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  1. Avoid the pitfalls of forex trading robots

    At home there is many way to income from Forex market by hard working. By doing hard work many people are earning good money at home. From different sectors people are earning money but through online business like Forex trading people are mostly like to earn now, because it’s quite easy to earn money by sitting at home. Forex4you I have joined as in their trading platform I have all most every essential trading element which helps me to make a good trading strategy. They always try to do the best for their traders. MT4 trading platform is much popular to traders for the easy functionality. By using MT4 trading platform people can access the financial world very easily from any side of the world.
  2. Don’t bank on the banks

    I think Forex market is perfect to earning for any ages people because in this decentralized market people from any side trade to exchange currencies by using online service. Forex brokers are here, to guide you properly. And without a good broker if you think to try this business, you are just wasting your time and money. To trade successfully you just need to pick the trusted and experienced one to get proper guideline. I am getting perfect guideline from my broker Forex4you. I am using their MT4 trading platform, which is most popular for its easy and nice working process. This MT4 trading platform helps me to access the financial world by giving me different trading tools to ensure my successful trading.
  3. Technical and fundamental analysis

    The world famous trade market is known by foreign currency exchange market, where people can exchange their necessary currencies with the help of broker. But to trade in a meaningful way, traders actually need the help of a good and reliable broker. I started my journey of trading since 2012 with the very reliable and good Forex4you broker, who helps me to become successful by giving me comfortable working environment, good trading services and understanding communication. They help me to trade with a wide range trading technologies, various trading platform, best withdraw and deposit service, analytical services and so on. With any problem during my trading period I get them beside me with their expert’s advices also. From them I get 24/7 continuous customer support.
  4. our money management depends on us

    In Forex market both professional and part time traders are seen. Besides any other profession those who are part time trader do trading. Beside my study I love to trade as a part time trader with my broker Forex4you. Actually Forex is the perfect business for both professional and also for part time trader like me. The market gives me opportunity to earn even besides maintaining my study properly. Here my Forex broker gives me lowest trading cost and low spread which helps me to earn money easily within few times. Forex market is totally disasters for those who don’t know how to make consistent profit from the market. You can make consistent profit by getting healthy experience. My broker helps me to earn consistent profit by minimizing the trading risk.
  5. Traders cashing in on PayPal success

    Forex trading has become very complicated by the increasing number of scam broker. Internal threats are increasing also for the scam brokers. Many time traders want to do Forex trading but they didn’t find the proper platform and as a result they leave the dream to become a successful Forex trader. Forex4you broker I have chosen for their regularity, trustworthy and experience. By selecting them I have remove all the chances to take any fake and threaten platform. They always think all categorical traders. So they provide micro and macro both trading method. I am receiving lowest zero spread, highest leverage facility, low margin level, different trading platform and no minimum deposit service. I think beginner trader can also try this broker as well as experienced one.
  6. Patience may pay off for General Electric traders

    Forex always gets the most priority as a technical based market because the market moves maintaining its trend and that’s why here, the most priority gets the technical analysis. Through technical analysis we casually catch the market trend. With Forex4you broker I am doing well as a technical analyzer. With the market I have almost all technical articles which have different technical tools and relax able environment. For a beginner to learn Forex well it’s critical and also to get a decent trading aptitudes. In that case my broker is very helpful that they provide free seminar and webinar service to acquire general trading knowledge to trade accurately. Without good trading knowledge it is very hard to survive in this largest trading platform.
  7. FreshForex for adaptable & dependable system.

    Today for a foreign currency exchange trader, broker selection is now becoming a difficult task since broker acts as both a medium and expert assistance. However, I can’t expect full trading support without a regulations and flexible trading facilities. I get enough space from my broker Forex4you. They are highly expert with their job and very supportive to earn money. They don’t restrict any kinds of trading platform to trade for every categorical trader. My trading becomes more enjoyable by using their desktop platform. I use this unique proprietary technology to access the market within few seconds and very smoothly. Now from different liquidity providers I can view the available liquidity amount on prices. Now with my own equity limit for compulsory order closing I can set my own one.
  8. A beginner’s guide to trading cryptocurrencies

    To maintain out trading we are not capable after investing the money without broker support, so it is a dedicated decision here to choose a broker. In a cool mind we the traders have to choose the broker because with certainly the broker’s ac effects on our trading. I have chosen the best trading broker Forex4you due to proper environment for scalping by means of flexible spreads from 0 pips as I always depending on scalping. Moreover, with free trend analysis with this broker I have 24 hour continuous customer support, no re-quotes, slippage free trade execution, and highest leverage from 1:1000. Profitable foreign currency exchange I can always ensure as my broker always showing me the right path of successful trading.
  9. success in Fx

    From a very good university I got my graduation and now I am trying to establish myself in Forex industry to become a successful Forex trader. For some good reasons I like to trade. As I always get immense earning opportunities from this virtual global trading platform which I can ever dream from a corporate job. The flexibility of work again it is providing me that I desired most. But it can be difficult for me to survive here as a Forex trader without the help of my broker Forex4you.I get lowest zero spread from my excellent broker. Moreover to trade they also giving me highest leverage facility 1:1000 and also MT4 trading platform to trade comfortably in this largest field.
  10. Fascination of Trade12 broker

    I consider Forex4you’s regulation program while choosing them. As a scalper I do this. For me second important thing is their secured trading platform and tight spreads facility. 100% guaranteed secured funding system I am getting from this broker with fastest execution process and 0 pips spread. Hedging facility they also have and have 1:1000 leverage as well as. Another thing for scalper is also important for me is the MT4 trading platform. From this broker I also am getting this facility. On daily basis Forex is such a business where professional traders also get loss. Because it is always fatal so we can’t trade here on the basis of our hypothesis. For learning trading that’s why every trader goes analysis at first and mostly prefers technical analysis because it is too easy.
  11. Is this the best time to get into cryptocurrency?

    To an online broker there are some factors to consider before you entrust you’re hard-unearned money. You can check their privacy policy, data security, funds and investment security, trading facilities etc. You may also consider low commission fees, trade execution time, spreads, leverage facility, withdraw facility, bonus, product coverage, negative balance protection, guaranteed stop losses etc. Fortunately I am trading with the best trading broker Forex4you who provide me almost all essential Forex services like- fastest market execution, instant money transfer facility, low spread, high leverage, great stop loss, funds security, low transaction fees etc. As a trader I get their service 24 hours and 7 days if i need them. Moreover they arrange a great service complaint manager to serve better service to all their traders.
  12. How much time is needed to make money in forex

    With the broker selection I am very choosy. For doing Forex trading I have chosen Forex4you broker. They provide the option trading service like- proper guideline, lower commissions, faster withdrawal, funds safety, no deposit and withdraw fees, so I am very happy with their services. Among the other brokers this is the best that provide real trading services so I select them. To manage capital with good by knowing the basics of Forex trading properly it will allow us. From my broker Forex4you I got basic Forex knowledge. From them like- money management, focus on market trend, minimizing risk, usage of MT4, strategies etc. I have learned so many things. To trade like me, so far, a good broker, wishing a good future and hope that they will consistently provide services.
  13. Broker's role in the market

    For a trader to make good amount of profit of the market effective trading strategy is very important. I am very happy to trade well in the market now though it is very challenging business. To flourish in trading a trader should have a good trading strategy and always maintain the discipline of the strategy. I am trading with proper strategy of some indicators and price action which I learned from my broker Forex4you and I am very happy to announce that. With the help of which I have a learned a number of strategies and money management tools and I choose my favorite one and still trading with as my broker provided me with a good number of educational materials. Moreover to help me increase my accuracy per trade and make even more profit they also provide me with daily analysis.
  14. Trade12-a supportive broker

    A trader can’t make her existence in Forex market without a good and reliable broker. In my opinion a life changing business is Forex trading. Foreign exchange means Forex. For 24 hours a day, and 5 days a week it is a market which opens. From anywhere and anytime you can trade in this business. With very low cost, Forex market has many advantages that make this market popular within a very early period. To broker you have to pay spread. Like my broker Forex4you you can pick the best trading broker who provides low trading spreads to earn easily. I seriously suggest you to join with this broker if you want a real broker service. For almost 5 years without any kinds of trouble this is the broker where I have been trading. With them I have an extra ordinary trading journey.
  15. Forex indicators

    In your life if you do anything it is a risk. To being self-employed or investing especially when it comes to. People think it is easy and lose all their money, and mainly in Forex market the main reason why people think that it is risky business. But a good option for trading is to acquire good trading knowledge about the market, about Forex and how it can be done tactfully. As a trader I also have higher expectation from my Forex business, as I do want to earn huge money to become rich by doing Forex trading. So first of all I joined to Forex4you to run my business and attend their seminar and webinar programs to acquire general trading knowledge.