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  1. I completely agree with your first opinion. Knowledge is the only way to become successful in this trading business. Without proper knowledge you can not predict the market properly. But I really don’t prefer using indicators for trading. I can’t rely on them for my trading. For me the other two should be risk management and choosing right broker. That’s why I choose AAFX for my trading which gives me a wonderful trading environment.
  2. Mobile trading is one of the new trading facilities that most of the brokers are offering at the moment. You can now trade with your mobile phone also. I can operate my AAFX’s fixed account via mobile apps mt4 platform. My broker has very good mobile apps to operate the trade which I can trade, set pending orders and close it. I feel very comfortable trading with the apps. This is a new trading era for me.
  3. I picked AAFX as my broker 3 years ago. Since then I am having an excellent trading journey. It gives me enormous preference trading with this broker. When I first invested in their fixed account they provided me 30% deposit bonus and those are easily usable. Rather than bonus it certainly the best service provider in this business. I got 1:1000 leverage system into their account. Moreover I can trade on major pairs with just 1 pip spread.
  4. Newcomers particularly face great losses by taking high leverage due to non-sense planning and zero risk management policy. They should realize that leverage is two faced sword. It cut both sides. Every trader should follow the risk management if he uses high leverage. I got 1:1000 from my broker AAFX. And for my small investment it is a huge advantage. But I don’t take risk more than 1%. I calculated it by doing risk management.
  5. Spread is an essential tool of forex trading. It is mostly considered as the most important element in trading system. Spread is like a service charge of a broker. We mainly trade on broker’s provided platform. And for using his platform and taking advantages from them we must pay something and that is called spread. For low spread I like to trade with AAFX. It offers me very low margin of spread like only 1 pip on major pairs.
  6. Forex trading is based on the rates of different currencies and its fluctuation. Other than that if currency rate remain fixed it is not possible to trade in forex. Currency rates depend on some economic condition of currency’s country. We trader actually trade on the differences of currency rates. For better trading situations I like to trade with AAFX. They offers the best trading environment by giving 1 pip fixed spread and high leverage.
  7. Scalping seems to be very easy trading techniques. But very few traders know that it is bigger than that. Scalping trading need a combination of trading skill, experience and broker support. I am doing scalping for long time. Some broker accepts the concepts of scalping. I am lucky to have AAFX as my broker as it allows all kind of trading. It ensures my trading comfort by giving less slippage and good execution.
  8. I don’t think bonus is really important for real trading. This is like an extra investment. But if you are not attached with a regulated broker I am sure that you can not use your bonus. For news trading we need good execution from our broker not bonus. I trade with AAFX with excellent execution system and without any re-quotes problem. We all know that traders mostly face re-quote problem while trading new trade. I am lucky on that basis.
  9. For me demo account is one of the great facilities which forex produce. Trader can learn about forex market and trading method by using it. The platform where you can trade in real market by using fake money is called demo account. I am trading in this market for last 7 years still using demo. I use it for testing my new strategies. I use AAFX’s demo platform for my trading. They produce an excellent demo platform including with highly updated trading tools.
  10. Scalping and broker has a different relation which many traders don’t know. Not all brokers offers trader to trade scalping. Very few brokers allow the concepts of scalping. Rather than restriction you need some extra support from your broker to trade scalping, like low spread, good execution, less slippage problem etc. I am also a scalper for 2 years. For my scalping I like to trade with AAFX. It offers me 1 pip fixed spread on major pairs.
  11. For me forex trading is easy but the preparation of trading is tough. You need to work very hard for preparing yourselves in forex market. First you need forex education. After that traders have to practice for improving the skills and correct their mistakes. Broker selected is also a difficult job. I have chosen AAFX for that. This broker is regulated and ensures fund safety of their clients. I get 2 pips fixed spread on major pairs.
  12. Forex is pure business. Those who say it as gambling, think they don’t have any idea about forex market. Forex trading need many analysis, market prediction, calculation, spread support, leverage usage etc. And all of these definitely don’t have to do in gambling. Gambling is pure luck and trading is mental hard work. In gambling you won’t have any support from dealer. But in forex we got support from our broker. I got 2 pips fixed spread from my broker AAFX.
  13. As a retail trader I am very happy with forex trading. Forex gives me the ultimate advantage to earn money with my small investment. I trade whenever I feel like that is really awesome. Moreover I get some exclusive support from my broker AAFX which really help me to earn more than I am actually capable of. My broker gives me 1:1000 leverage and very low spread. It also has an active customer care service.
  14. Trading is not risky if you work with proper guideline and secure broker. With proper strategy and money management you can make a lot of money in this profession. But this is a risky business. You must have to take risk. I don’t say that you will not lose any money here, but with proper risk management you can control your lose. And if you got good supportive broker like AAFX you can feel safe about your investment.
  15. I have working in this market for very long. I know that the most important thing about broker is regulation. I lost my whole investment several times due to regulation problem of my broker in past. So regulation is must needed factor of broker. Right now I trade with AAFX. This is an Australian regulated broker and also has very good reputation. This broker got many reward for their service and contribution in forex business