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  1. The hardcore scalper

    The hardcore scalper stealing ticks for 8 hours a day Monday to Friday. But, five years of experience in the markets has shown me that even the talented few, who can do this day to day, burn out, sooner rather than later. I trade with technical analysis. And my broker AAFX provides me real time news feeds as well as education and market commentary.
  2. Margin Forex trading is cash settled and non deliverable. This means that positions can stay open indefinitely without the need for either side of a trade, buyer or seller to make or take delivery of dollars, yen, real or rand. At AAFX, I am trading cfd beside Forex. When trading stock indices cfds, I am able to diversify my trading strategies as well as take advantage of different opportunities across global equity markets.
  3. The RSI indicator

    The RSI indicator is used to determine the state of the market whether it is overbought, oversold, or stable. If the RSI tops out in the upper zone and then returns to the middle zone, the price would move in the same direction. If the RSI bottoms out in the lower zone and then returns to the middle zone, the price would move in the same direction. At My broker AAFX I can enjoy more tight spreads with zero commission and swap free accounts.
  4. Trade Trends and Levels

    If a country is very active in trade, then there should be a great demand for its currency, which therefore affects all the currency pairs associated with it. A high amount of trade also indicates the competitiveness of the market, not just for currency, but for commodities and stocks as well. I learnt all about fundamental and technical factor from AAFX’s educational material.
  5. When to Buy And Sell?

    A trader would open a buy position if they believe that the value of that specific base currency would increase. A trader would open a sell position if they believe that the value of that specific base currency would decrease. I am trading with AAFX. And I benefit from access to various types of accounts with excellent trading conditions. They have commission free account for beginner in Forex market.
  6. Swap in Forex

    Swap in Forex is the difference in the interest rates paid or received by the trader from the two currencies traded. Each currency has an interest rate, and when traders trade a Forex pair, they are normally long with one currency and short with the other as borrowing one pair and lending the other. My broker AAFX provides me swap free account in Forex trading.
  7. higher risk ratio

    Risk/ reward ratio is very important in Forex market. Trader should use 1:1 or higher risk ratio in order to survive long in Forex market. It is worth noting that a higher reward/risk ratio will bring less wins, as the Forex market is not always following a trend, but the amount of profit should compensate for that. I am using 1:2 risk/ reward ratio. I am surviving in this market with my broker AAFX’s support and this risk/ reward ratio.
  8. What is leverage

    The definition of leverage in Forex is the ability to trade a large amount of money using very little of traders own money. It is thanks to leverage that a Forex trader can make a living without having substantial amounts of money to trade. Brokers provide different leverage facility. At AAFX, I am taking advantage of high leverage up to 2000:1 to maximize my Forex trading.
  9. Forex trading

    Forex trading is the simultaneous exchange, buying and selling, of one currency for another primarily for speculation purposes. Forex also known as foreign exchange, Forex or FX is the largest market in the world in terms of volume, trading over US 5.3 trillion per day. I am happy to say that I am being part of it. I am trading in Forex with AAFX. They are providing me comfortable access to every type of financial market.
  10. FOREX

    The foreign exchange is the largest market in the world in terms of trading volume, with an average of more than $5 trillion currencies traded daily. The Forex market allows investors to trade currency pairs 24 hours a day, 5 days a week and to manage market exposure with the use of leverage. I am trading in Forex market with AAFX. It is one of the world’s fastest growing Forex& CFD providers.
  11. Online CFD trading

    Contracts for difference (cfds) are specialized and popular over the counter (otc) financial derivative products which enable you to trade on the price movement of financial assets indices futures, commodity futures, crypto currency, shares and exchange traded funds. I am trading with AAFX. It offers leveraged trading on almost every financial instrument. Trading cfds is a simple and instantaneous trading option, with no commission on all instruments.
  12. Markets will get volatile sooner or later

    When compared to various stock, commodities and bond markets worldwide, the Forex market is by far the biggest volatile financial market in the world. Market will get volatile sooner or later. Traders have to patience in Forex trading. I am trading with AAFX which takes regulation and security very seriously. they strive to provide a transparent and secure Forex trading environment for all traders.
  13. Foreign exchange trading platforms

    Forex is an online investment market. Most people prefer Forex market than any than market in the world. I am trading with AAFX. Its providing Forex Trading Platforms: Trade on MetaTrader 4 with no re-quotes and flexible leverage, available for all operating systems - Windows, Mac OS, ios or Android, technical Analysis indicators, analytical objects and charting tools, fully compatible with EAs (Expert Advisors) and hedging allowed.
  14. Learn how to trade currency

    In order to become a competent participant of Forex market or a professional trader it is necessary to pass through inevitable stages acquiring skills and knowledge which are essential for trading on Forex. I started my Forex trading at the demo account of AAFX. They also provide me many educational resources to increase my knowledge of Forex trading. After long hard work now I am a successful Forex trader.
  15. Online trading platforms and stock exchanges

    I think that Forex is the most preferable online trading platform. It is a well known fact that any financial market runs a serious risk of a possible collapse. However unlike other markets like stock and commodity Forex is secured from a crash thanks to the specifics of its commodity namely a currency which is the most liquid and reliable trading instrument among all available ones. I am a Forex trader and I am trading with a regulated ECN broker called AAFX.