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  1. GBP/NZD analysis

    Through the Alligator and trend line we have strong sell signal on the GBPNZD chart. So this signal may bring a better opportunity to the sellers indeed. To the sellers the entry point is at 1.9400 and the closing point will be held at 1.9072.
  2. AUD/USD analysis

    The combination of parabolic sar and Alligator are showing that the market has a great possibility to come down. So it can bring a better amount of profit to the traders. So to the sellers the entry point is at 0.7558 and the closing point will be at 0.7536.
  3. EUR/NZD analysis

    Through checking the Bollinger Bands and trend line we have a signal that market will move up which will be a great opportunity to the buyers indeed. So buyers should take an entry right now at 1.6937 and the target will be at 1.7042.
  4. EUR/GBP analysis

    The combination of moving average and trend line analysis tell us that market has a strong possibility to come down. And sellers should take an entry right now at 0.8836 and the target point will be at 0.8738 and hopefully it will carry a better profit to them.
  5. Gold analysis

    If you look at the moving average then you can see that currently market is to follow the uptrend indeed. So buyers should be alert there in taking an entry. They should take an entry at 1283.77 and the closing point will be at 1295.13.
  6. EUR/GBP analysis

    The RSI, trend line and moving average is showing the strong buy signal to the traders. The range is blatantly providing the buy signal. So the buyers should take an entry at 0.8944 and the closing point will be at 0.9099.
  7. EUR/GBP analysis

    The EURGBP market is presently in a crucial point at 0.8875. So based on the trend line and moving average we have the strong opportunity to trade in buy sight. So to the buyers entry point should be at 0.8896 and the closing point will be at 0.9182.
  8. AUD/USD analysis

    According to the MACD there is a buy opportunity to the AUDUSD market. Because resistant level will start dominating on market within a very short time. So buyers should take an entry at 0.7813 and the exit or target point will be held at 0.8004.
  9. EUR/GBP analysis

    If you go through the RSI then you can easily find that market may move to uptrend right now. So in my view hopefully bull will start dominating in market within a short time. So to the buyers the entry point will be at 0.8757 and the closing point will be at 0.9102.
  10. USD/CHF analysis

    The MACD and Moving Average are showing that market is moving to uptrend. The market is fully in the bull trend right now because it is up to the moving average. So buyers should take an entry there at 0.9691 and the closing point will be at 0.9951.
  11. EUR/GBP analysis

    0.8757 was such a crucial point from which market has been back and hopefully it will keep moving uptrend. According to the RSI and Moving average we have set a target and entry point. So the buyers should take an entry at 0.8882 and the exit point will be at 0.9023.
  12. EUR/GBP analysis

    We are looking that RSI in the EURGBP chart are much in the below line. So traders should active in buying because to fill up the range the market may go up for some pips. So traders should buy at 0.8757 and the exit point is at 0.9023.
  13. FreshForex_ Top Broker

    FreshForex is indeed a top broker I really think that they are the best of the kind. I have never been so successful in trading before trading with FreshForex broker. They are so reliable and provides quicker withdraws as well. They provide me with lowest spreads, no swaps, no commission and no transaction fees on deposits and withdraws.
  14. why you have chosen your broekr ?

    Choosing a broker is very important for a trader. A trader can suffer and lose all his money invested just for choosing a bad broker. I have also chosed a bad broker earlier which was ORBEX. They provide such bad trading conditions so that a trader cannot make good profits. They also ask for wider spreads and closes the pending orders without traders concern. You cannot trade news with this shitty broker. I curse them big time.
  15. Is Forex trading Risky?

    Forex trading is risky for those who are not aware of the risks associated with the trading. One of the biggest risk in Forex in my sense is choosing a wrong broker to trade with. I have traded with Exness broker for a long time and they are the worst broker to trade with. They provide slippages, bad charts and wrong candles to the traders. They also close trades without the clients concern. They change their leverages very frequently as well.