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Bill Lawry

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  1. Fear is a common emotion of human nature. We always fear when we can not seem to find any hope. In forex there is no place for fear. We should prepare ourselves so that we can fight any situation of market. Forex market is a market of win or loss. You will definitely lose your money some point. But you have to strong enough to overcome the emotion. AAFX is the broker which helps to expansion the buoyancy of my trading.
  2. There is no need to say this business is very risky business. We have to take risk in this business in high quantity. Yes, financial security is really very important for any trader. That’s why we have to choose our broker which is regulated and ensures fund safety. Luckily I got both in one broker. The name of my broker is AAFX. This broker is regulated and ensures my fund safety.
  3. To pick the correct trend is not as easy as many people say. For that one has to understand the market very well. And for that you have to gather enough knowledge of this market and experience is also very much needed. Yes I agree trend is our friend in this market. But we have to understand this friend first. You can easily make a lot of money using market trend only. Many pro traders do not even use too many strategies for their trading. They trust only trend. I am trading with AAFX in forex. I can surely say that one can easily earn sufficient enough using trend in this market. One has to just make sure the risk management fact and that can make you real rich.
  4. Right now forex is the leading online trading system in the world. It has gone far ahead of stock exchange at the moment. This is very profitable and challenging business. People from all over the world trades in this system. And that’s the reason of its popularity. For trading in this business you do not need a lot of investment or office to sit and operate. You can easily trade here from home or where you want to do it. One pc or laptop with internet connection is enough to do this business. Becoming profitable is not so simple. You have to learn and analyze the market well. Broker support also needed for this. I am with AAFX. This broker offers me minimum spread and bonus on losses.
  5. In forex broker affects very much in our trading as we are trading forex with their platform and using their given facilities. But rather facilities security issue is the main factor of choosing broker. Facilities will help you to earn money or trade smoothly. But when it is comes to security fact nothing is comparable with regulation and fund safety. In this vast online network we will face with countless kind of brokers. Brokers are basically three types ECN, STP and market maker. Traders choose their broker according to their trading method. I am with AAFX. For me this broker is one of the best in this business as it is regulated and always stand up to my expectations.
  6. Of course forex is very good business to do. Though it is very competitive and unpredictable yet it is profitable. The popularity of this business proves this statement. It is larger than stock exchange business right now. Peoples of every county in the world trade in this business. To become successful and profitable in this business you need to find yourself a good broker. And with my trading experience I can easily say that AAFX is the broker anyone would love to trade with.
  7. These two are basic instrument of trading in forex. Spreads is very common in any kind of business. But in forex the meaning is different. When you actually ask market to make any bid any any decimal point market will take it after just few pip farther. That is actually called spread. Broker takes this as a commission or fees. Some broker takes larger amount some take less. AAFX has very low amount of spreads in most of the pairs in this market. That’s why I like to trade with it. Leverage is basically loan. Broker gives us this extra power which is called leverage to buy or sell in high lots so that we can earn more. My broker gives me 1:500 leverage.
  8. Pivot point is actually one kind of indicator. It is used to determine the trend of market. I often found this useful for my trading. This indicator works by creating support and resistance. And sometimes you can get good set up of trading by using this method. I learned this from AAFX. This broker always helps its trader to learn new and useful things. Which normally many broker does not.
  9. Our main goal is always making money in this business. We all do hard work for this only. But often we forget we can not always win in this market. Because, forex market is totally unpredictable. This market often tests our patience and mentality by making us loser consistently. And that’s the time where real traders survive. For the survival we need money management. Making money management is very imperative. If we can know how to make money management our loss can be reduced. This is very tactical issue. That’s we have to learn this from good source. I can suggest you AAFX for that. For controlling our loss there is no comparison of money management. It is key of success in forex.
  10. For me forex is very profitable business. But it is very risky also. Without taking any preparation before joining in this market can be very costly to any trader. If you ask me what are the basic of forex , I can tell you there are few. First and foremost basic thing in forex is knowledge. By gathering knowledge anyone can success in life on any part of the business. Second important basic thing is practice and hard work. Without this you won’t go too long. Controlling your emotion and voracity is also very much obligatory while trading. Choosing a broker for your trading is very vital job to do. If anyone want to trade with A class broker, AAFX is the one.
  11. New traders basically lose in this market very often. The reason for that is lack of knowledge and experience. They have to wait long enough to tactically and strategically strong. And gather as much as knowledge they can. Most important points to success in this business are knowledge, strategy, choosing right broker like AAFX, controlling emotion, control greed etc. And for all this one have to be experience enough in this business.
  12. To take orders in forex market and profits you must have to know about orders. There are total three types of order in forex market. Number one is market order. It is the most common trade which everyone uses. In this order we take the bidding where the market price belongs at that moment. The others are limit order and stop order. Mostly professional trader uses these types of order. I use market order and stop order basically. If you take sell order in this market that means you desire the market to go lower. If you take buy your aspiration should be higher. Mostly traders complain about slippage. But you can’t do anything about it. To avoid this incident you have to choose such kind of broker that prevent this incident. And for this reason AAFX is one of the best.
  13. Demo trading is the reason why a new trader can get confidence in real trading. Demo account is really very important for new trader. As they are new in this business, they basically don’t have much knowledge of trading in here. By demo account he can practice his knowledge and strategy. For demo trading one should use good trading platform, just as I did with AAFX. It has a very good mt4 platform.
  14. You don’t have to give lots of time to earn money in forex. You just have to wait for market to response correctly according to you strategy. Then you strike it with proper money management and earn well enough. But you have to gives more time when you start this business. Because that time you have to gain proper knowledge from trustable source. I also took lesson from AAFX. It took me almost 6 month to complete my course. But I have to say I still learning.
  15. I found this post very useful. And every forex trader who is new in this business can follow this post without any kind of doubt. But one of the basic points of forex market is missing here. And that is broker. Forex trading and broker is part and parcel in this business. So always pick your broker smartly. I choose AAFX, as this the most trustable and profitable broker I have ever trade with.