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  1. Still clicking? I knew it!
  2. Please keep clickin' Help someone in need.
  3. Great to see you here, Makubetz! Welcome to CIF.
  4. I'm so happy to have you on the mod squad, nehmer. Thanks for coming to CIF.
  5. I'm so glad you're here, Deadmau! One of these days, I would like you to tell me about your unusual username.
  6. Yeah, it's me, Rick! :girl_haha: Ummm... Next up is gabriel! :music:
  7. Nice to meet you, alisha. :girl_wink:
  8. Just bringing the links forward... It won't cost you a cent to donate to these worthy causes. Answer quiz questions to donate rice. It's fun! Once you get to the site, click the wooden puppet's belly & feed a child! Thanx for clicking, everyone.
  9. Me again. :girl_in_dreams: Next is Dennis. :girl_wink:
  10. Wrong! :girl_bye2:
  11. :girl_in_love: :girl_in_love: :girl_in_love: