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  1. Many say that forex is an easy job but they don’t realize the true as they don’t enter into the real market. When you start trading in real account you can face many problems such as order delay, slippage, re-quote, market volatility, confusion, losing too many and making too little etc. So always prepare for everything. I am prepared with my broker AAFX. It ensures my trading environment by giving me smooth execution system and easy transaction methods.
  2. Success in trading

    To become winner in forex has become an open secret still many don’t get it. Success is a journey of lots of failure. Everyone wants to become successful but none ants to face failure. We have to admit the fact of losing in this market and keep moving forward. Sometimes broker support can make your journey easy and profitable. My broker AAFX does it to me. It gives me 1:2000 leverage and 30% deposit bonus.
  3. Scalp-trading is very demanding

    Scalping is a trading technique specifying in captivating profits on small price fluctuations, commonly soon after a trade has been entered and has convert profitable. To become successful in scalping we may need some extra support from broker like right tools, quick execution, low spread rate, live feed, direct access broker. I trade scalping with AAFX. It offers me 1 pip fixed spread rate on major pairs which gives me the freedom to trade scalping.
  4. Psychology of trading is right for you

    We all know that forex trading is a mental game. It tests our psychological strength. If you can manage to pass the test you can make good amount of money here. It doesn’t matter if you win more pip much profit, what matter is making profit more than losses. Making consistent profit should be our main goal. My broker AAFX helps me to reach my goal. It gives me rebate system so that I could make extra money even after losing trade.
  5. How EXACTLY are the brokers compensated?

    A legitimate way of a broker‘s earning is through spread and the commission of swap. But many traders complain about slippage and hidden charge which is given by the scam broker. It’s been 2 years I‘m trading with AAFX which is a regulated broker. It is giving me low spread as 0 pips, swap free trading accounts, on hidden charge etc. it also secure my money up to 20 k. I am happy to trade with it.
  6. How Much Should You Spend to Trade Forex?

    Yes I completely agree with you on that. And this is one of the most promising reasons why forex market is so popular at the moment. Forex is very unique business where you can start your account with only 50-100$ which no other business has. When I started my career I invested only 500$ in AAFX fixed account. In that account they gave me 30% deposit bonus and also 1:2000 leverage.
  7. What is leverage?

    Often many traders ask me what is leverage? Is it good or bad? Let me tell you that leverage is a power. Power is such thing which can be both good and bad. It depends on how you use it. Leverage is a power which enables to trade bigger than your investment. I get 1:2000 leverage from my broker AAFX. But if I don’t use proper risk management for using such high risk I will fail to manage my investment.
  8. What is your trading style?

    I am a day trader. I like to trade with long term strategy. But I also try to enjoy all kinds of trading system in this business. Luckily my broker AAFX allows all kinds of trading strategies. I am very calm and compose trader who can easily wait whole day for a good set up. I don’t rush toward trade, always keep patience. And most importantly I always use risk management while trading.
  9. Recording your profits.

    Forex trading is all about discipline and trade plan. To maintain these two you must record your profit or loss. It will help you to understand the power of your strategy or trade plan. You can see the result after month end. I do it every month with proper calculation. I use AAFX as my broker as it gives me fixed spread rate on major pairs. It helps me to maintain my trade plan and get more profit.
  10. Do you end up forex losing your money?

    Every investment has risk of losing money. Many Forex traders left the market after losing money. It is common thing in Forex. But everybody should remember that there is no success without failure. I also lost lot of money in Forex. But I got inspired and revengeful. Those losses made me mad and strong. Then I gather more knowledge and improve my training skill with the help of my broker AAFX. It gave me motivation, support by providing tips, hidden tricks, knowledge about how to become successful in Forex. Now I am a happy and successful trader in Forex.
  11. Should know precisely.

    Forex trading is basically a fight between bulls and bear. When you can enter an order on the winning sight you can make money. It is the power of candles which really controls the market. If you want to be a good trader then I suggest you should learn the market precisely. I take my forex lesson from my broker AAFX’s website. They provide free forex education and trade set up every week.
  12. Existing theory.

    Very few traders know that forex is actually runs by the traders not the market itself. It is a fight between bulls and bear. Traders are the one who completely controls the market accept some big news. People always try to be on the winner site that’s why continuously changes their market according to market volatility. To understand the power of market you will need advance lesson. I get that from my broker AAFX.
  13. Global Economy.

    Forex now becomes a global market. It is the new era of trading in the world. The reason behind that other financial market is also investing their money in forex. As a result whole economic structure becomes reliable on forex market. That is the reason forex has the most liquidity. If you are interested for investing you better find a good broker like AAFX. This is broker where is trade on this competitive market.
  14. Market is in sideway-trend

    I have been facing this trouble for a while now at the moment. Market is currently not in the good state as before used to be. Due to the low pressure market becomes less volatile which is very harmful for scalper and day trader. It becomes very hard to make analysis for new traders as well as old ones. Luckily I got support from my broker AAFX which provides effective trade set up every week.
  15. Dynamic Trading.

    If you guys really want to join with an educative and well service providing broker I guess my broker should be the top of the list. My broker’s name is AAFX. This is the broker where I finally got chance to learn proper forex trading. It has an exclusive free forex trading course for their clients. To get the course you will have to sign up with them. Let me tell you that you money will be in safe hand as I am trading with this regulated broker with no problem for 3 years.