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  1. Man of an hour, Donald Trump, won the election on the promise to reinvigorate the American economy. Since the recession after World War II, American workers and businesses are suffering through slowest economic recovery. The country has lost millions of manufacturing jobs, the middle class is dying, and poverty is exploding, millions of children don’t have enough food, and reckless spending has created the biggest debt bubble in the history of the planet. Republican candidate and 45th US president vowed to increase the economic growth, cut taxes, shrink the federal government and increase overall spending. To unleash the sluggish economy of America Trump unveiled an ambitious economic proposal which is also known as Trumponomics. Here is the list some key points that you need to know about the upcoming wave of reformation. Read the full Trump's economic plan here
  2. Russia will accelerate work on reducing dependence on U.S. payment systems and the dollar as a settling money, RIA news agency mentioned Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov as saying on Monday. It’s a reaction to the new sanctions against Russia reluctantly signed into law last week by U.S. President Donald Trump. The sanctions targeted Russia’s energy industry, with new limitations on U.S. investment in Russian companies. “We will obviously intensify work associated with import substitution, reduction of dependence on U.S. payment systems, on the dollar as a settling money and so forth. It’s becoming an essential need,” Ryabkov was quoted as saying. “(Otherwise) we will always sit on their hook, precisely what they want,” he said, referring to the USA. Russia has already introduced a new national payment system to lower reliance on Western systems, such as Visa and MasterCard. Those operators ceased providing services to customers of a single Russian lender after Washington imposed sanctions over Moscow’s role in the Ukraine crisis, including its annexation of Crimea from Kiev and assistance of pro-Russian separatists in southern Ukraine. The Russian payment method is known as Mir, which translates as “World” or “Peace”.
  3. Payza - Payza.com

    Interview with Firoz Patel, Payza’s CEO Firoz Patel is the Executive Vice President of globally recognized online payment processing service, Payza. In this role, Firoz draws on nearly 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur to manage Payza’s strategic relationships, economic growth and creation of company culture. For more than a decade, Firoz Patel has dedicated his career to building reliable, secure, and streamlined solutions for the payment platform needs of both individuals and companies. Firoz’s primary focus in driving financial growth is exploring ways to expand product reach and increase revenues in innovative ways. Firoz acts as the primary link connecting boards, executive teams and stakeholders. Read the full interview here
  4. The purchase price of bitcoin continued its current bullish surge last night, reaching a new all-time high of over $4,480. The news follows days in which the rising value of the digital asset has seen it repeatedly break new ground. Since May, bitcoin had been fluctuating in the mid to high $2,000s, then August 4 saw excited trading that catapulted prices upwards, fast reaching the $3,000 mark and just nine days after passing $4,000 for the first time ever. In a probable surprise for those expecting a sell-off, a fall never came and, yesterday, bitcoin surged on to hit an astonishing $4,483 at around 3:50 a.m. UTC. https://templefinance.com/bitcoin-sets-new-record-high-4483/
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  7. The freelancing world is experiencing rapid growth and is now the place to be for any professional with an independent spirit. From simple essay writing services to advance technical engineering jobs, freelancing has become a top choice for many as it offers freedom of choice and flexibility of work. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always offer flexibility in terms of pay. The need to wait even two weeks to get paid or worst of all land a job is an insurmountable obstacle to a lot of freelance writers. A growing number of people are taking freelancing as a full time job due to lack of employment. It is therefore vital for freelancers to manage their money as they lack the safety of a guaranteed monthly pay. In order for you to avoid financial disaster and be able to move up to better-paying clients and ultimately earn more, you will need to be able to manage your finances. This is to enable you to stay afloat for a couple of days as you await your payday or next job. Here are five tips to getting your finances in order for success and stability: 1. Plan Your Finances Have a flexible financial plan that you can stick to. Keep it simple and realistic and ensure it covers all aspects of your finances. You should bear in mind that, as a freelancer, your earnings will rise and fall throughout the year. Consider the following as you plan out your finances: Manage Your Payment Schedule You can schedule your bills not to fall on the same time thus avoiding having a financial strain. Plan for Taxes It’s every citizen’s obligation to pay taxes. Taxes do take a large chunk of your income, about 30% and it’s therefore important to consider taxes in your financial plan. You can arrange to pay your taxes on a quarterly basis to avoid it piling up into a huge obligation at the end of the year. Ensure that you file your tax returns and keep your tax records well to avoid penalties. Embrace Technology There are a lot of apps and software that can help you keep track of your finances. Technology provides great financial solutions by automating your routines to track your finances. This can help you save a lot of time and money. Once you’ve established your automated routine, it is important to stick to it. Find a Good Accountant A good accountant can help you manage your finance and tax returns and also offer you financial advice on how well you can cut down on your expenses. They can also help you cut down on the time and money spent through tax season. 2. Create a Rainy-Day Fund As a freelancer, there is a lot of uncertainty of where or when your next paycheck will come. Having a ‘Plan B’ is therefore important to ease the downtimes and enable you to stay focused. Try as much as possible to have more than 6 months of living expenses in a savings account. This will help provide a financial cushion that will see you through till your next pay or job. Once you get paid, ensure that you refill your rainy day fund for another season. 3. Learn To Buy Cheap Buying cheap can help you save a lot. First, carry out price comparison before buying. You might be surprised on how much money you can save. Also, you might get shops that offer major discounts or coupons. Before going out shopping, ensure that you have a shopping list to avoid impulse buying. You can also do bulk purchases on products that do not have close expiry dates. Buying goods in bulk enables you to have a great price saving margin, saves time, and creates convenience. 4. Invest Early Start saving and investing early in order to easily achieve financial independence and have a comfortable retirement. Also, invest in health insurance. 5. Keep Your Accounts Separate Having separate accounts for your personal and business use is central to a money management strategy. With no clear separation between personal and business money, it’s easy to exhaust finances that you should be saving for a rainy day or other expenses like rent and tax. Separating your accounts will make it easier to clearly track all income and expenses relating to your business and personal accounts. You can consider drawing a certain amount of money per week. This will help you develop a routine living within a certain budget and get to make things much more predictable and easier to manage your finances. Any extra money from your weekly withdraws can be saved. Conclusion Managing your finances provides you a gateway to financial freedom. No matter what freelance job you do, be it writing, graphic design or offering a proof reading service, having a financial plan is a smart move for a budget savvy freelancer. It will give you peace of mind and puts you in a better survival position. This will enable you to thrive no matter what the economic climate is. Author's Bio: Kevin is a professional educator and a private tutor with over 8 years of experience. He is also a content writer for various blogs about higher education, entertainment, social media & blogging. During his off time, Kevin enjoys traveling and cooking. Feel free to connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Google+.
  8. If you are someone who owns a small business, you must be feeling a lot of weight on your shoulders. If so, then you are not alone. How you manage your small business determines its success in the long run. Whether it is managing your employees, your business’s roadmap, your company’s finances, or simply your everyday tasks, your small business management decisions are crucial. In order to give you an insight on how you as a business owner can approach small business management for sustainable success in a competitive market, we have put the best tips across in this blog. Here they are: Empower Your Employees For companies, especially the small sized ones; employees should be made to feel directly connected to the growth and success of the business. Even if they’re not business partners, helping to build a successful business and being recognised as an important asset to a company is a point of pride for the employees. Empowering your employees and making them feel an integral component of your business is a valuable résumé item for the future, and does wonders for the company while boosting the morale of the workforce. Facilitate Growth of Employees It is crucial to constantly make your employees learn more to be successful at their job and keep them motivated. Try breaking the things to teach your employees into two groups. One is the strategy and direction of the business and the other is the set of skills that they need to be successful. Regular communication and training is really important, because both of these topics are moving targets for any organisation. Systemize Your Business When you are looking to grow from a solo entrepreneur to a business owner who leads, not manages his team, the number one tip is to build systems. By having systems, you can bring someone new in who knows nothing about how your business runs, and still can quickly learn a systemised way of doing things the way that you want them to be done. Most of the times, this does not occur the first time you hire an employee and is a more of a shotgun approach. However, once you can build these systems, you can duplicate your staffs/employees and build a business that can scale based on the systems in place. De-Clutter Your Business Get rid of anything that isn’t helping your business be a happier, healthier or more productive place. Whether that’s an employee not pulling off their duties, a client who is draining more than their fair share of company resources, or files of old documents no one needs anymore, let it go. Removing the unwanted emotional, physical or mental clutter in your workspace will lead you to become a better and more confident decision-maker in business as well as life. Keep The Bigger Picture In Mind It’s easy to get caught up working “in” the business, but don’t forget to work “on” the business. If you’re not mindful, you can spend all your time being highly reactive and putting out the fires that come up on a daily basis. Immediate-term problems need to be addressed, but make sure you create opportunities to be proactive as well. Network with other entrepreneurs and business leaders, stay updated with what is trending within your sector, attend professional development events, and hold workshops with your team to identify and start initiatives that will take your business to the next level. This will ensure that you prevent the occurrence of such situations rather than deal with them as and when they come about. Hire For Attitude And Train For Skill An employee with a bad attitude is not going to benefit your business at all, regardless of how ‘skilled’ they are. You can hardly improve the attitude of an employee. However, an employee with the right attitude can be given the training they need to be successful in your line of business. It really is a win-win for both the employee as well as the business owner. Leverage Company Data It is one of the fundamental ways to improve business and employee management. From employee productivity to sales and logistical information, working to understand how your company collects and analyses data is an important project for every business owner. After collecting this data, it is important to act on the analysis and work to make your processes more proficient. A lot of companies are great at collecting data but they fail to leverage this data to make operational changes. Finally, whenever collecting data on employee performance, it is important to keep the process transparent to your employees and ensure that everyone understands that the purpose is for business development and not to micromanage their performance. Stick To Your Budget Sticking to your budget helps in two areas. Firstly, you will know how much you need to sell in order to cover your overheads. Secondly, it will act as a guide to help your business grow. Many businesses see their budget to be restrictive, but it is the complete opposite. It gives you enough understanding of your finances that you know where you can improve and where you want to be in a year’s time. Take Advantage of Technology Leverage technology and small business management tools that minimise and automate work-flow processes as much as possible. Your time and effort should be spent moving the company forward, not doing monotonous company operations. Measure Everything Measure everything that can be measured. Income and expenses are key in order to figure out what you’re spending, how often, and if it’s working. But it is also important to track your time, your marketing return on investment, staff efficiencies, how long you’re spending with your clients/customers, how long it takes you to build your product, etc. You’ll be surprised by what you find. Utilise the findings to make changes where required. Stick To A To-Do List An effective way to manage your day to day activities and employees as a small business owner is to work from a daily, handwritten to-do list. This is much more effective than a mobile app. Make your to-do list with three categories in mind—one for items you have to get to that day, and a second for things that need your attention but can wait. Make the last category for minor tasks that you can knock out when you have the extra time. Don’t Let Numbers Run Your Business Do not look at sales numbers every day. There are many ways to judge progress and sales is just the shiniest. Being discouraged over a bad sales period in your company may prevent other areas of potential growth from being touched. Let the numbers be what they are, and keep on building your whole business. Learn to Delegate We find that most get stuck in one specific area: delegation—knowing when to let others help run a project, an idea, or a department. Many small business owners are so attached to their business that they struggle to see when to let their employees with relevant or greater knowledge take over. The best small business management tip to such leaders is to take a step back and imagine what would happen to their business if they were not around any longer. Those who are successful at delegating learn that their business will thrive when others are allowed to build on the leader’s vision. Build Healthy Relationships With Your Employees Good managers give their employees two vital things: goals and ownership. Set clear goals for your team’s work and hold them accountable for completing tasks. That said, don’t micromanage employees. Let them have plenty of space to use their talents and learn new skills. Let Go Of Full Control One of the effective tips for entrepreneurs is to let go. More specifically, let go of control over things you’re not so good at. Some may hate managing payroll as it requires being aware of the HMRC legislation, keeping the records updated, sending reports to HMRC, paying your employees accurately along with a lot of other tasks. In that’s case outsourcing your payroll to a reputed payroll management company can be really a good option. By doing so, you will even be free from the stress of making any error in payroll and paying fines and you can concentrate on the other aspects of your business, Do what you’re the best at, and lean on others to help you with things you don’t like to do. There you have it— Top small business management tips that can make a difference in your business. Use these tips to keep your employees happy, prioritise your time, save money for your business—whatever makes your business better.
  9. The technology field is a competitive and volatile one, with many companies succumbing to the financial dangers of the market every year. With about 50% of companies closing up shop permanently within 5-years, it’s easy to see why planning the growth of your business is so important. When it comes to functioning as a technology company in the modern day, there are an unsettling amount of variables you must prepare for, or at least consider, to ensure your tech company is successful in the way you envision it to be. From initial startup to international conglomerate, there are guidelines on some of the actions you should be taking to grow your technology company the right way. Plan Way Before the Beginning No great tech giant was planned and concocted overnight. Big names like Microsoft and Samsung were likely thought of a fair while before the company was actually registered. Regardless of the fine details, the main advice remains; don’t be rash and build a shaky tech business foundation, plan out your vision carefully first. Some great questions to ask yourself, and your team, before going ahead and doing anything are as follows: What will be the company’s main product and/or service? How are you going to get the funding necessary to begin day-to-day activities? Who is going to be carrying out what work? How are you going to make an impression on investors and eventually pay them dividends? What is the company’s main objective and its mission statement? The above are just some important questions of many; however, the point we’re trying to illustrate is that if you fail to prepare, you can prepare to fail. Do One Main Thing Better Than Your Competitors Too many tech startups, and even long-established corporations, try to get a piece of the action in everything within their reach. Trying to make a quick buck by pushing out a product or service prematurely can break a company, whether it’s because the product or service flops or because too much capital gets tied up in assets. Either way, we would argue that this tactic is not the right way to go. Instead of taking a shotgun approach on trying to do as many things to make money as possible, a good tech company will grow by choosing one thing and doing that thing really well. Using Microsoft as an example again; they created today’s most popular operating system, Windows, and once they saw Apple dominating the music market with the iPod, Microsoft came out with their own attempt with Zune. Zune ultimately flopped due to its inferior design and functionality compared to Apple’s products – they should have stuck with what they were good at during the time. Lesson learned, at least in the early years of business actions; identify your core strength and push that as far it will go. Only then should you push onto other markets. Learn from Both Experts & Competitors Unfortunately, there are many entrepreneurs and startups who decide they want to plough ahead with their own vision without paying any attention to the biggest influencers around them, experts and competitors. Experts are those that people pay for guidance and counsel on making successful business decisions. In the tech field, there are all kinds of experts who can be used to your advantage, from legal counsel providers, like Goodwin, to accountants, like CPA, who can advise on all elements of business finance. While most of these types of services are not supplied on a pro-bono basis, their management skills and the opportunity they provide for learning are invaluable. Competitors are perhaps a tech company’s biggest resource; the most successful technology companies have always been the ones who use their competitors to better themselves. Copyright and patent lawsuits aside, no idea is original; just about everything which has come out of the modern tech field has drawn upon ideas that already existed. With this in mind, of course it is a positive thing to come up with something unique that fills a gap but you should always look to see if your competitors are doing something superior already. Success in the Tech Field Requires Both Skill & Luck While we’ve taken a good in-depth look at some of the important guidelines to keep in mind while trying to get a technology company off the ground and into the green, it’s usually not a straight line of exponential growth. There are plenty of issues and obstacles to overcome, and some businesses are lucky with timing than others. Despite some of the more unavoidable problems that your tech business may encounter as it climbs the ladder, we think that by keeping some of these core tenets we discussed in mind, you are setting up your company for a higher chance of doing well. Whichever route you decide to take, good luck in your ventures.
  10. Man of an hour, Donald Trump, won the election on the promise to reinvigorate the American economy. Since the recession after World War II, American workers and businesses are suffering through slowest economic recovery. The country has lost millions of manufacturing jobs, the middle class is dying, and poverty is exploding, millions of children don’t have enough food, and reckless spending has created the biggest debt bubble in the history of the planet. Republican candidate and 45th US president vowed to increase the economic growth, cut taxes, shrink the federal government and increase overall spending. To unleash the sluggish economy of America Trump unveiled an ambitious economic proposal which is also known as Trumponomics. Here is the list some key points that you need to know about the upcoming wave of reformation. Taxes Trump's Economic Plan is phenomenal regarding tax. This plan has four simple goals. Tax relief for middle class American to let them keep more money in their pockets and to increase after tax wages. The second objective of the tax reform is to reduce headaches faced by Americans by simplifying the tax codes. The plan is also intended to grow the American economy by discouraging corporate inversions and by increasing the number of jobs to make America compete effectively in the international market. Core objective or goal of the Trumponomics tax reform is not to make any addition to debt or deficit. Trump played well on tax grounds and attempted to reduce the frustration among Americans over their sense of financial insecurity, inequality, and fear of squeezing their incomes. Trump has faced fierce criticism for extended time for being escaped from paying taxes for almost two decades. He has promised to cut the tax burden for all income groups. He has pledged to slash corporate tax to 15% and drastically reduce the personal tax rates as well. Trump promised massive tax reduction for working as well as middle-income Americans. He has vowed to eliminate the income taxes for individuals who are earning less than $25000 annual and married couples making $50,000. Trump plan ensure that the richest will pay their fair share but Conservative tax foundation analysis indicated that tax policy is not appropriately helping the wealthiest Americans. The good thing about this economic reform is that the tax brackets for individuals reduced from seven to three. It’s true by all means that if a country has a right fiscal policy, it will grow rapidly. Thus the tax reform presented by Donald Trump is successfully filling the blanks and making remarkable additions to spur the economic growth of America. Smart trade, not stupid trade "Make America Great Again," A slogan by Donald is what he wants to do for America. He identified trade as a force that has caused enormous economic damages to millions of people. He argued that past presidents ended up with bad trade deals. Prior trade policies have not only affected the American workers, but automation also hurts the job market. Repercussions of free trade and globalization are not beneficial in case of America. The country has faced huge losses. Blue collar towns and cities have watched their factories and good paying jobs move overseas, America has been faced mounting trade deficit and devastated manufacturing base from a long time. In this regard, Trump has come up with economic plans in which strong and free trade agreement are intended to take advantage of international trade to grow the American economy and to return millions of jobs back to American shores. Smart trade strategy of trump to revitalize the suffering communities of his nation starts by the withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and formation of some new trade deals in the interest of American workers. Trump administration is also intended to crack down on nations that violate trade agreements and harm American workers like China, Mexico, and Japan. Trump’s smart trade policy revolves around ripping up the trade deals like NATA, TPP; it criticized the trade affairs with countries which are taking advantage of America and advocates protectionism. Trump administration has laid out its plan to strengthen the trade sector of the country. Most captivating notion of Trump is an idea that America’s trade deals have sold out the average Americans. He promised to regain the economic stability and power of America by ripping up the trade deals like the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and get a strong partnership with China. In short, Trump is intended to undue decades of trade policy with a stroke of the pen which is hard but not impossible. Jobs and growth The white house website painted a sorry picture of the American economy under the head of jobs and growth. It points out that manufacturing jobs have disappeared and the recovery is slow since 2008. Mr. Trump who came up with a bold plan to create 25 million new American jobs promised to return the economy to 4% annual economic growth rate. The new president has proposed to do this by decreasing tax rate across board and business. Protectionist policies of Trump will keep jobs and wealth inside the United States. He promised to increase employment to strengthen the economic growth by establishing the plans like lower taxes, trade barriers, and tighter immigration rules. Many economists have warned that his economic plans could make things worse, not better. The chances are that these financial policies will hinder economic growth and affect employer’s ability to create new jobs but some eye-catching claims of new presidents have raised expectations of Americans. In the pursuit to supercharge the economic growth to 4% per year with 25 million jobs over the next decades, Trump has already signed orders to tear up the TPP and NAFTA agreements. He also pledged to scrap the environmental and financial regulations and to instigate a massive infrastructure spending spree. Trump bemoaned the deteriorating condition of infrastructure and provided little detail about how he is going to rebuild all the cities, highways, bridges and much more. These big spending projects are not only for infrastructure development but they will also impressive for the health and growth of the economy by creating jobs. Economics are skeptical about how these plans are going to hit the ambitious targets of Donald Trump. Health care Trump has proposed world’s greatest health care plan of 2017 to repeal and replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare plan. According to Trump Obamacare is an expensive disaster. Therefore, Trumpcare plan is relatively cheaper for tax-free health saving accounts (HSAs). Healthcare plan by Trump retains several provisions of Obamacare, but some aspects of the program are different. According to this scheme, there will be guaranteed access to health insurance for pre-existing health conditions. The state will be given the resources and flexibility in their Medicaid programs and make sure that no one is left out. Under this plan, the state is allowed to provide Medicaid coverage to all low-income individuals living under 138 percent of poverty level. This plan is a legal reform to save patients and doctors from unnecessary cost; it will drive up the insurance cost and decrease the price of high-cost drugs. The plan is also intended to create national insurance market place that will allow insurers to sell health plans across state lines. GOP bill will provide tax credits to help individuals to pay their premiums if they don’t get insurance through work or government programs. The tax credit is refundable and advanceable. The amount of credit is tied to income and cost of insurance. This plan would let insurers older age customer five times as much as young individuals to draw younger and healthier people into the individual insurance market. The amount of credit is tied to income of the individual and cost of insurance According to Trump his health care plan under GOP will not only repeal and replace Obamacare but this reform will expand choice, increase access, decrease cost and at the same time it will provide a better health care. Trump called Obamacare a collapse and suggest that we should have to act decisively to protect Americans from imploding Obamacare disaster. Conclusion “Math only works in Fairyland” this is what critics say about Trump economic plan. After a long and bitter campaign for US presidency, Donald Trump triumphed over Hillary Clinton. Trump supporter believes that Trump is going to shake up a system that many Americans feel has increased inequality and squeezed living standards. Less complacent investors are worried about anti-globalization mantra of trump which will spread protectionism, put up trade barriers and curb global economic growth. Donald Trump, an entirely new comer in the market, and an economic maverick promised to get the economy back on track, but not everyone agrees with it. Skeptical call this economic plan, a long shot budget that relies on rosy assumptions, is only wishful thinking. Have patience and stay tuned to see what this economic reformation is going to bring for Americans. This article is a contribution of Zoe Luca. Zoe is a freelance blogger who loves to write on different niches and especially on tech, Currently working as an editor at a technology blog!
  11. Few know the story behind the founding of one of America’s largest banks - Bank of America. In fact: Bank of America’s entire company could be attributed to the efforts of one man. His name was A. P. Giannini. Giannini was a man that fought hard for the common everyday worker. He even attempted to persuade the directors of his former bank to lend money out to common everyday descent hard working people. Their response? No, way would we lend money out to anyone other than the wealthy. No to be dissuaded, Giannini set out to start his own bank named the Bank of Italy (later would go on to be renamed as Bank of America). Within its first year of operation, the Bank of Italy went on to become the third largest bank in America! It didn’t stop there: Only two years after its founding the devastating great San Francisco earthquake hit leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless and without any money. Giannini immediately got to work: He dug through the remains of his former bank and pulled together what he could manage into a wagon which he personally drove into town himself! With two simple barrels and a plank of wood serving as his desk, he began giving loans out to people based on a handshake and judge of character through the eyes. This was good: Giannini’s efforts allowed people to quickly get back on their feet and begin the long hard process of rebuilding their lives. Giannini was a man that was not motivated by a personal desire to accumulate wealth. In fact: When the company board attempted one year to give Giannini a $1.5 million bonus, he gave it all away stating: “Money itch is a bad thing. I never had that trouble.” Here are some more truly astounding facts about Bank of America’s original founder that are sure to inspire you:
  12. No matter what area you want to take or investments, you are always available tools and resources to help you. And this is especially true with regard to forex trading.The foreign exchange market can be very overwhelmed and become a successful Forex trader is not just pure luck. Fxtrade777 provide its users to use the Meta trader 4 platform and there are many factors that can influence the direction in which the price of the currency moves. Here are two important facts to consider: Most beginners try to take Forex trading without the help or tools. (Most beginners lose all their money). Most traders successfully use the currency trading system to help (traditional sales serve very successful Forex). But even with these widely known realities always trying to attack blind Forex based buying and selling decisions of limited knowledge and experience. Until you have lost all of your business, they think it would probably be wise to invest in a currency trading system and software right from the start. Do not make the same mistake. If you want to succeed in currency trading (i.e Take transactions regularly add), it is recommended to explore the many trading systems and software on the market. Let me further illustrate the story of two Forex traders: Tom and Jim recently read about Forex. The two hours spent online, trying to understand what the currency is and how (and if) you can make quick profits. All marketing advertising, read, say that very quickly you can increase your money. Of course, there is some risk, but the potential rewards are just too good to pass. So, both decide to try Forex and see if they can do it. Both guys are very motivated and want to give you the best Forex chance. Each will invest thousands of dollars in foreign currency savings. If they lose $ 1000 Forex stop and re-evaluate them to try again in the future. By investing thousands of US dollars, they show that they are determined to do their Forex trading. Start like this: Tom takes the total amount of $ 1,000 US and sends it to online buyers. Volume alone makes all the business decisions. He will do his own research and will be lurking in foreign forums and blogs to see if he could get the necessary advice. Jim goes in the other direction. While being as motivated as Tom, you are also aware of the complexity of the forex market and realize that you simply do not have much experience at this stage. It is, therefore, $ 900 in the US and sends the same Forex trading broker as Tom. It continues to $ 100 for access to the tools and features (eg. Systems and Software Change programs) that allow you to better test. He used the existing and business-driven capabilities, performed primarily that these tools and resources can be (especially when just learning the ropes). Month 1: Tom jumped to the right in exchange for money. His first work began in a positive way, but he quickly moved south. Before he could send a claim for sale, he lost $ 100. Although he had small gains throughout history it was very similar to his first trade. Many transactions well, but for some reason (they simply do not have the experience and knowledge to understand), then at the end of a bearish trend. At the end of the first month of currency trading, Tom Conta's dealership amounted to $ 400 Jim did a little research and found Forex Ambush. It was a website company that provided its members who made the characters. What really caught her attention was that she boldly stated that their trademarks were accurate at 99.9%. How could they make such a strong statement? Jim did a little digging and found many positive reviews of current members. And there was one thing that ultimately influenced Jim to give Forex Ambush a champion: they offered a 7-day trial at a fraction of their normal price. For less than twenty dollars Jim had seven days to discover Forex Ambush and his business needs 99.9% of the characters. I was really excited. He had $ 900 your Forex trading account and still had $ 80 to use in Forex lurking did not help. The next day, Jim received an email with a Forex Ambush trading signal. It was still very new to Forex, but with the strong affirmation of precision, even in his mind, Jim put in your order as a specified trading signal. When the transaction ended during the day, Jim made a profit of $ 145. He was very excited! After the seven-day process is over, Jim went ahead and signed up to become a permanent member of the Forex Ambush. Although all trading signals led to profits, almost everyone did. And the losses had been very low. After a month, Jim had $ 1,750 in your forex trading account. Month 2: Tom felt deflated. In a month, which ranged from the US $ 1000 to the US $ 400 to try to make their money, the most important companies that were much riskier? The end result: it dropped to $ 0 before the month ended yet. Tom was angry and frustrated. He swore not to do it again for Forex, telling anyone who wanted to hear it was a scam and they should save their money. Jim, on the other hand, was on a cloud. He made his first $ 900 and converted in the 1750s. He received $ emails per day with Forex Ambush trading signals but also tested other Forex trading systems. After a month of profitable business, she had a better understanding of the Forex market and was confident. At the end of Jim's second trading account, it was now $ 2355i And it was more remarkable that Jim did all this in his spare time. He still had a full-time job to cover his stay expenses. All he did was more in Forex. 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  13. Two things are always for sure in this life; Death and Taxes. Our focus is on the latter. As the tax season approaches the corner, everyone will be called to file their tax returns. Even when one is not earning any income yet, it’s still a requirement to file income tax returns. If you’re still a college or university student, this article will give you great tips on how to file your taxes. 1. Getting Familiar with the Tax process At first, many students are unfamiliar with the whole tax process. To get more information about this process, students can use the revenue authorities’ websites as they provide some basic information about the taxation process. Most colleges also provide some free tax assistance through programs such as the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA). The service is quite free and can be used by students for all types of tax guidance. The value of these support avenues is felt in the ease that they bring in tax preparation at both the present and the future tax seasons. 2. Take Note of Deductions for your Education Well, many people go to school, and they frown on it. But this frowning does not last for long until they realize that they can actually get tax benefits from going to school. Any student can opt for specific deductions when filing their tax returns. The key areas to look for are the earned income tax credits and the education tax credits. The value that these deductions have are felt when it reduces the total tax payable on the paycheck. In terms of figures, these tax deductions can save you to a handsome amount of $4,000. Hence they should not be overlooked when filing returns. 3. Sign and Date your Return The most common income tax filing mistake that people make is forgetting to sign and also to date the return. This mistake normally makes the return incomplete and many at times the return ends up not being filed accordingly. The remedy to this is E-filing of tax returns. With E-filing, the system gets to double check your return hence increasing its accuracy. It also reduces the chance of having an extra audit of returns since most of the returns were done in a sure way. But all in all, make sure that you have counter-checked your math especially to identify errors of commission and omission. Using of proofreading in the university can also be a good way to double check your return. Tax experts also point out that most mistakes are purely made from not following instructions, hence make a point of knowing and understanding the instructions beforehand. 4. If you’re a Foreign Student, Do the Same Tax Rules Apply? In the US, the IRS does not have a preference or separate rule for taxing foreign students, scholars, teachers and exchange students alike. The main thing that’s considered is the immigration status of the foreigner. This could either be: Resident alien Non-resident alien Dual status Alien The above categories have different taxable incomes, and thus they would be subject to different tax withholdings. Thus, you might find that a foreign student who has the status of a resident alien may have some tax obligations that are similar to a US citizen. On the other hand, if you’re on a student F-1 Visa, you might be required to file Federal tax returns as a nonresident alien. The downside is that if you’re in this category, you cannot claim any educational credits for the whole year. To get more insight into the tax options available for Aliens, the IRS has a publication on its website that focuses on aliens. 5. If You’re Still a Dependent, You Are Not Eligible for Tax Exemptions Every student has to know their status as far as being dependent on their parent is concerned. There are certain conditions that one has to meet in order to qualify as either a child or relative. They revolve around the age requirements, full-time student status and the total income of the students. Any student who is still a dependent may not be able to claim any form of exemption. This applies even when their parents don’t claim the exemptions. In essence, judging by the fact that most students in colleges and universities are still dependents; most of them cannot claim exemptions. Well, What If You Are Not In A Position To File Your Taxes? The IRS normally gives a payment plan when one is in no position to pay what they owe. They understand that as a student, you may not have a stable income. In addition, the economy can take a toll on anyone, and since you’re just a novice, you get hit most. If you’re unable to pay the taxes, just let the IRS know and work with them to come up with a workable payment plan that recognizes your present circumstances. Be wary of scams There are frequent and rampant cases of identity theft. The culprit's file tax returns with fake identities. They are rampant especially when tax season has arrived. Hence, be watchful for that email that looks suspicious or that sweet talking person that tries to get your details via phone. To prevent such cases, just make a point of dealing with the IRS directly. This way you avoid the snares of scammers. One last bonus tip for university and college students is to keep records of tax returns. At least keep the tax return for three years. Sometimes a new exemption may be introduced and you might need the corresponding paperwork to claim it. At other times, the IRS might require an audit of your tax return, hence it’s advantageous when you had kept a record of it. In contemporary time, you can store such records in a digital format. You simply scan it and store it on your computer or any other electronic storage device.
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