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  1. GBP/JPY analysis

    In average the GBPJPY market is following the down trend. So the market is currently at the touching point of Alligator and trend line. So sellers can take the opportunity indeed. To them the entry point will be at 148.57 and the closing point will be at 147.61.
  2. USD/CHF analysis

    If one goes through the chart of USDCHF then you can see that the market has the strong possibility to come down to fill up it’s original range indeed. So to the sellers the entry point will be at 0.9943 and the closing point will be at 0.9792.
  3. EUR/USD analysis

    The EURUSD market is following the down trend which is guessed according to the Moving average. But right now buyers have an opportunity to trade at buy level. Because hopefully market will departure to buy for some pips. Buyers should take an entry at 1.1628 and the target point will be at 1.1749.
  4. My trading partner FreshForex

    My broker is FreshForex, they are offering multiple opportunities for traders. I am using their quotes, charts, calculators and other tools and gadgets that helps me a lot with my trades. I am getting latest corporate news from them. Their list contains important news that are very useful for my daily trading. I am also getting economic data and calendar from my broker, because as a fundamental analysis I need them most for successful trading.
  5. Technical and Fundamental Analysis

    I would prefer not to recommend eToro broker for traders as they are a least expensive one in forex market. I have confronted issues in each and every trade. Indeed, even they don't explain issues in ideal time and gives such a significant number of reasons. They simply need, you to deposit more and the sky is the limit from there. They provide me wrong data for trading and in result I confront a $1050 misfortune and when I have requested that they close my record and return my cash back.
  6. AUD/CAD analysis

    The broker Forex4you is the least expensive one I ever trade in forex market. They are not registered likewise their security policy isn't solid. I asked them that for what good reason they say that anybody can withdraw subsidizes in 3 days, they simply ignore my inquiries. I was extremely uncomfortable with them as they didn't permit me for scalping. In the event that you would prefer not to get scam at that point stay away from them.
  7. Don’t write off Sterling prematurely

    The main thing is you have to make sure that the trading platform of your broker is suitable to your tastes and user-friendly. I am very lucky that I got the reliable one in forex market called FreshForex. They have adequate training and support materials and one on one professional assistance. Their trading platform is very suitable for me and it can handle my expected quantity and monetary volume of trades at a price that I want.
  8. Forex business is tough job.

    Before picking your broker, you should research the market. What sort of broker you are searching for? Managing work area or non-managing work area. Which broker really give you the wellbeing of your assets. Also, where you can without much of a stretch withdraw your cash. I have discovered every one of these offices with my broker FreshForex. I am using them for most recent couple of years and this is where I feel so advantaged working with them which underpins me enormously with numerous open doors. With them I never stress over slippage or re quote by any means, as that is none here, so through that I can feel entirely comfortable and relaxed. I found the leverage as one of the greatest preferred standpoint for trading with my broker and appealing reward conspire.
  9. Account types

    While choosing a broker, you should focus with their record essentials, evaluate your investment determination, organize low commissions on the investments you will utilize most, you should keep an eye out for account expenses additionally, the amount they will charge for dynamic and occasionally dynamic record, think of you as trading style and tech needs. My broker FreshForex provide all offices to their customers and for this they have won such a significant number of honors. It is a universal money related organization, situated in Podgorica, Montenegro, and spends significant time in giving monetary traders web based trading administrations. I opened a record with them to test with a base sum and I locate this extremely impressive. I can surely express that they are best to scalp and all sort of trades a trader can do in the market.
  10. Advantages of Forex trading

    Foreign currency trading has been around for over a century since there was an exchange at the cost difference in gold between worldwide currencies. All together for the arrangements to experience, and for cash to be made, an exchange must be brokered. The part of a broker is to fundamentally be a go between for the purchaser and vender. I am managing FreshForex broker to make this trading business simpler and profitable. As I have a major measure of investment I got the best security from them. They provide programmed execution, high leverage up to 1:500, most minimal trading spreads and flexible edge. I am really impressed with their high technology and high condition office. They are having a high reputation.
  11. TenkoFX Announces Vacancies for Master Traders.

    Subsequent to finding a protected broker, you ought to decide whether the broker will have the capacity to address your issues as a trader. Only one out of every odd broker is created rise to. A few brokers won't bolster your trading platform, certain trading instruments that you might need to use, or even your trading style. I am currently trading with FreshForex broker which plays out a few employments for the welfare of their traders. I am fortunate being a trader of the broker. I have the high security of subsidizing from the broker since they utilize a few reputed financial balances for giving security to their client's. They have assortment of record to open for different sort of forex trader. Their trading conditions are adequate for all sort of traders.
  12. Silver analysis

    The silver market is below moving average which seems that market is still following the down trend. But according to the trend line we have come to be sure that market will departure above and buyers should take an entry at 17.040 and the closing point will be at 17.321.
  13. Gold analysis

    The gold is situating below the 100.0 of fibo nacci and moving average and it is in the down trend indeed. So sellers should be alert hopefully they will be benefited overall. So the sellers should take an entry at 1284.36 and the closing point will be at 1265.88.
  14. NZD/CAD analysis

    We have analyzed the NZDCAD market with ATR, trend line and Moving average and from that analysis we have come to know that market has a possibility to come down for some pips. According to the signal sellers should take an entry at 0.9008 and the closing point will be at 0.8732.
  15. NZD/CHF analysis

    If you look at the ATR indicator then you will find that market has the opportunity to move up indeed. If the market crosses the moving average point then the signal will remain strong and bulls will start dominating on market. So to the buyers buy entry point will be at 0.7011 and the closing point will be at 0.7111.