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  1. HBC Broker

    Notice, managers are literate, clarity and conciseness of their actions I would like to mention that deserves respect: both managers are girls, worked with me in full as I need all figured out. They are great.
  2. HBC Broker

    Deposit insurance is certainly attracted, and how to connect to this insurance, or is it automatically happening?
  3. Company Esplanade Market Solutions

    A huge bonus, but it would be good to adjust the conditions and make this bonus for all customers, without exception, including the "oldies".
  4. Company Esplanade Market Solutions

    The presence of regulation is impressive of course.. Compliance with high international standards that makes trading such a broker more comfortable.
  5. Company Esplanade Market Solutions

    I confirm. With the withdrawal of funds, everything is fine here. There is no deceit.
  6. best broker for scalping

    Not only for scalping, but for all trading strategies a very convenient broker. And for information, this broker also offers to try to get high profitability through the unique software application Nesdek Inc, Registration in which you can open an account with HBC Broker. And access to 100% free of the most advanced trading technology, with profit in a short period of time. Investors will be interested.
  7. HBC Broker

    In my opinion, a very profitable bonus, 10 deals must be made before the bonus will be available to go to the card or other payment system.
  8. best broker for scalping

    From brokers while in the priority of HBCBroker, where the main trading account I have, spreads from 1.8 points, the performance is excellent, then what you need for scalping. There are a couple more companies, but they are more likely to diversify risks.
  9. HBC Broker

    Interesting. And in more detail can tell how this all works?
  10. HBC Broker

    I tried the web platform, very convenient, you can trade and conduct analysis of financial markets, without any installation of the terminal.
  11. HBC Broker

    And on what payment system deduced?