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  1. Are you afraid of losing in forex?

    Losing money is the risk in forex trading. We should understand it if we already choose to start trading in forex. A trader needs manytools to makesuccessful predictions in price movementsof different currency pairs in the CFDs market. FXB Trading provides the appropriate resourcesto enable traders to see the current situation of the daily forex market; in this way, they can gain a better understanding of the currency pairs that experience ups and downs due to economic reasons. Its website offers an economic calendar so traders can viewglobal economic news and events.The Market news section givesa daily reviewabout the lateststock market, financial and business news and this gives traders a definite advantage over others in the forex market.
  2. Share your trading strategy

    The trading strategies are a list of basic trading terminology to introduce you to different instruments, tools and strategies for different markets.
  3. risk management

    As a trader, we need to learn how to manage our fund in forex trading. Forex trading is risky business and trader need to learn how to minimize it when trading. With FXB Trading, i try to maximize their facilities, including their market analysis.
  4. I have not found a better brokerage platform than that offered by FXB Trading. Its website and great customer support team have earned the trust and respect of many traders. This brokerage service has a good reputation for its dealings and its secure fund segregation. Trading is made simple and there is lots of flexibility on offer in the opening of positions.
  5. Advantages of forex trading

    Navigation of FXB Trading's platforms iseasy and they offer adetailed insight into forex trends and market movements. The interface is user-friendly and traders will not have any difficulty with these platforms. In addition, the flexibility offered by FXB's mobile platformsgives traders the convenience of trading while they are on the move.
  6. here is a tip

    I was introduced to FXB Trading by a friend. I am a novice in the CFD market, but I am grateful to my friend for recommending FXB Trading to me as their website really helped me to gain confidence as a beginner.
  7. What was your largest loss?

    FXB Trading helpsits investors and traders through the special features it provideson its website. One of its distinct features is the tools it provides on the daily outlook for trading and this is helpful to all traders attempting toanalysethe CFD market and the shifts in currency pair values.
  8. Demo Trading Account

    FXB Trading provides novice traders with all the resources and tools that they need to learn how to trade. Its trading tools include trading calculators, an economic calendar, trading signals and fundamental and technical analysis.
  9. here is a tip

    The website of FXB Trading has an excellentinterface which is user friendly and easy for users to navigate. I was able to locate real time information and to analyze the trends in the market based on global economic events with the help of the website’s economic calendar.
  10. The demo account.

    Traders need to acquire skills and knowledge in order to trade successfully in CFDs. FXB Trading offers applications that make it easy for traders to speculate in the market. They can enjoy the flexibility andthe tools that provide a daily market outlook so that they can trade successfully in the CFD market.
  11. Technical analysis

    Technical Analysis is a trading tool employed to evaluate securities and provides accurate forecasts which are prepared by expert technical analysts. but we need to understand that we should pay attention on fundamental analysis too
  12. Is Forex scam?

    Forex is not scam.The foreign exchange market (Forex) is the largest market in the world for the trading of currencies. The scam one is broker. That's why we need to be careful in choosing broker for trading
  13. Demo is important ?

    When we already decide to use demo account, we should maximize it as well as possible. It's essential for a beginner in forex and CFD trading to know everything about trading if he or she wants to be successful. FXB Trading is the ideal platform for beginners as it gives them complete knowledge of the trading market and provides all the appropriate tools and resources. The site will lead both novices and experienced traders to become successful traders in the Contracts for Differences (CFD) market.
  14. High leverage

    Any leverage we use for trading, trader, should maximize it. When we choose to trade in broker, i'm sure, we already know what broker provide. Like in FXB Trading. The Basic account is the ideal account for new traders with leverage up to 1:500, a 100% welcome bonus and support from the FXB team.
  15. Market News by FXB Trading

    EUR/USD Producer Price Index. Germany, 09:00 (GMT+2) German Producer Price Index is due at 09:00 (GMT+2). The indicator is expected to grow to 0.2% on a monthly basis in December from 0.1% a month earlier. On the year-on-year basis, the indicator is expected to drop to 2.3% in December from 2.5% a month earlier. The index shows the dynamics of prices on the markets of raw materials on the wholesale scale. The growth of the indicator leads to the strengthening of EUR, and fall weakens it.