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7 reasons to invest in cryptocurrencies

Discussion in 'Cryptocurrency' started by JessDan, May 31, 2020.

  1. JessDan

    JessDan Registered

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    7 reasons to invest in cryptocurrencies

    Cryptocurrencies are becoming popular. Let's talk about the reasons why you need to invest in them

    1) Modern technologies and security

    Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency. It is an accessible, anonymous and secure cryptocurrency for all people. This currency is based on Blockchain technology. It can't be hacked, because all transactions are recorded in the registry. It is very difficult and expensive to hack such a system. Protection from fraud in bitcoin is reliable. The main thing is that hackers do not get your wallet key. Now there are about five thousand new cryptocurrencies that are also protected and secure

    2) Wide distribution and easy access

    Do not forget to take into account the huge scale of the habitat. Every year, the number of users increases by millions.

    Demand for cryptocurrencies is only growing, so they are relatively stable.

    Cryptocurrency has attracted even financial institutions. Various cryptocurrencies are available in many institutions where assets are managed, in large banks and venture funds. In General, in such companies, where they can perform asset exchange operations at any second.

    The number of transactions with cryptocurrency coins is growing, so exchange services, brokers, e-wallets and exchanges receive their income. All of them have the opportunity to speculate operations due to high demand.

    3) Everything is legal and universal

    Cryptocurrency is a fast, large-scale and stable digital asset that can provide global payments. Experienced stock market participants are already taking this payment method seriously. Bitcoin is even used as collateral on a par with real estate and gold, because it does not require additional funds for storage.

    Bitcoin is a Fiat currency in foreign countries (in Austria, Germany, and South Korea). In many countries there are ATM machines to cash out bitcoin.

    This cryptocurrency becomes legalized in all countries.

    4) a Large return on investment

    Investors get a huge income from investing in cryptocurrency coins. Traders have already come to love the crypt for its high volatility, which is combined with great prospects. However, professional market participants still balance the investment portfolio. And when there is a crisis, bitcoin is a reliable tool.

    5) well-Known investors switched to bitcoin

    Well-known broker Mike Maloney encourages all investors to invest in the crypt, if there is a crisis in the financial market.

    Around the world, investors are converting their holdings into cryptocurrencies.

    6) the Scale of trading

    Due to the rapid development of cryptocurrencies, new and new cryptocurrency exchanges are appearing. On trading platforms, transactions for huge amounts of money are processed every day. The cryptocurrency has already overtaken the Japanese yen in terms of trading volume.

    7) Sustainable growth rate with the value

    Limited emission is the reason for the high demand for bitcoins and one of the main values. Most of the bitcoin will be released only in thirty years. This cryptocurrency is highly liquid due to its shortage, because demand has exceeded supply. Therefore, investing is very profitable.

    There are a lot of cryptocurrencies now-valuable units. One of these valuable cryptocurrencies is Yoda X. What is the value and interest?

    It's very simple: passive income of about 30%, due to mining. You don't need any hardware - the staking technology works.

    Yoda X is a means of payment. Debit cards that can be used to pay for any purchases: grocery stores, clothing, utilities, etc. will soon be available. All this will be credited in coin and converted into the required currency. If you go to Europe tomorrow, you can automatically set the conversion to Euros, for example

    Among other things, we have created our own marketplace, where you can buy any goods for a coin in the same way

    Thus, the coin can be used not only as passive income , but also for any purchases! This has not yet existed on the market
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  3. ruslanv7

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    According to a joint study published today, the distance between personal opinion on the issue and the opinions of the public (via the internet) appears to be growing. Early this year, a report from the London Business School suggested that consumers don't care, and don't even know, about the value of bitcoin. Several other studies across the world have not suggested a broad popular opinion on the subject. However, the recent research has asked people about their opinion, and it turns out that a good number of people are well aware of this new currency, and so they may end up competing with it in the form of transactions. The study by Ipsos Mori and Itecha Research from the British A.M.P. raised questions on the fact that people don't seem to have much idea of what they mean by 'digital currency', which could have resulted in a misperception about the topic. According to the survey, some people do not consider bitcoin to be money, and instead see it as an investment, while a significant number of respondents (38 per cent) see it as a fad. The article says that scepticism lies in the fact that more than half (51 per cent) don't know much about what cryptocurrency is. In addition, the fact that it's not recognised by governments or central banks could lead to rejection or distrust, instead of its acceptance. The findings comes at a time when the 'intraparty rivalry' has been heating up, as to how bitcoins are supposed to be regulated. The U.S. Congress has been holding hearings over regulation, and may be about to put restrictions on using bitcoins in e-commerce, in order to give it a legal value, but also because of the fact that they should not have a financial advantage to the establishment of real money.
  4. Stan Goldin

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    8) no one owns it - you in full control

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