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  1. FXB accepts Fasapay

    FXB Trading is now offering its customers the opportunity to deposit and withdraw funds via one of the world’s leading payment systems, Fasapay. This payment method is a fast and convenient method of depositing and withdrawing funds. Benefits of Fasapay Fasapay is a reliable international payment system, one of the leading systems in the Asian markets. The payment system accepts only USD or IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). Fasapay enables instant online deposits and withdrawals for its customers. You can make instant money transfers or make payments online with just a click of the mouse. It is a fast and safe method for making online payments worldwide. Credit cards are not required as accounts are funded through bank transfer. Fasapay processes transactions quickly and smoothly, while ensuring client details are safe and secure at all times. You can fund your FXB Trading account instantly by depositing with one of the world’s leading payment systems. Trade with FXB and pay with Fasapay as transactions are faster, safer and automatic. For more detail : FXB accepts Fasapay
  2. Don’t bank on the banks

    Earnings season is upon the big 6 US banks and that will have an impact on share prices which will also be affected by the Trump administration’s ability to pass new tax legislation through Congress As earnings season edges closer banks top the agenda as investors look at sector’s biggest names to assess their potential. JPMorgan (JPM) and Citigroup (C) release their figures first. They were followed by Wells Fargo (WFC) and Bank of America (BAC) then Goldman Sachs (GS) and Morgan Stanley (MS). US banks have benefited recently from a perceived likelihood of interest rate increases from the US Federal Reserve. However, much of these banks’ future performance will depend on the tax cuts that US President Donald Trump proposed recently, and the ability of his administration to get them through Congress. If passed, net income of the big six banks could rise $6.4 billion. Wells Fargo, Bank of America and JPMorgan will be the biggest beneficiaries, according to Bloomberg. However, Trump’s administration has been frustrated by Congress’ unwillingness to back his proposed policies. For More Detail : Don’t bank on the banks
  3. In recent times, gold prices have fluctuated significantly. From 2008-2013, gold prices increased by approximately 200% and reached an all-time high figure of $531.98 per 10 grams. Since then, it has been experiencing a decreasing trend with the current price being $430.28 per 10 grams. The unprecedented rise was mainly due to the global economic recession, which resulted in investment in gold instead of other failing financial instruments. In the context of gold prices, it is important to understand the basic forces which naturally or artificially control its prices. Effect of global market indices and Oil prices The global indices are known to have a significant effect on the gold prices worldwide. From December 2013, when the US NASDAQ rose by 10%, France’s CAC rose by 4.4%, Germany’s DAX rose by 2.78%, and Brazil’s Bovespa rose by 13%, the attractiveness of gold as a safe investment has declined. This has also contributed in generating a 5% decrease in global prices to $1,218/- troy ounce. When interest rates rise, the yields on bonds and other money market options also rise. That makes them more attractive to investors in comparison to gold. In addition, it is believed that its price is also affected by the price of oil to a large extent. Higher oil prices reflect slow growth and so investors are driven to find alternative sources of investment like precious metals For More Detail : Gold and its relationship with terrorism
  4. The above chart plots the increase in share value which has grown steadily from the beginning the year. Many analysts expect this to continue after the Q3 earnings report release. Faucette has noted that the market may have been overly concerned about a potentially negative impact of renegotiation of its contract with eBay. PayPal is maintaining its massive acceptance as an e-commerce website over other digital wallets. Strong consumer trust What PayPal has over its competitors is consumer trust. It feels like it has been around for a long time, and that’s a priceless commodity in the e-commerce age. PayPal has expanded into a payments service provider since its spin-off from former parent company eBay in 2015. Its deals with Visa and Mastercard in 2016, which give consumers more options at online checkout, are also yielding benefits. It has also incorporated mobile payments into its operations. Bernstein’s Lisa Ellis sees the company grabbing an even greater portion of the market over the next three years, while analysts at BTIG, Merrill Lynch and Barclays offer an equally positive prognosis. One possible growth area for PayPal is by forming partnerships with retailers who are looking to compete better with Amazon For More Detail : Traders cashing in on PayPal success
  5. Cryptocurrency trading Cryptocurrency trading is becoming more and more popular and many investors are jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. However, it is essential to understand that trading cryptocurrencies is not necessarily a ‘Get rich quick scheme’. Before you start investing in cryptocurrencies, it is important to do your research. Read our guide and find out all you need to know about trading cryptocurrencies. Buy Cryptos What are cryptocurrencies? Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptographic techniques to secure transactions and control the creation of additional units of the currency. Cryptocurrencies are a digital asset and exist only in an electronic form. For More Detail : A beginner’s guide to trading cryptocurrencies
  6. FXB Trading has established itself as a catalyst for change in the world of online trading by putting the interests of its clients first. The mission is to provide a standout trading service that delivers the tools that traders of all levels need to be successful, so that they trade with FXB for the long-term. FXB offers CFDs (Contracts for Difference) on forex, commodities, indices and shares, and its clients benefit from superior security of funds, fast execution, multiple account types, highly competitive trading conditions, on-call support, a superb range of trading tools and great trading education resources that cannot be matched. For More Detail : Financial Commission – Announcement
  7. Forex brokers have to continuously offer innovative products in order to survive in the competitive forex industry. Therefore, the forex debit card is the right way forward. Forex brokers are now giving their traders a branded forex debit card which offers a sequence of exclusive advantages. The greatest advantage is that all payments are made quicker and easier especially withdrawals which have been the worst nightmare for many FX brokers. Now it’s possible for traders to withdraw from their FX trading account at any time and from any place. The other benefits of a branded forex debit card are that it can be used as any regular debit card. It is accepted worldwide at any ATM around the world. The card can also be used for point-of-sale payments everywhere, and most of them offer a free SMS notification of all transactions carried out. Account balances can be checked online anytime which means that finances can be easily managed. A debit card attached to your forex trading account permits immediate access to your winnings which you can withdraw straightaway: no hassle, less stress, and above all no delay in withdrawals. For More Detail : Instant access to profits with the forex debit card
  8. We’ve all experienced moments when we wished we’d been better informed and able to avoid a tough situation involving money. Fortunately, this financial advice will help you make better decisions whatever your age and especially if you have a family Good financial advice is priceless, and the sooner you get it and apply it the better off in life you’ll be. Today’s 18-year-olds who are preparing to go to university do so knowing that they are going to rack up a sizeable amount of debt by the time they graduate. Has anyone sat down with them and fully explained the impact debt has on their life? The benefits of getting a good education are echoed everywhere but strangely young people get little formal financial advice. Aside from their parents, who aren’t always the best at giving financial advice, they learn by experience. The internet offers lots of financial advice in return for a couple of clicks but it’s mostly confusing and contradictory. The financial challenges faced today make being engaged with the world of money more important than ever. Job security is something we reference in history books. Banks are a very different entity to what they once were. The world is evolving at a far greater pace and these changes are impacting people more quickly than ever before. For More Detail : The financial advice you wish you’d received at 18
  9. Vegas starts to come to terms with shooting but the markets remain unaffected despite 50 lost lives Over 50 innocent lives were lost in Vegas in another act of random violence, shocking everyone except the markets. The market reaction to the deadliest shooting in modern US history? Predictably, gun stocks have soared while the value of MGM shares (the company that own the hotel chain) have plummeted. But for Wall Street and the other markets it’s almost like it never happened. But imagine yourself, if you can, in America’s playground today. What would you be doing? How many people are out and about enjoying what makes Vegas what it is? Would you still want to party in Vegas? How many have decided to end their visit early and go home? Have others have decided to cancel their trip to Sin City? How much money that would have been spent in Vegas today and in the coming weeks is going to stay at home. Probably billions, but that disturbance to the economy is being treated like a scraped knee. For More Detail : Did the markets miss what happened in Vegas?
  10. Rumours about exchanges being shut down in South East Asia and regulatory restrictions have affected cryptocurrency markets and seen prices fall. Does this make it the best time to invest in them? Headlines about cryptocurrency have filled the news for months and helped fuel price increases in Bitcoin and others virtual coins. While plenty acted quickly and got in on cryptocurrency, many other potential investors have cautiously considering held back. They feared the opportunity had gone when Bitcoin reached $20,000 and others like Ethereum and Ripple started making big gains. Warnings about bubbles, regardless of who was making them, have largely gone unheeded. New price records have been set then broken on a regular basis. However, a market correction was always going to happen. Rumours of a cryptocurrency ban It’s been nothing like the drastic fall some commentators have predicted (remember Bitcoin was valued at around $900 in December 2016). However, on January 17 Bitcoin tumbled to $10,000 after reports of a potential ban on cryptocurrency trading in South Korea. Fears of a regulatory crackdown sparked a domino effect on the cryptocurrency market. Ethereum dropped 23 per cent and Ripple 33 per cent on the same day. For More Detail : Is this the best time to get into cryptocurrency?
  11. Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in value this year has outstripped even high-performing technology stocks tempting more investors to capitalise on the volatility while others steer clear fearful of a crash When the Wall Street Journal’s headline reads Bitcoin: Even Grandma Wants In On The Action you can’t ignore it. Bitcoin’s price swings have been prompting volatility-starved investors to join the biggest speculative boom since the 1990s dotcom fever. Just six minutes into Bitcoin futures trading, the contract expiring in January which opened at $15,000 rose to $16,600. Trading on Monday morning (December 11th) in London the contract was changing hands at $17,500. Bitcoin itself was at $16,635.05 according to CoinDesk. Right now there is no hotter ticket having started 2017 at $968.23. For More Detail : Bitcoin mania: Is it too late to join the rush?
  12. Bitcoin’s value surged past $7000 on November 2 setting a new high on the back of news that CME Group will offer a futures option, the move may be a pre-curser to Bitcoin becoming an exchange-traded fund and acceptance by mainstream finance CME Group’s October 31 announcement to offer futures on Bitcoin this month sent the cryptocurrency surging past $6,400. The move brings Bitcoin closer to mainstream finance, placing it alongside CME’s futures on interest rates, indices, commodities and currencies. Bitcoin’s price has soared. It started the year at $966, broke $5,000 on October 11 before settling at $6,362.65 on October 31. Futures are derivatives contracts that investors typically use to speculate on prices or hedge risk against turns in the market. Other major markets like stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies all have derivatives based on them. CME’s futures option would allow investors to hedge that Bitcoin’s price will rise, something that is difficult at present. For More Detail : Bitcoin takes a big stride away from fringes of finance
  13. Big banks like HSBC and Barclays have been involved in a number of high profile scandals which calls into questions which financial institutions deserve the trust individuals implicitly place in them How many of you reading this have or had a bank account with HSBC? My guess is that more of you have banked with them than any other major bank. And why shouldn’t you. After all, they were known for being the world’s local bank and are amongst the biggest in the world. They’ve been around so long and are so big that trusting them is implicit. You don’t even bother looking at the library of licences they hold for the myriad of financial services they offer. But have they earned your trust? Cairn Energy trusted HSBC to carry out a $3.5 billion foreign exchange deal for them in 2011. For More Detail : Who should you trust with your money?
  14. Order flow trading is a profitable form of trading. It provides professional and retail traders with information based benefits. Also, it offers step-by-step analysis of order flow in the form of charts that can be interpreted in a simple way. Order flow trading takes into account other forms of trading. The aim is to predict the prices of stocks through pending orders of other traders. In anticipation of prices, it is important to ensure that potential traders have large orders. The traders should be active market participants who have pending orders. Facts about order flow trading Trade mentors advise traders to trade what they see instead of trading what they think. The market does not actually move according to your thoughts. Picking levels is a risky way to exercise your trading, and has been banned by professional traders. However, order flow trading cannot be implemented without picking levels. Traders who mentally picked up levels while simultaneously observing the price charts discovered that the levels were all blown away. However, things can vary by using tight stop losses especially if you consider picking levels carefully. Consider picking levels with caution and use tight stop losses. For More Detail : An introduction to order flow trading
  15. Litecoin value has almost doubled in two weeks and stands out amongst general increase in prices among main cryptos recently There are signs cryptocurrencies are on the rise with Bitcoin near $10,000 (February 16) and a Litecoin surge grabbing attention. As the case with most cryptos Litecoin recently dipped following record highs. However, it broke $214 (February 16) from a low of $110 on February 2 suggesting further price increases are imminent. Litecoin’s gain has stood out amongst a general growth pattern seen in many leading cryptos this month. Since its inception Litecoin founder Charlie Lee has positioned his creation as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. The main benefits of Lee’s digital coin over Bitcoin are twofold. Michael LaVered of Oracle Times explains: “Litecoin combines all of the benefits of Bitcoin, but with shorter transaction times and lower fees.” LaVered believes that Litecoin could potentially overtake Bitcoin in price because of the difficulty the leading cryptocurrency faces in scaling. However, one of the driving factors behind Litecoin’s recent rise is the announcement of a potential hard fork called LitePay. LitePay will enable Litecoin users to make purchases through businesses with a flat 1% transaction fee. Litecoin founder Lee has disassociated his digital coin from the spin off, denouncing it as a “fraud”. However, Litecoin users are being attracted with the offer of 10 coins of litecoin cash per coin held. For More Detail : Litecoin rising. Momentum returning to cryptos?