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  1. Few know the story behind the founding of one of America’s largest banks - Bank of America. In fact: Bank of America’s entire company could be attributed to the efforts of one man. His name was A. P. Giannini. Giannini was a man that fought hard for the common everyday worker. He even attempted to persuade the directors of his former bank to lend money out to common everyday descent hard working people. Their response? No, way would we lend money out to anyone other than the wealthy. No to be dissuaded, Giannini set out to start his own bank named the Bank of Italy (later would go on to be renamed as Bank of America). Within its first year of operation, the Bank of Italy went on to become the third largest bank in America! It didn’t stop there: Only two years after its founding the devastating great San Francisco earthquake hit leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless and without any money. Giannini immediately got to work: He dug through the remains of his former bank and pulled together what he could manage into a wagon which he personally drove into town himself! With two simple barrels and a plank of wood serving as his desk, he began giving loans out to people based on a handshake and judge of character through the eyes. This was good: Giannini’s efforts allowed people to quickly get back on their feet and begin the long hard process of rebuilding their lives. Giannini was a man that was not motivated by a personal desire to accumulate wealth. In fact: When the company board attempted one year to give Giannini a $1.5 million bonus, he gave it all away stating: “Money itch is a bad thing. I never had that trouble.” Here are some more truly astounding facts about Bank of America’s original founder that are sure to inspire you:
  2. No matter what area you want to take or investments, you are always available tools and resources to help you. And this is especially true with regard to forex trading.The foreign exchange market can be very overwhelmed and become a successful Forex trader is not just pure luck. Fxtrade777 provide its users to use the Meta trader 4 platform and there are many factors that can influence the direction in which the price of the currency moves. Here are two important facts to consider: Most beginners try to take Forex trading without the help or tools. (Most beginners lose all their money). Most traders successfully use the currency trading system to help (traditional sales serve very successful Forex). But even with these widely known realities always trying to attack blind Forex based buying and selling decisions of limited knowledge and experience. Until you have lost all of your business, they think it would probably be wise to invest in a currency trading system and software right from the start. Do not make the same mistake. If you want to succeed in currency trading (i.e Take transactions regularly add), it is recommended to explore the many trading systems and software on the market. Let me further illustrate the story of two Forex traders: Tom and Jim recently read about Forex. The two hours spent online, trying to understand what the currency is and how (and if) you can make quick profits. All marketing advertising, read, say that very quickly you can increase your money. Of course, there is some risk, but the potential rewards are just too good to pass. So, both decide to try Forex and see if they can do it. Both guys are very motivated and want to give you the best Forex chance. Each will invest thousands of dollars in foreign currency savings. If they lose $ 1000 Forex stop and re-evaluate them to try again in the future. By investing thousands of US dollars, they show that they are determined to do their Forex trading. Start like this: Tom takes the total amount of $ 1,000 US and sends it to online buyers. Volume alone makes all the business decisions. He will do his own research and will be lurking in foreign forums and blogs to see if he could get the necessary advice. Jim goes in the other direction. While being as motivated as Tom, you are also aware of the complexity of the forex market and realize that you simply do not have much experience at this stage. It is, therefore, $ 900 in the US and sends the same Forex trading broker as Tom. It continues to $ 100 for access to the tools and features (eg. Systems and Software Change programs) that allow you to better test. He used the existing and business-driven capabilities, performed primarily that these tools and resources can be (especially when just learning the ropes). Month 1: Tom jumped to the right in exchange for money. His first work began in a positive way, but he quickly moved south. Before he could send a claim for sale, he lost $ 100. Although he had small gains throughout history it was very similar to his first trade. Many transactions well, but for some reason (they simply do not have the experience and knowledge to understand), then at the end of a bearish trend. At the end of the first month of currency trading, Tom Conta's dealership amounted to $ 400 Jim did a little research and found Forex Ambush. It was a website company that provided its members who made the characters. What really caught her attention was that she boldly stated that their trademarks were accurate at 99.9%. How could they make such a strong statement? Jim did a little digging and found many positive reviews of current members. And there was one thing that ultimately influenced Jim to give Forex Ambush a champion: they offered a 7-day trial at a fraction of their normal price. For less than twenty dollars Jim had seven days to discover Forex Ambush and his business needs 99.9% of the characters. I was really excited. He had $ 900 your Forex trading account and still had $ 80 to use in Forex lurking did not help. The next day, Jim received an email with a Forex Ambush trading signal. It was still very new to Forex, but with the strong affirmation of precision, even in his mind, Jim put in your order as a specified trading signal. When the transaction ended during the day, Jim made a profit of $ 145. He was very excited! After the seven-day process is over, Jim went ahead and signed up to become a permanent member of the Forex Ambush. Although all trading signals led to profits, almost everyone did. And the losses had been very low. After a month, Jim had $ 1,750 in your forex trading account. Month 2: Tom felt deflated. In a month, which ranged from the US $ 1000 to the US $ 400 to try to make their money, the most important companies that were much riskier? The end result: it dropped to $ 0 before the month ended yet. Tom was angry and frustrated. He swore not to do it again for Forex, telling anyone who wanted to hear it was a scam and they should save their money. Jim, on the other hand, was on a cloud. He made his first $ 900 and converted in the 1750s. He received $ emails per day with Forex Ambush trading signals but also tested other Forex trading systems. After a month of profitable business, she had a better understanding of the Forex market and was confident. At the end of Jim's second trading account, it was now $ 2355i And it was more remarkable that Jim did all this in his spare time. He still had a full-time job to cover his stay expenses. All he did was more in Forex. He thought of leaving his job and Forex Trading full time. But for now, it is good for the stability that your present job brings and enjoy the benefits your "Forex" money is provided. The Moral of History: If you want to succeed in everything that you have very little knowledge and experience, you may want to invest in tools and resources to maximize your chances of success. You have to ask, do you want to be like Tom, poor, angry and swear that Forex is just a scam? Or do you prefer Jim, invest in tools that will help you succeed, and enjoy the benefits that these tools allow you to do? If you are serious about making money with Forex, you owe it to yourself to find a Forex trading system that will give you the winning edge.
  3. Two things are always for sure in this life; Death and Taxes. Our focus is on the latter. As the tax season approaches the corner, everyone will be called to file their tax returns. Even when one is not earning any income yet, it’s still a requirement to file income tax returns. If you’re still a college or university student, this article will give you great tips on how to file your taxes. 1. Getting Familiar with the Tax process At first, many students are unfamiliar with the whole tax process. To get more information about this process, students can use the revenue authorities’ websites as they provide some basic information about the taxation process. Most colleges also provide some free tax assistance through programs such as the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA). The service is quite free and can be used by students for all types of tax guidance. The value of these support avenues is felt in the ease that they bring in tax preparation at both the present and the future tax seasons. 2. Take Note of Deductions for your Education Well, many people go to school, and they frown on it. But this frowning does not last for long until they realize that they can actually get tax benefits from going to school. Any student can opt for specific deductions when filing their tax returns. The key areas to look for are the earned income tax credits and the education tax credits. The value that these deductions have are felt when it reduces the total tax payable on the paycheck. In terms of figures, these tax deductions can save you to a handsome amount of $4,000. Hence they should not be overlooked when filing returns. 3. Sign and Date your Return The most common income tax filing mistake that people make is forgetting to sign and also to date the return. This mistake normally makes the return incomplete and many at times the return ends up not being filed accordingly. The remedy to this is E-filing of tax returns. With E-filing, the system gets to double check your return hence increasing its accuracy. It also reduces the chance of having an extra audit of returns since most of the returns were done in a sure way. But all in all, make sure that you have counter-checked your math especially to identify errors of commission and omission. Using of proofreading in the university can also be a good way to double check your return. Tax experts also point out that most mistakes are purely made from not following instructions, hence make a point of knowing and understanding the instructions beforehand. 4. If you’re a Foreign Student, Do the Same Tax Rules Apply? In the US, the IRS does not have a preference or separate rule for taxing foreign students, scholars, teachers and exchange students alike. The main thing that’s considered is the immigration status of the foreigner. This could either be: Resident alien Non-resident alien Dual status Alien The above categories have different taxable incomes, and thus they would be subject to different tax withholdings. Thus, you might find that a foreign student who has the status of a resident alien may have some tax obligations that are similar to a US citizen. On the other hand, if you’re on a student F-1 Visa, you might be required to file Federal tax returns as a nonresident alien. The downside is that if you’re in this category, you cannot claim any educational credits for the whole year. To get more insight into the tax options available for Aliens, the IRS has a publication on its website that focuses on aliens. 5. If You’re Still a Dependent, You Are Not Eligible for Tax Exemptions Every student has to know their status as far as being dependent on their parent is concerned. There are certain conditions that one has to meet in order to qualify as either a child or relative. They revolve around the age requirements, full-time student status and the total income of the students. Any student who is still a dependent may not be able to claim any form of exemption. This applies even when their parents don’t claim the exemptions. In essence, judging by the fact that most students in colleges and universities are still dependents; most of them cannot claim exemptions. Well, What If You Are Not In A Position To File Your Taxes? The IRS normally gives a payment plan when one is in no position to pay what they owe. They understand that as a student, you may not have a stable income. In addition, the economy can take a toll on anyone, and since you’re just a novice, you get hit most. If you’re unable to pay the taxes, just let the IRS know and work with them to come up with a workable payment plan that recognizes your present circumstances. Be wary of scams There are frequent and rampant cases of identity theft. The culprit's file tax returns with fake identities. They are rampant especially when tax season has arrived. Hence, be watchful for that email that looks suspicious or that sweet talking person that tries to get your details via phone. To prevent such cases, just make a point of dealing with the IRS directly. This way you avoid the snares of scammers. One last bonus tip for university and college students is to keep records of tax returns. At least keep the tax return for three years. Sometimes a new exemption may be introduced and you might need the corresponding paperwork to claim it. At other times, the IRS might require an audit of your tax return, hence it’s advantageous when you had kept a record of it. In contemporary time, you can store such records in a digital format. You simply scan it and store it on your computer or any other electronic storage device.
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  5. Now it is easy to start your local liquidity ready bitcoin exchange in your currency, in your language, under your brand. BTCTrader has launched white label bitcoin exchange platform since 2013. Fully branded, customized & managed white label bitcoin exchange platform unites different markets on one screen. CFO of BTCTrader Alphan Göğüş says “Our platform allows our partners to start a Bitcoin exchange without having to invest in software development and without the need to funnel liquidity into the exchange. BTCTrader’s mission is to bring localized, high-quality, secure, compliant and liquid Bitcoin exchanges to every market around the world through local partnerships. Our white label Bitcoin exchange platform is real world ready and tested.” This software solution is for entrepreneurs looking to own and run a Bitcoin exchange in their market without having to invest in software and infrastructure. The platform comes equipped with liquidity ‘in-hand’ meaning that partners' exchanges have access to a full order book from the moment their site goes live. BTCTrader is responsible for the regular deployment of new platform features, updates and also the safety of all Bitcoin balances. Shared Liquidity New exchanges have access to a full order book on day one. This removes the burden of providing liquidity to the Exchange. The trade engine allows orders to be submitted in any currency. Customers on different exchanges can trade with each other with their own currencies. The platform includes monitoring tools to manage currency risks. Fully customizable white label service supports any language and currency. The software is designed to tailore fit each target market's KYC/AML laws and regulations. Integration is easy with third party Bitcoin businesses via the API and with third party payment solutions. Profit sharing BTCTrader provides the entire exchange platform and maintenance services in exchange for a percentage of the trading fees collected. Hosting and site maintenance are provided at no additional cost. Trading platform BTCTrader trading platform is constantly improving. It has a simple & intuitive interface. The design is fast & responsive. Customers have interactive trading experience with limit, market and fill or stop order types. Ethereum and other parities will be added soon. Security CFO of BTCTrader Alphan Göğüş says “We allow partners to audit us by publishing our cold storage addresses and the client funds on each platform BTCTrader“. Two signed messages on the audit.btctrader.com page are cryptographic proof of funds in BTCTrader cold storage addresses. Anyone can verify that BTCTrader is in control of as much funds as they claim. At any given time, BTCTrader keeps more than 95% of our client funds in cold storage. Frequent iterations over security implementations and constantly new security features are added. Secure account management, strong cryptography across the board, rigorous access management, researching new attack vectors and working on prevention techniques are important parts of the development culture at BTCTrader. Applications are tested on a regular basis by multiple third party penetration testing firms. The proof of tests, findings and resulting fixes are made available to partners upon request. You can find all the contact details of CFO of BTCTrader Alphan Göğüş in the Press Contact Info of this press release. https://www.btctrader.com
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  8. Countries around the world — the UK, Russia, Canada, Australia, China and many more — are examining how they might mint their own digital currencies and put money on the blockchain. Efforts have intensified this year, although research is still at an early stage and many puzzles have yet to be worked out. But most agree on one thing: that the world is moving towards use of digital currencies. [...] Of course, money is already electronically held and processed, but blockchain technology could offer a far more sophisticated operating system, with the prospect of “smart” money. Source: https://www.ft.com/content/f15d3ab6-750d-11e6-bf48-b372cdb1043a
  9. "There's one certain winner of next week's presidential election, according to HSBC Holdings Plc: investors in gold. Although they deem a Donald Trump victory more supportive for the price of the metal than a win by Hillary Clinton, the bank's Chief Precious Metals Analyst James Steel says it'll enjoy at least a 8 percent jump whoever wins the race. " http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-11-01/buy-gold-no-matter-who-wins-the-election-hsbc-says
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  14. Before anything else, I’d like to point out that getting a significant amount of bitcoins for free is almost impossible. Don’t fall for faucet, or work for bitcoins scams. Bitcoin mining is also not a solution as the profits are very low right now, considering the huge numbers of miners in the system. How to buy bitcoins safely ? You can buy bitcoins either directly from another person or from an online exchange company. Buying bitcoins from individuals If you plan to purchase bitcoins from another person then you should visitLocalBitcoins.com LocalBitcoins is a bitcoin startup company based in Helsinki, Finland. Its service facilitates trading of local currency for bitcoins. Users post ads on the website, where they state exchange rates and payment methods for buying or selling bitcoins. Other users reply to these advertisements and agree to meet the person to buy bitcoins with cash or pay with online banking. LocalBitcoins also offers a reputation and feedback mechanism for users and an escrow and conflict-resolution service. Besides the advantages of trading with other peoples from your own town there are some risks involved. One is that you are responsible for paying the taxes associated and second that you should verify the other trader and do not fall for scams. You should trade only with reputable exchangers with an impeccable business record. Buying bitcoins from exchange companies If you want to be super safe then you should use a reputable bitcoin exchanger. Currently, the most reputable exchanges in US are Circle and Coinbase. Signing up with these exchanges means you will have to follow the relevant regulations, namely the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. This means there will be some level of identity verification, typically a scanned government ID and a bill that proves your place of residence. Either exchange, Circle or Coinbase, will link up to your bank account, credit card or both. Once verified, you can then purchase bitcoins. They are usually delivered into your account almost instantly, though it has been known to take a few days if either exchange finds the purchase suspicious or if it is a large amount. Both exchanges will provide you with what is called a web wallet. In the case of these kinds of exchange, they are acting as Bitcoin banks. They will hold your private keys—the unique and randomized set of characters that allows the holder to send bitcoins from a particular wallet—for you, and although you are free to send the bitcoin wherever you like, either exchange could theoretically lock your account. If either exchange goes insolvent, then your bitcoins are likely lost. For those outside United States there are plenty other exchange companies. I recommend visiting Exchangers directory and select an exchange company that accept payments in your local currency. Before trading make sure you read reviews of these exchangers on reputable forums. For example, InvestOpen.com community have a dedicated section for bitcoin exchangers. How to Keep Bitcoins ? If you plan to buy a significant number of bitcoins, you will likely want to move them to someplace more secure than Coinbase and Circle. There are multisignature web wallets out there that provide a bit more security while still being convenient to users. Coinkite and BitGo are two popular ones that have impeccable security measures. All of the above options are fairly straightforward, other than the offline generation, i.e., generating an encrypted key while not connected to the Internet. In that case, you’ll want to find some BIP32 key generator software. I suggestbit32.org. You generate your key following the instructions, grab the BIP32 extended key and copy it into BitGo. For best security, this last step should be done on a computer other than the one you normally use. Now that you are armed with a multisignature web wallet and have some control over the private keys, the next step is sending that wallet bitcoins from your Circle or Coinbase wallet. Simply grab the “public key”—the key you are free to give out to the public and that allows people to send you bitcoins—which starts with a 3 and will look something like 3Bi1fhng5LfoDzue5MTfGw9PgHNKKgRkVt. (Your Circle or Coinbase public key, which by default is not multisignature, will look similar but will start with a 1.) Click “send” or “send bitcoins” in your Coinbase or Circle wallet, and then copy your BitGo, Coinkite, or paper wallet address into the “To:” space and click “send.” From there, you can send or receive bitcoins to any other Bitcoin address while still keeping your bitcoins reasonably secure. This is acceptable for medium-sized amounts of money that you may want to spend but don’t want to quickly turn back into fiat. Recently, Coinbase started its own multisignature wallet service called the Vault. It is a user-friendly option that allows you to give keys to other people or yourself. BitGo has a few more years of experience—and reputation—in the space, but it is a viable option. You should consider a paper walet For long-term savings, printing out a “paper wallet” is a good idea. To do this, the software with the best combination of security and usability is, in my opinion,bitaddress.org. It creates Bitcoin addresses based on random actions you perform in your browser—moving the mouse, typing keys, whatever—then allows you to create an address from that. For a more secure wallet, it is recommended that you download the software itself (a link is provided on the site that lets you do this). After that, simply print out the wallet and use your previously created web wallet to send bitcoins to the public address that was created for your paper wallet using the QR code (or by manually entering the public address). One last option that bears mentioning is what is called a “hardware wallet.” These are wallets created by various companies that allow people to hold and spend bitcoins with minimal connection to the Bitcoin network. How To Spend Bitcoins ? If and when you want to cash those bitcoins into fiat, your options will be to either sell them to a person directly for cash or to put it back into Coinbase or Circle and sell it there, where the cash will be put directly into your bank account after a few banking days. Piece of advice: I do not recommend accepting PayPal or any other reversible payment systems especially when trading with people you don’t know. These persons can reverse the transactions after receive your bitcoins claiming all kind of reasons like their account was hacked, or their credit card was stolen. As bitcoin is not reversible you will loose both the bitcoins and the cash received. Nowadays many companies accept bitcoin for their goods or services so finding places to spend bitcoins shouldn’t be too difficult. Bitcoin merchants and services section on InvestOpen.com forum list some reputable sellers there. Congratulations. Now you know how to buy, spend and keep bitcoins. Happy trading
  15. FXVM Forex VPS Hosting

    We house our servers within major data centres across the three largest financial trading hubs on the planet. Whether your broker is located in the US or London, it’s safe to say we have a server available within a stone’s throw of their server. Our support technicians are experts at the MetaTrader 4/5 platform. If you need help installing an EA or an indicator, we’re on hand 24 hours per day to help get it set up and trading correctly. We have the best support desk in the industry (we do). All our technicians have years of experience working within the forex market, helping troubleshoot a variety of issues. We also offer you access via any smartphone, tablet or PC so you can log in and check on the status of your platform at any time. The intuitive client control panel also allows you to reboot or upgrade your server at any time.