of support always. Support should be ready when you stuck in something or you face some issues. I have traded with a lots of broker who promises to provide A1 support services but after depositing with them they just vanish like magic. Really it was so disappointing but finally I got AAFX broker who provides one stop service and very quick in response as well. I am proud that I m trading with them and with their regulation and quick services I am quite a happy trader now. Best broker by far. Fast execution and pronto payout. This is a leading online trading broker specializing in stocks, commodities, CFDs and currencies. It is incorporated with major financial entities worldwide, providing traders from all over the world with a secure and transparent trading experience.
  4. Share your trading strategy

    Forex is now full of competition. Since here traders engage in currency trading from different parts of the world. We trader need to be very cautions while selecting any trading strategy. I prefer liquidity thereby in this dynamic market I prefer scalping. And I am as a scalper working with a regulated broker AAFX since I am getting lowest zero spread and re-quote and slippage free timely and fastest trade executions all the time.
  5. How to make money in Forex

    Forex is the largest currency market in the world is offering foreign currency exchange trades to the people on a virtual platform. But in order to earn money, traders will require a good deal of understanding about forex market and they also have to hold a greater emotion handling capabilities since forex is a dynamic and competitive market place. It is also essential to work with a reliable platform to ensure security of funds as well as earn consistent profit. Thereby I have selected AAFX as my trading platform since it is a regulated broker and offering me flexible trading facility to earn good money always.
  6. Bounce Bank to your trading after facing losses

    Losses are inevitable in forex market. And all traders should accept the fact that forex is not risk free and they will definitely face losses any time. Thereby when a trader will face losses, he should try to hold his emotion and keep patience to identify his mistakes to bounce back to the normal trading. I am fortunate that my broker AAFX is always providing me full support so that I can never feel depressed and can get back to the profitable trading by overcoming my mistakes.
  7. Non dealing desk broker

    There are many forex brokers who charge excessive commissions. But my broker does not charge me any kind of commission. Sometimes many brokers are charging their customers some hidden costs so that they won’t be able to understand about the charging. If you take my advice I’ll suggest you my broker AAFX since it is a non dealing desk broker and thereby it does not charge any commission rather it is providing me lowest zero spread.
  8. Forex is a highly competitive market. But the beginners face cut throat competition in the initial level. And the highly uncertain and volatile market place can disturb the new traders most. So in order to overcome all difficulties there is no alternative of learning forex market and gain proper knowledge and skills about forex trading. Apart from learning; working with a reliable broker is a must. I have been working with AAFX since 2015 and fully satisfied with its services lower 0 pip spread; 1:2000 leverage; re-quote and slippage free trade executions all the time.
  9. Forex Trading

    Forex is actually foreign currency exchange trading platform where a trader can see the live features of every currency along with pairs and can operate their preferred currency pairs using their money from their account. I am trading with AAFX for trading in forex market which is regulated and mostly ensures my all needs while trading. It gives me 1 pip spread rate on major pairs and 2000:1 leverage including free trade facility.
  10. As forex is a highly volatile and risky market; each trader is in a search that how he can keep risk low as possible. For keeping risk low as possible a trader should properly use stop loss; trail stop; take profit or more aggressively hedging. Not all brokers allow scalping and hedging. But I am fortunate that my broker AAFX is providing me platform which is adaptable to both the strategies and both strategies are helping me to trade in risky environment.
  11. Trading as a profession is not easy. Rather it is a tricky profession since traders need to keep them updated with the changes in the forex market. No matter whether a trader is investing small or huge money; he will require a confident trading approach to gain success in trading life. My broker AAFX is providing me a 24 hour support and flexible trading tools so that I can appropriately craft a confident trading approach or style for me and earn sufficient money as a pro trader.
  12. Superior Brokage Platform.

    Forex market is somehow a different market place that allows traders to trade 24 hours and currency traders use forex, retail brokers to access the currency market around 24 hours. It is essential to work with a reliable trading platform since a trader’s performance in this decentralized market is highly dependent on the trading facilities provided by the broker. I am working with a reliable trading platform AAFX since as a scalper I am enjoying low 1 pip spread and good leverage of 1:2000 with re-quote and slippage free trade executions.
  13. No small depsit bonus

    Every micro investor or retail, small scale trader may want to work with a trading platform that offers trading opportunities to its customers in exchange of small deposits so that even micro investors for small scale traders can get the floor to engage in forex trading with the small investment. I am happy that I have that exclusive opportunity since my broker AAFX is offering forex trading platform where mini accounts start with just $100 and it is also offering a 35% welcoming bonus to its customers.
  14. Is Forex better than other investment markets?

    It is a relative question to answer since I always believe that every financial market has its own beauty and traders are actively joining diverse financial markets as per their own trading requirements. Like if a trader does not want to involve in any standard criteria then decentralized market like forex is the best option and I am also a forex trader due to various infrastructural benefits like virtual trading, global online network, numerous trading tools with flexible brokerage houses facilities, micro investment and I am fortunate enough that my broker AAFX is always there by my side to support me.
  15. Right now crypto currency has got a lot of hype and it seems very profitable for the moment. Forex also get affected by this. Now many forex brokers are allowing crypto trading in their system as my broker AAFX do. It recently added BTC/USD in their system. So I can trade with this pair as normal forex trading. They also take very few spread from this pair. Soon it will add some other currencies also.