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  1. Avoid the pitfalls of forex trading robots

    Despite the fact that there are several benefits of automated trading platforms or robot trading systems; there are a few disadvantages which we should consider before working with any automated trading platform. In case of highly volatile market situations; robots will not be able to work very swiftly and change directions as a human can do. Robots will execute the orders exactly like given instructions. So; artificial intelligence has some draw backs.
  2. Who should you trust with your money?

    Banks are considered as the financial intermediate between the surplus group who have made deposit with the banks and the deficit group who takes loan from the banks. However; not all banks are equally efficient to provide equal credibility. So; when we are trying to deposit our hard earned money we should check the reliability of the banks. However, HSBC has successfully achieved the trust of its clientele by providing superior banking services over years now.
  3. Money management rests on our height of understanding on the market when trading. Personally for me, I use all cradle of money management while trading, when I see a chance of a big move particularly throughout the news hours, I don’t care much about money management because this is when I exploit my account most. However need to always compute the kind of amount there ready to lose while trading.
  4. FreshForex for adaptable & dependable system.

    Forex market is a decentralized market place where we all will require adaptable and dependable trading platform and system to ensure comfortable trading journey with certainty. Each trader is unique and a foreign currency trader should select platform that will be benefited for him. For example: being a short term trader I prefer fastest and timely trade executions to avoid significant liquidity risk and my broker ForexChief is ensuring me re-quote and slippage free fastest and timely trade execution through its reliable MT4 platform that I can get excess from any device mobile/laptop.
  5. Everyone makes mistake

    Nobody in this business can claim that they are perfect in this profession. Everyone makes mistakes but only losers mourn for too long. Those who learns from their past mistakes are the real trader and believe only they can make a great impact in this market and you know them as successful forex trader. If you think you won’t make any mistakes in this market then I think this market will not suits you as forex will never fail to surprise you.
  6. Wise trading words from pro traders

    I personally consider that a good advice can be a piece of good investment since new traders get confused easily at the initial level of the journey. And once a trader starts his trading journey successfully he will get confidence to trade further. From my own experience I must say that trading with smaller lots is always an effective strategy since over trading lead to serious tensions and traders get control out of emotions due to lack of concentration. Again; working with a reliable; trusted and regulated broker is a must since an experienced broker can provide expert assistance and guidance to its clientele.
  7. Various crypto currencies are developed and exchanged via internet enable network where crypto graphic is used to ensure security of funds. And Lite-coin, Etherum, Naga-coin, BTC etc. are various crypto currencies that have successfully achieved the trust of people. However, due to high liquidity risk I somehow prefer forex trading and I am trading currencies since 2015. I believe that if properly managed the funds, real currency translation is safer than crypto currency trading.
  8. Trading is becoming more technology based, even various stock exchanges are also becoming automated so that traders can trade via internet enabled network from anywhere around the world. And yes, crypto currency exchanges are the good example of digitization of trading where various e-currencies or crypto currencies are exchanged only via internet enabled network and traders now actively traded various crypto currencies like Etherum, BTC, Lite-coin, etc. And in case of crypto currency exchanges it is essential to work with an exchange that will ensure easy withdrawal and deposit services of course.
  9. The financial advice you wish you’d received at 18

    Our young generation is no longer confined in only collage or study life. Many are engaging in various part time jobs and it is quite good. However, when I was a student we don’t have certain online sources that today’s generation is enjoying. No one at that time told me that various financial markets are offering opportunities to earn money with small investment. However, today I am trading in forex market and my broker ForexChief is assuring me expert advice, customer care support for 24/5, lowest zero spread; good leverage of 1:400 and re-quote and slippage free orderly and timely trade executions.
  10. How to minimize trading risk?

    Since forex is a world market we can't expect a global platform to be completely risk free. Yes; the risk of trading can be minimized to a great extent if the funds are properly managed and traders can be able to work with reliable and regulated trading brokers. And various risk management methods are today available to fight against risks of losing money such as hedging; stop loss; take profit; trail stop; etc. I personally feel that trading with small accounts can help traders to better protect their position since in case smaller lot trading their concentration won't scatter.
  11. Bitcoin mania: Is it too late to join the rush?

    In today's digitization era; various virtual currencies are developed and exchanged. However; the value of BTC has been raised to the sky a few days ago. But suddenly the price of BTC has decreased significantly. I don't know the exact reason of value decrease but I feel that there is a greater liquidity as well as security risks in case of crypto currency exchange. Thereby I favor to trade real currencies with reliable broker in the forex market.
  12. How much time is needed to make money in forex

    Forex is a world market where traders are getting the opportunities to earn money on a global platform. However; how much time a trader will require to make money will depend on his analytical abilities and trading skills to read the market trends and behavior properly. And as we know that analytical abilities and trading skills and expertise are relative matter: these internal abilities to read market vary from person to person.
  13. small investment is safe ?

    Yes; unquestionably small investment is safe and sound in any volatile market; especially if the trader lacks experience and skills. I personally believe that when trading with smaller amount our concentration won't scatter and we can put our best efforts without being too much terrified about losing huge money. But when we invest large sum money we have the fear to lose significant investment; even the whole accounts can be blown.
  14. Brokers

    It is essential to select a broker that will provide regulation; security of capital plus customized trading facilities. After working with many brokers, from my personal experience I consider that ForexChief is a better broker option since no matter which type of trader is; its customized trading facilities can be best fitted to any type of trader. It is offering security of funds through regulations, 24 hour customer support, expert advice, lowest zero spread, high leverage of 1:400, re-quote and slippage free timely trade executions and comprehensive MT4 platform which can be operated from any device.
  15. Broker is acts as the bridge between forex market and a currency exchange trader which basically brings the two parties of a currency exchange in a common trading platform by ensuring their security of funds. However, among millions of brokers, it is essential to choose the broker that best fitted to the trading requirements of the trader. Many brokers identical in terms of basic facilities but they are different in the security of funds through regulations. So an experienced, trustworthy and regulated platform is a must.