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  1. The broker company HBC Broker HBC Broker was founded in 1997. That year, Julian Schmid (a young financial consultant from Geneva) and two partners founded a small consulting company: JCF Consult. The company's main goal was to develop customized investment plans. 2008 was a game-changing year for the company. JCF Consult started offering clients unique capital management opportunities. These opportunities were primarily associated with the rise and development of online trading technologies in the financial markets. In 2010, the company conducted a global rebranding and changed its name to HBC Broker. The HBC abbreviation stands for “Honest Brokers Collaboration”. The rebranding did not affect the company's priorities, the most important of which is asset management. More in detail on trading conditions: Trading tools: currency steams, raw materials, share indexes and CFD actions Platforms: МТ4, MT4 for Android, iPhone and IPAD, Web Trader The minimum deposit: 250$ Trading accounts: NORMAL US DOLLAR ACCOUNT, GOLD US DOLLAR ACCOUNT, NORMAL EURO ACCOUNT, GOLD EURO ACCOUNT Spread: from 1.8 points Shoulder: to 1:400 Execution of warrants: Market Execution Ways of replenishment/conclusion: WebMoney, Neteller and Scrill, cards MasterCard, VISA, bank remittance Contacts: Phone: +442038683296 Email: [email protected] Operational office: MPG PARTNERS LP: 15 Yosif Stoyanov St., 9000 Varna, Bulgaria Official site of company HBS Broker http://www.hbcbroker.com/