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  1. EUR/CAD analysis

    Based on the trend line there we are looking that the market has strong sell signal indeed. The market is about to break out the moving average point and to the sellers the entry point is at 1.5418 and the target point is at 1.5368.
  2. EUR/NZD analysis

    EURNZD market we are looking is in the middle position of Bollinger Bands and up to the moving average but act up to the market view and to me it seems that the market will come down breaking all these. So to the sellers the entry point is at 1.6898 and the target point is at 1.6851.
  3. AUD/JPY analysis

    The Momentum as well as trend line showing us that the market has a great possibility to go up. Because the market is much stronger from bull sight indeed. To grab the signal bearish traders should buy at 85.37 and the target point will be at 86.67.
  4. AUD/NZD analysis

    According to the moving average and AC indicator we have buy signal in the AUDNZD chart. Hopefully within a short time the market will start dominating on the market so to the buyers the entry point is at 1.0774 and the target point is at 1.0847.
  5. GBP/JPY analysis

    The GBPJPY market was in the uptrend but now we are looking that the market suddenly broke out it’s range and went down. So still there is sell signal for the retail long time traders. So sellers should take an entry point at 150.03 and the target point is at 147.51.
  6. EUR/NZD analysis

    Act up to the Bollinger bands and moving average analysis there is strong buy signal to the bull traders. Buyers need to be alert there in taking entry. To them the entry point should be at 1.6886 and t5he closing point will be at 1.6941.
  7. AUD/JPY analysis

    According to the d1 chart there is blatantly sell signal in the AUDJPY chart. The market is still crossing the moving average and at the outer side of moving average sellers should put an entry at 87.59 and to them the closing point is at 86.27.
  8. EUR/NZD analysis

    The EURNZD market is crossing the moving average point that means bull are being bolster consistently and bearing a good news to the bull traders. They can grab the signal and enjoy a handsome amount of profit. They can take an entry at 1.6803 and the target point will be at 1.6885.
  9. AUD/JPY analysis

    The AUDJPY market still has a great opportunity to go up. The moving average is also referring so. Hopefully within a very short time the bull market will start dominating over the market and to them the entry point will be at 88.29 and the target is at 89.14.
  10. AUD/NZD analysis

    The AUDNZD is currently at the middle position of Bollinger Bands and according to the candle and market view we are expecting that the market will move up. So from the peak position sellers will have the capability to take an entry. To the sellers the entry point will be at 1.0949 and the closing point will be at 1.0899.
  11. FreshForex, founded in 2004, is one of the leaders on the Forex market in Russia. Its head office is in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The company provides access to Forex and CFD markets. It is licensed as Riston Capital Limited and regulated under the financial regulators CRFIN and KROUFR. They offers three trading accounts. My broker offers three trading accounts. The Classic account is the best account for those starting out in Forex trading. It offers more than 130 tools, leverage up to 1:1000 and the minimum order is 0.01 lots. The Classic account uses fixed spreads for currency instruments.
  12. Forex Yard

    I deposited EUR 250 at KayaFX. The trouble started when I requested to withdraw. The "account manager" is harassing me about depositing more money and is not processing my withdrawal. Now, they are not responding to my email, they hang up on me and they close all live chats I try to initiate about the withdrawal. I just want my money back. This kind of broker degrading the forex business.
  13. Forex forum

    In the past few months I made some nice profits with CFD trading in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash on Trade.com after investing almost 10K of my own money. Since they've put the spread to big hights and I was experiencing some troubles on their platform I wanted to withdraw my funds. The day after I requested the withdrawal I received an email from Trade.com telling me they had suspended my account and had placed it under investigation. Such a scam one.
  14. Avoid the pitfalls of forex trading robots

    A forex broker is a company that monitors and advises investors on current conditions in the forex market including conversion rates. If you are looking for a broker then FreshForex is the best one to trade. They ensures 100% reliability in trading. Forex broker also provide a trading platform and other brokerage services for traders. Without a broker, you can survive in forex market. It is operating as a middleman between you and the market. I can rely on my broker for profitable trading.
  15. Execution is the primary piece.

    I've chosen FreshForex because they gain their traders trust. It’s only due to their hard work that most people agree with me and that’s the reason why they are rated as the best ECN broker in the world while they have even won the award for the best broker in Russia, so these are pretty special stuff that very few companies are able to achieve and this is one of them. While trading with my broker, I don't think too much when I trade because I simply copy the top 3 most profiting traders in our network which saves me the time for analyzing the market movements. I rely on their trading decisions because I know that they are much more skilled than me. I'm not saying that I don't trust my own guts, it's just that their trading moves are much more reliable than mine and I'm just being practical.