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  1. The Best Time to Trade Forex...

    If you ask me why I am doing trades in forex market, I will answer that forex is a 24/7 market. I am doing trades because I can trade from anywhere and at any time I prefer to trade. I am student and I require some sort of flexibility in trading. And forex gives me that flexibility. I think the best time for trader is dependent on the trader’s own needs, one can work at day, and others can work at night. No matter in when I am working in forex market I must admit that my broker AAFX is smoothly performing all my trades so that I can be free from all worries.
  2. Forex market is one of the highly growing markets in the world. Beside this, forex market can be highly risky and competitive market. One of the reasons behind this is as a virtual and decentralized market place it has no specific regulatory authority. Again thousands of brokers can make your decision more difficult here to whom you want to work with. But as a pro trader I am satisfied with the services of my broker AAFX and it is making my journey easier by providing various trading facilities.
  3. Risk can't totally wiped out.

    Forex market is a highly risky and competitive market. Thereby while thinking about operating in this market, we traders should concentrate about the risk factors. Many people have different opinions regarding risk management in this market. As per my opinion, we can minimize the risk not completely can be eliminated. And one the major way of minimizing risks is the appropriate selection of a regulated broker. The reason behind this is a regulated broker like AAFX can ensure a safe and profitable currency exchange by offering real trading facilities like low and 1 pip fixed spread, high leverage of 1:2000.
  4. Each trade position.

    Forex market allows us to exchange currencies in any period of time as it is remaining open for 24/7. But we must know when to execute a trade, which position should take in a particular trade. You can take either short position (to sell) or long position (to buy) on a particular currency after analyzing all necessary facts. One example can make it clear, right now I am working with major pairs with AAFX by adopting scalping as my appropriate strategy. Because I am thinking that USD will move in a positive trend and for me it will be good to use scalping on major pairs since AAFX is giving me 1 pip fixed spread on this.
  5. With a demo account.

    New players or new entrants in the Forex market may face various problems while trading in this market. Thereby one of the best ways to learn how to successfully operate in the Forex market is using of demo trading account. Demo trading account allows currency trading as real buyer or seller in the Forex market but with the artificial money. My broker AAFX was also provided me training and knowledge via demo trading account when I entered in the market in 2016.
  6. Forex is basically a platform where we exchange the rate or currency and make money through it. This is a fight between bulls and bears. Those who are long time in this market will understand what I am trying to say. For trading safely in this market we must need a good and reliable broker like AAFX. This is the broker where I am trading for 3 years. It ensures my suitable trading environment.
  7. Exceptionally productive business.

    If anyone asks me a question, what is the purpose of any business for you? I will answer that my purpose of business is gaining sustainability and earning moderate profit that will lead to me a successful career. Forex is that specific business for me which is highly productive now-a-days. But everyone should be careful while doing business here. And if you are unknown about the terms of Forex business, you should take the help of a regulated and trusted broker like AAFX. A good broker is your best friend in this productive yet risky business area. Good luck!
  8. Why Forex hard for beginner?

    Forex market is a virtual, risky, highly competitive market. Thereby for new traders it may be a bit difficult to cope with this market at the beginning. When I was a new entrant, I also found it a difficult place-from where to start, how to start and how I might be able to earn profit. Then one of my friends told me about AAFX and I then realized that in this market your broker can be your best friend since a regulated broker takes all the necessary steps and provides guidelines so that traders having accounts with it can engage in safe trading. Now for me, it is not that difficult to operate Forex trading.
  9. Demo Trading Account

    Forex can be a new word for new traders and they may find it difficult to operate in this market due to proper knowledge and experience. For them, demo trading account can be a great help. Because it allows a trader to trade in the forex market, gain knowledge, trader acts as an original player but he/she trade with artificial money. So there is no chance of loss. When I was a new entrant, I lost a huge sum of money. Then I went to my present broker AAFX and it suggested me to learn all trading activities via demo trading account and now I am able to earn sufficient profits.
  10. Having risk in trade.

    Every business has its own risks. We will not find any such business without risk. How can Forex be different? Forex market also bears some sorts of risks and every player here should try to minimize such risk in order to earn more profit. But riskiness can reduce by 50% just by choosing a correct broker. Like I selected AAFX as my broker and my broker is always standing by me by providing me numerous facilities like low and fixed 1 pip spread, 1:2000 high leverage, is giving guidelines and knowledge about ins and out of Forex market.
  11. FreshForex my broker

    I also think in the same way. Regulation should be the first noticeable element while choosing a broker for our trading system because no matter how much a broker provides you trading facilities if he can not provide security of your fund your money is totally at risk. For that reason I trade with AAFX broker for last 3 years. This si regulated by ASIC firm and it ensures my fund.
  12. Security issue of your broker?

    Sorry to say that I never heard of such broker in my career. I have been trading in this market for almost one decade and I tried more than 7-8 brokers in my career. I know almost all kinds of good and bad broker. And security of a broker is necessary fact for choosing it. Currently I am trading with a regulated broker named AAFX which got regulation from ASIC. It ensures my fund safety and gives me best deals.
  13. Stay Disciplined.

    Discipline perhaps is one of the most common words of our life. In every educational institution we may always have to follow many disciplinary issues an no one in this world can ignore the extreme power of discipline in ever field. Let it be the war or FOREX market. Though FOREX market is a virtual world, it requires some sort of disciples that every investor and trader must have to follow. And I have learnt this fact from my broker AAFX and it is providing me all the guidelines so that I can continue my track.
  14. Foreign Exchange Trading Platforms

    Right now forex market has become the largest online trading market and that’s why people are joining in this platform massively. As they all are new and don’t know much about forex and its platform we should suggest them. I am currently trading with AAFX’s mt4 platform. This platform is very easy to operate and any new trader can trade here by reading manual. This platform has more than 70+ trading tools and indicators facilities.
  15. Why Less is More in Forex Trading

    It seems to be an impressive trading strategy and I completely support your thought. In forex market we may have too many forex strategies but as a pro trader we should not burden our mind with so many thoughts. It will not allow us to trade with deep concertation and as a result we might lose trade constantly. My broker AAFX reduce my trading difficulties by giving me almost all kinds of trading facilities like low spread and fast execution system.