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  1. Yes, we can use demo account to make practice. And it is needed by trader. Without practice, we can not trade well and earn profit. Even, we also can use demo account to take part in trading contest. I also still use demo account from FXB trading.
  2. We can not be rich in quick time. We need process. And as a trader, we need to more improve our skill. We can try to use demo account first if we want to get more trading experience. I also use FXB trading demo account for starting in forex. And with this account, we can trade without any investment
  3. Forex is a business and it's risky business. If we want to earn more profit, we need to learn about forex trading. Try to use demo account first if we want to start. Beginner’s Guide to Forex Trading eBook from FXB trading also can be read to make us get more knowledge