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  1. our money management depends on us

    Il trading Forex è aperto a tutti i tipi di trader. Il trader può iniziare questo business come trader professionista o trader part time. Ho iniziato la mia carriera da professionista a tempo parziale per verificare le potenzialità di questo business. Continuavo il mio studio oltre alla mia attività commerciale. Inoltre, ho investito inizialmente un capitale commerciale molto limitato. Finalmente sono entrato in TradesFX perché mi hanno dato l'opportunità di iniziare con il micro investimento in lotti. Inoltre stavo facendo il day trading e ho bisogno degli ultimi aggiornamenti di mercato per spostarmi frequentemente. Da questo broker ho avuto uno streaming del mercato in tempo reale. Con le loro ultime notizie di mercato, grafici e citazioni posso muovermi rapidamente con qualche profitto. Hanno anche altri supporti finanziari di investimento come azioni, obbligazioni, materie prime, indici, ETF ecc.
  2. Everyone makes mistake

    If trader will not do any mistake then there will be only all successful trader in the market. Actually traders did lots of mistakes while trading. Some of the mistakes are major and some are very silly. Whatever the mistake is trader should not repeated the same mistake again. Currently I am trading with a very credible trader TradesFX, who helps me to avoid mistake and also helps me to learn from my mistakes. They help from the very beginning of my trading career with their education platform where I have received very rich resources full of forex eBooks and video tutorials. They help me to improve myself through their demo platform. They have 2 USD commission per referral and many more trading facilities.
  3. Patience may pay off for General Electric traders

    Forex market is always running and it is running on a flow. People are calling this flow as market trend. In this market the successful trader are those who are able to understand the market trend or market flow. This could be only possible through proper market analysis which is technical analysis. Trader need a good broker support like TradesFX who will help you to analyze the market technically. Also they have more than 50 currency pair’s support. Based on the market analysis I decide to trade with different trading pairs. Also they have real time market streaming. This helps me to get the most recent market news, charts and quotes. I am also getting over 2100 trading instruments support from my broker.
  4. Trade12-high security providing broker

    Forex trading is a very simple and easy business. This is also an investment type of business which can be done from home or even from travelling. This market is open for 24 hours and trader can trade anytime of a day. Basically trader invest on foreign currency exchange. To run this business trader need some basic trading knowledge and a good broker. TradesFX is giving me both support of education and trading platform. From their rich educational platform I learn about forex trading for free. And their trading platform is secured for investment as I am getting 100% guaranteed security of my funds. They have minimum investment facility and 0 limit withdrawal process. Trader will get 100% supercharged, 100% credit and 30% rescue bonus on investment.
  5. Ethereum for beginners

    In the forex trading now a day’s cryptocurrencies are getting more and more popular that many newbies are interested to invest into cryptocurrencies. But before invest into cryptocurrency they should select their trading platform carefully. And for the platform selection they can consider several things like the regulation, security of funds, spreads and leverage etc. Considering above all the facts I have selected TradesFX. Because this broker is the most popular regulated trading broker, have guaranteed security of funds, 1: 500 leverage facility with proper risk management and 0.9 pips spreads facility. Also they have several cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc. investment facility. Trader will get 24 hours multilingual customer support and 2 USD commission per referral for their every trader.
  6. Bitcoin mania: Join the rush or beware the bubble?

    There is no doubt that forex trading is going more and more advance day by day. And the result is in front of everyone, cryptocurrency. This digital currency has made forex life easier. But still there is many issue. I guess it will stay till forex business run. Because even many people has issue with forex trading. But as long as you are trading in a reliable platform there is nothing to get worried. TradesFX is my trading platform and it is the most secured trading platform that I have ever seen. They are providing 100% security of my funds. Also their trading platform is comfortable for any type of forex trader. There are micro, standard, premium, VIP, FIX and Islamic account for different type of trader.
  7. FreshForex Offers.

    Different broker offers different facilities to their trader. Trader should select those broker from the thousands of broker in the market which will give them the best trading opportunities according to their business style. Why trading style is important for broker selection because there are numerous trader in the market. Different trader are following different trading style. TradesFX is such a broker which is suitable for any type of trading style. Because they have 7 types of account such as micro, premium, standard, VIP, FIX and Islamic account. Any trading style user can easily run their trading business with their MT4 trading platform. Their trading platform has over 2100 trading instruments, 50 currency pair, 1: 500 leverage, 0.9 pips spreads facility and wide range of trading bonuses.
  8. Forex trading is getting more and more digitalized. In this era of digitalization forex trader looks for advanced trading features. Cryptocurency is one of the advanced trading feature which create a new hype in forex market. There are several cryptocurrencies in the market. Trader can trade with this cryptocurrencies with other currencies. TradesFX is a broker whom I am trading with has all the popular cryptocurrency investment facility. They have Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc. in their M trading platform. Besides this cryptocurrencies they also have more than 50 currency pair’s support including all major trading pairs. Their trading platform is comfortable for any type of trader. Because they have 7 types of trading account. These are micro, premium, standard, VIP, FIX and Islamic account.
  9. The financial advice you wish you’d received at 18

    Young generation is very advanced in their future goal. They started working besides their education. Most of them prefer part time job besides working. Because it doesn’t hamper on their study. If they got any job level suggestion it would be great for them. I was wondered that if I could know about forex when I was 18 then I might be the richest person now. I have started my trading career with TradesFX just for a years ago. In this time I am very comfortable with forex trading. Because I can do this trading anytime 24 hours of a day. Also my broker is giving me MT4 trading platform so, I can trade from anywhere and get the market updates in my hand anytime just with my android phone.
  10. Is this the best time to get into cryptocurrency?

    Every day numerous number of trader get entered into forex market. But very few of them can actually able to make some profit. Maximum are struggling and rest of them quite the market. That doesn’t mean that forex is not profitable. You will see the daily turnover of this market in average is more than 5 trillion US dollar. To do well in forex trading trader need to focus on few things. First of all they need proper trading knowledge. Than a credible trading broker. Because a reliable trading broker like TradesFX can gives you a secured trading platform. Which is very important for investing money. Also they will give their trader 2 USD commission per referral. They have lowest trading spreads, 1: 500 leverage, hedging facility, less slippage issue etc.
  11. Trade12 broker

    Every trader requires a trading platform for do their forex business successfully. Though they are expert or not, broker is mandatory for trading. They play a very important role in individuals trading career. Because they are the media who execute the forex business. Form the starting to till now, almost one year I am doing trading. I face many difficulties while trading but my broker TradesFX solve all the issues very smartly. They help me to get good result in the biggest decentralized market. The benefits of trading with them are huge. The very basic benefits of this broker is their secured trading platform, fast execution process, wide range of trading bonuses, 0.9 pips spreads and many other trading opportunities.
  12. Who should you trust with your money?

    If I will not get security of my funds I will surely not invest my valuable money in forex trading. Many people thinks that it is better to invest their money in banks or other financial investment. But profit is very less in banks and on other financial investment it is not possible to start business with small capital. Where I am getting 100% security of funds while investing money with TradesFX in forex business. Also they allow me to start business with micro lots. Where I Had very few amount of capital I got support from my broker with 1: 500 leverage. Their execution process is very fast and have very easy and swift withdrawal process. Trader can withdraw any amounts without any limits.
  13. How to minimize trading risk?

    Forex trading is highly risky business. Though people can make unlimited amount of money from this business. But many people already had lose their valuable money from this business and they blame forex as gambling. Actually forex is a pure legitimate business and the daily average turnover of this market is more than 5 trillion US dollar. To make profit trader should apply different risk management process for this risky business. We the trader could not able to avoid the whole business risk. But we can minimize the risk with several process. To apply different risk management process my trust is the regulated trading broker TradesFX. Their margin level is flexible, providing 0.9 pips spreads, 1: 500 leverage, scalping and hedging, stop loss etc.
  14. Trade12-a supportive broker

    Good and reliable trading broker can actually help you to survive and do well in forex business. Foreign currency exchange business is the most popular trading business in the world which can actually change your life. The flexibility of trading business has make it more interesting. Trader can trade anytime of 5 days for 24 hours through this business. To do this most profitable business trader need a trading platform which is suitable with lowest transaction cost, secure and comfortable at a time. The MT4 trading platform of TradesFX is such a trading platform for me. They have lowest trading spreads, 24 hours active and multilingual customer support, 7 different type of trading account, 1: 500 leverage and wide range of bonus support.
  15. Forex risk management

    For me risk management is undoubtedly an essential term in forex business. Because forex is very risky business. We cannot avoid business risk here. As a trader we can minimize our business risk. There are several broker providing different risk management facility. The best support I am getting from my broker TradesFX. They helps me to make maximum profit by minimizing my business risk. They have 0.9 pips spreads, 1: 500 leverage, very tight margin level, stop loss and micro lot investment facility. The best part of their trading platform is, it is providing 100% guarantee of your funds. They also have wide range of trading bonus which can trader use fully. I have enjoyed 100% supercharged, 100% credit and 30% rescue bonus from them.