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  1. Trade CFDs on cryptocurrencies

    Why not people will interested to invest in crypto currencies. Because it is virtual and hassle free. Trader has no tension with their payment method. As the market is fully online based investing in crypto currency suits forex trading. This is the reason why cypto currency is getting more and more popular. But it has also some disadvantages, like the opposite site of the coin. It has the possibility of getting hacked. That’s why many trader afraid to invest in crypto currency. But I also got solution for this proble. It is TopFX24. Who has the most secured and guaranteed trading platform. Now trader can easily invest in Bitcoins. Because this regulated trading platform is 100% secured for forex investment.
  2. FreshForex - Trouble free trading.

    Actually trouble free trading is dream of every trader. But I think no trader in the market has ever faced trouble free forex trading. Because forex market itself is very risky. To avoid risk free trading trader need to know enough about forex. Which is not possible without proper knowledge. And also a good trading platform which is very difficult to find out. Because the market is full of scam brokers. After long time struggling I have found a comfortable trading platform. Which helps me to enjoy almost trouble free trading environment. This is a regulated trading platform based on MT4. The name of my broker is TopFX24. They have a big educational platform for their trader only. Also 100% supercharged and credit bonus facility.
  3. Why Forex hard for beginner?

    Forex trading is not so hard but newbies found it bit difficult. Because maximum of them started wrongly and do many mistakes. By doing mistake again and again they lose a lot and quit from the market. Seeing them many other new trader afraid to invest. But if one start forex properly they will earn good amount of money and become successful in a very short time. First of all trader need to select their trading style. According to their trading style they need to select their trading platform. And all these will be possible when they have proper trading education. TopFX24 helps me to learn about forex. They have a very rich educational platform only for their trader. Again they provide 24 hours multilingual customer support to their trader.
  4. Are you afraid of losing in forex?

    Everybody afraid to lose money and no one wants to lose money. Losing money is nightmare for traders. But trader must not be afraid and overcome their emotion. This is kind of emotion which trader cannot avoid because they are human. By practicing lot and also by learning properly trader can overcome their fear. TopFX24 helps me to do professional trading. They have big educational support for their trader. I have learned from their eBooks and seen forex video tutorials. Which helps me to know detail about forex. I have make myself prepared for trading by using their demo platform. They have 7 types of account for different type of trader. And for their all trader they have 2 USD commission per referral.
  5. What makes novice traders disturbed??

    Forex market is very big and the source of making unlimited money but as well as very risky. In this business every steps difficulties are hiding. This makes trader disturbed. Especially the new trader has just stared forex business. Again most of the novice trader feels disturbed to spend time in just learning without earning in their beginning. But I am very lucky that I am trading with ToPFX24, who doesn’t give any chances to get disturbed. Because they have an exciting trading platform with learning resources. By using their demo platform trader can practice without losing money. I am also getting 1: 500 leverage facilities with tight trading spreads. They have more than 2100 trading instruments which makes my trading life easier.
  6. Trading as a profession is not easy

    People thinks that forex profession is easy and they can make money easily from this business. But like all other business trader need to apply tricks and strategies in their business to get maximum profit and to avoid risk. But to do all these things they need to learn proper forex trading which takes time. And also spend enough time in practicing. Also need to select a good trading platform through which they can run their trading business successfully. A nice trading environment and comfortable trading platform I got from TopFX24. From this broker I am getting 24 hours multilingual customer support from them. Also they have 0.9 pips spreads and 1: 500 leverage facility. I am getting the most recent trading news from this broker because they have live market streaming.
  7. Forex Trading

    Forex is not just a word nor a simple business. It contains high risk but also huge profit. The worldwide many people are interested to do this business. But trader requires a good trading knowledge. The importance of trading knowledge is for traders own self, to run a profitable and successful trading business. Another important thing in forex is the broker. Using their platform we the trader actually run our trading business. My trading broker is TopFX24. Which is the most popular regulated trading broker in the market. Who have all the trading facilities that a trader requires. They make their trader educated through their educational platform and have over 2100 trading instruments to support their trader. They also have 24 hours multilingual customer support for us.
  8. How to keep risk low as possible?

    As a trader we cannot avoid lose in forex business. But what professional trader do is they keep they keep their business risk as low as possible. We should keep risk level low in such a volatile market. Every moment forex market movement is changing that even expert trader cannot predict this market certainly. To keep risk level low I am trading with TopFX24 broker. First of all they are giving the most secured trading platform. I know that my funds are safe in their platform, because they are giving 100% guaranteed security which no other broker in the market providing. Another thing is for keeping the risk level low I invest my capital also low. But many broker in the market are not giving micro investment facility. But they have micro investment facility.
  9. Superior Brokage Platform.

    If I have to say any trading platform superior brokerage platform than only one name came into my mind and it is TopFX24. This broker has gain my trust with their secured and comfortable trading platform. I can invest my valuable money in this platform where I am getting 100% security of my funds. As well as security they also have many other facilities. I can’t explain all in small words. Going to share some major facilities that I am getting from this broker is they have wide range of trading bonus. Trader will get 100% supercharged and 100% credit bonus from this broker. Moreover trader will get 30% rescue bonus. One more thing I am getting from this broker. 2 USD commission per referral.
  10. No small depsit bonus

    Broker is there for serving all kind of trading facilities. Such a facilities is deposit bonus. Also with this deposit bonus maximum broker try to catch new traders. Trader also thinks that maximum bonus might increase their profit as well. Even though micro investors also wanted to get bonus opportunity. But most of the trader don’t know that the bonus which they get form their broker most of the time not usable for many terms. Trader can only use the bonus that they get from regulated trading platform. That’s why I have focused only on a regulated trading platform and joined TopFX24. Automatically I am getting 100% credit bonus. They also have 30% rescue bonus. The most interesting thing is I have used all the bonus that I got from my broker.
  11. Is Forex better than other investment markets?

    Basically person to person the choice of investing options varies. But the main objective of investment in financial market is to make profit. Now the comparison comes from the flexibility, comfort, opportunity of making money etc. From all the investment options I prefer investing my valuable moony on forex business. Now I have preferred the MT4 trading platform of TopFX24 for my money investment. I prefer forex business for its flexibility of working process. And also the opportunity forex market has to earn unlimited amount of money. With this flexible broker I am getting 242 hours of 5 days multilingual customer support. Which is very active and transparent. They have the MT4 trading platform for their all traders through which trader can trade from anywhere by using their android or iPhone.
  12. At this moment in forex market crypto currency is very much popular and must say that now is the hype of crypto currency. Most of the trader found it much profitable to invest. So, forex traders are also interested to invest on this profitable move. I am very lucky that my broker TopFX24 has the crypto currency investment facility with many other trading facility in their trading platform. Now trader can invest in Bitcoins in their trading platform. They also have the live market streaming facility. Now trader can take quick decision by watching their most recent market news, quotes and charts. This is very helpful for especially scalpers. Also scalper will get 0.9 pips spreads facility from their swap free account.
  13. Several things we need to know about Forex trading

    Forex is a very big place and the biggest trading business in the world. Many unemployment problems solve by this business. The daily turnover of this market is more than 5 trillion US dollar. I have also taken this business as my main business. To do this profitable business we need the proper trading knowledge. My broker TopFX24 helps me with their educational platform. They have a wide range of tarding videos and eBooks in their platform. I have learned and apply all these in the demo trading platform. They have more than 50 trading pairs including all major trading pairs. They have different type of trading support with their 7 different type of trading account. I have got 100% supercharged and credit bonus and also 30% rescue bonus from this broker.
  14. Forex Examination.

    Basically to decide whether currencies should purchase or combine forex examination utilize. Forex examination is utilized by various types of thing. Like principle of nature, utilize the charts, special natures etc. That means forex trading requires market analysis. I am getting necessary market analysis from TopFX24. They are best in technical analysis. They give their trader real time market streaming. Also trader will get necessary charts and quotes from them. Not only this they also have wide range of trading facilities including stocks, bonds, commodities, indices and ETFs. Their customer support is also excellent. Trader will get 24 hours very active and multilingual customer support from them. They are the lowest trading spreads provider and high volume leverage service provider.
  15. Bitcoin mania: Join the rush or beware the bubble?

    I prefer lowest trading spreads as my trading strategy because I am a scalper. That’s why before broker selection I consider the lowest trading spreads for selecting them. For this reason I was looking for a regulated trading broker. I know regulated trading broker is safe for trading. That’s why I joined TopFX24. Because they are the most popular regulated trading broker in the market and giving me 0.9 pips spreads facility. Also they are very good in multilingual customer support. This is for 24 hours. Their active customer support helps me to lead a comfortable trading life. Their account is swap free and MT4 based. Here I am getting more than 2100 trading instruments. And also have 50 trading pairs support.