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  1. A good point - Angela

    Thanks for sharing your views on the type of orders. However, order is the basic term that is extensively we using while trading in any financial market. Basically order shows an entry or exit price on a currency pair in the forex market. Two general categories of orders are: market order and limit order. Stop loss, trail stop, take profit, etc. all are various forms of limit order or pending order.
  2. Forex Basics 4 Advanced&Beginner Traders

    Thanks for such a nice initiative to introduce forex market and forex trading in a brief. Forex market is becoming popular as a potential investment field and no such trader will want to invest in this currency exchange market without knowing the basics of trading. And your post will enlighten the new babies. Forex is a virtual trading platform that allows currency traders to exchange currencies from anywhere and any time since it is a 24 hour market.
  3. What Yours Money Save In Forex Business

    While selecting any broker, a trader gives focus on security of funds as well as flexible trading facilities so that he can engage in successful currency exchanges all the time. And before selecting any trading platform a trader should conduct proper due diligence since there exists thousands of online brokerage houses. Thereby I am working with a licensed broker ForexChief since it is providing me lowest zero spread, 1:400 leverage and a high security funds.
  4. For the new traders who are trying to engage in forex market, I must say that try to learn the basics of forex trading with the use of appropriate trading learning tools. Please don’t panic in the face of losses since losses are enviable part of trading, we can’t ignore the losses. And most importantly give sufficient time in demos to get the actual picture of forex trading with on overview of risk and money management.
  5. Have a look

    Many beginners are complaining that they are not able to earn money the way they have thought. The actual fact is only a hard working and emotionally controlled traders can survive here. I will say that please have a look on successful traders' trading journey: no one can earn money without proper techniques; knowledge and skills here. All the experienced traders have designed and adopted his best techniques and strategies after years of dedications.
  6. Why Forex hard for beginner?

    Yes what you are saying are truth of trading in forex. But I also believe that beginners in the forex market generally live in the world of illusion and confusion. The reason can be that when they learn about forex market with the help of forex tutorials, videos, e-books, and various websites they may feel that forex is a money making machine. And they can easily earn good money. But when they actually come in the real field they seem the cut throat competition and this competitive environment may make their trading life hard.
  7. What makes novice traders disturbed??

    Forex is the largest currency market around the world but this global platform facilitates foreign currency exchange trades with the use of a virtual network. So the infrastructural nature like virtual trading; decentralization; absence of any specific regulatory authority; selection of appropriate broker among thousands of online brokerage houses; etc. so many reasons are there which can disturb a novice traders. But with full caution and a good deal of patience and persistence can them to adapt as per the environment of forex market
  8. Forex is the largest currency market that facilitates foreign currency exchange trades to the millions of traders around the world. Forex motivates me in the sense that it is offering me facilities to earn good money with smaller investment and at any suitable time. As a scalper I am working with a licensed broker ForexChief since it is providing flexibility to trade with mini accounts that start with only $100 and offering zero spread and adaptable MT4 platform.
  9. Since forex is a global platform there almost all the traders face losses. And it is very natural. We can't ignore the importance of holding emotions while trading. Even in the face of losses; we need to keep in mind that as forex traders we have to bounce back from our losses to normal trading with full preparation. No matter today we have lost; tomorrow we will have diverse opportunities to earn money and overcome all the losses. But if we are being engage in wrong decisions out of rage or anger; the consequence can be very drastic and we may be even forced to withdraw ourselves from the market.
  10. beginners traders love scalpling

    For the beginners it can difficult to decide on strategic moves to achieve their goals and scalping is a widely used strategy among the new babies. Scalping, an investment strategy where a trader focuses on small price movements and tries to earn money from each small lot trade so that in accumulation they will be able to earn good profit without taking significant risk at one time. However, the success of scalping greatly depends on the timely entry and exit price of currency pairs.
  11. I joined forex when I was student as part time trader. Forex allowed me enough time and space to keep with my study and earn from their platform. I think forex is the best place for student. It never harms study time. When I joined this platform I started with a reliable trading platform. It helped me to grow as good forex trader. It gave me free forex education and free trade set up with advanced explanation. I think student can efficiently do forex trading if they get full support from its broker.
  12. Derivative market has now become an important financial market since global and national economies are being highly volatile today. So it is imperative for the traders to keep them protected against significant price changes. Thereby; options; forward; futures; SWAP; these 4 derivative products are designed and widely used by the traders in diverse investment fields and they are contributing significantly to hedge risk and protect the investors against price risk.
  13. Different Categorical Brokers.

    Broker acts a medium or bridge between the trader and forex market. It is essential to select an appropriate broker since in this world market it can be highly competitive and risky for any retail trader to survive without the help and supports of a regulated trading platform. What you have mentioned is also true here. Thereby I have chosen ForexChief after a proper analysis- it is a licensed institution by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, which is providing me an incessant trading supports so that my trading journey can be smooth and well-organized always.

    Various technical analysis tools are used today by the traders so that they can appropriately predict the future price movements. Pivot point analysis is one of them and a forex pivot point is a meter structured by traders in the forex market for determining probable whirling points which are named as pivots. With the help of pivot points traders want to track the level of price action where the market moves from bull situation to bear situation.
  15. The Fear of lossing Money

    Fear of losing money can hamper a trader’s confident trading approach in the forex market. Definitely while investing in any field, we have that inner feelings or anxiety that we may lose our hard earning money and all our efforts can go in vain. But excess fear can limit a trader’s trading capacities to earn good money since forex is a zero sum game and traders have to bear this in mind that to earn sufficient money a trader has to take calculative risk.