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  1. Is Forex scam?

    With the lowest possible financial risk of trading, one can trade comfortably with Forex4you. I am trading with them as I opened a classic account of this broker. At this moment it is one of the popular account type of this broker as it is the standard package for me as I expect to get when I was singing up with this company. Now I can trade with Dollars and Euros with my broker. Moreover, I receive news and reports from Dow Jones News, very high leverage 1:1000 with potential use, and several interesting perks beside all these. As a client I am satisfied with all the offers I get from my broker. They provide a full package of trading with different features which ensures success with high profit.
  2. Looking for better Spreads

    Different broker offers different payment method to attract their clients in a new way. I have the smart broker in the trade industry that is Forex4you. They require no minimum deposit for their client to start trading and provide fixed spreads starting from 0 pips which is extremely low, as we all know that lowest spread is very essential for good trading strategy. Even now I can execute very fast then before so my trade is become very easy and my orders are now more stable and secure to trade in the market beside many challenges. My broker has good relation with all his clients as they fulfill their needs in the right time. Beside my broker I can take any challenge to make big profit or by small investment no worry the thing is.
  3. Technical analysis

    In the trade industry there are thousands of brokers but every broker doesn’t available the focus on the platform usability side of trading, but today’s traders want every strategy of platform by which they got benefited. Fortunately, I got friendly support and various platforms from my broker and it is Forex4you. They are really very helpful as they provide each and every need of their customer. The different platforms I get from my broker is very essential for good trading strategy and this service takes me to the next level in my trading. In my trading career I saw many traders who don’t have various trading platforms so they face many difficulties in their trading career ad sometime may got bored with same platform to use every day.
  4. Managed Forex Accounts

    The vision of a trader’s life clearly depends on the brokers hand, if you have perfect broker then your trade will be easy, and if not then you will lose every thing you have. A broker firstly provides the general knowledge to their client as it is very important part of Forex trading. I have chosen my broker Forex4you who provide all trading strategy to their respected clients. They supply me every single knowledge about Forex, and confirm the related facilities which will help me for future trading. Now I have come to know the trade market demands and nature how to trade successfully. I know different brokers have different opinions to trade but I got to know the trade market rules and natures which will help me to all my trade journey with this broker.
  5. Which factors influence the exchange rate?

    Like many broker Forex4you offers four different account types to it’s clients. Of all level of experiences and preferences a trader can choose his suitable account. With instant and full market execution they serve cent, classic or pro STP account with floating and fixed spreads. I choose this broker with their cent account first to trade which basically suits me, as I have no sufficient money and so I open a cent account as this account is just perfect for me now. I can make my first order by using MT4 and other supported trading terminals. It’s really very easy and supportive process to understand. By this account I can test the trading strategy with the lowest spread. Although they allowed me for EAs also.
  6. New Tutorial: Forex Glossary

    If you have a good broker like Forex4you and best platforms to trade then Forex is easy to you. For trading this broker is very convenient, so I prefer them. On all major currency pairs, they have suitable trading platform offers with lowest trading spreads. I have selected them to get best consisting profit with their supercool service. They always like to give their clients easy and simple trading, so I like them. Every trader has their own opinion in trade field and broker, by the effects on their own business situations. Sometime they are happy with the trade strategy and some time they may face a big loss because of their wrong selection of broker. But I find the best one, and never got any negative side that may lose my career.
  7. GBP/CAD analysis

    Actually when I am trading with my own money with the broker called Forex4you. I am getting the both feelings to loose pips and gaining pips. When I am making green pips i am gonna feel the winning flavor and on the other hand when I am loosing pips the feel is totally the opposite. So if someone wanna learn or taste the actual feeling of trading journey trading with own money is the best. I am not telling to someone to put all money on investment we already know Forex trading is very risky business but just few money which a person can effort. You can try my broker because now they offers cryptocurrency trading on all platforms: MT4, Forex4you mobile, WebTrader, and Desktop. Available on Classic NDD and Pro STP accounts.
  8. Execution is the primary piece.

    Forex4you is someone who will provide you trade necessary services and related information which will guide you how to trade successfully with the challenging trade market. I saw many traders who faces problem when to trade and on the emergency situation they lost the connection of their broker or sometime they got requotes. It is really very disappointing background of a backdated broker where I luckily got my broker and besides them I never face any problem with requotes or disconnection as I have a PRO account of this broker. In any situation or time when I have to ask them any question I got their technical support always. Even when I have to withdrawal money it takes just a minute.
  9. what you think about regulated brokerage ?

    Forex gives the best chance to prove your ability by making your own strategy in this platform. But if you want to test the right experience you have to choose a suitable broker. I am working with the global and social broker that is Forex4you. They deliver the fast accessing chance to me, and as a trader I have the best online trading platform that is truly fast from the other broker. The right understanding relationship between customer and broker ensures a successful trade journey for both the trader and broker. Broker plays the vital role to trade successfully, and they act like the middleman to set the exchange of currencies with two different persons. What a buyer want to buy and purchaser want to purchase, nobody knows. So basically, the broker fixed the exchange between them.
  10. GBP/USD analysis

    There are dozens of broker in Forex, but selecting the best one is very hard. Traders are now wants top platform to trade with customer support, variation of instruments, modern technology, bonus program and many other offers. After much research I got Forex4you, they have the top trading platform including Meta trader4. Besides them I can use up to 150 instruments, major currency pairs, here I can also exchange gold, silver, CFD’S for my personal investment. The number of their customer is increasing day by day by their maximum customer support, good product supply, order completion, and also for good understanding in market strategies. I think I am lucky by trading with this broker, as it is very reliable to trade.
  11. Understanding the economic and Forex trading news

    Forex is a world-wide trade platform, and every one can not make it possible only because of proper amount of money. You can make your professional life in this platform, but you must need the help of a broker that is very important. Forex4you is a global broker and they granted minimum deposit amount as they first prefer to the need of their clients. The deposit amount will verify by the account type and also by the method of your transaction. I am a student and don’t have much money to trade that’s why I’m choosing them to make my future in Forex. My regulated and trustworthy broker supports me to make fastest execution and lowest spread in the Forex market.
  12. The financial advice you wish you’d received at 18

    Forex has to be one of the most difficult things in the world to master for most people. To be successful you need to have a good methodology; a control of your emotions and psychology; a dash of common sense and a massive amount of self control. I think every trader should learn all of the following, inside out: Learn to lose (taking a necessary loss), Be able to read charts fluently, Skilled in technical analysis, Skilled in fundamental analysis, Understand how different markets affect each other. I have good understanding of those followings and credit goes to my broker Forex4you. I am trading with them from the beginning. 10 successful years as a leading Forex broker Licensed and regulated by the FSC.
  13. The common fear.

    There are four volume centric indicators in MetaTrader 4 & 5. I've looked into them in the past but haven't really implemented them (apart from volume) into my trading. Therefore I'm going to explore these indicators, try to bring some understanding to you and potentially formulate a strategy using these. Most people don't have a real understanding of them, therefore establishing understanding will be most useful. My broker Forex4you provide MetaTrader platform and best forex indicators so we their traders can trade successfully. Trading with them gain me more practical knowledge of forex strategy and market. They provide the best trading condition. You should get to know them carefully and use them to your advantage by joining them.
  14. Bitcoins news

    A regular and trusted broker always ensure the comfort zone to trade, which the traders look everywhere. Because they believe that regulation is absolutely necessary. I always wish to get a regular and trusted one and select Forex4you, as it is the best I have ever seen. It’s just standout because they give 150 up instruments, from high leverage 1000:1 to zero spread including BITCOIN. Even they organize free seminar and events to their traders to give answers of their questions. Now traders feel very comfortable by solving their problems in few time. In case of trading, problem may arise any time, but no matter because there is broker to solve it and fix it nicely because they have the experience to handle the problem.
  15. NZD/JPY analysis

    90% of traders lose 90% of their bankroll in less than 90 days. - High level. Most traders are impacted by the emotion factor, once your strategy is established, stick to it, avoid multiple trades, especially correlating ones. The most common error is not having a risk management system. If you do not have one, then you are gambling. If you do not learn from your mistakes, you will repeat them, if so then you are part of the 90%. You have to study hard, track and learn all aspects of the market, control your money and analyse all your trades. Do not trade just to trade, enter a trade when all your rules or requirements are confirmed. If you think about the quantity of people trading and that lose money, you should ask yourself, what does it take to be a successful trader? If you do not know the answer, I highly recommend you trade Forex4you Demo account until you do.