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  1. Learn Forex with FreshForex.

    Generally, the main benefit of forex trading is earning money, just like other businesses, forex trading has the opportunity to make money from our trading. And the other benefits of forex trading that make so many people join this business is its flexibilities for people to join it. It's easy to join forex, we just need ID and email. Most of online forex Broker provide Classic Account for newbies like in FreshForex. They also provide 7 steps forex education so they could learn forex simply.
  2. You have to endure losses.

    I used an EA scalper to trade in FXCH. before I deposit I asked them , they allow or no EA scalping. they allowed me for EA scalping. then I deposited 100$ for testing. and testing period ended with 21% profit. it made 21$. so my EA worked very well on their MT4 platform. They promised me to trade with 1 lot as the minimum lot size. but then didn't allow me to trade with 1 lot size, and they allowed me to trade in 5 lot size as the minimal. They are total scammed.
  3. How to keep risk low as possible?

    I've found myself in a strange situation. I've opened an account with OctaFX and begun to do a profitable trading. But recently something strange happened. I've opened an order to buy eurusd, and I've been accurately following my strategy, set a stop loss and a take profit, and then begun watching the order. The price was lowering to the level of stop loss. There was some place till the stop loss when the order was suddenly closed without reaching the stop loss price how is this possible?
  4. Forex Trading

    Now I am using FreshForex broker which is regulated and for all time make sure security of funds, low transaction cost, easy withdrawal system without long time process, active customer services, 100% no deposit bonus without commission, lowest trading spreads, up to leverage 1:1000 and much more that are very supportive to lead a comfortable trading life with certainly.
  5. Trading as a profession is not easy

    Of course, in terms of choosing a broker trader must be really appropriate, because this broker is one of the bridges for our success in forex. then from that trader must choose a broker that has been regulated and has a trusted legality such as FreshForex, for trader's capital can be safe and comfortable to do his trading. It is great that I get a wide range of trading facilities from my broker as like superior execution for trading, security of funds at any kinds of deposits, lowest trading spreads for using any kinds of trading techniques, high leverage, minimum margin requirements, low transaction cost, easy withdrawal system and much more that are very supportive to lead a comfortable trading life with certainly.
  6. Non dealing desk broker

    Now I am with FreshForex which is real ECN trading platform and for all time ensures security of funds , superior execution for trading comfortably , lowest trading spreads for using trading techniques, low transaction cost, easy withdrawal system without long time process, active customer services and much more that are very supportive to lead a comfortable trading life with certainly, and they don’t restrict any kinds of trading techniques with scalping and hedging. Choosing a broker is very important factor of Forex trading and if you like to choose one always choose a reliable and regulated broker. Broker customer support should be also good. And my broker support me very well.
  7. What makes novice traders disturbed??

    To profit in trading, you must make recognize the markets. To recognize the markets, you must first know and recognize yourself. Once you know what you want from trading, you must systematically define a timeframe and a working plan for your trading career. To recognize the forex market is very important, where forex trading business is also very high risk, so that's why traders have to learn a lot in demo accounts from brokers FreshForex, so that traders can better understand and understand how to work well and correct. For newbies and professional traders this broker is best choice.
  8. Fx Tips

    In terms of selection of brokers, as well as his traders choose brokers who already have the regulation and legality of trusted, in addition to already have a regulation, for traders can be comfortable and safe to trade with FreshForex broker and easily generate maximum profits. Of course and indeed to be able to master the work path of trading the more successful everything will be very easy, and the most important is to learn and try as well as possible to be able to produce everything properly work well so that more luck and succeed with this broker.
  9. AUD/JPY analysis

    The AUDJPY market is going up gradually. The market is crossing the moving average point and hopefully will go to for many pips and will be a cause of more earning indeed. So to the buyers the entry point is at 88.09 and the target point is at 89.35.
  10. AUD/NZD analysis

    According to the Bollinger Bands and AC there is strong buy signal in the AUDNZD chart we are looking. Hopefully the signal is to carry a good amount of profit to the buyers. So to the buyers the entry point I is at 1.0949 and the target is at 1.1012.
  11. AUD/JPY analysis

    According to the moving average, trend line and Momentum still there is buy signal in the AUD/JPY chart we are looking. So buyers should take an entry at 88.99 and the exit point will be held at 89.77 and hopefully the signal will carry a good amount of profit to the retail buyers.
  12. AUD/NZD analysis

    We are looking that the AUDNZD market is coming down right now. We tried to capture the range through Bollinger bands, moving average and AC. There is no entry point actually but a signal is coming to the buyers. To the buyers the entry point is at 1.0924 and the exit point is at 1.0981.
  13. GBP/JPY analysis

    The GBPJPY market is following uptrend. We are looking that at 155.21 there is a good range and in my view market won’t break out the point and will come back to the Alligator point indeed. So to the sellers the entry point will be at 155.21 and the target point will be at 15359 again.
  14. NZD/JPY analysis

    In the NZDJPY chart there is an opportunity to the sellers because here we are looking that RSI is at the touching point of 70.0 which is fully in favor of sellers. Besides 80.22 is a strong resistant point. To the sellers the entry point is at 79.78 and the target point is at 78.70.
  15. GBP/CHF analysis

    We are looking that the GBPCHF market is going up so there is no signal right now to the buyers. The market has already crossed the moving average. That’s why according to the Stoch, trend line and moving average we have set a signal. To the sellers the entry point is at 1.3253 and the target point will be at 1.3157.