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  1. Demo trading

    A wide variety of learning tools, like forex e-books, video tutorials, online trading course, You Tube videos, etc. are now becoming popular among the forex traders. Beginners should try to acquire adequate trading skills and knowledge so that they can be able to take participates in successful trading. But to help the naïve traders, demo trading accounts are now being used by the foreign currency exchange traders so that they can get acquaintances with the forex market without bearing any risk.
  2. Broker - how to select?

    For the right selection of a forex broker a trader has to analyze all essential factors. Spread, leverage, trading platform, regulations, etc. all are various essential factors that a trader should think while selecting a broker. And I have chosen ForexChief as this regulated broker is providing me lowest zero spread, leverage of 1:400, safety of funds, re-quote and slippage free timely trade executions with all 24 hours trading facilities.
  3. what you think about high leverage ?

    While selecting a broker, a forex trader should overview many important factors like spread, leverage, trade execution facility, etc. It is not surprising if a micro trader demands high leverage from his broker since with the use of leverage he can actually maximize his investable funds by borrowing money from his broker. But without managing funds properly high leverage can possess greater credit risk. So I favor moderate leverage which can be managed advantageously.
  4. While engaging in currency exchange a foreign currency trader needs to think about many essential factors. And with the growth of market; a trader needs to analyze various factors if he wants to engage in successful trade executions as forex is becoming more competitive day by day. Thereby making trade decision is no longer very easy today. A trader can try conservative yet very systematic approach that will lead a successful trading life.
  5. Leverage in Forex

    Various essential factors are considered by the forex traders while they are thinking to start working with new brokers. Leverage, spread, trade execution facility, safety of resources, etc. are various factors are being considered extensively by the foreign currency trader. For any micro trader leverage can be a privilege by which a trader is able to increase his investable fund amount by taking loan from his broker against the initial margin level in his trading account with that broker.
  6. Bonus issue from Brokers

    Many may think that only bonus will be sufficient for them. But it is not true that bonus is the main criteria that will support a trader to achieve comfortable trading life. Bonus is just an extra: it is an additional source of income for the foreign currency exchange traders. Rather lower spread, good leverage, fastest trade execution facilities, safety of funds, etc. are the important factors that can help a forex trader to continue a successful trading life.
  7. Best broker for scalping

    In the forex market, a currency exchange trader has full flexibility to trade with any desired strategy. If a forex trader is interested in short term trading, he can use scalping. In case of scalping, a trader makes invest in smaller trading lots with a view to earning smaller to moderate profit. I am as a scalper, working with a licensed broker ForexChief and I am enjoying lowest zero spread, re-quote and slippage free timely and fastest trade executions from this broker.
  8. Decision when choosing a broker ?

    Broker selection is no longer an easy task now a day since millions of brokers are here to help the traders in the forex market. Spread, leverage, trade execution, etc. are various trading aspects that can help a trader to ensure comfortable trading life. Apart from these conventional trading facilities, I prefer regulated trading platform since with the hand of regulated trading platform a trader can enjoy profitable and comfortable trading with full security of funds.
  9. leverage and spreads

    Yes, it is very true that while selecting any broker, a foreign currency trader needs to evaluate certain important factors like spread, leverage, trade executions, and security of funds along regulations. A trader who wants to keep his transaction costs lower will require lower spread undoubtedly. And for the small investor leverage is a good trading facility where a forex trader can borrow funds from his broker against the initial margin level in the trading accounts with that broker.
  10. Forex Result

    Traders need to adapt their trading styles according to the changes in the forex market very promptly to get good results from their trading. However, it is not that a trader can just take actions on the spot; rather a foreign currency trader will need to evaluate and conduct surveys on a frequent basis to get an overview of the market so that he can quickly change his decisions as per the market situations.
  11. Bonus from Brokers

    Bonus is an additional income source for the foreign currency exchange trader. And bonus is somehow can increase the margin level of a trader. But illusive bonus offers are now offered by various scam brokers. So; a forex trader will need to consider all essential facts before working with any broker otherwise in the greed of bonus he may lose the while account in the face of losses due to the existence of scam brokers.
  12. Forex

    Forex is one of the most potential financial markets around the world where a currency exchange trader can take participate in trade executions from anywhere around the world. But if a trader thinks forex trading is simple exchange of currencies then he is wrong. A forex trader will require sufficient analysis from his parts to ensure profitable trading. And to make these tasks easier, now various technical tools are allowable for the traders.
  13. A currency exchange trader will require a reliable, regulated trading platform that will ensure safety of funds in the forex market. Among millions of brokerage houses selection one or few is a million dollar task due to increasing number of scam brokers in the market. It is not that a trader can’t work without broker but when a retail trader works individually he may find it difficult to reach the market successfully.
  14. Trading platform decision

    While selecting trading platform a trader needs to be very alert since without timely and orderly trade executions a trader can't ensure successful trading journey. And a scalper needs to take the advantage of smaller price movements very promptly. And my broker ForexChief is ensuring me a reliable and technically well organized MT4 platform with the features of mobile trading so that I can always engage in trading very easily. It is also providing me re-quote and slippage free timely and fastest trade executions along with a 24 hours trading facilities on a efficient basis.
  15. If one thinks that he will be millionaire within just few months it is an illusion of course. Many traders come here with great expectation but see a divergence between the reality and their expectations. It is true that forex can provide good money but to ensure this; a trader will require adequate trading knowledge and skills. No trader can ensure a profitable trading journey with acquiring trading skills and proficiency since here the main objective is to continue the profit stream for an extended period of time.