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  1. FreshForex - Trouble free trading.

    It is very rare that a trader gets to enjoy trouble-free trading. There are questions and queries that will always pop up and catch you unawares, which is why it is important to have a customer representative on hand when you need them. For FreshForex clients there is a live chat option, as well as a multi-channel phone line and email options. There is also a contact form and a very comprehensive FAQs section.
  2. How to keep risk low as possible?

    I lost 3 trades amounting to 2770 $ because hotforex webtrader and mt4 was not updating prices of trades. This happened more than 4 times already in few months but when it happened in march i told them i could not close trade in time and mine trade went to huge loss and when i closed the trade it went to 2770$. Yes mine trade was gaining first but because the screen not updating when i saw after sometime it was showing negative. This broker is totally scammed one. Don't go for it to trade.
  3. Is Forex scam?

    I opened an account with CMTrading after they seemed to be nice. I was influenced by their advertisement of no fee charged on deposit and withdrawal. On opening the account, I made a profit of $4 dollars within few days and no longer comfortable with trading during the week. I requested for my money and profit of $4. On waiting for days for my refund to roll in, I found out I was charged $39 and was denied of my profit. CMTrading is the worst, big scammer, you better help your emotions by running away from them by infinite distance.
  4. What makes novice traders disturbed??

    One more thing to look up in good broker is how good is their customer service? How quickly do they process withdrawals out of your account and do they charge you for this service? You should go to a broker with good costumer service support that will answer your emails or complaints. They should also have fast withdrawal process. For me, I am pretty much contented with FreshForex as they provide those qualities to me. I started to do trading on the platform Meta Trader 4 and for me it is the best platform.
  5. You have to endure losses.

    Patient trade will result in consistent gains what is more important than fast and large gains as they can quickly turn into losses and your total return will be negative. I'm trading low-risk strategy with FreshForex with 5% monthly return and never make more what greed can urge you earn. Patience, one of the most, belittled most important skill i would say in forex, and forex will teach you to be a patience master whether you like it or not. Start your trading with freshforex. They provide MT4 platform. MetaTrader is supportive of freshforex mobile trading too. Perhaps I should also mention another feature that can make a difference, particularly if you prefer to use Expert Advisers. Available for all clients, providing a certain trading level is achieved, is a free VPS service to help make your automated trading more efficient.
  6. Non dealing desk broker

    I like and enjoying the Forex trading but didn't trade only for fun. Forex trading shall not be joined for fun only because you will have to take it serious and trade according to it's rules and when you will start earning profit in it, you will automatically get interested in it and will work better in it. Trading is very tricky when it comes to evaluating your success. Beginners in the world of CFD trading can search everywhere but they are not likely to come across a trading website such as FreshForex Trading which is full of smart kinds of software that helps predict the trends. This website offers platforms with STP/ECN environments and this is a big help for people trading in the CFD market.
  7. Trading as a profession is not easy

    Yeah, I definitely believe trading can be simple and fruitful, it’s all about hard work and it will be enjoyable, but if we shy away from hard work and all that then it’s not going to be too easy. I am able to do this pretty nicely with help of FreshForex broker which is super cool having steady spreads from 0.1 pips to high leverage up to 1.1000 plus they have marvelous no deposit bonus which goes up to 50% and is use able too, so that’s why it’s very handy! Some would say this is the sensible option, while others would call it boring. But there are plenty more traders who will be pleased to learn that freshforex has decided to stick with MetaTrader 4. There is no denying it is still the most popular platform currently available. Those are some reason why I choose this broker to trade with.
  8. Why Forex hard for beginner?

    Trading can be fun when you are regularly earning money,more so if they are big. But trading forex is not a funny business but quite the opposite. It is a serious business and you must take it as such. You can meanwhile do things which can trading enjoyable & fun and if you select good reliable broker like FreshForex with its competitive spreads, good execution, fast withdrawals, lots of bonus offers, etc; then you can really enjoy trading. But my advise would be to take forex trading as serious because you can lose all your money anytime! There are many people who aim only money in forex. Trading is forex is not so much of fun. But trading forex would be fun if you are able to make a consistent and significant profit from it daily.
  9. NZD/CHF analysis

    The NZDCHF market is strong from buy angle right now. 0.6835 was a strong support point from where market started coming up. So still buyers have a great opportunity indeed. So to the buyers the entry point is at 0.6892 and the target point is at 0.6956.
  10. NZD/CAD analysis

    There is a true range we are looking in the NADCAD chart for which we have strong sell signal right now. According to the trend line and moving average sellers can take an entry at 0.9078 for the target at 0.9011.
  11. NZD/CAD analysis

    According to the ATR and trend line there is a strong signal to the sellers and they should grab it as soon as possible. To them the entry point is at 0.9058 and the closing point is at 0.8985 and in my view sellers can enjoy a good amount of profit through trading with the pair.
  12. Gold analysis

    According to the analysis over the gold market showing us that the market is at the touching point of 161.8 so hopefully now the time to come down for the market. So sellers should take an entry at 1334.93 and the target point is at 1315.13.
  13. NZD/USD analysis

    We are looking that NZDUSD market is currently in the uptrend because the market has already broken the moving average and trend line which refers that the market is strong from bull sight. To the buyers still have the signal and they should take an entry at 0.7316 and the closing point is at 0.7436.
  14. FreshForex with lot of opportunities.

    Over confident is one mistake which also often causing trader being recklessly in decision making, they felt surely will obtained profit because the trend will move on their direction, but as trader should to remember if they can't control the market and only follow the market, put stop loss is one way to manage these risk so they will have more opportunities to making new transaction with left margin in their account. I am with FreshForex who give me lot of opportunities to make more profits.
  15. StarFX - www.starfx.com

    The worse broker has to be UFX Bank - my fault for going with them as they are completely unregulated - have no transparency, no integrity - like a bunch of City Joker Broker's. Do not under any circumstance deposit your hard earned cash with them - could write a book on them. Their faults include having nobody answering their phones on a Friday after 2.00 pm - honestly, dishing out recommendations and having them constantly going into red as soon as you place them, and never recovering.