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Businesses Blizzard Announced World Of Warcraft Classic Has Recovered From DDoS Attacks

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by wowclassicgp, Sep 29, 2019.

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    Although World of Warcraft Classic has achieved such great success, obviously, it did not run as well as imagined. It's past a few days since the overcrowded servers crash and unable to run, but it didn't affect the fun of the players in WOW Classic.

    But if you were earning WOW Classic Gold with friends in US WOW Classic server last night, you must have known that it encounters a number of DDoS attacks, and caused serious consequences such as players congestion and queuing.

    Until the time we released the post, Blizzard has announced that the server has recovered from the attack, and returned to online, ran stably.

    Starting from 3 pm yesterday BTS, the DDoS attack started on WOW Classic server. Although there was a strange account on Twitter has posted a signal about it before the attack, it did not cause Blizzard's loyalty, nor did it have any evidence proved that the account should be responsible for the attacks.

    After a period of intense work, Blizzard has tried to stop the loss, still left some unstoppable, such as high latency and disconnections.

    Blizzard quickly apologized to the players, sorry for ruining their game experience, and thanks to their patience, it will get better soon.

    If you still don't know what DDoS is? Read on.

    DDoS, which is also known as distributed denial of service attack, which is an attempt to bring down a large network by overwhelming it with bogus requests.

    DDoS in WOW Classic can stop the regular service of standard commands through botnets and creating fake traffic, and the specific reason is still investigated by Blizzard, we will continue to report for you.

    Blizzard's major task is to give players a better game experience, but in the past ten hours, players will be disconnected from WOW Classic or unable to log in, which will make players lose patience.

    Some players have confirmed that DDoS attacks are not only for WOW Classic, some players of the normal WOW servers have also been affected.

    Now, World of Warcraft Classic server has completely returned, and the players have found that WOW Classic are all very good since its release, I agree with this point very much. Some external attacks caused bad effect, but it would never happen again.

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