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  1. Forex and Broker

    Broker is the most important part in online forex trading. In my long trading life I have endured much with brokers. I got several issues with a few brokers. As a trader I needed a solid broker. Finally I discovered FXPM broker. Their instructive resources has helped me a lot in my learning.
  2. Forex Result

    Yes it has been said that 90% traders are unsuccessful. Most of the traders drop from the market within one or two years. It's because most traders don't have proper knowledge and skills. They just come to get rich overnight. I am trading with FXPM where I study their advanced educational resources to sharpen my knowledge and skills.
  3. Success

    Success doesn't come overnight. For success you need preparation, knowledge, and skills. You have to spend time in acquiring knowledge and skills. Once you are skilled success will start to come. I am trading with FXPM where I study their advanced educational resources to make myself more knowledgeable.
  4. Why most traders do not succeed in forex Trading?

    It's true that most traders don't get success in forex. The reason is their trading decisions are not based on sound research and learning. They think forex is a cash machine. You trade and procure immense cash. They don't consider it as a business. I am trading with FXPM, a regulated broker. It gives me tight spreads, up to 500:1 leverage, and free forex signals.
  5. Retail Foreign Exchange.

    The forex market has enticed retail currency traders from all over the world because of its benefits. One of the benefits of trading currencies is its massive trading volume, which covers the largest asset class globally. This means that currency traders are provided with high liquidity. For retail trading you need a good broker like FXPM where you can get all facilities and personal care.
  6. Indeed serious study is expected to get good profit. Forex trading is a work of expert. You require particular knowledge and abilities. The more you will find out about the market, the better will be your trades. I am trading with FXPM where I can access to their advanced instructive resources for my learning purpose.
  7. The demo account.

    Demo account is vital for new traders. Opening a demo account is extremely easy. But you require a regular broker whose demo price is especially organized with live market. I started my trading with FXPM in their demo platform which works exceptionally well and synchronized to the live market prices. By then I moved myself to their live account.
  8. Hedging.

    Hedging is a good risk management strategy. But to understand the whole process of hedging, you need good amount of study. In FXPM you can take help from their advanced educational resources.
  9. High leverage

    Forex trading offers high leverage by which a trader can oversee greater trade with little capital. If you are a position trader it is more clever to utilize low leverage like 50:1 or 100:1. Without a doubt leverage winds up being more perilous when we utilize huge lot in connection to the capital. I am trading with FXPM. For my trading I utilize 300:1 however the broker gives me 500:1 leverage.
  10. Beginners Emotions

    The thing that makes a difference between a new trader and champ trader is emotions. A trader can lose with best strategy since they don't trade with cleaned expertise rather than they trade with emotional impulse. Without having control over your emotions you can't make reliable profit in trading. I am upbeat that my personal account manager from FXPM has shown me how to control emotions while trading.
  11. The Best Time to Trade Forex...

    The best trading time varies from person to person according to their trading plan. For me I trade mostly in New York session. For my trading I am using FXPM as it provides tight spreads and instant trade execution.
  12. Looking for Better spreads broker ?

    Low spreads is useful for trading uncommonly in the event that you are a hawker. Regardless of whether you are not hawker, you require a decent broker that doesn't broaden their spreads sometimes. I am trading with FXPM where I get low spreads as low as 0.1 pip.
  13. Rate the Best Platform

    Mt4 is the most utilized and well known trading platform. My broker FXPM is utilizing mt4 platform. Their platform is anything but difficult to utilize. It doesn't give any requote while putting in a market request. In addition it doesn't make any phony candles like numerous different brokers.
  14. How many pair in your Broker ?

    I really couldn't care about it. To me maybe a couple pairs are the best to trade. For my trading I fundamentally trade EURUSDUSD and GBPUSD. I understand those 2 pairs more. To me it is a wise idea to trade conceivably a few pairs. It helps us to welcome the characteristics of that pair. I am trading with FXPM. And I really don't know how many pairs they have. Do this really a big deal? I don't think so.
  15. Risk can't totally wiped out.

    Forex is a risky business. You can't be risk free here. This is the reason there is something called risk management. By managing your risk you can make good profit. To be expert in risk management you need to study a lot. I made my risk management system with the help of my personal account manager assigned by FXPM.