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Ian Billcliff

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  1. In the CADJPY chart we are having a signal that market is following the uptrend and buyers are yet dominating on market. But now it is in 88.59 point. Our expectation is that market will move to buy level again for some pips and the assumed point is 89.08.
  2. In the market of GBPJPY there is a possibility of breaking the market into uptrend. It is assumed that bulls will be strong then. So if the market will move to uptrend then the possible point is 146.75. So this can be a good signal for the retail traders. But I thing before moving back market will touch 145.23 as it is a strong zone.
  3. Forex is a business which is very well known all over the world. It is the biggest financial market in the world. It is very easy to make money within a very short time by doing forex. All you just need is to have some knowledge about forex and choose a good and reliable broker to work with. As a trader from the very beginning of my career I just love to do trade with FreshForex as they give all the help and support to their client so that they can do trade well and can make a good amount of money.
  4. Every business is risky ,not only forex. But if you want to do something better in you life you must have to take risk. Forex business is very risky and very profitable as well. Doing forex is the best thing to do to make money within a very short time. For that you must have to have a good knowledge about forex and also need to work with a good broker. As a trader I personally trade with FreshForex broker. This is the best broker I have ever worked with. They provides all the facilities like fund safety, easy withdrawals, no deposit bonus, mega rebate program and also many more. I feel very comfortable to work with this broker.Their customer support system is very good.
  5. Demo account means an account which is funded by fake money. According to me this is the best facility which is given by a broker to the traders. Demo practice is very important for every trader specially for beginners. This is the place where you can practice your trade as much as you want. This can also help you to improve your trading ability. I get all the help from my broker FreshForex. They give all the facilities to their clients so that they can do trade well and can be a good trader and also can make money with a huge profit. They give real market condition for demo trading so that the traders can understand the market well and also make good trade with their real account. This broker is very good.