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  1. EUR/GBP analysis

    0.8757 was such a crucial point from which market has been back and hopefully it will keep moving uptrend. According to the RSI and Moving average we have set a target and entry point. So the buyers should take an entry at 0.8882 and the exit point will be at 0.9023.
  2. EUR/GBP analysis

    We are looking that RSI in the EURGBP chart are much in the below line. So traders should active in buying because to fill up the range the market may go up for some pips. So traders should buy at 0.8757 and the exit point is at 0.9023.
  3. FreshForex_ Top Broker

    FreshForex is indeed a top broker I really think that they are the best of the kind. I have never been so successful in trading before trading with FreshForex broker. They are so reliable and provides quicker withdraws as well. They provide me with lowest spreads, no swaps, no commission and no transaction fees on deposits and withdraws.
  4. why you have chosen your broekr ?

    Choosing a broker is very important for a trader. A trader can suffer and lose all his money invested just for choosing a bad broker. I have also chosed a bad broker earlier which was ORBEX. They provide such bad trading conditions so that a trader cannot make good profits. They also ask for wider spreads and closes the pending orders without traders concern. You cannot trade news with this shitty broker. I curse them big time.
  5. Is Forex trading Risky?

    Forex trading is risky for those who are not aware of the risks associated with the trading. One of the biggest risk in Forex in my sense is choosing a wrong broker to trade with. I have traded with Exness broker for a long time and they are the worst broker to trade with. They provide slippages, bad charts and wrong candles to the traders. They also close trades without the clients concern. They change their leverages very frequently as well.
  6. What is Forex?

    Forex is the most challenging and most impressive trading market of all time. It is the biggest financial market of all time which is the most liquid as well. More than 6 trillion dollars are traded every day in this financial market which more than any other financial market in the world. This market consists of unlimited opportunities to make money. I am currently trading with FreshForex broker who provides me with all kinds of services to trade professionally. Mostly lowest spreads, no swaps, better execution and 100% funds safety.
  7. To be a professional trader a person should be able to understand the proper price action associated with it. I have tried hundreds of strategies, robots and proper trading course to take care with. I have finally learned to trade price action trading by going to a perfect broker. There are hundreds of scam brokers who offers you educational materials which are nothing more than any beginners course. I am currently trading with FreshForex broker who provided me with the most comprehensive price action trading guide and with their help and support I have came to know proper understanding about the price action context here.
  8. Are you happy in Forex market Business?

    I am currently very with the Foreign currency market business and I really think that this is the most liquid and most potential market to trade with. I have been trading stocks in my early days which was not quite a big market as I was trading in the local trading market. I am very happy with the services now as I find that the trading service I get is the very best from my broker. I am currently trading with FreshForex where they provide me with proper daily analysis and proper educational materials which helps me to trade well in the market. I am very happy to be able to trade with them in this competitive market of all.
  9. Forex is not gambling.

    Forex is indeed not a gambling business and I really think and believe that a trader should be always available to the proper trading style. A person will only gamble in this market when he or she is not quite experienced with the trading world and for lack of knowledge they can use bigger lots. Some beginner traders also make the same mistake as they come into the market with big hopes. I am currently trading with FreshForex where they provided me with proper education about risk and money management which lets me understand the facts about how to manage the trading lots and proper risk in every trade. I am grateful to them for providing me such a successful trading life.
  10. regulation is important on broker ?

    Regulation is indeed very important for a broker as most of the traders now are quite aware about getting their money invested in a well regulated broker as it includes the safety of funds. Depositing amount in a safe broker and withdrawing profit is the most important element a trader should always ask for. A trader when investing their hard earned money to a broker they are now a days very aware of the scams that has happened in the market recently. I am currently trading with FreshForex broker where they provide me with 100% safety of funds without any risk of losing it. I have been trading Forex with them for around 2 years and never had any issues with the withdrawal of my capital and profit made on them.
  11. Your Broker.

    Broker is an important factor to every trader. Without the help of a broker a trader can not do trade well. So it is very important for every trader to choose a good broker to trade with. But there are many fraud broker in forex market. Ironfx is one of the bad broker I have trade with. They are not concerned of their clients and do not take proper care of their clients. Working with this broker is like wasting of time.
  12. Are you afraid of losing in forex?

    Money is very important to the people nowadays. So traders have fear of losing money in forex because all the broker are not good and reliable. There are many fraud brokers in the market. Ironfx is one of them. They are very bad at their services. They create problems to their clients without any reason and also blocked their money. This is the worst broker ever I have ever worked.
  13. Recommend Fx Broker

    Broker plays an important role to a traders life. It is like backbone to them. Without the help of a broker a trader can not do trade well. I personally trade with FreshForex broker which is very good at their services. They give many facilities like fund safety, lower spread, mega rebate, easy withdrawal,101% deposit bonus and many more so that their clients can do trade with good profit. This broker is very reliable and trustworthy too.
  14. Is Forex trading Risky?

    Forex is a very profitable business and risky as well. But there are risk in every business. If you want to be a successful businessman then you have to take risk and bear losses. Because no risk, no gain. If you want to get something good you must have to take risk to loose something. But you can minimize you risk by choosing a good broker to trade with. It is the broker which can help you the most in every situation of your trading career . I chose FreshForex to trade with. This broker is very supportive and reliable as well. They are very much concerned of their clients. This is the best broker I have ever trade with.
  15. What is Forex?

    Forex is the biggest economical market in the world. There are many online based business. But among them forex is the best. Most of the people are interested in doing forex. Because it is very easy to make money within a very small time and can get a good profit. You do not need to have higher educational qualification and degrees to do forex trading. You just need to have a good trading knowledge along with a good broker, a computer with internet connection. If you have these things you can start forex trading with small capital. I trade with FreshForex broker. This broker is very good at their services. Their customer support system is very good. They always take care of their clients comfort. This broker is very good and reliable too.